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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a wild scene in virginia, starting with a robbery and then a shootout with police. a carjacking and now an all-out search for the the suspect. police in springfield, virginia, say it all started in the afternoon in the brookfield plaza shopping center. the suspect is still out there. matt spoke with the victim who was sitting next to the victim in the car. >> reporter: the man's name is zia, he doesn't want his last name or identity to be shared. he is scared. because police have not caught the man who shot his friend, almost 12 hours ago. it is just after noon. he and his victim are pulling into the brookfield plaza to grab lunch. the suspect is. there police say he is trying to reach his get-away car after robbing a jewelry store. he is challenged
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he starts yelling, speed up, go. >> he was speeding up. he stopped the car. and he is going to get us like killed. he called the ambulance. and that's when he realized he had been hit. >> the lexus they were in had been pierced by bullets. police believe that these rounds were fired from the suspect's gun. >> while are you waiting for the paramedic, what are you guys talking about? >> i was just trying to tell him that everything will be fine. >> police say the suspect crashed his original get-away car into a nearby shopping plaza, and then carjacks this vehicle, and crashes that on the 7600 block of hughes road and flees on foot. >> are you thankful to be alive right now? >> gosh, very, very thankful to god. >> reporter: zia said, and police confirm, that the victim was shot in the leg. he is going to be okay. police also said the dry driver
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not suffer any injuries. >> matt, it sounds like it was quite a scene. was anyone else hit by bullets? >> reporter: no, no one else was hit. and zia did describe hearing eight or nine shots rang out and the chief of police says there were too many shots to count at that time. >> thank you so much, matt. well, what was supposed to be a fun graduation party ended in screams of terror overnight. when university of maryland police pepper sprayed several graduates. police say they were responding to a report of a loud party and a fight possibly involving a baseball bat. in looking at cell phone video, the students tell stephanie ramirez that it never should have happened. >> reporter: you can hear yelling and screaming, and they appear to be pulling thei friends out by the arms and then you hear spray. we don't know what happened in the moments leading up to this, but we do know several university
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graduates are still shaken up. courtney humphrey was there. >> i'm hopping the balcony to get out. i'm not shot. that's my immediate thought. >> reporter: campus police tell us they received a call for a noise complaint a little before 1:50 saturday morning. there was a grad party going on at courtyards in the apartment complex part of campus housing. and those who were there say there were 50 or more there and exclusively attended by african- american students who earlier that day walked down the aisle for graduation. >> most of us graduated in four years and we are happy. and that was robbed. >> there was no discord whatsoever. everyone was celebrating. enjoying themselves. >> reporter: campus police tell us more than one officer had a body camera rolling. they started reviewing that, and surveillance video, immediately. >> it was probably one of the loudest parties i have heard in a while. >> reporter: this tune was not at the party and lives upstairs and he came down to see the commotion. >> i thought it was probably overly aggressive. i don't know why they
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it looked like they were going to leave. >> they have to leave. and people have to get their eyes. >> several students believe color had something to do with it. >> you can't celebrate that in a private peaceful gathering, as so many other students have the opportunity to do, it just prompts the question, why? >> reporter: close friends and family tell us a few of the women pepper sprayed plan on getting a lawyer. here in college park, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> and police tells that you two students were arrested for charges that include failure to obey lawful order, as well as obstructing and hindering. the university of maryland president says we are reviewing video footage from last night's incident at courtyards and i have asked for a swift and transapparent review and assessment. a baby is certainly hurt after falling from a fourth floor window. it happened just r
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tonight in the 8200 block of roanoke avenue. that is in tacoma park. montgomery county fire and rescue says the baby was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. in stafford county virginia, a child custody exchange turns deadly. and tonight, one man is dead. and another is in custody. the stafford county sheriff's office says 27-year-old corey terry was going to meet his ex- wife, to pick up their child, when terry got into an argument with the ex-wife's husband, and fatally shot him. he then took off, running up the southbound ramp of interstate 95 before being apprehended by a state trooper. terry is charged with first- degree murder. prince george's county police officers are searching for a suspect tonight, in connection with the shooting death in district heights. and police were called to the walker mill apartment, just after 4:30 this morning, for a report of a shooting, they found a man suffering from gunshot wounds, in the 1900 block of ra shell aven
