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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me good friday afternoon. and thanks for joining us for the news at noon. i'm mike hydeck. the wreckage from egypt air flight 804 has been found. the search is on for clues as to why it fell out of the skies over the
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the first place. tina krause reports. >> reporter: greek authorities say egyptian search crews have spotted human remains, suitcases, and airplane seats in the mediterranean sea, nearly 200 miles north of alexandria, egypt. the european space agency says this small spot on a the satellite video shows what could be a mile-long oil slick from the crash of egypt air flight 80. the jetliner carrying 66 people from paris disappeared from radar early thursday morning. in cairo, where the plane was supposed to land, family members are demanding answers. >> i want to know where my son is. what is the government doing? >> in the 24 hours before the crash, the jet had flown from air temporaria to egypt, then to tunisia and back to cairo and then back to paris. the investigators are running background checks on every passenger and scrutinizing anyone who had access
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plane. >> is there anybody on that flight, with a link to a terrorist organization, number one. and number two, are there any conversations that are going on right now within terrorist organizations, nonpublic conversations, where they are congratulating each other. >> reporter: while. it is the leading theory, so far there is no evidence yet to explain what brought down the plane. this headline in cairo, reads, the secret of the airbus is in the bottom of the sea. tina krause, cbs news, london. >> now the search for voice and data recorders from egypt flight 804 is raising questions about why flight information is not broadcast in realtime, even though the technology exists. a handful of airlines are adopting the new systems that provide investigators with quick access to the data after a crash. former national transportation safety board chairman debra herzman wants planes to stream the black box data whenever
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>> we want to make sure that when they arrive on the scene, they don't have to go down to the ocean floor to find those recorders. they have some of the most important information in their hands right away. >> now, another factor experts say is that radar generally does work and black boxes are almost always recovered. and the cost of the new technology would likely be passed on to the flying public. well, it started as a report of gunshots in alexandria overnight. and now, police are investigating a homicide. they are still on the scene right now, at the cityside huntington metro apartment complex. it is on richmond highway near mount eagle drive. nikki burdine with the latest on the the investigation. >> reporter: there are multiple crime scenes here. the first one is way up there in the parking lot, right outside the complex. the second one, this section of the parking lot that is roped off. and then down this way. there is a motorcycle that is also involved in some way. >> we just slept overnight. it was very quiet. >> but that wa
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at about 2:15 this morning. when alexandria police say a plan was shot to death, outside the cityside huntingdon metro apartment complex on richmond highway. >> it is pretty calm neighborhood. so i am really shocked that something happened like this. >> when ce arrived, they found a man unresponsive in this parking lot. and helicopters swarming the scene. looking for clues to lead them to the shooter. as hundreds of people who live in this complex begin their day. concerned about what happened outside their home. >> how am i going to get to work? what happened? >> not very good. not very good at all. >> details are scarce right now, no information on a suspect, or a motive. or even who the victim is. police is say it is not clear if either actually lived in the complex. for now, they are asking for anyone who may have heard or seen anything this morning, to give them a call. in alexandria, nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> now, the area outside the apartment building where
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shooting happened is now clear. as soon as we get an update from police, we will pass it along to you. los angeles right now, crews are taking on a fire at a pier on seal beach. they are battling the blaze from boat, using water guns and even some on the pier. there you go. they are fighting the fire. popular restaurant caught fire early this morning. so far, no injuries reported in this. donald trump will visit the national rifle association about an hour from now, as he continues his quest to win the republican nomination for president. both trump and the likely opponent, democratic hillary clinton are using the egypt airplane crash as political ammunition to attack each other. brian webb reports. >> reporter: final preparations are under way for the nra's annual meeting in kentucky, and a visit from donald trump. the presumptive g.o.p. nominee will meet with nra members and republican leaders today, in louisville, with hopes of patching up a splintered party.
