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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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unless you're living under a rock, you know it rained again today. but is it a record? when will the sun come out? hello i'm debra alfarone. are you tired of it yet? i know i am, howard bernstein, give us some hope, please. >> we will have a completely different outcome for the month of the record of 20. big upper storm that has been parked over much of the day. where it is not raining, still plenty of drizzle around down to mt. jackson. here in dc, you'll notice that there is
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doppler, arguable about the umbrellas here coming up out of the next ten minutes. tomorrow, we'll start with most of the showers. then as the day progresses, we will see a little bit of the sun here. at least tomorrow we will get near the 70s. which you know that it has been more like march by this week. mother nature is not making a lot of friends those days. live with how people
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stephanie? people are out and about tonight as we have only had five -- only have had five days of dry rain today, that's all, only five. >> you just need to get wet. >> reporter: the umbrellas are up, spirits are down. >> pretty disgusting, that you don't want to leave the house. the weather is not ideal for moving. >> it's tough. makes it a lot worse when it is raining. >> reporter: a parade of umbrellas in georgetown. it is hard to believe that last year it was a heat wave.
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[000:02:59;00] >> where is your umbrella? >> out in the car, it's not good. >> reporter: it has become too predictable this may. >> it's been a while. i thought it was april showers. so it may be time for some sunshine. >> reporter: memorial day is next weekend. and it is hard to believe that despite all of this rain that we are still in a rain deficit for this year. reporting live stephanie gailhard wusa9. >> thank you, stephanie. get out of the rain. now at 6:30 we asked you all how are you coping with the rain? let's take a look. enjoying the rainy weather.
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just a beautiful rainbow, she didn't waste any time. banana bread, strawberry preserve. let's see what else we have here. i love staying in wearing my pajamas and watching movies with my family. thank you so much. marcia caldwell, over it, i think we all are. a police chief promises to deal with things swiftly after cell phone video sparked outrage showing the university of maryland's police pepper spraying several people in an attempt to break up a birthday party. stephanie ramirez reports from college park. >> reporter: those who weren't there say it was hard watching the fellow students and their
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videos. >> there is a despairty on we've been mistreated for the same activities. >> it's not a black and white issue. >> reporter: the university of maryland's police chief. >> this is a party that was way over capacity. >> reporter: someone from the party called police about a fight inside. this is why they responded early saturday after seeing a large party police decided to shut it down. the police officer used pepper spray to get people to move. cell phone video caught some of the evidence. those who were there say it was traumatizing. >> most of us graduated and we were happy. >> reporter: you can see people running out to that grassy area.
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and afterwards they tell us >> it was upsetting when it got to that point. >> reporter: chief mitchell is disappointed by some of the actions and concerned. >> there is a lot of jumping to conclusion. i ask for continued peace. and that we are given some time to sort through the facts. stephanie ramirez wusa9. they also tell us that they will attempt to post all the body camera and surveillance videos for the public to review. carrying coal. investigators are trying to
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determine what caused that crash as the driver been identified. a suspect still on the run. it all started at the shopping center where they were trying to make a getaway car when that gunfight broke out with police. he drove off, crashed the getaway car, carjacked another one. an innocent bystander was caught in that crossfire when we were told that he is recovering tonight. president barack obama in vietnam tonight. his first stop on the week long asia trip. mr. obama now the third sitting president to visit vietnam since the end of the war. during the three-day stay there, the president is expected to make the case for -- stronger security ties with the country. the death of the afghan taliban leader in a u.s. air strike is being confirmed by
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two sources tonight. the strike just inside killed mohammed aktar . the chief executive said monsoir was a main obstacle to peace talks with the taliban and that his death would have a positive impact. secretary of state john kerry said the killing sends a strong message. >> reporter: this action sends a clear message to the world that we will continue to stand with our partners to build a more stable united prosperous afghanistan. >> reporter: in a statement tonight, they repeated the country's protest of drone attacks on its territory. closer to home, loved ones remembering a 7-year-old. she died in the community pool last memorial day weekend. swim instructors taught
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children survival skills today. >> we cannot undo a tragedy that has occurred. today's event will come a day after national learn to swim day. new polls show hillary clinton and donald trump in a tie all while bernie sanders insists he's the democrat with the best chance to win in november. where she more on the road to the white house. >> the new battleground tracker shows a tie. she enjoyed the double digit leads against trump.