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and the victim, taken to the hospital, where he later died. okay, now, checking on our dreary weather. is it more of the same tomorrow? let's find out from first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> yes, we are not going to get out of this yellow weather alert until we get into monday. we have a lot of drizzle and mist out tonight. nothing heavy. but really kind of an annoying nuisance dampness continuing. heavy rain this morning. and showers tonight. and then you can see all of the first alert doppler going back a few hours. it doesn't look that busy but a lot of low level moisture. this stuff is not very tall and a lot of the radar here over the top. a lot of drizzle and mist out this evening. with temperatures right now, still in the low to mid-50s. not dropping off much more than this. maybe a degree or two, three tops from where we are now from the overnight low. but i want to show you our future cast for sunday, because we are still going to have more showers tomorrow. and i don't know if it is raining all the day all the time but enough showers to keep the
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damp and soggy and tough time to get outdoor activities in once again. tomorrow, a yellow weather alert and 80s, and quite a few in the seven-day forecast and we will let you know when that nice turn-around is headed our way in a few minutes. >> thank you very much, howard. now to the latest tonight, on the crash of egyptair flight 804. search crews have located the wreckage of the downed flight. and they have also recovered a critical clue that could help investigators figure out what caused that catastrophic crash. jonathan vigliotti has the latest on the investigation from crete. >> reporter: shredded clothing. shoes. and heavily damaged plain parts are some of the items search teams have recovered from egyptair flight 804. investigators also found the doomed flight black boxes. about 180 miles north of the egyptian port city of alexandria. the data could help determine what caused the plane to plummet wildly into the mediterranean sea thursday morning killing all 6
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board. >> technology -- 66 people on board. >> technology played a critical role in tracking down the wreckage. radar from this c-130 helped find debris from the missing plane. and the u.s. navy joined in the search and can detect wreckage from under the ocean's surface. and other countries like the u.k., greece and france have sent teams as well. the assertion herald and aviation web site published information on smoke detected near the bathroom and the cockpit and the avionics bay. >> it is very rare that a fire would take over the aircraft and result in the aircraft ultimately crashing in the space of three minutes. so far, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for bringing down the airbus 320. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, crete. tonight, egyptian investigators say it is just too soon to make a judgment about the cause of the crash. based on information
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improve safety, aboard its trains for all of its riders, so today, the transit authority hosted the first youth empowerment summit. students from across the washington, d.c. area headed to metro's headquarters, to participate in a series of workshops aimed at encouraging dialogue between young riders and local leaders. their goal? to help improve safety aboard metro rail and metro buses, by ending violence and minimizing conflict. >> our goal for this 2016 youth empowerment summit is just to empower the youth to speak out and to be the greatest leaders, on this issue. because at the end of the day they know what is happening on the streets, they know what is happening in the stations and we want to listen to them and give them a platform to express their ideas and to help metro come up with solid solutions. >> the day long summit was opened to students between 13 and 19 years old. well, coming up, they waited for years, in the wet weather. it wasn't about to stop the
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uva. >> and more trouble in the skies over philadelphia. where a blimp makes an emergency landing near a busy highway. >> also, ahead tonight, frightening moments for nine people, involved in a
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caught on camera, a new york city police officer seen pointing his gun at a bystander, who was filming a police encounter. that encounter involved officer resale martinez trying to arrest a man suspected of illegally riding a dirt bike in harlem. officer martinez was also seen punching a spectate ner the face. -- spectator in the face. ronnie pinkerton was standing nearby and captured the incident on the cell phone. >> my heart raced a little bit. is he going to shoot right now? as soon as he walked out, he hit him. >> police can honestly do whatever they want and get away with it. >> and tonight, officer martinez has been placed on modified duty. he has also been stripped of his gun and his badge. not the kind of thing you would expect to see on a busy highway in philadelphia. a two-person blimp making an emergency landing. the blimp floated over the delaware river friday night before landing on interstate 95 in the fishtown
