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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> lickety-split out of the park. no pictures. >> how were the tourists and folks reacting to all this? >> tourists? they were shocked but listening because they were being yelled at. >> yeah, it was a scary situation, so i didn't know what was going on. the first thing i thought of is perhaps someone had jumped the fence, you know, you hear about that happening too frequently so that's what i assumed had happened but didn't know. i didn't hear shots or anything, but it was very clear that there was something serious going on. >> reporter: now that we know there was a shooting, but at the time your first indication that something was wrong was when secret service came out and started -- >> screaming, yelling, whistling, there's a bunch of school kids out there freaking out. they don't know what's going on. people are trying to get everybody out of the street and to safety, so it was -- yeah, it is not what i expected when i came to take pictures. >> there was a white man walking with a gun towards the thite house.
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police told him to stop. they told him to stop repeatedly. he didn't stop and they shot him. [ audio difficulty ] >> reporter: you here witnesses describing all kinds of reaction to this scene as well as to watching the shooting itself take place. i can tell you that as soon as these tourists were cleared out, security rushed in. we saw armed officials from both the secret service and the park police including armed with long guns take a position on the edges of the park on the roofs of the building as the situation here turned into that tense lockdown situation for a short while. we are told now that lockdown has been lifted, the park not yet open. we expect to see that reopen soon. for now, guys, back to you. >> thanks. head down the street now from your location to wusa9's ileana diaz who is at pennsylvania and 17th just up the street from where the shooting happened a
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e. ileana, what do you have? >> reporter: well, right now mood is a lot more calm than it was just an hour or two ago. what you're seeing is again the corner of 17th and pennsylvania avenue. you can still see a lot of secret service and police around still keeping a lot of people away from the area because naturally this is a very popular place for tourists and many of them were here when those shots rung out and this is what they had to say. >> we were a little bit over that way. the shooting happened five, 10 feet back on the left-hand side. that's where he was and that's where they put him down on the ground and had him in handcuffs and all the guns and everything came out. >> i turned and then i hear the gunshots. so when they turn again, he was on the floor and i told him finally, the guy got shot. >> officer and security guards -- officers and security guards are coming out on their bikes pushing everybody out of the lawn and telling everybody to leave. as you can imagine it was a moment of pure chaos, we were scared, fid
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something like that happening before. >> reporter: well, you just heard it, a lot of chaos and a lot of tension but all of that over now. people say that, again, they were standing here when it happened and that's why a lot of them were actually in the area because they were taking selfies, several of those people that you just heard from and were actually here -- and we are actually here in the media staging area where we are still waiting for a sergeant to come from park police to speak to us. when those details are revealed about exactly what happened we will share that with you. reporting live near the white house, i'm ileana diaz, wusa9. >> ileana, thank you: in the meantime let's get to ellison barber is live outside the hospital where the suspect was taken. who do we know about this suspect? >> reporter: very little so far in terms of the suspect. we know that someone was brought here, that suspect was brought here in critical condition, sources have told us that he was shot multiple times, possibly in the chest area. so far we haven't heard anything from the hospital but sources tell
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brought here. d.c. fire and ems is only confirming right now that one person was transported from the scene, the hospital closest to the white house and in critical condition. we are here working on getting more information from the hospital. so far all we can officially confirm is that one person was brought here in critical condition. reporting live at george washington hospital, i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> ellison, that's the view from there. jan jeffcoat is looking at the view from social media. >> you have seen some people who were there posting videos and pictures. what are they saying about what happened? >> great video coming from social media right now. we want to go right now to bruce leshan who posted this interview that he got with -- listen to this. >> telling us to get out, there had been a shooting, get out, get out and that's all we know. it was very scary. >> and you didn't see him display any weapon? >> i did not see any weapon. i saw him on the ground. they were on top of him with handcuffs but i did not see any weapon on him. all we heard was yelling, we saw the smoke from the gun but we didn't see anything else. >> isn't
