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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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announced. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> reporter: a small group of protesters stunned by today's not guilty verdict against baltimore police officer edward nero. >> and your message to the city then? >> stay calm. >> reporter: but the attorney for freddie gray's family says they will respect the court. lawyer billy murphy calling for calm. >> five more trials, five more results, let's let the process play out. >> reporter: police stood watch at the intersection of north and penn today after the verdict which was the epicenter of rioting in the wake of freddie gray's death. in 2015. >> are you anxious people may tear it up again? >> i'm praying they don't. i'm praying that they don't. you don't destroy your own. >> reporter: officer nero was acquitted on all charges, judge barry williams finding that on officers played a larger role in taking gray into custody. prosecutors argued nero participated in gray's arrest without asking colleagues for probable cause. prosecutors accused him of failing to seat belt gray into
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received fatal injuries during the ride. in the highly charged moments after the verdict, sheriff's deputies escorted nero's brother out of the courthouse. so not guilty for police officer edward nero. that is after a hung jury in the first trial in this case. it happened against officer william porter back in december. 0-2 for the prosecution in this case so far. reporting live from west baltimore, scott broom, wusa9. >> scott, thanks a lot for that. next up is the driver of the police van, officer caesar goodson, he faces the most serious charges in the freddie gray case. and coming up on wusa9 at 7:00, we've got a live interview from baltimore where one of the freddie gray family attorneys -- with one of the freddie gray family attorneys. federal probe into virginia governor terri mccull live. --
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a contribution from a kind businessman said -- chinese businessman said to be of particular interest to the feds. the governor is not aware of any investigation but he will cooperate. today started off dry but some evening storms are ushering a more summerlike pattern for us. >> that's right. chief meteorologist topper shutt -- meteorologist topper shutt tracking the weather. >> afternoon thunderstorms they are traveling from northeast to southwest. this activity now is going to pull out of sponges county and -- prince george's and head southwestward into prince george's county. pretty good rains headed toward bowie and over toward college park around 193 on the outer edge of the beltway. move toward fedex and nats park. the good news, this should be out of the way before the first pitch and that would be a good thing. it could get to nationals park at about 6:29. first pitch about 7:05 should
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be okay. can't guarantee a shower-free game. they are going to play it. now we have a brand-new severe thunderstorm warning for calvert county, charles county, prince george's county, st. mary's county until 6:30. this is just -- this just came out. and you can see the heavy rain and lightning around huntingtown towards fredericksburg. flash flooding is possible. we will come back and track that for and you also track the holiday weekend coming up. >> topper, thank you. a robot submarine now searching the mediterranean sea for the data recorders of egyptair flight 804. in waters of up to 10,000 feet. over the weekend the u.s. found more than 100 pieces of debris. the plane was carrying 66 passengers and crew from paris to cairo when it went down late wednesday. right now iraqi troops are attacking isis forces around fallujah in hopes of retaking that city. u.s. and coalition forces are providing air cover. iraqi commanders say that in this first day of fighting they have taken over the outskirts of the
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communication center and they have killed isis fighters. fallujah is one of the latest major strong holds of isis in iraq. only 40 miles west of baghdad. an isis -- and isis claims it orchestrated today's waves of bombings in syria that killed as many as 100 people. more than 200 people were hurt. the attack happened in two coastal cities under government control. bombers targeted a bus station, a crowded gas station and a hospital. tonight president barack obama is calling the drone strike that killed a taliban leader in afghanistan an important milestone. a drone strike killed mullah ahktar mansoor over the weekend in southwestern pakistan. u.s. commanders say he was a major obstacle to peace. they believe his death will weaken the insurgency. in vietnam today president barack obama announced lifting of u.s. arms embargo that had been in place since the end of the vietnam war. >> the move is part of an effort to keep china from seizing more territory in the east and south china seas.