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>> i do not want americans to start to leav candidacy, it isn't. pointing out he possible better against trump. >> to make sure that trump does not become president. attracting big donors. that self-funding his campaign would require selling off assets. >> i would have to sell a building and do something like that. will i do that? i could. >> roughly half of the supporters will vote for one because they strongly dislike the other. >> and six states including california will hold democratic contests. of course you can stay informed on all the latest developments on the campaign trail for the
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are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient. he is one of the six charge -- charged, pleading not guilty to the charges. he is lucky to have a bench trial rather than a jury trial, suffering severe spinal cord injuries while on the back of the baltimore police van. prosecutors say that he died a week later. his death sparks days of rioting in baltimore last year. memorial services were held in egypt today for some of the victims of the egyptair disaster. search teams are getting some help.
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we have the latest tonight from creet. >> we have been recovering the other parts of the plane. it is now in hands of our army operation. >> reporter: the u.s., britain, france have sent military ships and planes to assist in this search. 180 miles north of the egyptian port city of alexandria. the u.s. navy says their t3 surveillance aircraft have located 100 pieces of debris from the doomed airliner. a u.s. intelligence source also tells cbs news that the black box data recorders were located by their pings. >> we haven't recovered them yet. >> reporter: search teams are narrowing in on the 40-mile radius, using the submarine capable of reaching depths up to 10,000 feet. in cairo hundreds of family and friends gathered to remember the air stewardist who died.
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the cause of the crash is as it will remain cbs news, crete. >> recovering and identifying the bodies could take weeks. an arkansas teen drew tears through the high school gymnasium as they would walk to receive their diploma. what makes it unusual? he has muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair that he wasn't going to let that stop them from walking to receive their diploma from the high school. the stepbrother said that he will be working extra hard at therapy to reach this point. the video shared by the family shows a crowd giving him a standing ovation. all right, howard. give us some hope. >> a lot of hope. a lot of hope. >> you know, nothing will last forever.
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neither will this wet cool >> what does that mean? >> the weather forecast. that you'll need to wait some times until something better comes along. >> life let sons from howard bernstein -- life lessons from howard bernstein. >> we will see a big weather change starting on tuesday. the 3-degree guarantee time. talk forecast, with the high of 60. and good thing as we were there once again. the high of 70. that will be trending in the right direction. the big opera broad storm. look at the counterclock wise circulation with showers from new england down to the carolinas. finally seeing a little bit of the let up here with more showers coming in from the east, yes the east. even think it is not showing
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much. south of front royal, back to manassas now as they are moving south of town, seeing the heavier activity now, into colonial beach. the nice bridge there. we still have a bit of rain to deal with tonight. most of the shower wills be south of washington. i have not gone with the weather yellow alert kind of borderline. yeah, we should go yellow as we will watch that. dry and warm by tuesday. we will be around 80. then well into the 80s flirting with 9 o -- 90 for the second half of the week.
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cool misery in the mid 57 light rain. and nationals at 11:00 north northeast at 10:00. just not has been pretty with a lot of 80s out here headed our way. severe thunderstorms from border to border. they would just cancel that one in oklahoma and kansas as they were border to border just a few minutes ago as we were going to watch on the future cast to get the shower threat tomorrow. a little bit of the break midday. look at more showers that will pop up before they will clear on out of here by tuesday. yes, by tuesday. hang in there, 50 to 55 tonight with the occasional showers. tomorrow morning a few more showers and drizzle, a damp start. 50s and 60s, a little sun. scattered showers, the thunderstorm or two with the highs around 70. wednesday 85. now we're talking on thursday and friday in the mid to upper 80s.
