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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and women on some of the perimeter corners around the white house and forcing people back and out of the way here while they continued to sweep the area in looking for danger. we spoke to one man earlier from baltimore who had come into town to take a white house tour. take a listen to his story. >> we were about to go inside the door and all we heard is shots fired. it was -- i'm sorry. all i heard was one shot fired. boom, back fired, obviously, we all kind of turned around. >> there was a white man walking with a gun towards the white house. the secret service or the police told him to stop. they told him to stop repeatedly. he didn't stop and they shot him. >> lickety-split out of the park. no, turn around, no pictures. i mean, really -- yeah, because people tend to like to turn around and take pictures. >> reporter: and even now lafayette park remains closed. you can see some white house staffers coming in and out but i can tell you there was a plan pro marijuana event here
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park. now happening on the sidewalk but tourists are back out here and while the streets remain closed, the crowds are back out enjoying a beautiful friday night. many of them unaware that an incident even took place out here. reporting live at the white house, garrett haake, wusa9. >> thank you, garrett. and our live team coverage continues with bruce leshan is live where the gunman's car was parked. >> reporter: the suspect is in critical condition at medstar but the investigation definitely continues. constitution avenue closed down between 17th and 14th and just down from me, explosives ordinance disposal team, police surrounding a backpack that is out in the middle of constitution avenue here. they believe that that is at backpack belonging to this suspect. and then take a look at the videotape and you can see this white camry with the doors open, the trunk open, that is e
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belongs to the suspect. they have been checking that out, a colleague, ellison barber understands from a source that they have found some evidence in that vehicle. but i will tell you, as garrett mentioned, i talked to some of the folks who were down here. folks who were right next to this when it happened saw this man in a black t-shirt, heard the single gunshot and they said it was absolutely terrifying. >> all the security guards were starting to come out on their bikes, pushing everybody out of the lawn, telling everybody to leave. as you can imagine, it was a moment of pure chaos. we were all scared, fired up. we had never pictured something like that happening before. >> reporter: that was a member of the endora family here from atlanta. they say they were standing right next to this man up at the gate here on the -- at the white house, up more towards e street from where i'm standing down
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constitution. and they said that they didn't understand what had happened, just heard the gunshot and then saw all the secret service surrounded them, telling them to get back and get out of the way. again, the investigation continues, gridlocked throughout downtown d.c. back to you. >> bruce, thank you. and to get alerts delivered to your phone whenever breaking news happens, you can download our free wusa9 app. another major story we are following tonight, more wreckage from that downed egyptair plane found in the mediterranean sea. authorities have yet to determine what brought that aircraft down with some 66 people aboard. terrorism is suspected. patrol boats with sonar are trying to locate the jetliner's data recorders. jonathan vigliotti reports tonight that human remains, luggage and seats are among the recovered wreckage. >> reporter: an egyptair official says the egyptian military discovered body parts, luggage and airplane seats from flight 804. the european ace agency spotted what could be a mile long slick where
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down. 66 people were on board the doomed jetliner which greek officials say went down into the sea early thursday after swerving wildly. victims, relatives gathered at this mosque in cairo for a prayer service. this man's cousin was on board the flight. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: he says this is very hard for the family. egyptian authorities believe terrorism brought down the plane but cbs news has learned so far there's been no credible claim of responsibility. egyptair's chairman says the search area encompasses a 40- mile radius in the mediterranean about halfway between here and crete and alexandria egypt. paris investigators have begun to check and question all ground staff at charles degull airport who may have a link óws flight 804. the u.s. and several european countries are also helping in this search effort. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, crete. >> the fear is key parts of the plane may never be recovered, the water is
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deep in that very area where the jet is thought to have gone down. the man in charge of metro fired 20 managers today. seven of them were senior managers and many of them were from metro's rail division. the firings are part of general manager part wiedefeld's effort to streamline management to improve effectiveness and accountability. the gm is still looking to cut more front office jobs to focus more on resources and service and safety. turning to campaign 2016, the national rifle association has endorsed republican donald trump for president. trump did speak to the nra members today at an annual meeting in louisville. >> gun-free zones. we are getting rid of gun-free zones, okay? >> trump said if democrat hillary clinton is elected, she will work to abolish this second amendment. tomorrow clinton is scheduled to travel to florida to meet with shooting victims. government is changing the way it counts the number of pregnant women infected with the zika ru
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blood test for zika regardless of symptoms using the new criteria the number of pregnant seeka cases in the u.s. triples from 48 to 157. zika can cause babies to be born with abnormally small heads. today president barack obama urged congress to pass an urgency zika funding bill. >> in order for us to make sure that we are doing effective mosquito control, to make sure that we are developing effective diagnostic tools and distributing them, to make sure that we are developing the vaccines that ultimately will present some of the tragedies -- prevent some of the tragedies that we have seen for those who have contracted zika and then end up having children with significant birth defects. >> the house and senate have passed different zika funding bills. president obama is threatening to veto them, a small house version. he is pushing for a deal that comes closer to the $1.1 billion senate