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attacked hillary clinton, for not using the term radical islamic terrorism, to describe the egypt airplane crash. >> what just happened about 12 hours ago, a plane got blown out of the sky. and if anything, if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you are 100% wrong, folks, okay? >> democratic rival hillary clinton says trump and his controversial comments hurts america's ability to fight the terrorists. >> we have seen how donald trump is being used to essentially be a recruiter for more people to join the cause of terrorism. >> the latest cbs news poll shows clinton with a six-point lead over trump, down from a 10- point lead last month. brian webb, for cbs news. now, while donald trump and hillary clinton look toward the general election, bernie sanders is refusing to get out of the race. insisting he is the best candidate to win the white
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something for nothing these days? ride on the new dc streetcar, rides will remain free through the summer. they are looking at a fee structure for the streetcars that run along 8th street in northeast dc. the service started in february. after years of delays. and a $200 million price tag. the cars run monday through saturday, every 10 to 15 minutes. so how did you get to work today? hundreds of people pedaled their way as part of the annual bike to workday. 800 were registered to participate. at the freedom plaza pit stop there. and several organizations partnered with the host of a total of 83 pit stops across dc, maryland and virginia. and we caught up with some of the riders who told us why they prefer to leave the car keys at home. >> it is great exercise. it saves gas. i am completely gas-free from start to finish, when i go to work on the bike. >> for me, it is about forcing myself to get exercise. >> organizers are promoting the healthmm
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because it relies -- relieve, excuse me, traffic congestion, saves commuters money and improves air quality. each pit stop had refreshments entertainment and a raffle for a chance to win a free bicycle. back inside, i have the sunglasses, it is bright today, but we are starting to see the first clouds in dc in advance of what is a fairly cloudy weekend and a very wet saturday. a lot of activity here, across the areas in the ohio and the tennessee valley. ahead of the low pressure moving toward the east. for today, though, high pressure, just south of buffalo, giving us a good day, and it will also give us a good evening. temperatures up to 73 at national. and lots of 60s and 70s across the region. and locally, as we look in toward the beltway, dulles is 72. and centerville up to 74 with bowie at 73. rockville, at 75. and very pleasant 72 in waldorf. for this afternoon, we are looking at temperatures falling from the 70s, to
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with increasing clouds. and this weekend, yellow weather alert tomorrow. if you haven't downloaded the wusa 9 app, get it on the smartphone to be able to track the rain and watch the weather web cast to stay up on the changing weather. back with a warmer seven-day forecast, in a few minutes. mike, over to you. >> thank you, howard. they have been able to spot a creative way to feed the hungry. but will grocery stores help them produce a solution? >> but first, an officer tangles with a dangerous suspect, after he pulls a guy over. next, see what neighbors did that probably saved that officer's life.
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a police officer near minneapolis was in the fight for his life, during a traffic stop and his dashboard camera caught it all. officer shawn highman stopped a driver and ran his license and found out the suspect lance carr had an
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warrant. -- caught stang felony warrant. carr attacked the officer when he tried to cuff him and went for the officer's gun and the officer tried to shoot his attacker and missed. and witnesses called for backup after hearing the scream force help from the police officer. they tackled and tasered the suspect before hauling him off to jail. enjoy today's weather because howard says it is as good
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georgetown university once owned slaves. they were sold in 1838 to clear the university's debt. tonight, what is being done for the thousands of desend ants who are still living today. a dark chapter of georgetown's history. on wusa 9 news at 11:00.