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you've got them friday and sunday this week, going to the ballpark. instead of the jacket that you'll need something to keep you cool. >> i like this. >> and thursday, yeah, absolutely. thank you for that hope. >> you bet. okay, now remember this? i cannot stop working as they laughed uncontrol blue about their brand new mask. if you want a mask, you're out of luck that it sold out. that the $49 miss -- the $49 mask will cost you between $150 to $220. yeah, it is true.
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>> and in southeast, the piles of the the park as they were also cleaning up the other spots today as a part of the clean the world movement. >> it was really dirty, full of garbage as we were able to clean up with a lot of volunteers today as everyone came out. they would do a really good job, working hard. working together to get everything accomplished. >> reporter: they aim to spread love through service. well just ahead, an unusual wedding night from a bride and groom and look out.
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a huge tank that will be something you don't see every day and maybe never again. 56,000-pound 15-story tall tank maneuvering through the streets of los angeles. terry okita is in l.a. with an upclose view. >> reporter: crews cut no corner in relocating a massive space shuttle fuel tank. besides half a football field across 16 miles of los angeles. onlookers would take selfies
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looking from rooftops as the enormous tank rolls by. >> you would make a great astronaut because you would smile a lot. >> reporter: it took months to choreograph this move as they would close streets, public works that altered traffic lights and utility wires to make way for the 56,000-pound tank. as they would skirt by trees, traveling at just five miles an hour. the astronaut. >> i cannot wait to see it stacked in the museum as it will blow people away. >> reporter: the fuel tank was shipped from new orleans through canada and the panama canal. eventually it will be displayed inside the science center in full launch position. attached to two rocket boosters and the space shuttle endeavor, which would hitch the ride to los angeles on top of the boeing 747 in 2012. >> lift off. >> reporter: the tank known as et94 was built to propel endeavor into space. that nasa phased out the program before it could launch.
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they hope that inspire the young minds. >> think about taking us beyond where we have been in space exploration and taking the next steps, you know, back to the moon on to mars. >> reporter: 1894 will be on display outside the science center until it has been moved indoors, joining with endeavor in 2019. teri okita cbs news los angeles. >> the tank was designed to be sent into space. once the fuel burned off, the shuttle tanks would fall back to earth and were discarded. museums in florida and alabama displayed earlier models, but l.a. will be the only city with a working model. well that didn't last long. we now know that not everyone will do the till death do us part thing. but an arabian couple couldn't last 24 hours. the reason the new bride refused to get off the cell phone. a relative explains that they went to the hotel room, the
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groom tried to talk to the bride to get more in of congratulation texts blowing up her phone. later they tried to reconcile, but apparently that the groom
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it doesn't just raise the bar... it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. the nationals will be continuing the race through june as they are still on top of the nl east. wrapping up the series at the miami marlins sunday afternoon. they would wrap up this baby with a victory highghlits, the reaction coming up game on overtime.
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winning never gets ol 0 record. beating them easily 18-3. they will face syracuse on friday in pennsylvania. what does the future hold for this guy? tiger woods will be here in dc at the quicken loans at the traditional. the question is will he play? >> i have not competed since august of last year. i played all right for three days and didn't play well on sunday, but it was still a tough year. i wasn't feeling physically well. i want to get to where i could be physically again. they're underway this week where all the vets will be out there at training camp before you know it will be here.
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>> yes, it will. that should be okay. but tonight and tomorrow still a few showers but look at the trend how they warm up very quickly for the second half of the week. it is going to be great times before too long. we will get those games in. you can get updates any time. you know what's next? yes, game on overtime.
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save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. coming up, could mad max and the nationals be road warriors? strikeourets a looking to take the series down in miami. >> see you later. untouchable, untouchable. maryland moves across as the dominance continues as they would try to get back to the final four once again. >> master every goal as we would try to fight for the next one. >> off-season workouts start for the entire team this weekend in ashburn, what can we expect from the redskins? we've got four great minutes with the golf legend tiger woods as game on overtime starts now. >> this is a warm up. >> ladies and gentlemen? >> up the middle scherzer knocks it down.


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