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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  May 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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damp, dreary, and drizzle again. are we going to break a rain record for may? hello i'm debra alfarone. the question when are we going to see the sun? today marks 17 days of rain this month. the record 20. so are we going to break it or when are we going to get a break? let's find out from first chief meteorologist howard bernstein. >> i'm so over this. people are giving me dirty looks like i have something to do with it. but you're right, debra, a dismal month. things will change drastically here by tuesday and wednesday. but today if you're heading out this evening the rain likely to continue for the most part. light
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see it all over the place. most of it is light. but as you come up to the north and west as this rain goes through eastern virginia, you'll see some rain go through hagerstown, frederick county, north towards the pennsylvania line. locally light to moderate showers. heaviest stuff we're seeing down in southern fairfax and charles county, which will be picking up a little bit. that's the heaviest showers we have. expect the damp night. temperatures are not moving much. they have not moved much. sitting in the mid to upper 50s tonight. as far as tomorrow, still going to be a few showers around, but fewer showers. in fact by morning most of the activity will be south of town. in the afternoon with a little sunshine it will be warmer, but we will pop some scattered showers, maybe thunderstorms up. not a weather alert yet, i may change my mind, but i'll be back in a few minutes. we're talking about the major pattern change and finally it will feel
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june or july around here. just a little hint of what's coming. >> oh, howard. rain, rain go away. that's our motto for may. stephanie gailhard is live in georgetown this soggy sunday with how people are coping. stephanie look at you there, you're looking beautiful. your hair looks great for this weather. >> reporter: debra, this weather makes you tired. honestly in some cases a little grumpy. we've only had five. only five days of dry conditions in our area. and people are so over it. i mean it's hard to believe memorial day weekend is next weekend and it still feels like fall out here. and now compare this month to last year. last may was the warmest may on record in our area. today everywhere you look, umbrellas, umbrellas, umbrellas. in some cases people out and about in georgetown today, they would even forget their umbrellas, but they managed to keep dry
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>> it is pretty rough. it's been raining all week. this is pretty rough. >> where is your umbrella? >> in the car. >> i think that it is very cold. and there are a lot of winds and rain. >> on the plus side though, weather like this is perfect for our garden. that is the good news. with all the rain that we have gotten we are still in a rain deficit for this year. debra back to you. >> thank you, stephanie. i'll think about my garden, that will make it happier perhaps. tweet me at debra alfarone, send me pictures of you making the best of this weather and we may show them on air at 11:00. all right changing gears. the university of maryland's police chief said their officers were not targeting african american grads when they tried to break up a party using pepper spray early saturday morning. this cell phone video you're looking at right now
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after receiving a report that a fight was breaking out. several students tell our stephanie ramirez that they believe color was a factor in how police responded. >> reporter: the university of maryland's police chief tells us he's disappointed that's the reaction, but an important one and that is why they are working to upload body camera video and surveillance video from that night so all the public can see online what lead to this pepper spray incident. cell phone video caught the moments just before and after campus police used pepper spray to break up a grad party at courtyards, the university of maryland's apartment complex. those there tell us that the party included around 50 or more people and no fights were inside and they called the response aggressive. police tell us that they responded to calls about a fight possibly involving a bat and ordered people to leave. >> there's a lot of jumping to conclusions. what i
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the peace. and that we were given some time to sort through the facts. >> definitely we are in hostile situations for the same activities. i think that once again it could have been handled differently. >> reporter: there is now a formal investigation reviewing whether the use of force was necessary. in college park stephanie ramirez wusa9. >> two students connected to the party were arrested. a police spokesperson say that we may be able to see that surveillance and body cam video as early as tonight. if so we'll share that with you. a man hunt continuing this evening for the suspect that robbed a jewelry store shot at an officer and wounded an innocent bystander caught in the cross fire. it all started around noon yesterday in springfield. at the brookfield plaza shopping center, the suspect was trying to make it to a getaway car after robbing the store. when that ig
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with police. they carjacked another one crashing that before running off. today loved ones remembering a 7-year-old from fairfax county who drowned in a pool. he drowned in the community pool last memorial day weekend. in an effort to prevent another tragedy, swim instructors taught children basic drowning techniques today. her death is raising awareness. >> we can't undo the tragedy that has occurred. but if we could help one child that it will be a whort child event. >> today's event comes one day after national learn to swim day. one person has been injured after a freight train hit a car in gaithersburg. that accident happened on railroad avenue and oak month avenue. officials say that the areas blocked right now by the train as the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries. welcoming up on
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volunteers cleaning up the park and why we should all pitch in. what a day for a bike ride. well, they thought so and they turned out for the chance what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother?
