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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me . right now at noon, metro red line is getting back on track. single tracking in the middle of the morning commute caused some riders to experience ver
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good afternoon. two insulators on the red line forced trains to bypass and caused a lot of others to single track. commuters saw delays 45 minutes during rush hour. there's still some residual delays. >> right now the general manager facing tough questions on capitol hill before a house sub economy. lawmakers want to make sure manage is done to remedy the security, safety, reliability problems. >> despite concerns, metro is safe. >> in terms of the criminal activity, it's an extremely safe system from that perspective numerically. it's very safe. there's millionsf
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riders. >> just last week, they fired 20 managers that directly reported to him. many were from the regency division. >> we're embarking on a very ambitious project at wusa 9. we call it mission metro. we're seeking positive solutions. today our colleague is riding metro from open to close. adam is joining us live now. where are you at this hour? >> good afternoon. we're at the plaza. we have made it to 38 out of 91 metro stations. you talk about the frustration and the delays that happened this morning on the red line. we were there in the thick of it. we saw frustration, but i think more of the emotion we were able to capture on the red line this morning was defeating. a lot of folks going toe
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hour or more late to work because of single tracking delays. there were two of them. one at medical center and the other close to dupont. a trip that should take 15 minutes took us more than 45 minutes. we were able to talk to a lot of frustrated travelers. >> take a look at video. we were sitting there on the platform. trains were coming through after they cleared up the track going in the right direction. folks are cramming into them. you're standing on the platform and can't get in the train. you've got to wait to the next one. we were crowded in there sight. it's a matter of perspective. a lot can kick the floor, moan about it. it's not going to do any good. we found a physical trainer who made the most of his time. >> past two months, instead of complaining, tried to bring books, reading materials, a jump rope. people say oh my god i was on the metro 20
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i was jumping rope the last 20 minutes. i feel fantastic. what did you do? >> reporter: we started at 5:00 in the morning riding metro all the way till midnight. we'll talk to transportation experts and politicians throughout the day. follow us at #wusa9onmetro. >> adam will be riding all day long. join us all day on mission metro. check out the hashtag to see where we are and what adam is up to. be sure to share your questions and comments with him and us. finally some weather worth bragging about. seems like we haven't had a sunny day in weekends. finally we're drying up from the rays and soaking up sun. meteorologist allison ray has more on today's great weather. it was hard to say. we haven't been able to say soaking up sun rays. >> when is the last time we said itat?
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a lot of sunshine out here. just beautiful. if you're checking wusa 9 app for rain today, not going to be there. just sunshine. i've been staning out here a few minutes. feels great. 77 degrees with the dew point. humidity is why it feels so comfortable. we're in the 50s. enjoy today and tomorrow while the humid is humidity is at a low level. mid 70s, pesky low pressure system is getting out of our way. if you're going to the nats game tonight, going to be a good one. no delays for tonight. you can use the app to track the next chances of rain right through memorial day weekend. stay tuned for that. >> she was sexual assaulted by a man on a moving red line metro train.
