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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the 78-year-old good luck. >> dozens of women accused the entertainer of sexual assault but this is the only criminal case because the statute of limitations has run out in others. >> in his 2005 police contained that it was consensual and she never said no. cosby's attorney said in a statement after the hearing that he's not guilty of any crime and said constand's statement to police was riddled with numerous corrections and inconsistent. >> if convicted the 78-year-old cosby could face up to 10 years in prison. >> reporter: cosby is fighting several deformation lawsuits from some of his accusers who claim he called them lairs. >> thank you. constand sued cosby in several civil court. just in from prince george's county, crews battle a dramatic truck fire. the spokesperson said the rig was carrying a truckload of vitamin water
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engine of the truck on martin luther king highway. the flames extended back to the trailer portion of the vehicle. crews were able to bring those blames under control. there were no injuries. now to the alleged rape on board a metro train. tonight angry riders want to know why metro never told them about it and why it only came out in the media when the suspect appeared in court in montgomery county more than a month later. bruce has metro's response to all of that energy. bruce. >> reporter: yeah, leslie. big change today. metro 's new ceo ordered transit police to let people know the same day about any violent crime on the system as long as that will not jeopardize the investigation. a lot of riders really disappointed that it took more than a month to find out about this attack and alleged rape on
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women who finally escaped here at glenmont at the end of the line. >> that's crazy honestly. i think we should have known about it. >> worried women riders more answers from metro. >> when i saw it i knew that i saw him before. i take the train late to come home. >> scary. >> very, very scare -- scary. >> laura william social securiw -- williams is now convinced he was on the train alone with john hicks too, the woman accused of an assault and rape of a woman in the middle of the day on a red line train. >> we have to be proteched. -- protected. >> we have to know what's going on around us. >> he allegedly attacked a woman on april 12th but this monday when the media found out when he appeared in court. metro said the crime was on the crime b
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because the suspect was already in custody. >> but that was too little for my twitter followers. from renee kelly, yes, they should have warned riders. this is terrible. i bet the higher ups informed their family and friends. the answer to your question is hell, yes, they should have informed us. from salem, yes. >> i don't think it's right. the public has a right to know. >> reporter: montgomery county councilman tom hucker said the public has a right to know about violent crime on metro period. so what if they had a guy in custody he said. what about if they had the wrong guy or what about if he had accomplices? live at the glenmont metro station bruce lashan, wusa 9. >> thank you.. jack eva
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the attack. we're monitoring the red line this afternoon after a service melt down this morning. we've adam riding the rails all day long. the issue today was failing high voltage electrical equipment. the result was a lot of riders work. scott groom is live. what do you have? >> reporter: well, huge delays this morning. thankfully at the hour right now metro on the red line back to normal. double tracking after a morning of mayhem. >> it started at 7:00 a.m.. >> it sucks. >> crowds so deep delays so long. >> it was unbearable. >> one man took to jumps rope to pass the time. >> i was sitting on the metro for 20 minutes. i jumped rope. what did you do? >> many riders sharing their frustration on susan mcginnis,
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-- on social media. >> travel time delay on the trains was 35 to 40 minutes not counting the wait to get on. the problems, electrical and underground. two failures in one morning. a cable failed near medical center. >> they were pulled out of the tunnels in time for the evening rush. >> it's a basic infrastructure of the city. it's not dependable. it's not safe. it's absurd >> they need to fix what's going on because a lot of people are depending on the train. >> it took an hour and a half to get from dupont to grovner. >> it has to do with the culture of the organization. i don't see a commitment to customer service. something needs to change. >> reporter: all this is happening right now as the red line is going through some intensive r
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friday. they are single tracking midday. all of that came off the rails so to speak this morning with these other electrical problems. metro just unveiled a plan to cram one year of intensive maintenance into -- check that, 3 years of intensive maintenance into a one-year period. they are starting to warn people that that is going to result in lots of problems like this in the coming months. the safe track strategy launches the 4th of june. scoot groom, wusa 9. >> thank you. coming up, what adam longo heard from passengers during his 19-hour ride on metro. mission metro just a few moments away. may feels more like march until later this week when we brace for july. the mercury pushed past 80 today and it's n