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bike riders took over the streets of dc today. thousands of
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over. not even the rain could stop these riders from enjoying their one day to own the roads. >> and they're off. 8,000 cyclists of all ages on all kinds of bikes. some even competitive riders. that's because it is the first time this route was completely shut down. no cars allowed. another reason that they would join in on the fun. >> it was fun. i liked it. it was kind of átough. otherwise it was fun. >> reporter: while these riders didn't worry about dodging cars today, they did is have to fight mother nature. >> the roads were slippery fortunately. there was a little bit of debris on the
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couldn't see. i had to stop a couple of times. >> reporter: some were more prepared. look at this cyclist, he even built a raft just in case. but many other riders would prefer the rain. >> i like riding in the rain, it will make it more fun. >> once you get out there, we were all into it, no regrets. >> reporter: there were no negative attitudes either. >> when you are with each other and you are just cycling, even if it is raining hard that it is a good day. there is something magical about being on a bike. you're moving, you don't want to slow down. >> reporter: which is why many are already looking to the future. >> maybe it will be sunny next time. >> one can only hope. the dc bike ride is modeled on closed road cycling events and other u.s. major cities. well tires, tires, more tires. it took more than 100 volunteers today to pull these.
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the wood. in southeast dc, volunteers were also clean up other spots in 175 countries today as a part of their clean the world movement. but we were able to clean up with a lot of volunteers today and everybody came out. they did a really good job with working hard. >> the effort was the brain child of the we love you foundation that will aim to spread love through service. people are planning to rally tomorrow to support the valedictorian not allowed to walk in their high school graduation because of his goatee. andrew jones is graduating with a 4.0 in louisiana. the school says they have a policy against facial hair. jones says he's had that goatee all year. the local chapter of e
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walking in the ceremony with facial hair. jones is african american. the rally set for 2:00 tomorrow afternoon and the naacp is asking for members of the school board to step down. just ahead, well maybe we're in for some sunny days this week, one could
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today is a depressing alert day. >> come on. it's the weekend, it is about to kick in, i can't help it. >> hang in there, a few showers. once you get towards tuesday, you know, it'll be june, busting all over. >> big time coming our way. you're going out this evening though, it is like march, startlingerring. yeah, not quite there yet. look at our evening planning. it will stay that way as temperatures don't move much.
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drill, but change is on the horizon as we've got the upper level storm, which has been bugging us the last couple of days, you know that, kind of lousy weather. i know that some folks just love the cool rain, yes, excellent for you. but the upper storms will be spinning just off the southern valley, dragging all the moisture on us and most areas that you're seeing light to moderate rain and the drizzle. some sun breaks well west and southwest. from hagerstown out towards clear springs. along the mason/dixson line. south of 66 when you get towards fairfax county, prince williams, charles county, steadier to moderate rain out there, all feeding up towards the northwest. the heavier showers will be moving in east now across areas mainly east of 50. if you're on the east side of easton, yes you're seeing those heavier showers with the temperatures sitting at 59. most of us in the mid
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these are the highs today. the highs were only in the mid- 40s in the mountains. right now that's where they are sitting. may with rain. that is not pretty. and yeah, i'm over this. we want to change and it is coming. better temperatures as the week progresses. speaking of 80s, we had a lot of 80s from chicago down towards the south into texas. i'll point that out as they are coming back. you can see the big storms here. these are tornado watches all over the place out there. for us cool and damp feeling more like
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showers are south of town. maybe a storm. i may do it tonight at 11:00 because it looks like there will be enough weather activities. and tonight occasional showers. any showers likely south of town. near 70 though. on tuesday, it will be dry. thursday and friday the upper 80s. back to the 80s through the week with games on friday and sunday right here
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>> 90. >> i don't know how to process this information. >> it is as many games as they have won in a row. trying to get back to
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were cutting. they lead 13-1 at half time. the second half from the position with an easy goal. it is not even fair. >> i'm really excited. i'm just really happy to have that opportunity to come out to play against teams like syracuse and whatnot. i thought we played a great 60 minutes. it was a good day for the terps. the battle of baltimore in columbus, ohio. a one-goal game. the third quarter before the greyhounds rattled off three straight goals. laola hangs on winning 10-8 the final. after an unfortunate loss
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the marlins last night. did you see it. nobody out, double play. ended up losing to the marlins. rubber match down in florida. hey there, is a nats fan down there in miami. driving it to daniel murphy. good game for max scherzer right? struck out eight. that is nothing like the 20 you did. the win for the nationals, going for the sweep, it wasn't meant to be though, they were angry. baltimore drops with the red sox. hosted by tiger woods. but
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injury no word if he'll play in his own tournament, reflect on the quicken loans nationals. >> to have the community come out to support this event. even though that we moved it away for two years because of the u.s. open. it didn't matter. when we came back, the community loves what we did, how we're supporting them. >> and hopefully that he'll be able to play next month. >> eight years since he won a
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some hope? tomorrow will be showery again. after that on tuesday and wednesday it will look good. we'll go from mid-march to june, july weather here by the end of the week. >> i think i need to go to a nats game on wednesday or tuesday night. you can get updates on our wusa9 app. we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a good
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oh that is good crispy duck. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can.


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