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welcome back. a new report from the cdc might have you re-thinking your memorial day weekend pool plans. a review of thousands of inspection reports shows an alarming number of public pools and hot tubs are being shut down because of safety violations. one in five kitty pools are shut down after they are inspected. the problemsith bacteria in the water, and improper ph levels were the main reasons. >> ph is important. because it determines how effective disinfect acts like chlorine and bromine are at killing germs and determines how comfortable swimmers are in the water. >> did you know you can check pools yourself by using test strips to check the ph? you can find most public pool inspection reports also on the local health department's web site as well. roughly 26% of america's fruit and vig tables never make it -- vegetables never make it off the farm because of the physical appearance. billions of pounds of good produce thrown away. there is a new campaign to get oc
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the waste and use that food to help feed millions of americans. danielle nottingham explains. >> reporter: christine coke says up to half of her crops go to waste because of how they look. >> this is a typical strawberry to me. >> but it is very small. >> small, and oddly shaped strawberries are some of the natural imperfections that lead to 6 billion pounds of wasted produce in the u.s. even though it is safe to eat. grocery stores want prettier produce. >> it is really hard sometimes because people are like, can't you just, you know, accept that small little flaw? >> now, there is a push to get twisty carrots and conjoined cherries into stores at a reduced price to cut waste and feed the the hungry. >> it is insane that all of this good production is going to waste, for mostly cosmetic reasons which is is just looks and not nutrition or taste or anything like that. >> activist jordan figurerita had a celebration campaign to celebrate fruit and veggies that are ugly and have walmart sell the produce
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100,000 signatures. >> like it is socially unacceptable to litter. make it socially unacceptable to keep throwing so much food in the the garbage. >> he convinced whole foods to sell imperfect produce for 30 to 50% less at its northern california stores. and in pennsylvania, supermarket chain giant eagle rolled out a similar program. but for ugly produce to be the norm, farmers say consumers have to be willing to compromise. >> this is really about changing attitudes about how we see food. >> absolutely. >> and buy into something not so perfect. danielle nottingham, cbs news, san juan batista, california. >> walmart says it has a pilot program to sell produce with these imperfections in its united kingdom locations, and it is looking to how it can transfer the model to the united states stores. as well. well, if you're trying to knock off some extra weight, and eat healthier meals, there is no magic bullet. we know that. but there could be a magic plate. check out this. it is called the
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there are 500 little holes in the bottom of the dinner plate. and apparently they suck the oil out of your food. who knew? but the makers of absorb plate claim it will drain about 30 calories from each meal. and you don't have to have any change to your diet. a dog is recovering in an animal shelter after police near los angeles found him as high as a kite. during a drug raid. they say you about bubba the dog right here ate his owner's heroin and meth. and cops say they found the 40- year-old joshua west in the hotel room with the dog and the drugs. he is going back to jail tore drug progress and violating his probation. and little bubba will be put up for adoption once he is healthy. poor dog. from one four-legged tail to another, and this one is a cat that involved a contractor who bonded with a cat while serving in iraq. brian van cleave was reunited with his feline friend recently in los angeles. the navy reservist was working at baghdad international airport, and he was fearing for the kitten, when he got
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states. >> i knew that if i left him there, and didn't bring him back, the chances of him being alive when i went back were pretty slim. >> now, the is spca international, and operation baghdad pups, made the whole thing possible. not a quick journey for the cat. it left baghdad on march 27. made several stops in several cities. before finally meeting his new family back here in the u.s. this is a terrific story. a little hero here. little zac doctoroff and his family wouldn't be able to celebrate his birthday today if it were not for his big brother's cool head and quick actions. a few days ago, the brothers were at their home, near boston, with a babysitter, when zac started choking on a piece of mango. big brother ben called 911, and handed the phone to his babysitter and then he ran outside two blocks in bare feet to find someone he trusted, turned out to be a crossing guard, named richard. >> he came up to me and says my brother is choking. can you come up
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>> do you think they're heros? >> kind of. >> sheepish kind of. that is cute. when he arrived at the house, the crossing guard got there, the first responders already made it and baby zac had to be taken to the hospital for emergency surgery to get the piece of mango out of his throat but he is doing just fine. much of southeast texas is starting to dry out now, after being swamped with rain. severe flooding made it hard to get around, last night, and this morning, a couple of tornado warnings, were also issued at the height of the storms, and those warnings, though, have since been lifted. so a gorgeous day for your friday. if you get outside, outdoor lunch, or a little, maybe skip work a little early on friday. but tomorrow, it moves in. or does it move in tonight? >> it is overnight tonight. overnight tomorrow night. and into tomorrow morning. if have you plans this evening, don't worry about that. tomorrow is a yellow weather alert day. as nice as it is today, i think that is as ugly as it is going to be on saturday. and sunday, a threat for