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meteorologist topper shutt has a day he can smile and tell us more about the forecast. >> spectacular. low 80s today and even warmer into the end of the week. what a perfect, i mean perfect night for baseball. it will be still 72 at 10:00 and clear as a bell as we take on our dreaded mets. by lost yesterday. even plans, 80 at 6:00, 75 at 8:00 and 72 at 10:00 p.m. with clear skies. now, let's look ahead to memorial day. a little bit of a -- you know, activity if you will on the social media as to a storm possibility developing off the coast and working up the coast as we get into monday. sunday still looks nice. the storm if it were to develop would be still offshore. on memorial day there's a chance that this could develop, produce a lot of rain. it would be a warm rain opposed to a cold may road. a possible coastal. we're going to monitor this for
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it could make monday a wash out. i'll say what i said yesterday, saturday and sunday much, much better days to plan the picnics and the cook outs. two men are behind bars facing charges in a violent robbery at a springfield, virginia jewelry store. tonight the owner of that store is sharing his frightening story. eliana diaz is live with more. >> reporter: that's right, bruce. the store owner said it was just an ordinary day for him on saturday but it quickly became the worse day of his life. today we do have some good news. we were able to talk to him and tell him that those two suspects who robbed him and held him at gunpoint are now behind bars and he said that does bring him some relief. >> one was standing almost right here. >> mohammad reyes was standing inside his store, dubai jewelers, when the first man
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>> he said he just got married and wanted to buy something for his wife. >> he bought nothing and walked away. >> another guy came with a bag and gun. that suspect was william franklin, iv. reyes said the suspect tied him up and held him at gunpoint as he filled bag with jewelry. >> my merchandise, they took everything. >> both suspects fled, carjacked someone, shot a bystander and crashed fleeing on foot. it wasn't until sethi tried to board a plane at the newark airport yesterday that he was caught. franklin was arrested at his home. >> everyone is outraged. as long as they are open and out you never know what their next step could be. >> it's possible after fairfax county police listed them in a national database. >> they are violent felons. they used to fire shot
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a person. i'm glad they are off the street. >> reporter: it was obviously a terrifying day for many people. a lot of people happy to hear those two people are behind bars. police tell us what -- while the two suspects are in custody it could be a week before they're extradited back to virginia. >> thank you for that. william franklin has an eks xtensive criminal history with prior charges. sethi has a prior charge of possession of marijuana. an 18-year-old has been arrested in connection with the death of another teen. the drug-related death. david evers surrendered to fairfax county police last week. investigators said 17-year-old alexia springer of centerville died in march after a lethal mix of morphine, oxycodone and
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evers is accused of selling it to her. primary elections are underway in the state of washington. because of party rules democrats ignore the results. instead, the delegates are determined based on caucuses held earlier this month. penald trump is the only rson on the cannibal lot. republican -- on the republican ballot. in 2006 he cheered for the housing market collapse. >> i kind of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy. >> he could bankrupt america like he bankrupted his companies. >> donald trump will headline his first fundraiser tonight in congestion with the republican national committee. that $10,000 a head event is in albuquerque. wusa 9 anchor adam longo has been riding the rails all day long as part of mission metro. >> he hopped on at 5:00 this morning, won't stop riding if he holds off until 11:00 tonight. >> he's going to hold up. >> adam's
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he's live right now. adam, you've had quite an unpredictable day on the red line with the delays. last the mood of the metro line? what are you finding out there? >> reporter: sure. bruce, don't think we're not going to finish this mission. we're at gallery place chinatown right now. for riders this morning it was a morning of incredible frustration and long delays. i mean, for us doing our thing we started at shady grove at 5:00 in the morning, by the time we got into tinnily town we were hopping off to do live reports for the morning show. once we got back on it took us 45 minutes to get from tinnily town past dupont circle to metro center. that's supposed to take 15 minutes. as far as the riders attitude, no one was upset or frustrated. take a look at some video. things got better as we went through the day. this is the lunch hour right now. we're over at lafont. a musician over