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and from s hanida writes avoid seventh and constitution avenue in d.c. traffic is crazy down here due to the shooting near the white house. and of course we are told that area will be closed for at least another couple more hours while they continue to investigate that area. garrett writing pennsylvania avenue still entirely shut down in front of the white house. and then finally minni writes tourists pushed to peripheral of white house after shooting. of course e
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the top trending stories right now on twitter. adam. >> jan, thank you. we know that president obama was not at the white house when this happened. vice president biden, though, was on the property. secret service say he was, quote/unquote secured during the course of this. as more details emerge on this story, we will bring them to you throughout the newscast. >> look for breaking news 24 hours a day on our wusa9 news app. other news to get to on this friday. a fairfax county school teacher's assistant is killed in an early morning shooting and police are still looking for the gunman. >> yeah, this happened around 2:20 in the morning in the parking lot of the city side huntington metro apartments off richmond highway in alexandria and that's where we find wusa9's delia gonzalez live. >> reporter: tyrice sampson worked at fort hunt elementary school about 5 miles away from these apartment buildings and while we don't know if sampson lived here, police say this is where he
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this very parking lot. i spoke to his family members on the phone, they tell me someone who did not care about life took his. >> i was trying to reach out to family to learn a little more about him and -- >> reporter: we called family in the richmond area. his aunt spoke to me but did not want to be recorded. she said they are devastated. at that reese sampson -- treece sampson was just -- he was a teacher's assistant for fairfax county schools and, quote, wanted to make a difference in young people's lives. but police still don't know why his life was taken. the crime scene stretching down the length of the parking lot, a car and a motorcycle towed for evidence. the early morning murder makes residents nervous about living here now. >> when you hear about someone getting shot, you think about how i walk there every night and if it happens right here, i don't feel safe anymore. >> surprise for long time you
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and now it's -- you're nervous. >> pretty friendly community and it's comfortable to live here. i don't know -- we are not afraid, nothing. >> reporter: this dad says the convenience of the park makes this an ideal community but others say it's that very park that attracts trouble at night. >> walking in the metro and there will be eyes in the parkway at night hanging around. >> reporter: hanging around being sketchy, that's what some neighbors say. and we talked to a lot of neighbors off camera who did not want to speak to us on the record but they do believe that they see a lot of people loitering, hanging out here late at night but never really heard or seen anyone getting hurt. police still looking for the suspect or suspects. at this point t.j.'s family believes he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. we are live in huntington, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> thank you. if you saw
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in that parking lot between about 1:00 and 3:00 in the morning, fairfax county police want to hear from you right away. metro gm paul weedfeld is cleaning house. today he fired 20 ramada managers who report directly to him. seven of them were senior managers, many from metro's rail division. and the firings are part of his effort to streamline the management and improve the effectiveness and the account anti-- accountability. get ready for a cold rain tomorrow and that is certainly good enough for a yellow weather alert. first alert chief meteorologist -- i can't even get the words out, topper, because it's so beautiful today and hard to believe we won't see this tomorrow. >> yeah, today was really spectacular. an average may day, when we get average may weather it is spectacular. a little bit warmer too over the last 24 hours, 6 degrees warmer than this time yesterday and generally the whole east coast was warmer withe
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talk about the evening planner. your plans are safe tonight, 74 at 6:00, 68 at 8:00, and by 10:00 65 with clouds. we are dry, though until about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning but let's look ahead now. 7:00 in the morning on futurecast, we have showers and rain, gaithersburg, leesbur , sterling manassas. futurecast is eliminating the heaviest rainfall south and east of town. it's safe to say it will be heavier in la plate in -- more rain will fall in d.c. than gaithersburg. by 10:00 there's your heavy rain indicated in yellow and orange. again, la plata south, charles county into calvert county, still steady rain, still wet frederick to hagerstown with mid-50s. and by 1:00 heaviest rain still lingers into southern maryland but pushes across into the delmarva. some good news for the
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time we will have leftover showers but the steady rain will be gone. we will come back. we are contemplating yellow alert weather on sunday. we will explain why. >> we will see you then. still ahead, more concern for pregnant women and the zika virus tonight.