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philly. drivers on busy i-95 stopped their cars and wept over to help the pilot -- went over to help the pilot and his passenger. both were able to walk away. >> pretty much stopped the car. went over the barrier. tried to help the pilot. he brought it down over here. and by the time it ended up, he got drug across the road, over the barrier, and inside of his little basket. >> the witnesses say that blimp narrowly missed hitting a utility pole. and federal safety investigators are looking into what caused that blimp to go down. and in melbourne, australia, nine people escaped without injuries when their hot air balloon blew offcourse. strong winds pushed the balloon out over the water, making it difficult for the pilot to find some place to land. passengers aboard a nearby boat came to their rescue. and that boat started following the balloon, and meantime, the balloon pilot was able to lower enough to let his passengers get to safety. >> we just took it, and before we know it there
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wind speed to get us back and pushing us out and we were hovering for a while. >> eventually all of the balloon's passengers managed to climb on board the boat until the coast guard showed up. once the passengers were out of the balloon, the pilot managed to get it back over to the shoreline, where he landed that balloon safely. children's hospital showed off the expanded new facility today by hosting a community day for the public. the event featured an up close look at the new facility. a chance to check out a pediatric ambulance, and a hook and ladder fire truck, and the washington nationals president were also there, and face painting and a rock wall to climb and lots of other good things to do for the whole family. the weather, it was wet. but it could not dampen the spirits of several thousand university of virginia graduates, and their families. parents, grandparents, and siblings, they weren't about to let a few raindrops spoil the day. they had their umbrellas and ponchos and gathered at the charlottesville campus, for the first of
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ceremonies. proud parent gloria bowles johns was among them. she showed up to see her daughter bria graduate. >> we are rocking, actually the uva apparel, rain gear, poncho, for 499. a little blown, because my hair is -- a little bummed because my hair was curled and now it is straight. it is pouring out. >> i am so excited, i don't know what is happening right now. i feel like my four years of uva have gone by so fast but i made great friends. >> bad hair day for just about everybody. >> 3,000 students received diplomas during the commencement ceremony. another bad hair day tomorrow. sorry to tell you. >> if i had a dollar for every yellow alert day, i would have a lot of dollars. >> yes, a lot of dollars
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>> and tomorrow, another yellow weather alert day. unsettled. why not? >> why not. [ laughter ] >> an unbelievablebly rabble month of may. and the three day degree guarantee and the forecast high was 63. that actually occurred by the way. the 63. >> we hit it. >> that was about 1:00 this morning though. the afternoon temperatures stayed in the upper 50s. but the official high, 63. and my three degree guarantee forecast tomorrow is only 60. so that should tell that you we are in for another kind of, well, dismal day. let's show you what is going on here, for the month of may. we have had a lot of wet weather. 16 of the first 21 days have had measurable precipitation. the record is 20 for the month of may. we have 17. that is not a good record to get but we've got a shot. because tomorrow, as i said, it is day 17. and the temperatures upper 50s to about 60. and it is not going to be wet all day. but it will be a threat of showers or drizzle on and off all day
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temperatures now, low to mid- 50s. it is pretty uniform out there. 58 in pax river. that is a warm spot. 52 for winchester and gaithersburg. it is 51 in westminster. but it is very damp and misty outside. and now, they say cloudy skies at national on the hour, but it is drizzling though in a lot of area, and 55 with the humidity, and the north wind at 9 miles an hour. tomorrow's high, look at this, cool stuff. right where we are. 60 degrees. but all of these 80s, out from kansas city, down into texas, and as that warm air moves in our direction, as we head toward tuesday, and really wednesday and beyond, it is very warm around here. it is atypical from what we experience, and more like it should be, toward the end of may moving into june. >> severe weather we are tracking across the areas in kansas tonight. but once again in the east, we are stuck under low pressure. and all of these unsettled storms that are spinning around the region. and that is going to be the case tomorrow. this is what
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morning. another storm rotating over us. here it is in the afternoon. notice the showers. light green and dark green. light showers. a few moderate showers and enough to keep things on the damp side. so tomorrow is going to be yellow weather alert day. and a lot of outdoor activities again will be curtailed. tomorrow night, we start to push the heavier showers away but monday, we will have a few showers popping up. in spots. and not a yellow weather alert. but we will track it. and monday night, finally, we will push a lot of this out of here. by tuesday, some pleasant weather moves in. and then i haven't said this in a long time. some warm weather will build in. get ready for that. 49, 50 tonight. cool and damp. on and off showers. drizzle. tomorrow morning in the 50s with more showers and some drizzle. and more showers in the afternoon. 56 to 62. and we will be about 60 here in dc. monday, a few pm showers. and 72. and tuesday, just some isolated showers. i think really tuesday, we