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is playing the sax for the crowds. a music student at udc said he's been coming to the metro playing music for 5 years or a. we've so. we've been gathering reaction, n ing to the riders all day and we wanted to step in your shoes for this project. here's what some of you had to say. >> i would say this is very organized. easy to use, easy to access, easy to find. is all about the money to them. instead of considering the need you want us to pay more money and put our money into a system that does not cater to us. >> it was rather slow. single tracking. it was pretty crowded and hot. besides that it was great. >> reporter: so, listen, our goal tonight is to hit all 91 stations. we have to hit the blue, orange and silver line. we're going to be down at the navy yard for the natse
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tonight, getting people's reactions, talking to them about how reliable is it to get to the game on time. it's been a long day. we only have 7 hours so go so we're over the hump. from here we're going to hang out. coming up later in this hour as we go through the newscast tonight we talk to a number of people including folks that were stuck on the red line this morning. we just came from capitol hill. we asked about the job they think the ceo has done and what can be done about finding a consistent source for metro funding. let's be honest, you have enough money that's going to fix all the problems. we're going to be getting into that throughout the evening. bruce and leslie, back to you guys. >> adam seems to have the same kind of energy that he had this morning. that marathon has prepared him for one heck of a day. >> i'm interested to hear what mark warner has to say too. he's the senator, the guy in that position that can push through some funding. the surrounding areae
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>> it will be interesting to see if it does. we've heard other congressional members say they have no interest in giving metro more money, they have to figure it out with what they have. >> stay with wusa 9 on the air and online for mission metro. check out #wusa9onmetro. share your questions and your comments with us. frustration with long security lines at the nation's airports has claimed its first casualty tonight. kelly hogan, the head of security for transportation security administration, he's out. in addition to his $181,000 base salary hogan received more than $90,000 in bonuses but it doesn't just the long lines that did him no. hogan over saw screeners who failed to detect fake explosives or banned weapons in 95% of the testing done by the inspector general's office. hogan was hammered during congressional hearings. >> since his promotion
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position in 2013 security operations at tsa have been bad. >> cbs news learned that tsa is now launching an incident command center to better respond to screening issues and delays. a scare today at bwi airport. the traffic control tower was evacuated this morning after a fire alarm sounded. all flights arriving and leaving bwi were delayed until the fire department gave all the clear signal. investigators failed to find fire or smoke. an airport spokesperson said it was a minor incident. now to the latest on the search for egyptair flight 804. there's conflicting reports on what happened in the final moments before the airliner disappeared. greek aviation officials initially said that plane swerved before plunging into the mediterranean sea. egyptianff
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not swerve our lose altitude. president obama is on the second leg of his visit to vietnam. he traveled for a tour that included an ancient buddhist statute. while he welcomed the warming relation with the communist economy he said the record on human rights is still an issue. >> there's still issues of significant concerns in terms of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, accountability with respect to government. >> president obama's asia trip will include a meeting with another former enemy this week, japan. the commander in chief will make a historic visit on friday. we're learning more about life after the white house for the first family. >> that's right. the national journal is report ing tonight that president obama will rent a house in the neighborhood after he leaves office next year. that's in northwest. the obamas are saying in washington so allow their youngest d
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sasha to finish her final two years of high school here. the exact location of that house is not being revealed. at least not yet. president obama will be the first president to stay in washington after his term is up since wilson back in 1921. >> yeah, we keep giving him weather like this it might be easy to take in the sunny days. you might not want to leave washington in days likehis. >> this is what may should be. it's going to get more like june. i don't think anybody is going to complain. not going to be crazy humid as we go through the rest of the week. a little bit hot but not crazy humid. our 3 degree guarantee, i was worried about this. reading 86, 87 on my car. i went 81 today for a high. the computers were on going 79 and 80. i thought that was going to be okay. we'll add up the numbers at 11:00. just gorgeous. 83 right now. wind west, northwest at 10 . just a spectacular night for baseball or just taking a walk.