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the family of a 2-year-old toddler is fighting to keep the virginia girl alive. little morance grace larson choked on a piece of popcorn last week. she was rushed from her home from falk fauqier county. her father wants to take her off life support since there have not no signs for a week
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fighting the hospital in court. for now the court is issuing an emergency injunction against the hospital. we will have much more on this case tonight at 11:00. turning now to the search for answers in the crash of egyptair flight 804. search crews have found floating remains, luggage and seats from the doomed plane that disappeared over the mediterranean sea. the european space station agency says a small spot on a satellite photo right there shows what could be a mile long oil slick from the plane. that jetliner was carrying 66 people from paris. it disappeared from radar on thursday. terrorism is suspected in the crash. investigators are running background check on every single passenger and scrutinizing anyone who had access to that plane. >> is there anybody on that flight with a link to a terrorist organization, number 1, and number 2, are there any conversations that are going on right now within terrorist organizations, nonpublic conversations where they are congratulating
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leading theory so far, there's no hard evidence yet to explain what brought the plane down. we turn now to campaign 2016 and the national debate is now in the spotlight. the presumptive republican presidential candidate donald trump addressed national rifle association today. in louisville the billionaire received the official endorsement of the gun rights group. earlier he took opportunity to pick away at hillary clinton for suggesting that she would put former president bill clinton in charge of the economy. >> maybe she just wants him around the white house so she can keep her eye on him. >> hillary clinton heads to florida tomorrow where she will meet with families of gun violence victims. an alarming new statistic on zika infections in the united states. the centers for disease control and prevention says the number of pregnant women in america infected with the virus has tripled since the last time it was measured. >> so the health agency is
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monitoring 157 women with zika. the cdc saying it's unclear whether the increase is because there are more pregnant women with the virus or officials are now keeping track of them in a different way. the mosquito-borne disease can cause severe birth defects and miscarriages. meanwhile president obama is calling on congress to approve emergency spending to fight zika. >> in order for us to make sure that we are doing effective mosquito control, to make sure that we are developing effective diagnostic tools and distributing them to make sure that we are developing the vaccines that ultimately will prevent some of the tragedies that we have seen. >> president obama says congress needs to put forward the bill before going on recess. hundreds of commuters pedaled their way to their jobs this morning as part of the annual bike to work day. just 800 people registered to participate at this freedom plaza pit stop. the riders say they were happy to save on some gas, get a little exercise. there were
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across the area complete with stuff to drink and eat, entertainment, a raffle and a chance to win a free bike and what a day to do it. >> yeah, let me tell you what they were happy about. it didn't rain. >> yeah, they are. you've got a 3-degree guarantee to talk about. >> we do and i think we are going to be okay. it was average today so average may weather can be spectacular. we have not seen any average may weather of late. we went for a high today of 76, seemed like a pretty good idea. our average high is 77. we will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00 but i think we are going to be okay. guidance kept lowering it but i stood my ground yesterday and last night, uh-huh. 74 right now, look at the dew point, in the 40s, relative humidity 34%, that's a pretty dry air mass considering winds off the east at nine gusting to 16. so still a very nice evening. tonight we are dry until about 3:00 a.m. so if you have plans tonight you're going to be fine unless you're out really, really late. yellow weather alert tomorrow, cold rain
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trimmed back an hour so 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. that is good news for preakness because by post time looking at light showers. miranda lambert concert at -- more showers and thunderstorms on sunday. right now we will refrain from issuing yellow weather alert but it's possible we may need one on sunday. so preakness, heavy rain if you're going there early and getting the infield, until about 2:00 and then lighter activity 4:00 and 6:00, winds northeasterly at 11:00, though and only 60 degrees with showers by 6:00 but that is some improvement and ironically enough, the track will probably be less sloppy than it was last year after the thunderstorm. 10:00 tonight, 65 downtown, 62 in fairfax and then by morning about 7:00 we have showers across most of the beltway, heaviest activity still back towards culpeper. mid-50s, now 55 in silver spring, 56 in bowie. by 10:00, futurecast shunting the heavy
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of us into southern maryland not altogether sold on that. i think some of this heavy activity could be right up to d.c. we are still getting rain showers all the way to hagerstown. by 12:00, 1:00, heavy activity in maryland and then pushing across the bay. and then by 6:00 we are going to see showers but notice there are shades of green so that is an improvement. doing the best i can here to spin it. at least it won't be a deluge, it will be cool. temperatures only in the upper 50s and low 60s. maybe we make 60 downtown tomorrow, maybe. take you into sunday, here's why we are contemplating another weather alert, more showers, 53 in frederick, 56 downtown. this is 8:30 in the morning on sunday, so grab an umbrella on your way to church and then a little bit of a break but then more showers possible in the afternoon and maybe even a thunderstorm by sunday afternoon but it will not be a  washout day. so on the day planner looks like this, heavier rain through 9:00 and then tapering off to lighter rain by 11:58 and then