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bars. we have reaction from the metro station. >> they say they try to stay aware of their surroundings. make sure they're not distracted by things like cell phones. >> i'm more concerned about my daughter who's 17. >> the news of a late morning sexual assault on a moving red line train has women and moms worried. >> i tell her to look around at her surroundings and try noting to by herself. >> a woman told police a man raped her at knifepoint around 10:00 a.m. april 12th. they were the only two on the train. she had just woken when he approached her. he asked the victim if she had a boyfriend, gave her a bear hug, brought her to a different section of the train and raped her. he even made her perform a
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>> i'm going to leave work early to make sure there's a crowd. >> he's charged with attempted rape. prosecutors plan to upgrade to first degree rape based on evidence. the suspect used a smart trip card to get out of the glenn mont station and then caught on camera. that's how the victim was able to identify him. in silver strings, wusa 9. fairfax county police announced the name of it would have police connected to a shootout in virginia. it happened after an attempted robbery at a jewelry store. a bystander was shot in the leg when robbers and police exchanged gunfire. we're told the arrest happened in maryland and the new ark, new jersey airport. we'll have more on the app and in this newscast. officials tells the associated press,
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from egyptair flight 804 had an explosion on board. the associated press was told this is something that is to be determined. so far, no traces of explosives have been found. a french navy ship arrived to help recover plane's black boxes. search effort is focused off the coast of egypt where the plane carrying 66 people went down five days ago. bill cosby is in the suburban philadelphia courtroom for a preliminary hearing in a criminal sexual assault case. the hearing will determine if there's enough evidence to go forward with the trial. the 78-year-old entertainer is accused of drugging and molesting a former temple university employee at his mansion in 2004. although dozens have come forward with accusations against cosby, this is the only criminal case against him. developers promise the views of washington ske
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spectacular and surrounds luxurious. now see for yourself. mgm shows the sweets you'll be able to reserve by the end of the year. it's not clear how much a reservation will cost you. turner was on the grounds today with everything else you can expect. >> reporter: by now, many of you have seen the mgm national harbor construction, crews out today getting work done. most recent lirks the company released -- recently, the company released details of what the tower will look like. more than 3200 square feet, the suites has a living room, kitchen, and dining room. we showed jasmine williams images on the cell phone. >> it's luxurious like another upgrade of gray lords. this is what it looksike. the hotel tower that wesley moved out of the area few years ago for his
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see what's going on. this place is growing. >> the project has been in the works for years. this year it's all coming together the hotel's exterior is almost finished. two more stories need glass inclosures. it's brought 3600 jobs to the area. the casino space will have 3600 slot machines and 160 table games. williams is excited to see it come together. >> can't wait to see it lit up at night with this and the harbor. going to be beautiful. >> the resort will be open by the end of the year. reporting live, wusa 9. next action isis on the run. see how air strikes are
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit . iraq's defense ministry showed military
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targeting military in
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. we have a special project today on wusa 9 called mission metro. you can take part two seeking positive solutions. adam is riding this morning and experienced first hand this early morning all the slow downs people have been complaining about. he joins us live now. adam? >> reporte
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know it, one of the nicest days of the year so far. big heavy windbreakers on spending half the day underground. we finally see the sun. that's an interesting component of the day. want to take you on this new project we're undertaking. we experience what you experience on metro. did we ever this morning on the red line. we want to hear from you. what should the system be doing to make things better? we want to hear from you. folks talk about why don't we put up signs in the metro station to indication delay, inform passengers better? these are things we'll discuss with this mission. today is our launching project. we'll go through midnight on the metro looking to stop at every station along every line. there's a nats game tonight down there for the crowded green line trains at t
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also talking on capitol hill about things that metro can do and should be doing. we'll get his perspective on that. we'll get a chance to rideohkñe 7,000 series trains. we'll ride with entire squad of folks today on metro. #wusa9. follow us on air and online. we're live at the metro. >> he's been up early. thank you adam. join us a day for mission metro. it's not just today but the commitment for the station long haul. check out the hashtag to see where we are and what adam is up to. share your questions and comments with us. caught on camera, dramatic video of a woman slamming into a cruiser. she suddenly backed up. you heard it. she nearly ran over two deputies depu