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foreign relations office has approved the extradition of convicted drug lord el chapo to the united states. the office says the u.s. made guarantees guzman would not face the death penalty. guzman's lawyers said they will file legal challenges to try and delay his extradition. guzman is wanted in this country for murder and drug distribution. the uber driver accused of killing six people was dragged away by plaintiffs after repeated outbursts. jason dalton is also charged with injuring two others during his shooting rampage in kalamazoo, michigan last winter. he started harassing one of the women he was charged with shooting while she was on the stand. dalton carried out the shooting between picking up passengers. tonight police still looking for the person who shot and killed a fairfax county school teacher's assistant. 24-year-old tarreece sampson worked at fort hunt elementary school, that's about 5 miles away from the crime scene. police say sampson was shot just before 2:30 this morning on richmond hiy
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parking lot of the cityside metro apartments. >> when you hear about someone getting shot, you think about how i walk there every night and if it happens right here, i don't feel safe anymore. >> police are asking anybody who saw anything suspicious between 1:00 and 3:00 in the morning to call them right away. >> virginia governor terry mcauliffe signed a $100 billion two-year state budget. called the language unconstitutional, overreach. house speaker william howell signaled he would challenge over the issues. still to come on wusa9 at 6:00, meet the nonspeaking autistic teenager whose letter about compassion has gone viral. but first, the surviving suspect in the deadly paris terror attacks is questioned by investigators. tomorrow high temperatures, more like mid to late march, only 59 downtown, 57 in gaithersburg, 58 in frederick, maybe you will make 52 in
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andrews. come back and give you an hour- by-hour breakdown of the rain. also talk about sunday. that's not going to be
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new information on today's shooting outside of the white house. law enforcement sources now tell cbs news that investigators believe the suspect may have fired a shot before he was confronted by a
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secret service agent. there are witness accounts indicating he may have fired shortly after getting out of his vehicle. there will be much more coming up on this story at 6:30 on the cbs evening news with john pelley. the main suspect in the deadly paris terror attacks is not talking. salah abdeslam appeared for questioning today by investigators but he kept quiet. french authorities were hoping he would shed light on isis activities in europe and whether there are any other surviving suspects in the november attacks that killed 130 people. iraqi security forces today fired on protesters who tried to storm baghdad's heavily guarded green zone who used guns, tear gas and water cannons to disperse the demonstrators. several people were wounded. today's violence comes two weeks after shiite protesters first breached the green zone's walls. a remarkable discovery at the auschwitz museum in warsaw. a polish made gold ring and chain were found hidden under the false vase of -- sa
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death camp. coming up the message of hope, compassion and perseverance delivered by a local teenager with autism. also coming up michigan's
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a new task force in michigan will now look for ways to eliminate children's exposure to lead across the state. the governor signed the order today. this comes in the wake of the lead crisis in flint. crews replaced old contaminated pipes. the fda is giving food nutrition labels a bold new look. calories will now be listed in a bigger, bolder type. there will be a new line for added sugars and serving size be will be updated to be more in line with what a person is likely to eat in one sitting. it's the first major change to nutrition labels since they were created back in 1994. he will never be able to speak but that's not stopping a patomic maryland teen from getting his message out. >> he wrote a letter explaining what it's like to live with
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teenager with nonspeaking autism. >> reporter: for 15 of gordie's 16 years his parents had no idea he had these words inside of him. >> nothing means more to people like than respect. >> reporter: with the help of his terrorist, this keyboard -- therapist, this keyboard, an ipad, he wrote these words. >> my brain, which is much like yours knows what it wants and how to make that clear. my body resists. >> why did you want to write the letter? >> there are many children and adults negatively affected by the lack of knowledge of autism. >> reporter: the letter was sent to montgomery county police. the message of hope, compassion and perseverance is being heard all over. >> i thought it was incredible and just a level of his self- awareness and the humor and the empathy. >> he's answered questions before but it's the first time that really you see inside of his head. >> we want to tell gordie
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montgomery county police is here to support them on their journey in this world, that can be unforgiving sometimes to those with autism. >> i think the sky is the limit. >> if it weren't for you i would never have had opportunity to advocate for myself and other autistics. >> gordie is meeting with officer reyes tonight and tonight also happens to be prom but he says he would rather spend his night advocating for himself and his peers. for more information on the therapy that is helping gordie communicate, you can go to our wusa9 app. >> good for him. the deadly police shooting in san francisco has nearly cost a police chief his job. embattled chief greg suhr resigned yesterday at mayor ed lee's request. it comes hours after the fatal police shooting of an african- american woman suspected of stealing a car. there had been tension following ot