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and 59. sunday we will leave alone for now but afternoon showers and afternoon storms, rather, and morning showers, 56, showers and storms on monday, 73. now check this out. going to get much, much warmer, near 80 on tuesday, mid-80s on wednesday, upper 80s thursday, friday. just in time for memorial day weekend. nats back in town monday right on through the holiday weekend. there are changes coming to the nutrition labels on your food. how that could change the way you shop in tonight's consumer alert. and georgetown university old slaves -- sold slaves. tonight what's being done for the thousands of dezen decedents. in a 9
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includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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an suv slammed into a building in alexandria today. that vehicle went into a front window of a hallmark center in the bradley shopping center. fortunately no one was injured and it's unclear exactly what caused the driver to
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control. police in alexandria say they have made an arrest in a 2015 murder case. 26-year-old brian bowert dumbfreeze is being held for the murder of leon williams. he was shot to death in october on bellpre way. let's talk consumer news now. for the first time in 20 years the fda is taking steps to update the nutrition information labels on panhandle foods -- packaged foods so you will see calorie counts with bigger, bolder type, along with a line that lists added sugar which of course can be unhealthy and pretty difficult to track. first lady michelle obama announced the final rules as part of her let's move campaign. she says the new labels will make packaged food information more transparent. >> very soon you will no longer need a microscope, calculator or a degree in nutrition to figure out whether the food you're buying is actually good for our kids. >> the ne
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list vitamin d and potassium, nutrients that we often lack. food companies have two years to comply with the new rules. the fda wants you to take a second look in your freezer. the agency is adding more products to a massive recall of fruits and vegetables manufactured by crf frozen food. now, those packaged frozen foods could be contaminated with listeria. they were shipped in 2014 to stores across the country, including costco and trader joe's. summer is high time for vacation travel but a new survey finds americans don't want to break their bank to get away. the data shows only 44% of people say they actually plan to book some time away from home. while 66% of survey participants say they would rather stay put instead of going into debt, splurging on a massive trip. more now on today's big story, a man brandishing a gun was shot by a secret service agent near the white e,
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will have that for you on the
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that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. we've got an alert tonight about an abduction scam that has hit at least three people in fairfax county. >> they tell the child has been kidnapped, won't give them back null ransom money was paid. one mother was about to wire money before the police intervene. >> and peggyfo
5:29 pm
story from springfield. >> reporter: this is where the scam ended at the giant food store but susan wilder had already withdrawn $800 to send to the man she was convinced had kidnapped her teenaged daughter. >> i pictured my daughter in a truck with this kidnapper guy. in my mind, that's what was happening. >> reporter: on may 4th at 9:30 in the morning, susan wilder was sitting here at her table doing work when her cell phone rang. >> this is what i hear, mom, mom and crying and i was sure it was my daughter. >> reporter: her 17-year-old daughter is a junior at west springfield high school. >> no, i'm not going to come to your house, you go get the money and bring it to me and follow my instructions, do exactly what i say. >> reporter: thinking fast, she picked up her house phone and dialed 911. >> i'm saying to him like for the benefit of the 911 operator, okay, so you have my daughter, you have kidnapped my daughter, you're holding her for ransom, do you want to meet me at my house? and i gave out my address. >> reporter: she raced out of the house to the giant food
5:30 pm
she could. she had $800 in her hand when she got the attention of robert diggs, a store manager. >> she waved and mouthed or whispered he has my child. >> reporter: in the meantime, fairfax county police figured out who she was and who her daughter was. >> the police says, ma'am, we have been to the school, your daughter is a okay. please give me the phone. >> reporter: susan's cell phone call with the scammer lasted only 31 minutes. had she not gotten hold of police, she might have wired that money to the scam artist. she is very thankful to the folks here at giant and also the fairfax county police department for moving so quickly to stop her. in springfield, peggy fox, wusa9. let's update tonight's breaking news right now. that shooting outside the white house, the secret service says officers gave the man carrying a gun several commands to drop it and when he did not, they shot him. >> he was taken to gw hospital. no one else
5:31 pm