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and we have been waiting to see the seven-day forecast. for a long, long time. wednesday, 84. and thursday, 88. and then 90, thursday, and friday and saturday, believe it or not. with a chance for a couple of storms in the afternoon, friday and saturday. >> you know what, i will take it. i like it. i like thursday, i like friday, i like all of it. >> we need to dry out. >> my goodness, yes. okay, are you going to like this next story. listen. [ laughter ] >> i can listen to her laugh all day. it was hard to believe, it was just thursday, when candice payne, who you hear there laughing -- [ laughter ] >> of grand prairie, texas, started laughing her way into more than 2 million people's hearts. her facebook live video of her trying on a chubaka mask in a kohl's
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duper viral, 118 million views and counting. and she heard from so many people, and she thinks that her video resonated because come on, guys, don't we all need a laugh? >> oh, yes. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> we got frank to laugh. >> he is happy. >> i just registered, 118 million different people, or is that views? >> views. >> i think i would watch five of them. >> that is the second time. >> i am glad i could help you out. >> there you go. [ laughter ] did. you check out the horse racing tonight? >> yes. >> the slop. >> yes. mud. and could nyquist make the second leg of the triple crown. muddy track was introducing the completely redesigned
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its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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could we be in the running for another triple crown winner. nyquist was looking to capture the second leg at the preakness stakes. it was a wet baltimore evening. as the track was certainly affected by the weather conditions. >> and he takes the lead. as they come to
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pole. and exaggerator? >> no, nyquist switches to the outside. exaggerator, coming up, and nyquist coming up to the second. and then cherry wine. but exaggerator has turned the table. he has won the preakness stakes. >> exaggerator splashes to the victory, spoiling nyquist's bid. nyquist finishes third. exaggerator wins the preakness. >> i think it is congratulations go to mother nature. he obviously moved up in the offtrack. i played it down all week, because i thought the area was more of a meltdown case. but he was just unbelievable today. >> to baseball. nationals going for four straight wins. including two over the marlins. down in miami tonight. there was an unfortunate ending in this one. >> it was super hero night in
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they had the bases loaded. nobody out. down one. and jason werth with the rally killing the double play. and just like that, nats in trouble. and jose lobbaton grounds out to first. all he needed was a sac fly. and things end up well? no. nats lose 3-2. the raptors winning the national junior college baseball championship. beating danville in virginia. and so montgomery college now advances to the division 3 world series starting next saturday, in north carolina. all right, could this be the season for men's lacrosse. number one overall seed in the entire ncaa toirmt and looking like it. quarterfinal play, syracuse in providence this afternoon. coach john tillman and the
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four berth. and terrapins had a 1-0 lead. and then ripped off five straight goals to take a 5-1 lead after one. and then fourth quarter. check out this one. pat young. stumbles, regains the balance and rips home the shot to beat the goalie. big game for matt rambo, four goals on the afternoon. two assists. maryland cruises 13-7. and now headed to championship weekend. trying to get there also was navy. they had a chance to get to the semis, facing maryland, down to the wire. late in regulation. casey reese with the fifth goal of the game. and the middies are within one. and high drama. time winding down. they turn it over. and brown is able to run out the clock. and navy falls just short. and brown will face maryland in the semis after the 11-10 win. basketball. if you are the wizards, you are watching the nba playoffs, going how in the heck did we not make it, especially nt
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of the playoffs last year. toronto's advance to the east finals, somehow, and down 2-0 in a must-win against cleveland tonight. basketball fans. they're in toronto. they call that jurassic park. get it? big night for the raptors. demar derosen, 32 points for toronto. it looked like a completely different team. the raptors, big night for biambo, 26 rebounds. and that is all. raptors and the cavaliers the first loss of the playoffs. i don't know what team showed up there. that was toronto. mystics in connecticut, the first win of the season? o.t., mystics get the first win of the lead. congrats to them. they needed it. 84-76, over the sun. now 1-3, the mystics. i am telling you, watching the preakness, i just felt for the horses. i felt for everyone. with all of that mu
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>> every year, they had over 135,000 people at the track today. >> amazing. >> imagine if the
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what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care.
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are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient. more rain, showers, tomorrow another yellow weather alert. it gets better. starting tuesday. >> hang in there. >> you are going to make it. >> and updates on the app. tune in tomorrow morning for the wusa 9
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