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vietnam has access to the equipment it needs to defend itself. >> an exchange vietnam will give u.s. ships more access to its ports. the next stop on president obama's asia trip will be the annual group of seven economic summit in japan. while there he will be the first sitting president to visit hiroshima since the u.s. dropped an adom mick -- atomic bomb on the city in world war ii. president obama says he will deliver the message that the u.s. has responsibility to make sure a nuclear weapon is never used again. new polls out tonight show donald trump has eliminated nearly all of hillary clinton's commanding lead over here in a potential general election match-up, they are now almost deadlocked in the polls. tonight donald trump is facing new questions about his finances and the amount of money he claims to have raised for the country's veterans while hillary clinton still faces a persistent challenge from bernie sanders. mark albert reports. >> reporter: hillary clinton spoke monday in detroit to one of the la
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endorse her, criticizing her likely opponent in november, donald trump. >> we are not talking about any ordinary antiunion, antiworker republican. a lot of republicans themselves say donald trump is a disaster waiting to happen to america. >> reporter: clinton's commanding lead over trump in a hypothetical match-up is all but gone. trump now leads in one national poll and is neck in neck in another. the billionaire predicted clinton would not be able to unify democrats. >> so a lot of the bernie sanders voters, they do not like hillary clinton, they don't respect her. so those people would come with me. >> reporter: the latest cbs news battleground tracker poll shows that in key states voters are divided on whom to pick for the white house. in florida more voters think clinton is ready to take over as commander in chief but think trump is more likely to tell it like it is. more than 70%, however, also think trump could be too extreme. senate foreign relations
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bob corker of tennessee who met with trump monday in new york praised trump's challenge to the status quo while side stepping questions about running as the businessman's vice president. >> i have no reason whatsoever to believe that i am being -- >> reporter: trump said he would announce a vp at the republican convention in july. mark albert, cbs news, the white house. >> bernie sanders will have a major say in the democratic party's plan forum. the dnc announced a deal to appoint sanders supporters to 1/3 of the platform committee seats. the platform will be voting on the democratic convention in july. about a dozen veterans protested today outside trump tower in new york city. they are demanding trump apologize for exaggerating his donations to vet groups. trump claims to have raised some $6 million for veterans at a january fundraiser. the trump campaign recently admitted it was more like 4 1/2 million. the vets also charged that trump is
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less than forthcoming about what's being done with that money. breaking news for the campaign trail and election alerts throughout the presidential race, be sure to download our free wusa9 app. virginia's top republican lawmakers swing governor terri mcauliffe exceeded his authority. mcauliffe says otherwise. the lawsuit filed in virginia supreme court and republicans are asking the court to act well before the november election. the u.s. supreme court meantime has thrown out a death sentence that was handed to a black man in georgia. the court ruled prosecutors improperly kept african- americans off the all white jury that convicted timothy foster of killing a white woman. the decision allows foster to argue for a new trial, has been on death row for the past 29 years. coming up university of maryland promises to release police body cam video of officers pepper spraying students at a graduation party. next a man is
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disturbing crime involving a sleeping woman
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smart transit police -- metro transit police say it happened on april 12th. the suspect exiting at the glenmont station. police say they arrested 39- year-old john prentice hicks within hours of the
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but at a hearing today a judge denied bond for hicks. university of maryland police under fire for using pepper spray to break up a graduation party this past weekend. >> many of the grads there that night claimed the police used the pepper spray was racially motivated. the university of maryland police chief and president promised school transparency but not released any of the six body cam videos or surveillance video from that night and say faces have to be blurred for security reasons. >> graduated, i was excited but a couple days ago when i walked across stage and now i get to hear about this just a couple days after i graduate. >> i feel that they use a lot of force but i don't think it was racially motivated or anything like that. at the just wanted to break up the party. >> the kids on campus like it will change their views on how they view crowds. >> university leaders today plan to review all the videos before they are releas