wusa9's bruce leshan is live at 15th and constitution near a vehicle, bruce, that is believed to belong to the suspect? >> reporter: that's right. police response coming through here. actually that's an ambulance. but constitution remains closed between 17th and 14th and the reason why is pretty clear down here. there is a white sedan right down there and it's hard to see on camera but there are police officers who are in it. they have got all the doors open, they got the trunk up and they are checking that out trying to determine what's going on. that's the vehicle of the man that they suspect went up to the white house fence, according to the u.s. secret service, he had a firearm, he refused repeated commands to put it down and at some point uniformed secret service officer opened fire. the man was critically injured and rushed to the hospital. now, in addition to the vehicle that you're looking at,
5:32 pm
is also a backpack that's over here out in the middle of constitution avenue and there are a lot of police officers who were surrounding it taking a look at it. you have a hard time seeing it from this angle but they are examining that. of course d.c. long a magnet for people coming down here, arriving and engaging in odd behavior at the white house, at the capitol and so forth. we have some of the video that we shot from the other side of constitution avenue and you can see that white sedan that police are looking over, checking, searching. they believe that that is the sedan of the suspect who came up to the white house fence with a weapon and was shot. we are going to keep an eye on this. that's all we got about it at this point. we will let you know if we see any change. they are looking at the backpack and they are looking at this vehicle. back to you. >> bruce, thanks. a lot of elements to this story. we are on top of all
5:33 pm
much more as details continue to develop throughout our newscast this evening. >> and look for breaking news 24 hours a day on our wusa9 news app. we are hearing tonight from the transgender woman who was assaulted after using the ladies room at a northeast d.c. grocery store. >> 32-year-old ebony belcher says she went to use the rest room at the giant, then a female security guard forced her out and then ejected her from the store. >> the officer then grabbed me by my arm, spun me around, grabbed me hibend my back and forcefully pushed me out the giant. it shouldn't be this way. this has to stop. >> belcher, who also suffers from parkinson's says she has been having trouble sleeping since the incident. a security guard is charged with simple assault. giant says the security guard works for a third-party company. d.c. human rights laws protect the right of transgender people to use the bathroom where they feel most comfortable. all of this, of course,
5:34 pm
unfolding after the president's directive allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice in public schools. now to the trial over the death of freddie gray. today maryland's highest court ruled that baltimore police officer william porter must testify against his fellow officers. according to the baltimore sun, the judge ruled that the prosecutor's deal offering porter limited immunity for testimony was correct. in the trial of officer edward nero, the judge is expected to return with his verdict on monday in that bench trial. the sole survivor of last november's terrorist attack -- >> i'll pick it up from there, adam. investigators are apparently that sole survivor is clamming up. investigators got to question salah abdeslam today for the first time since he was extradited from belgium last month but he's not talking. he was taken into custody, his lawyer said he wanted to explain his path to radicalization. triplets who nearly died at birth 17 years ago
5:35 pm
graduating from fairmont heights high school today in prince george's county. it's been an emotional week for their parents who know just how far they have come. al lu ann -- ellen bryant sat down with the couple. >> reporter: their journey to get here at show place arena for graduation day has been a long one. just a couple notes of pomp and circumstance can make anyone cry. but there is a time when brenda fletcher and tony bird wondered if their triplets would ever walk to this music on graduation day. >> yes, i was nervous, crying, you know, and stressed because the girls were distressed at the time. >> reporter: their triplets were born october 10th, 1998 at 38 weeks. >> it was superpremature babies, 2 pounds, 3 pounds, with very, very, very poor outcome expectations. >> their uncle used to
5:36 pm
tonika little snicker bar because she was so small. >> reporter: it would be months before all three made it home. >> another blessing that comes with it. i was excited. >> reporter: they continue to grow in health and personality which brings us to today. three 17-year-olds waiting to go to their high school graduation ceremony. people confuse the two girls for twins but tony is quick to correct that. they all have different personalities, like taneshia enjoys dressing up, tonika, not so much. >> this is for the day and this is it. >> once it's over -- >> she is wiping it off. >> reporter: even with different personality traits they admit they have an undenial connection and a special place in their parents' hearts. for college both the girls are going to be going up to new york but tony is going to stay here. he will attend prince george's community college. reporting in prince george's county, ellen brian, wusa9. trending now,
5:37 pm
has one woman receiving death threats. why this valedictorian wasn't allowed to participate in his graduation ceremony. plus, this mother cannot control her excitement after putting on a chewbacca mask. a gorgeous day that led to high pollen readings, high for trees, high for glasses, still low for the weeds and moderate for mold spores. you can find that on our website and also on our app. if you open the app just scroll way a-- right away down to weather maps and you will see that. we will come back and talk about a timetable for the heaviest rain and let you know if we are going to washout sunday as well.