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a mild night. we're talking in the 60s downtown. bus stop temperatures, 56 to 76. that's a big range but between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. that's what the temperatures are going to be. it's going to warm up very, very quickly tomorrow. a wonderful wednesday, very warm, not humid. just a few thunderstorms on thursday and friday. i would just keep your plans if you have out door plans on thursday, friday keep them. not going to be a huge deal. okay. future cast, at 10:00 tonight, clear skies, 72 downtown, 62 buoy, 67 fairfax. in the morning 58 in frederick and maybe mid 50s in cumberland and romney. then we get into the 9:00 hour and everybody is on the either side of 70. 71 fairfax, 71 in dale city and fredericksberg. i think the numbers are low. you know, future cast was low yesterday. it only went 79 for a high today. i say these numbers are low as well. by 6:00 tomorrow i
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86, 87. clear skies. i think you will be 88 in fredericksberg and maybe 77 in la platta. tomorrow night mild. temperatures mainly hold in the 60s tomorrow night. that's going to be nice. so for tonight, clear skies and mild. low 56 to 64. western winds become northwestern winds at about 10. on the day planners, it looks like this, full sun and the numbers low. i agree with the mid 60 to start and then 78 by 11:00. 82 may be low at 1:00. may be more like 84 by 1:00. now, the next three days, isolated storm on thursday but still nice, 87. a few storms on friday but still reasonable temperatures again in the upper 80s. the next 7 days. saturday we're going to keep dry. it's going to be close. then a few storms on sunday. as we mentioned earlier, showers and storms on monday as that coastal storm develops it could be a wash o
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more storms on tuesday. we're still making it into the low 80s. right now i'm favoring less rains in the low 80s, if it really raining the upper 70s for highs. >> thank you, topper. a fitness track er er is being sued for miscalculating heart rates and requests from passengers puts lyft on on track to test out a new future. >> i'll tell you about those stories and
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the blue angels hearing up the skies over annapolis today. they are in town for the naval graduation on friday. it's always a treat to see the blue angel pilots strut their stuff. a bit later, the special canadian planes flying over our skies in dc. a law firm claims one fitness tracker misses the mark when it comes to calculating heart rates. the class action suit said their study shows some of the popular trackers heart rate monitors are higher inaccurate by as much as 20 beats per second.
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it's based on bias results because it used a consumer grade electro cardiogram. retirement for some americans may not be so golden after all. according the a recent survey income levels for retirees 65 and over falls well below the 70% needed to sustain their life sustain after they stop working. the stud said seniors who live in hawaii, arkansas and south carolina do have retirement income. i guess we're going to hawaii. riders spoke, lyft listened. employees with the ride hailing company are testing a new feature where users can schedule a car up to 24 hours in advance. first lyft said no but passengers pushed for it. it will roll out in cities across the summer. nfl owners just voted to award the
5:26 pm
atlanta. >> the latest example of a new stadium being rewarded with the biggest game. the 2020 super bowl has been awarded to miami. los angeles will hold the big game the following year. straight ahead we check in with adam as he spends the whole day riding metro. >> a new video shows a diaper wearing suspect now on trial for the torture of a fairfax couple. >> exsesive force at a
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a school resource officer is being investigated for excessive use of force after witnesses say he allegedly placed a student in the a head lock at the prom. >> there's more to this incident involving an officer that faced trouble at work before. stephanie ramirez has the story. >> reporter: just to be clear here the school resource officer, marcio vega still has full police officer status. a decision was made to remove him from sherwood high school after an incident at the mairt marriott. >> that's where the prom was held on friday, may 13th. police tell us there was an issue with students drinking there. a student who said he was at prom that
5:30 pm
he saw officer vega holding a female student in a head lock. >> a witness said she was forcefully pinned to the ground. someone who contacted wusa 9 but asked to remain anonymous said the teen was not part of the group drinking. the incident and investigation are taking students by surprise. >> he's a nice guy to me. i barely ever saw him . he seemed like a decent guy. >> i really haven't seen anything. >> another student said his sibling had contact with the resource officer tells us something different. >> i know there were some things about him like harassing over people. >> at least three staff members e-mailed complaints. an investigation became. once it became more public a decision was made to reassign the officer. >> i didn't expect anything like this to happen. >> i'm being told there's surveillance video that's being reviewed as the investigation continues. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, sa
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>> stephanie said that officer vega got to school resource officer job after he faced charges and was reprimanded for driving a police cruiser drunk in 2014. police dashcam video released today shows the man accused of shooting and stabbing a mcclain couple fleeing from the scene. police say andrew smolts wife was driving the get away car at speeds at nearly 100 miles per hour. that chase ended in a strip mall. he was cuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser wearing on an adult diaper. prosecutors say the act was the revenge and his wife was fired from the victim's arlington law firm. to prince george's county now. we're getting a peak at what luxury state of ck -- suits will look like inside the mgm. the chairman suit is the largest of seven with more than 3200 square feet. a two bedroom has a living room, kitchen and dining
5:32 pm
people are getting excited. >> it's like another upgrade of the gaylord. >> i just came by to take a picture of it to see what was going on. this place is really growing. >> we know what you're asking, no word yet on how much it's going to cost to rent the suite. the hotel is expected to bring about 3600 jobs to the area. the casino will have 3600 slot machines and 160 table games. more now on mission metro. adam longo is riding the rails all day long. he's live from gallery place with more. what are you headed next, adam? >> reporter: we're going to be headed to the navy yard eventually leslie but right now we're in the evening rush. those are the red line training headed on shady grove. a lot of folks were on the red line. we were there in the thick of it this morning. this is video
5:33 pm
here at the tinnily town administration to try to get to gallery place chinatown. the trains were packed full. when they got to the next station more people were trying to cram in. just speaking from personal experience, i've never see that many people try to fit on a train. everyone was extremely late. it should have taken us 15 minutes to get from tinnily town to gallery place and it took us more than 45 minutes. we had parking issues and track nears one near dupont and one near bethesda. people were not happy about being late. we caught up with some folks and we saw a guy getting in exercise instead of stomping his feet. take a look. >> i think they can explain to us why the train stopped on the rail for no reason. just better communication would be appreciated. >> you feel like you have a petty good handle on getting to work on time every day.