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francisco's minority communities. l.a. police are asking for the public's help in putting away three armed bank robbers. they have robbed 23 banks during the past six months. police have dubbed them the cold hands bandits. surveillance video shows they have a habit of walking into the banks with their hands in their pockets. a fire in southern california's seal beach pier now trending on twitter. firefighters battled the flames from the burning pier while rescue boats fired water cannons from the ocean. the restaurant that caught fire has been closed since 2013 so there's no word yet on a popular cause -- on a cause there. two workers were rescued after their scaffolding collapsed on an east harlem apartment building. the two men were left hanging for a short time before rescuers pulled them in through a 12th floor window. near was seriously -- neither was seriously hurt. >> thankful for today. >> you're welcome. >> i won't be here tomorrow. no one can yell at me
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an average day and that's what you get sometimes, a beautiful day in may. >> yeah. >> let's start with a live look outside, it is our live michael & son weather cam, down to 72. humidity 37%, very, very comfortable air mass. and clouds are in place but you've got time tonight. your friday night plans are fine. you're dry until about 3:00 a.m. yellow weather alert saturday, no surprise there. rain and showers. cold rain, heaviest now 7:00 a.m. to about 2:00 p.m. and then more showers and thunderstorms on sunday both a.m. and p.m. right now we have resisted and we have not issued a yellow weather alert for sunday. for the preakness, 1041st running of the -- 141st running of the preakness. the heavier rain tapers off the light rain or showers armed post time. around 6:00 60 degrees but still showering and winds out of the north-northeast at 11:00. 10:00 tonight clouds in place but we are dry. 65 downtown and 64 in bowie and then by 6:00, 7:00th
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heaviest rain still culpeper south and east. this model seems to be a little biased. i think some of this heavier rain will make it as far north now as gaithersburg. by 10:00, again, heavier rain into southern maryland but still moderate rain into gaithersburg, rockville, clarksburg, across the river, mid-60s, that's about it. we are still left with showers back to the west so even when your rain shuts off tomorrow, don't think, ooh, we can break out the picnics. you can't. shower going to roll through late in the afternoon and evening, by 6:00, a lot of showers, temperatures upper 50s to around 60 and even by sunday morning we have more showers with temperatures generally in the 50s to around 60, pretty much across the board. we will see some clearing late on sunday but with that clearing, we might see actually a thunderstorm. now, we will talk about the rain potential because this is interesting. this is model number 1. imagine if this were snow. only seven hundredths at national. check this out. model number 2
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p.m. tomorrow, 1.11-inch. so one model if it were snow it would be 1 inch. this would be 11 inches. thankfully it's just rain. i'm leaning more toward the 1 inch in terms of how much rain we are get in the metro. 50s across the border, heavy at times, tapering at 1:00 to 59. and showers and storms sunday, more showers and storms monday, back in the low 70s and look what happens after that. near 80 on tuesday, 80s wednesday, thursday and friday with increasing chances of storms. strausberg determined to earn every dollar we are paying him. >> he's making that look good. stephen strasburg showing in illness from the tommy john surgery. he's at his best right now. we have an irspying story of a runner who failed to quit agai
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> through the first quarter of the season stephen strasburg is earning every bit of his $91,175,000,000 contract -- last year was not an off night. strausberg shut down the mets. he threw 10 strike-outs, gave up one run in six innings of work, he improves to 7-0 on the season. that is tied with cubs ace and former oriole jake arrieta for the most wins in the league. >> we hope he never loses. but you know it's inevitable he's going to lose but since he hasn't lost, why expect a loss? >> in 24 hours we will know whether or not we have another potential triple crown winn
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on our hands. it might be rainy and muddy and nasty but the first running of the preakness stakes will go on at pimlico. nyquist took to the course today for his daily workout, a perfect day to be on the track. tomorrow, not so much. but nyquist has been there before at the derby down in florida, he's run on the muddy tracks and it hasn't fazed him a bit. check out his undefeated record. finally tonight, here is a story of incredible determination. senior shelby a track star at idaho state ran the final race of her college career this past weekend and was determined to make it a successful one no matter what. here is shelby. she is running with a little bit of a limp, that's because midway through her leg the 400 meters final at the big sky and track championship, shelby's left achilles tendon ruptured. she is finishing the race with a torn achilles tendon because it helped her team get one
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point. you see her crying in the arms of her teammates and a few times screaming in pain but, hey, she finished and who cares what else happened? >> she will remember that and her teammates will remember that too. good stuff. >> i guess i didn't realize it was as big a deal as it was. i guess in the moment i was just trying to get through it, so kind of cool. >> she did it for her teammates, fore herself as a final run and it was one measly point but she didn't care. she wanted to finish. cool. a few hours left of good weather before the deluge? >> as long as you're in by 3:00 a.m., jonathan. [ laughter ] >> maybe, maybe not. >> i don't know. >> we are looking at yellow weather alert tomorrow. >> 3:00 in the morning i have been put out.
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>> rose: security scare at the white house. gunfire erupts outside. ironically, just minutes after this pledge from donald trump to the n.r.a. >> we're getting rid of gun-free zones, okay, i can tell you. >> rose: also tonight, searchers find the first remains and debris from egyptair 804, but the crash remains a mystery. georgia deputies are caught on video-- >> stop fighting! stop fighting! >> rose: tasing a handcuffed man, who then died. and steve hartman with a college custodian-- >> there was never a question of if we would go to college-- >> rose: and five degrees of jubilation. >> so they could have a better life than i had. captioning sponsored by cbs


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