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deputies during a traffic stop caught on camera. >> but up next, the new device expected to be approved this week that could help addicts fight their addiction. and be with us all day tomorrow for mission metro. anchor adam longo will ride the rails from 5:00 in the morning until midnight. he will be talking to riders will solutions to metro's problems. he will be live in every newscast and on most platforms throughout the day. you can follow him using the
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a medication called -- is available in pill form to those addicted to painkillers. patients can forget to take the pills so now the food and drug administration is consideration a new delivery system. >> you always think, well, okay, tomorrow i'm going to do something different, take a little bit less and it's just a little bit more. >> reporter: donna is a recovering addict. the 43-year-old medical assistant and mother of five became addicted to opioid painkillers six years ago. we have agreed to hide her face. >> it kind of grabs ahold of you and you can't -- it's hard to break from. >> reporter: donna detoxed on her own, on
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less than a year later after taking pain pills for a bad tooth. >> just set everything off. >> reporter: the doctor treats people like donna every day. >> the more people addicted to opioids in this country today than any other disease. >> reporter: dr. malik just wrapped up a study of what he believes could be the answer to the opioid epidemic. it's called the pru bufin implanted, implanted into the arm that delivers a steady dose of the medication called open nor 41 -- epanorfrin. >> they put it in in a small spot right there. >> reporter: she took part in the study last spring. >> it's there and releases over, i guess, small increments of the medicine over the 24 hour period every day for six months. >> reporter: for donna, it reduced her cravings. >> i don't want to forget, you know, what i am because it's important, yo
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successful with recovery but knowing that it's there, it's just -- i don't have to worry about it. >> the device does not work for everyone hooked on painkillers. during trial studies patients with the implants did relapse but the relapse rate for the pill version was higher. the fda is expected to decide whether to improve the implant device -- approve the implant device or not by friday. national football league denied the allegations it tried to implement a study on brain disease. say the nfl pledged as much as $30 million for the study. they say the league tried to divert the funding and ultimately backed out when it learned that boston university researchers would be involved. in earlier studies those same researchers have diagnosed brain disease in dozens of former nfl players. also tonight, tom brady will appeal his four game suspension by the nfl. last month a new york circuit
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roger goodell was within his right to suspend brady for using improperly inflated footballs in that 2015afc conference championship game. topper, you remember that? >> oh, yeah. >> if his appeal is denied, brady could take his case to the u.s. supreme court. a hazardous material scare today at a planned parenthood office in sarasota, florida. the office was evacuated and a nearby school put on lockdown after seven office workers had trouble breathing. they were decontaminated while investigators could determine what they were exposed to. they had a bad reaction to cleaning supplies. investigators say the man who shot and killed a massachusetts police officer had a history of violence. jorge zambrano murdered officer ronaldtarian tino during -- tarantino during a traffic stop last week and then ran off. the trooper is expected to survive that shooting. investigators also say the criminal served time for drug trafficking and assaulting a police officer. caught on camera, a am
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smashing into a milwaukee county sheriff's cruiser. the woman driver was pulled over for a traffic violation last week when she suddenly backed up. share nely ran over two duties and knocked over a passenger who was out of the car before the woman sped off. nobody was seriously hurt. the 23-year-old driver was arrested a short time later. >> close call right there. let's talk some weather right now and we saw the sun this morning and it looked so beautiful and then the storms. >> well, good news, bad news. we have storms but good news tomorrow, more sun, more sun on the way wednesday. so a little bit of a pattern change here. >> yea. >> lye look outside at our live michael & son weather cam. 65, still some rain. winds out of the north at about 13. now, the storms themselves are moving from northeast to southwest because that area of low pressure, it's cut off so the upper level jet is circling and that's why the storms are moving down 95 essentially. this is the radar over the last hour. now, looking at some pretty good storms running through baltimore. they initially kind of diminished in init