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lingering showers. allergy index, cold allergy, whatever it is, if you suffer from tree pollen and grass pollen, not a good day, and mold spores, they have dropped from high to moderate. but still, not all that great. let's talk about the rest of this afternoon. and sunshine, will fade behind some clouds. in advance of tomorrow's rain. soaking rain. and the temperatures in the mid- 70s, and falling into the upper 60s this evening. but with winds fairly light, 5,8, 10 miles an hour if that. a good night to get out and get some of those little league games in. some of them are washed out. and unfortunately, the soccer, the little league, the outdoor activities tomorrow, the preakness, all are going to be a threat, due to the weather. they will run the race, obviously at pimlico but it could be a sloppy track. depending how heavy the rain is at 6:18 post time. low 70s now. in town. upper 60s in martinsburg. cumberland is 70. and 68 in reedville. and 73 in eastham. and 73 in waldorf. a beautiful 72 in manassas and here in washington, a fine friday under way with a temperature of
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so really comfortable, and the humidity, it is only 38%. so if you got get a chance to take advantage of the nice weather this afternoon, you will be plead with that. may not be plead with -- pleased with what is coming. after the dry evening, a yellow weather alert tomorrow. definitely a soaker. especially morning through midday, heaviest rains and lighter rains and showers through the afternoon and evening. temperatures don't get out of the 50s tomorrow. and fredericksburg may get 60, 61, but most of us stay in the 50s tomorrow. and a few more showers sunday. and then next week, finally we are going to break out of the pattern, especially by wednesday and thursday. and mid, possibly upper 80s, here. so we will get back to more spring and late spring weather, and a lot of weather headed our way. three storms on the map. one leaving the northeast. and this one bringing rain and mountain snows to the west. and this is the storm that brought the flooding rain in southeast texas and the thunderstorms march across the gulf coast through florida and another batch behind it now, and in the northern golf, through florida again, and rain from kentucky,k
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louis. that's our saturday soaker. the rain at times, tomorrow morning, will be on the heavy side. a pleasant afternoon under way. here come the clouds advancing from the west overnight. again at 11:30, we should mainly be dry around here. so if you got plans tonight, don't worry about the rain. tomorrow, the rain will be heavy at times, especially in the morning. and by lunchtime, it looks like the the heaviest rains will be southern maryland, over the eastern shore, northern neck and look at how the rain and showers linger through the afternoon and evening hours. lighter green as opposed to the darker green. so probably some drizzle and showers and a raw afternoon. with temperatures in the 50s. and saturday night, into sunday morning. more showers and it looks like sunday afternoon, evening, we could see a few more showers. especially north and west. so we will have to watch and see if shower is a yellow weather alert day. saturday certainly is. beautiful this afternoon. highs in the mid sest. 50s tonight. with the cloud rolling in. and rain by morning. and a rainy and raw saturday. 58, an inch or two of rain between now and when the weekend ends. and 68 sunday with
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and monday is looking a little better. in the low 70s, with an isolated shower in the afternoon. and here comes the warm stuff. an afternoon storm, tuesday, 80, and wednesday, and thursday, mid-80s. with a chance of a storm on thursday afternoon. we will see you on the other side of the break.
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welcome back. coming up tonight, on wusa 9 news at 5:00, new concerns about the zika virus, in pregnant women, here in the united states. also, the fbi gets involved in the search for two teens missing from fairfax county. and we will tell you about a set of triplets set to graduate from high school in prince george's county. don't forget that. i'm sure proud parents there. >> great today. not so great tomorrow. the preakness could be
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one. much better next week with the 80s rolling in. i know a lot of people will be happy to feel the warm spring days that we haven't been able to get. >> time to get outside. he is meteorologist howard bernstein. i'm mike hydeck. we are back
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>> meredith: okay. >> victor: i believe it's just a bruise, you know. >> meredith: that is a very deep bruise. and you should've come in last night when it happened instead of sitting and stewing and pretending that your son didn't drive you over the edge. >> victor: mm, well... my son is non-issue. >> meredith: so what about all that talk about forgiveness? or was that just something you said to get me to help you? >> victor: i meant what i said. i've forgiven many people in my life. but my family's not returning the favor. in fact... my son just told me that he would like to see me rot in here. >> meredith: oh, but those are just words. >> victor: no, no. he was gloating. i think my family's dancing on my grave.


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