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things are getting harry hairstony in -- getting hairy in tonight's segment. a woman can't control her excitement after putting on a chewbacca mask. >> okay. here we go. >> yes. watch when my mouth actually moves. [ laughter ] >> that's not me making the noise. it's
5:41 pm
here. listen. >> you know, the value of self- entertainment, to be able to -- >> this is trending. this is what people think is interesting as she is cracking up. >> loving it. no one else in the car but her. people driving by are like, we need to get the cops on the horn. >> you, me, i'm happy. >> chewbacca lady. >> she is doing it with a real mask. >> they need a chewbacca filter on -- a staten island woman now says she is receiving death threats after pictures of her hat when viral on social media. >> crystal lake's hat says america was never great. lake, who supports bernie sanders and works for home depot says she does not trump's noninclusive viewpoint. lake says she can't people are threatening
5:42 pm
hat. hot on twitter, maroon 5 is the latest group to boycott north carolina over its controversial bathroom law. the band announced the decision to cancel its upcoming shows in charlotte and raleigh on its website. bruce springsteen, pearl jam and ringo starr have all cancelled gigs since the state passed that law. despite his great grades, a bearded high school valedictorian is upset after not being allowed to take part in the graduation ceremony. supposed to give a speech, right? >> why? because his school in louisiana has a no facial hair policy for male students. what? the superintendent says he warned andrew jones of the rule three times including on graduation night. 13 other students went into the bathroom to shave before the ceremony but he did not. >> it don't make sense. like if i went -- every day to school i went with it, even more, i have size and everything but i shaved
5:43 pm
graduation. >> what was the real issue that he couldn't walk with his class, he was top of his class, you know, that moment was the most important most of his life. >> student of the year and he can't walk? all right. joe says he did not shave because the rule was not enforced during the school year. the principal apparently not available to answer questions about enforcement. >> the principal wasn't there for graduation? >> what's up with that? >> come on, man. so the early bird catches the worm. we will introduce you to a set of twins who get more accomplished before any of us even wake up. that's coming up in sports. and right after the break, a prince george's county teenager meets the emergency responders who
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wildlife officials are relocating a bear today, removed from a tree near richmond. it happened in a subdivision last night and police warned residents to get inside their homes and bring their pets with them. crews brought down the bear with a tranquilizer. animal control officials plan to release the bear into the woods in the western part of the state. today a prince george's county teen met the firefighters and the medics who saved his life.