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bit. we have warnings out, though. this is a pretty good storm mechanicsville, prompted a severe thunderstorm warning. look at the lightning around prince frederick. we don't issue -- or we don't -- the weather service does not issue severe thunderstorm warnings based on lightning but that is as dangerous as anything else. that's 56 strikes in the last hour. and here is the watch box so that's a severe thunderstorm warning for calvert county, charles and also prince george's and st. mary's until 6:30 tonight. there's hail in this storm too no doubt but that moves off to the south and west. get ready in colonial beach and eventually into the northern neck, certainly colonial beach by about 6:54 on stormtracker and this is a pretty good storm too. got a call from craig in culpeper, we have a confirmed report of hail around the courthouse. this is under a severe thunderstorm warning for culpeper and madison until about 6:30. this is headed toward somerset at about 6:49 and gordonville -- gore donsville
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1.3 inches, quarter size hail, that's impressive actually. so looks like this. we have yellow weather alert this evening. i think everything is going to be done by about 9:00. bus stop temperatures low 50s to upper 50s and then a terrific tuesday and a terrific wednesday, the 80s are returning. how nice is that? and that's in town too for a long time. and that game could be delayed tonight but i think it would be played. 88 on wednesday, upper 80s on thursday. isolated storm on thursday and also friday. upper 80s saturday, good day, maybe an isolated storm on sunday and then a better chance for storms on memorial day, highs near 80. finally dry weather, huh? >> i know. that will be nice. daniel murphy guy, pretty good? >> it's all right. he's doing all right. that's in the majors, that's all he's doing. daniel murphy a major key in the nats early success. dusty baker talked about moving his hot hitter in the lineup. plus a scary moment in pittsburgh. the latest on what sent
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset, brought to you by xfinity. >> just last week daniel murphy played in citi field for the first time since leaving new york so he finally got all that out of the way. starting today he welcomes his old team to his new home. a ball club where he has proven to be worth every penny of his 12 1/2 million dollars a year deal. the nationals recently moved murphy to hit in the number 4 spot which is the cleanup hitter, one that maybe traditionally is known to hit home runs unless you ask dusty baker. >> the four hitter is not called a home run hitter. what is
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and what is he supposed to be cleaning up? >> everyone on base? >> that's right. thand at'swhat's he does. >> he cleans up the bases. scary moment in pittsburgh tonight, pirate pitcher ryan vogelsong hit in the face by a 92-mile-per-hour fastball. sounds like he hit -- it hit his helmet but it actually missed and hit just below the brim. vogelsong was taken to a local hospital and has a left eye injury which includes that orbital area around it. wish him a fast recovery. congratulations to the maryland lacrosse team. the men punched their ticket to the final 4 this saturday, beating syracuse and the lovely weather we had this weekend, there's the driving rain, didn't bother the women's team one bit. they throttled u mass 18-3 in route to their final four appearance. with that victory the women's team remains unbeaten at home and this senior class has never lost at home their entire college career. >> our seniors, obviously this is the last time th
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>> i know, it's sad. >> i try to avoid the sentimental moment. >> yeah. it's the last time that they get to play on the field and we are at the point in the season where every moment matters and every minute is superspecial. >> as if the playoffs series between the oklahoma city thunder and golden state warriors couldn't get any better, the tension is going to rise now thanks to what happened last night. sid kicked steven adams in the nether region. he says it was an accident. the thunders say it was on purpose. >> accident or on purpose? >> accident. he was trying to draw a foul. >> on purpose. we will be back with your only local news at 7:00 so we hope to see you then
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>> o'donnell: a baltimore cop is cleared in the death of freddie gray. the first case against six officers to reach a verdict. >> it's wrong. it's injustice. it's in the right. >> o'donnell: also tonight, the v.a. secretary draws fire for this comment about long waits for health care. >> when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? >> o'donnell: in our special series, one family's battle against heroin addiction. >> i'll never give up on him, never, ever. >> o'donnell: and they challenged everest and lost. >> death by drowning on a mountain 29,000 feet above sea level. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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