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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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shot by secret service during an incident near the white house. i am lesli foster. >> i amandum l. the man -- i am adam. >> he was armed when they shot him outside the white house which had been placed on lock down. the shooting happened outside a secret service check point on the southwest side of the white house and that is where wusa 9's mola lenghi joins us with the details. >> reporter: things are getting back to normal here that white house. they are allowing a convoy to get into the white house. this is the security check point where the incident went down. the man, the pennsylvania man is at a hospital in critical condition tonight. after he was shot here and as he was being taken to the hospital he suggested he had
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cop incident. >> a moment of chaos. we were all scared. >> reporter: they were visited and sightseeing. she was walking into the white house to receive an award. they were taking a group picture. >> all of a sudden we heard a gun shot. we didn't think was for real. security guards coming out, pushing everybody out, telling everybody to leave. >> move, move, move. then i could over hear on his walkie-talkie that shots fired. shots fired. suspect down. suspect down. and, you know, at that point we were trying to -- they got us out of there. >> reporter: he approached a white house check point that is accessible via e street
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commands to drop the gun. that is when he was shot. once in the chest by secret service agent. >> i saw him with -- [ indiscernible ] i turn. i was on my phone. i turn. ium hear the gun shots. -- i hear the gun shots. i told my family the guy got shot. >> reporter: he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. his gun recovered at the scene where tourists remained for hours stunned at what they witnessed during their white house visit. >> first time in washington. it was something else. >> reporter: we are told president obama was not here at the white house touring the incident this afternoon. vice president joe biden was at the white house. he was taken to a secure location. mola lenghi, wusa 9 news. >> thank you.investigators say the suspect has no known connections to terrorism. but the investigation
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we were able to tell this breaking story on the air quick because of the volume of people who were right there when it happened and because so many whipped out their phones to take pictures and videos. i want to share the things we saw in the moments leading up to what happened. this first picture here is from someone who posted on instagram. photo in front of the white house before shots were fired. we were evacuated. having the d.c. experience not the one we were hoping for. we are safe. listen to this woman here. >> shooting, get out. get out. that is all we know. very scary. >> you didn't see -- >> i did not see any weapon. i saw him on the ground. i did not see any weapon. all we heard was yelling. we saw the smoke from the gun. but nothing else -- [ talking at the same time ] >> the person shot and arrested. and look here. this is a video
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17th 17 17th avenue near where the shooting happened. the pedestrians looking across towards the white house wondering what was going . on the park on the north side of the white house was evacuated. you see the tourrists moving out -- tourists moving out of the area. taping off the area because the suspect's car was parked alongcantitution avenue. you can see a -- alongcantitution avenue. you can see a -- alongcantitution 7. anytime news breaks get an alert from our wusa 9 news app. stay on top of what is happening right now and anytime. and be more informed than your friends. download it. plus, it is free. our weather alert. the other big news tonight. looking outside right now, over cast but the rain is onl
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hours away. lets get to the chief, topper shutt tracking the nor'easter, wigging it was february so he would have snow instead of rain. >> you know me too well. you to. here is where the -- you do. here is where the rain is now. no observations, anybody reaching rain yet, rain reaching the ground. it is rain. this will roll in here by dawn tomorrow. yellow weather alert. 7:00 a.m. on future cast, heavier rain north. rain is everywhere by 7:00 a.m. mid-50s. midnight high, actually. 9:00 a.m. 57. heavier rain towards cull petter. -- culpeper. 11:00 a.m. rain and showers across the metro area. we will come back and talk about sunday, maybe being the yellow weathe
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well. right now the app, search for wusa 9 and download the app for free and track the nor'easter and anything you see on the air and online you can get from our app. >> thank you. new tonight, a northern virginia family is fighting for the life of their two-year-old daughter. she choked on popcorn 9 days ago and been on life support since and now her family says the hospital wants to pull the plug but they want to keep fighting. wusa 9's garrett haake spoke to the father in richmond where he asked for help. >> reporter: her father isn't asking for a medical miracle or money, he is asking for a lawyer to help him fight this hospital and convince them to give his baby time to heal, to recover, and hopefully to wake up. >> the worse day of his life began when his ar
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of popcorn and a colonel stuck in her throat. >> my poor little girl, i knew she wasn't breathing. i couldn't find a pulse. i started cpr. >> reporter: that was may 11. doctors have cared for her as well as they can. now the doctors think she gone. her brain passed the point of recovery. they want to take one more test to be certain. >> after the second test they consider her dead. and within an hour they can unplug my baby. her mother and me will not accept that. >> reporter: while his wife guarded their baby's bed side he went to court. the judge backed the hospital. the family has 24 hours to find an attorney a help. >> i need a lawyer that is brave enough to take my case and i need them now. >> reporter: in a statement