5:47 pm
>> it's an emotional reunion when the teen and his family thanked everyone in person. >> tyreke johnson was a star on the basketball court with offers to play at top colleges across the country and then his heart stopped literally during the middle of practice at ginn park high school. he father rushed onto the court, the first to start cpr and an off-duty firefighter grabbed a defibrillator and shocked john's chest. all the while prince george's first responders rushing to the scene. moments before it happened, johnson says he felt extremely tired, like never before. >> i was like, man, can we please stop? running up and down for a long time and that was the last thing i remember. >> reporter: these 31st responders -- three first responders arrived. johnson's heart was beating as they rushed him to the hospital. johnson doesn't remember anything. the next memory was waking up in the hospital bed. >> i was thinking like, all right, something is
5:48 pm
>> reporter: turns out johnson suffers from an enlarged heart. he is 6'7" tall but never play competitive basketball again. the doctors say it's just too risky. >> i miss it a lot because i know a lot of people -- >> reporter: this health setback opened a new door for johnson. instead of playing basketball in college, he now dreams of being a doctor. he wants to do what the medics did for him and save another life. matt yurus, wusa9. >> johnson graduates from st. francis academy in baltimore next spring. >> a fantastic story. >> sure. what is not a fantastic story is what you're bringing us tomorrow, sir. >> right. but let's stay in the now right now because it's very beautiful outside. >> it's pretty. >> but tomorrow, not so good. let's start actually with the wet may. i've gone ahead and taken liberties here and forecasted rain for tomorrow so going to put a rain there on the 21st. so now we will end up -- this is pretty incredible -- 16 out of 21 days of may we have had
5:49 pm
we are on pace to tie that and that's not anything we want to actually aim for. live look outside from our michael & son weather cam, 74 right now, very comfortable, humidity only 34%. tonight we are dry until about 3:00 a.m. probably inside the beltway until about 5:00 a.m. yellow weather alert tomorrow, rain and showers. cold rain too. heaviest 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., we haven't changed that too much. i think we had 3:00 p.m. yesterday. and then more showers and thunderstorms on sunday both adam and p.m., originally i thought -- both a.m. and p.m., originally i thought just confined to the afternoon. morning showers as well. for the preakness, the heavy rain will taper off to light rain or showers. by 6:00 we are 60 degrees but it's going to be some kind of chilly up there. but ironically, it might not be as wet or sloppy of a traffic as -- track as it was last year after that big storm. 9:30, 10:00 tonight we have clouds and dry downtown. 67 downtown, pretty good. 65 in fairfax. by morning, this is 7:00,
5:50 pm
culpeper and manassas and i mentioned this earlier that futurecast has taken the heaviest rain and actually shunting it south of d.c. into southern maryland. a couple of other models are not doing that. i think over an inch of rain will go as far north as rockville, maybe as farther north -- far north as gaithersburg. by 10:00 rain everywhere. now 58 in la plata and 57 in bowie and then by 12:30, 1:00, little break of a -- little bit of a break but heavy rain into some sections of the delmarva. once the bulb of the steady rain passes we are not done with the system yet. we will have showers all night saturday and into sunday, only 60 at 6:00 on saturday. 57 in gaithersburg, 56 -- 57 also in rockville. on the day planner we got significant rain 7:00, 9:00 a.m. into about 11:00 a.m., 58, maybe 59. about 1:00 p.m. with the rain beginning to taper off to showers.
5:51 pm
thunderstorm, 56, we will monitor that, more showers and storms on monday, 73. we will monitor that for you too for the yellow alert day. very nice on tuesday. wednesday, 85. upper 80s thursday, friday and increasing chance of showers and storms, nats back in town starting monday. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset, brought to you by xfinity. >> they are coming to the line. and nyquist is still unbeaten. he has won the kentucky derby. >> i love the call down the stretch. that is horse racing's darling right now, the undefeated nyquist quieted all the contradicts at the kentucky derby and now has his eye on the second jewel of the triple crown. no doubt tomorrow's 41st running of the preakness steaks will be a wet and muddy one but some horses are better in those conditions. the soap track was no issue for
5:52 pm
trainer doug o'neil doesn't think it will be an issue for thinks cult either. >> with a horse like nyquist not overly concerned about the weather. i would love to see it be nice just to have a lot of people out and just for the track. puts on such an amazing show for these awesome horses and it would be great for it to be sunny and nice and like it is today. >> we would all want it to be like today. with american pharoah's triple crown run last week -- there is excitement surrounding the sport of horse racing and there are plenty of aspiring young jockeys who will have their eyes on the course through this weekend. two of those are featured in tonight's game on varsity profile. 16-year-old twins hazel and mazey o'neal can be found early every day at pem laco race -- while in high school means quite the hectic schedule. >> pretty much seven days a week, we get up at 2:10