5:34 pm
>> talk to me. >> getting on time is very rarely that we are on time. we never know when the train is coming. then now since they're doing all the single tracking and everything it depends. it could be -- i would be early, i could be late. you never know. >> they've been sing le tracking. when i got on the computer this morning that's the first thing that popped up on the computer, single tracking. i was prepared for it. that's okay. >> reporter: so listen, we have talk today a lot of people out here tonight. we have still got a lot of ground to cover. we've only been to 48 out of the 91 stations. our goal is to hit all of them before the time we're done at midnight. i talked to a guy who works for the faa. he commutes up to metro center where he gets off and goes over to the department of transportation. he said the next two weeks he's giving up on metro and going to take the marc train, or the vre
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hear from senator mark warner on what he thinks it will take to get things right. back to you guy ins the studio. >> good luck on getting through the 91 stations. even if you don't make it it was a success today. we'll see much more of you a little bit later. join us online right now for mission metro. check it the hashtag. go ahead and play the music. #wusa9on metro. be sure to share your questions and comments. today we're learning that bubba smith was suffering from cte when he died. you know that's the disease of the brain found in some athletes due to repeated trauma. researchers say smith had stage 3 cte. stage 4 is the most advanced. he died back in 2011 at age 66. scientists say that prior to his death he
5:36 pm
cognitive decline and couldn't complete many daily functions on his own. an update on the two men trying to climb mount everest without additional oxygen. earlier today richard hit 20,000 feet. only 200 others have established this feet. balanger had to turn back. four people have tried to climbing everest in the past week. >> it's a tough one. >> it's trend ing ing now on twitter. the chewbacca mask later keeps the spotlight longer in a hilarious late night interview. >> facebook makes changes to the trending news. >> well, beautiful weather will lead to higher pollen counts but that's okay. high for trees, low for grasses. you can find that on our website, also, you f
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our app. just open the app and scroll down until you see weather maps. that will be in there. we'll come back and talk about the holiday weekend. you might want to
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a similar push wants to give frozen's elsa a girlfriend. it's a movie actress who voiced it. a pretty awkward moment at a starbucks when an employee confused helen hunt for jimmy foster. >> hunt tweeted this picture, ordered my drink at starbucks, asked if she wanted my name and she winked and said we got you . here's a politic screen. okay. you can see that. she was close. >> this is like reminding me of a story where somebody said to me, hey, i know who you are, you are jan foster. jan and i laugh about that anyway. facebook is now
5:41 pm
changes to the way it has topics in the trending section. it was after the social media giant was accused of only having trending stories not conservative. they said they won't rely on others for that. facebook announced that posting media and other media won't count against the other 140 character limits on twitter. >> we have a lot to say. >> yeah. it's twittest latest effort to try and attract new users. >> we need all 140 characters. the 15 minutes of fame is not over for the woman's whose enthusiasm for her chewbacca mask could not be contained. she appeared on the late, late show with james. >> why did y
5:42 pm
i only had a few minutes before i had to get my kids from school. i wanted to prove to all my facebook friends and family that that mask was mine. >> and not your children. >> i knew when they saw it they were going to take it from me. like i love you little kid but this isn't for you. >> what are you doing here? >> do you mind? >> no. >> it's less like this. it's more like this. >> [laughter] of course that was star wars director j.j. abrams from the car. >> i'm surprised adam has not seen that today at metro. >> it's because the mask is so expensive now, produce. you'll never guess howne
5:43 pm
we'll tell you coming up. >> a troubling new report on how muscle cars stand up to crash tests. >> right after the break we'll check in on anchor adam longo with a unique perspective as he road with the help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can stay happy and healthy in their own home. ♪
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>> reporter: good afternoon once again. adam longo from the metro stop where we are in the thick of it. we've been riding metro since 5:00 this morning. we left the shady grove station, we're going all the way until midnight. the reason that we're doing this, it's not just for some sort of stunt to get attention. we're actually doing this because we want to step into your shoes for a day. we want to hear from you about your experiences riding the metro. what's good, what's bad, what's not. we're going to share those with you as we go through our newscast throughout this evening and what about funding metro. how are we going to ensure for success long term? i talk with senator mark warner about just that. follow us on mission metro as we take this project long-term at wusa 9. stick around with us, find us on social, wusa 9 on metro. we'll hit the rails until midnight. >> thank you a lot for that. looking forward t.