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hospital calls this a private matter and says they are doing everything possible to support the family and the medical staff. they can see hope is faint but they know she is in there trying to come back to them. >> she is a child of god. it took us three years to have her. and she is an awesome little girl. she deserves a chance, that is all we are asking for. a chance for her to recuperate. >> the family is staying here at the ronald mcdonald house. they plan to stay here for as long as it takes. garrett haake, wusa 9 news. >> thank you. if you would like to help the family there is a go fund me page and tonight the family is asking for your thoughts and prayers. if you would like to
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the #go miranda with two "res" go. >> reporter: the chief fired 20 managers today, including 7 senior managers. many over saw subway operations. he calls the pink slips part of a restructuring to boost accountability and a spokesman said it is likely more employees will be shown the door. this is happening as we are launching a new effort at wusa 9 news called mission metro. what could we do to help metro succeed? i am going to start by talking to a lot of you. next tuesday i will ride metro all day long. from 5:00 a.m. till midnight we will have a teamthen trains, we will -- team on the trains, we will find out what is important to you. the people who depend on metro's success. i will be on twitter
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facebook and on every newscast on tuesday. download our free wusa 9 news app the best traffic alerts in the market and check out #wusa 9 news on metro. that is what we will use for my marathon metro maneuvers on tuesday. >> looking forward to that. right now more wreckage from the dound egyptair has been found in the mediterranean sea. it was heading from paris to cairo but it never arrived. patrol boats with sonar are trying to locate the black boxes. the latest now. >> reporter: search teams looking for more wreckage from egyptair flight ms804. an official says the military discovered body parts, luggage and airplane seats on friday. they also spotted what could be a mile long oil slick in the mediterranean. cbs news learned the
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transmitted messages that smoke was detected before the crash. 66 people were on board when the plane served and disappeared from radar early thursday. victim's relatives gathered for a prayer service. his cousin was on the flight. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: he says this is very hard for the family. authorities believe terrorism brought down the plane but cbs news learned there has been no claim of responsibility. the search area encompasses a 40-mile radius in the mediterranean. paris investigators begun to check and question all ground staff at the airport who may have a link to the flight. the u.s. and several european counties are helping in the search effort but finding the black boxes in water 10,000 feet deep will
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cbs news. the catholic church owned slaves and whipped slaves and sold them to save a university to educate white people? that is not right. >> when word came about georgetown university there were millions of questions. up next, meet the women fighting to get answers. a story only on 9. >> as violence breaks out at the white house talks about gun from those running for the white house. hillary clinton's tweet back at donald trump. >> look at this. close look. noting anything odd? wait till you see how students are reacting to their school's
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what if there was a paint that made you look at paint differently question everything you know and what you don't know what if it's built with better ingredients given super powers and even a secret base to test those powers. since benjamin moore reinvented paint, it makes you wonder is it still paint? find benjamin moore paint, only at one of our authorized retailers near you. georgetown university the oldest catholic institution of higher learning in the united states. a long history of notable alumni. supreme court justices and
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an article shined a light on part of the school's past. it is history tied to slavery. >> reporter: priest wracked up debt in order to dig themselves out leaders sold the men women and children who worked on plantations in the state of maryland. . >> the -- the catholic church owned slaves and whipped slaves and sold them to save a university to educate white people? that is not right. >> reporter: she is the great, great granddaughter. he was just 13 when he was sold by the jesuit priests in 1938. she -- in january he gave her a call. >> he said nam
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that is connected to you. >> the slaves were kept by the slaves. they were loaded on to boats and sent to louisiana. the transaction would be worth 3 million dollars today. she created the memory project and hired geneiologist to locate living descendants. finding family was helped by the church's record keeping. the priests allowed the slaves to practice catholicism. >> a lot of them also remain catholic so i could pick them up in the catholic church records. >> reporter: she was able to find death certificates of family members and he popped up on the re
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plantation was sold. at 24 he was valued at $900. >> i put these flowers here because i decided -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: her faith provided a trail to find him here. his final resting place. the only catholic cemetery in louisiana. >> i am tired of people saying slavery is the past. >> reporter: she would like to see georgetown university honor the former slaves and for the university to provide scholarships for their descendants. in a statement the university said there is a group working to make recommendations on how the university can acknowledge its history with slavery. public memorials, the renaming of buildings and