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the 23-year-old driver was arrested a short time later. talk about a close call for a montana state trooper. he had just seconds to react when the elk jd umpein front of his cruiser. the force of the impact forced the air bags to deflate. this should serve as a reminder to always wear your seat belts belts and never veer for deer. a flight from denver to san francisco was forced to turn around after the jet collided with a burn. it's believed a bird got sucked in one of the plane's engines. the plane landed safely, and no one on board was hurt. don't be surprised if you hear fighter jets performing really cool stunts today and storm. blue angels are practicing today and giving flight demonstration tomorrow as part of the naval academy commissng
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afternoon's show will be subject do bag searches. it's a video guaranteed to make you laugh. now she's making an even big per splash. nikki has the latest with chewcca mom and more of today's trending stories. >> you probably have already seen the video of the chewbacca mom. that's popping up all over the place. now she's turning up with celebrities. >> it doesn't sound like chewbacca. >> i've got to disagree. >> thank you. thank you jj. >> can i give you direction? it's less like this and more like this -- >> oh my goodness. you've got to do it. come on. >> not only
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a different version but also sat down in studio. he read a message from the actor that played chewbacca. the latest trend to hit aquariums is glow fish. the fish are dramatically modified and bred to put on a show in the tank. scientists cedreat the fish by taking fluorescent genes found in marine creatures. happy birthday to thelma and louise the iconic movie about two women on the run opened in may 1991. gina davis once said they had no idea the movie would take off and strike a nerve as it did. that's what's trending. now back to you. . b
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we've seen allison ray without a coat or umbrella. today is the day. >> time to sit out and enjoy. you've got to come back in. do i? >> looks really nice. >> today is one of the more comfortable days of the week. it will be about 80, lower temperatures of the next seven. humidity is not too bad. dew point hangs out in the 50s. that's a comfortable range. once you get that dew point sliding to mid-60s or upper 60s, then you walk outside and start to notice it a little bit. you wear the air that's going to happen come thursday into friday. it's going to feel like july. when is it going to feel like it should right now? enjoy your tuesday. we're searching for good days. today is one of them. 77 degrees. a lot of people are coming intoed the office with smiles on their faces saying it's so nice out there it really s. dew points
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dry air is also going to keep away rain chances today and tomorrow. not a lot of rain out there. we may see one or two stray showers. better chance of those would be well south and west. culpepper, orange, charlotsville. come on a dry evening to have dinner outside go to the nats game. no rain for tonight. drier tomorrow however hotter. we're getting to upper 80s come wednesday. thursday and friday, it will feel like summer and a summer like pattern will set up as well. scattered showers will pop up. this is not the same set up we had next couple of weeks which is rain and rain and rain. it will start in the afternoon and fade as the sun sets. headed to near 08 -- near 80 most areas. forecasts stays in the 70s all night long probably don't need the heavy jacket. maybe an extra layer as you head home from
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tomorrow's highs little warmer. getting to upper 80s. it won't be too humid. that's pretty hot. we're going to see our first 90 degrees thursday and friday. take a look at your future cast. we stay dry today. there are stray showers i mentioned. not a big game changer by any means. maybe a stray shower for areas off to the south. clear tonight, sunshine cross the board for wednesday. thursday is when the winds turn southwest. we're going to feel the humidity more. 8:30 in the morning, through the early afternoon. that's great just hot and humid. in the late afternoon, scattered showers and thunderstorms if you don't see the clouds and thunderstorms pop up, you'll easily reach 930 degrees. 9 -- 90 degrees. some areas definitely reaching 90 degrees. i'm sure that thermometer will reach that note and even warmer with the
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saturday staying dry, 86 degrees. memorial day, could have scattered shower. we'll be right back after
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. tonight on wusa 9 news, adam continues his day long journey riding rails and giving a unique perspective on metro. we're learning new details on the torture trial in fairfax county. we're asking questions about the investigation regarding campaign contributions. >> and enjoying the sunshine. 81 degrees, a little warm. it feels so good. we haven't seen the daylightor
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so long. perfect weather for the nats game tonight. heat builds by the end of the week. then i'm going to hear the complaints about the humidity. . >> you already know what i feel. that's it for wusa 9. we'll be z2022z
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>> sharon: oh, and look at that smile. [ chuckles ] just a ray of sunshine. well, we're gonna need that sunshine today, little boy. >> mariah: well, at least someone's happy today. >> sharon: um, it must be strange for you. cassie died 11 years ago. you never got a chance to know her. >> mariah: yeah, strange is a word for it. [ sighs ] >> sharon: well, if you don't want to go -- >> mariah: no, no. i'm gonna go. i'm going. >> faith: will daddy be here soon? >> sharon: we will meet him at the cemetery. >> faith: oh. >> sharon: you know how much your daddy loves you, but he might not be able to spend as much time with us as he normally would. >> faith: 'cause he's still sad about sage and christian. >> sharon: yes. why don't you run upstairs and get ready? >> faith:


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