5:53 pm
morning and make sure we are gone by 3:00. >> they come here so early in the morning, i don't even know how early they get here. they are like elves. >> this is just an extension of their training to become a jockey here, working for bobby leaf so it's great experience for them. >> everything is excitement, excitement and the horses are revved up and makes it harder for a young rider to get licensed at this point in time but the girls managed to do it anyway. >> i'm really proud and it's like one of my goals i have set so it was really good to be able to accomplish that goal. >> so the day we were out there talking to the girls they got their certification which means they can get more mounts now which is really the biggest hurdle to becoming a jockey so they will well -- they are well on their way. but they get there at 3:00 in the morning. high schoolers. >> that's commitment. >> there was no way i would get up at 3:00. coming up at 6:00 with bruce and jan, live team coverage of this evenin
5:54 pm
service officer shoots an armed man near the white house. also at 6:00, authorities say they found the wreckage of missing egyptair flight 804 but are they any closer to finding the cause of the crash? up next a virginia student comes up with the idea behind a better lyme disease detection test.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
lyme disease can be hard
5:57 pm
diagnose because the tests aren't always accurate. >> but a young researcher at george mason university in northern virginia may have come up with a solution and mark ago bert reports -- mark albert reports. >> reporter: temple douglas is an aspiring scientist who has already made a name for herself in the field of lyme disease research. >> i was in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: when she was a high school intern at george mason university, researchers were using a technique to test for micro cop pick cancer -- microscopic cancer particles and she wondered if it could work to test for lyme disease. >> i was aware of the issues with dime disease test because two -- lyme disease test because two people in my family had lyme disease. >> reporter: current lab tests can give a false positive. >> we believe it's a game changer. >> reporter: the new test uses microscopic particles that capture lyme bacteria in patient's urine. >>
5:58 pm
this, we are testing it directly and with a high sensitivity that's never been achieved before. >> reporter: if this test gets fda approval, instead of only doing it in lab, it could be on shelves at your neighborhood drugstore. dr. lance liotta says he hopes the test will detect lyme before symptoms appear. >> the goal is to treat this bacteria really early after the tick bite and it can be completely cured with antibiotics. >> reporter: temple is now focusing on cancer research at virginia tech. >> by doing the research i do it's possible i will be able to help people out. >> reporter: she says it's a great feeling when hard work pays off. mark albert, cbs news, manassas, virginia. >> here's a bit more perspective. >> the cdc estimates about 300,000 people are diagnosed with lyme disease every year. right now at 6:00, a shooting outside the white house puts the executive mansion on lockdown and sends tourists scrambling. >> authorities suspect that terrorism is to blame for
5:59 pm
deadly egyptair crash but no blame of responsibility. and donald trump picks up a key endorsement and steps up his attacks on hillary clinton. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. a secret service agent shoots a man outside the white house. the man reportedly approached the gate at 17th and e street and brandished a gun. officers ordered him several times to drop the gun. when he refused, he was shot multiple times. he was taken to gw hospital where he's believed to be in critical condition tonight. >> now, the white house was immediately put on lockdown, surrounding streets were closed. no one else was hurt in this incident. the suspect has not yet been identified. >> garrett haake is live near the white house right now. i would imagine all of this is having an impact on traffic as well. >> reporter: absolutely, bruce. streets are still completely jammed down here and from really the moment the shots were fired, a very well rehearsed security plan went into place out here as security officers from the secret service and from the park police swarmed into the area, seearing out lafayette park,
6:00 pm
and women on some of the perimeter corners around the white house and forcing people back and out of the way here while they continued to sweep the area in looking for danger. we spoke to one man earlier from baltimore who had come into town to take a white house tour. take a listen to his story. >> we were about to go inside the door and all we heard is shots fired. it was -- i'm sorry. all i heard was one shot fired. boom, back fired, obviously, we all kind of turned around. >> there was a white man walking with a gun towards the white house. the secret service or the police told him to stop. they told him to stop repeatedly. he didn't stop and they shot him. >> lickety-split out of the park. no, turn around, no pictures. i mean, really -- yeah, because people tend to like to turn around and take pictures. >> reporter: and even now lafayette park remains closed. you can see some white house staffers coming in and out but i can tell you there was a plan pro marijuana event here


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