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descendants. wusa 9 news. >> two georgetown presidents most responsible for the slave trade had their names remove from campus buildings last year. they are now called freedom and remembrance hall. he was the first african american to become a jesuit priest and the first to be president of georgetown university. he is often referred to as the second founder and this is because of all of his work in modernizing the school's curriculum. if you go to our app you can see the list of people who were sold and we have links to more stories. to the campaign trail now. donald trump received the endorsement of the national
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it a fantastic honor and he targeted hillary clinton claiming she would abolish the second degree murder if elected. in a tweet hillary clinton told donald trump he was wrong. the country could uphold second degree murder rights while preventing gun violence. tomorrow in florida hillary clinton will meet with the mother of trayvon martin. the forest. the 3-degree guarantee. >> i went from 75 to 76 and the high today was, wait for it -- [ talking at the same time ] >> here is the deal. i want you to dress for the 50s tomorrow but i will tell you what we are going for for our high tomorrow. 63 tomorrow. why? because it is 65 right now. more than likely it will be a midnight high
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p.m. you know? 65 already. 63 is a good estimate. winds at 10. it looks like the showers are hitting the ground. not reaching the ground west of town. they are west of charlottesville. right now the air is dry. a couple sprinkles towards winchester. you will hear the rain by the time you wake up tomorrow. yellow weather alert for rain. heaviest rain 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on saturday. more showers and storms on sunday. cool. may issue a yellow weather alert sunday too. preakness, rain till 2:00 p.m. and showers at 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. it will be lighter activity. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning rain and showers. heavy rain towards leesburg and west and i-81. 10:00
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55 in gaithersburg. temperatures don't move much. 6:00 showers and temperatures 57 now in 58ers burg and silver spring. on the day planner rain through 11:00 and showers by 1:00 p.m. 58 at 1:00. next 7 days. lower temperatures on sunday, low 60s. monday milder with more showers. nice tuesday and wednesday. 85 on wednesday and perhaps near 90 on friday. >> hey now. [ talking at the same time ] the nats off to a good start, winning 2 of the last 3. gone from the big apple to
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in a group of gladiatorseum prepare for battle. carrying on their shoulders the legacy of a nation, and... enormous heads. go! [whistle] ♪ ♪ winning a presidential race is hard, but saving money with geico is easy. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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now wusa 9 news game on sports with kristen berset. brought toia by xfinity. >> it is friday. our high school game of the week tonight. a night of baseball. the regular season interstate athletic er
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for some baseball. this was a great game. the bears up 2-0 in the third. the bulldogs loaded the bases and a big shot at the right time. look at the coach sending the runners home. base clearing triple put the home team on top 4-3. in the 7th. couldn't seal the deal in extra innings. clutch rbi double brings a run home. check out the crowd. (5 going wild. the bears earning a share of the championship winning 5-4 in extras. >> we didn't do what we wanted to do in the regular season but we got together for the playoffs and said we have a chance to do this. we have to beat the best teams and that is what we did. >> last game it hit me this is myast game. i would give it all we had and we won. >> so
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nats on the road in miami. home coming for taylor. check out what he does. makes the most of it. they win 4-1. nats 10 games over .500. this weekend is full of lacrosse. the quarter finals in the ncaa tournament and four teams are representing the state of maryland. the turps are still in search of their first national title since 1975. they came closest la year making it to the weekend in philadelphia before losing to denver in the national title game. denver is no longer in the tournament. getting knocked out last weekend. now the terps have to get past syracuse to punch their ticket to next weekend's final four. >> feel great. feel anxious and excited. quarter finals again, great opportunity. just another steep continuing to the final four and
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championship. excited. >> today derby winner nyquist got a work out in this morning ahead of tomorrow's running of the preakness. eyeing the second jewel in the triple crown in a wet and muddy affair. [ talking at the same time ] >> so looking forward to going
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>> buzzing around social media tonight the high school diploma blunder. 550 seniors at ontario high school in california got their diplomas last night. here is the problem. yeah. somebody didn't do a smell check -- spell check. double check. this was not a senior glass spoof. this was just a goof. one student tweeted
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from ontario high s-h-c-o-o-l. when you want to go to shleep but you have to go to s-h-c-o-o- l. every one will get a corrected diploma and a letter of apology. >> no one can misspell school. not 500 times. heavy rain tomorrow through 2:00 p.m. >> have a great weekend. >> stay inside if you can.
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what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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( coughing ) ( laughter ) >> guys, what are you doing? the show's about to start. ( coughing ). >> stephen: oooh! that smells good. >> i know, especially because of how stoned i am. captioning sponsored by cbs


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