5:47 pm
two maryland teenagers facing charges tonight connect today a series of gas station robberies. 18-year-old demetrius bernie and a 15-year-old led three gas stations. a tip led them to bernie as a suspect. a search of the teen's home turned up evidence. virginia drivers will have more time to renew their driver's licenses because of a computer glitch. some license will not expire because of the power disruption provided by the commonwealth data center last weekend. drivers who were turned away have until next saturday to renew their driver's license. a new report out this morning by the insurance institute for highway safety. muscle cars may be fast and they may be fun but they don't offer much crash protection. the safety report l
5:48 pm
looked at 2016 models and they come at a time when the mustang and camero have become more popular than before. hannah daniels has the story. >> tiffany is a die hard fan after the camero. >> i think the back of it looks great. i like how it looks angry in the front. i when i pass by buildings with a mirror reflection i'm like that's me. >> it wasn't until she had her son jack until she began to think about the safety. >> since i had the baby people are said when are you getting a new car. >> she's not alone. for the first time the insurance institute for the highway safety ran the car through a crash test. when it came to side impact all three earned a good rating. only the mustang got the top safety pick award.
5:49 pm
low rating. the tests come when it's becoming popular with consumers. >> statics show the powerful cars have high crash rates. in a statement president lund said because of that it's, quote, especially important they offer the best occupant protest. t -- protection. for now tiffany said she's keeping her car. >> it's funded by auto insurance companies. always watching, always tracking, wusa 9's first alert weather. >> you bet we have a whiplash. this is good though to go from cold to warm. it's 83 right now. relative humidity at 32%. that's dry. the winds west, northwest at 10. spectacular evening. a nice evening will lead to
5:50 pm
bus stop temperatures 56 to 76. it will be dry. a wonderful wednesday, very warm but not humid tomorrow. just a few afternoon storms on thursday and friday. if you have out door plans i would keep them. i think you'll be able to cut grass in the afternoon and play golf. there will be a couple of storps around, especially friday. clear skies tonight at 10:00. by 6:00 a.m. we're looking at temperatures primarily in the low 60s. maybe 58 in albany, 58 in gaithersburg. by 9:00 the low 70s. 72 leesburg and then by 1:00 i think the temperatures are low. i really do. temperatures now in the low 80s. 80 la plata, 83 in fredericksberg. i think it's going to be 85 or 86. this time tomorrow morning i think it's going to be more like 87 downtown. so day planner looks like this, 60s to start, 78 by 11:0 a
5:51 pm
1:00 p.m. the next 7 days, we got, again a few storms on friday. we're going to keep saturday dry for now, 86. 84 on sunday, a few storms. and then depending on what this storm system does off the coast, it will depend how many showers and thunderstorms we see on monday and tuesday. right now if you want to make a picnic or cook out for the holiday weekend earlier is better. now wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> as the washington nationals successfully battle through the season it appears they are all on the same page, that any beef in the clubhouse has been put to bed. by beef i'm talking specifically about the pap l baun and harper choke. one web side it's the snapshot that found the disappointment of the nationals 2015 season. now you can get your hands on t
5:52 pm
of history so to speak. frank hammerham has more in tonight's inside pitch. >> well, if you got $5,000 or more laying around the house you can bid on the jersey bryce harp earp was wearing when he was stroked out by jonathan papp papplebaun. harper said he's not behind the action and does not know how the company got a jersey. he's annoyed about the situation. harper said that jersey is at his house but the team said the jersey said it's legit. perhaps because harper wears two uniforms a game. the auction ends next month. you still have a chance to bid on it. that's the inside pitch from frank hammerham. >> almost $5,000. this is the time of year you see limos parked outside restaurants, teenagers all ed
5:53 pm
why not go big or go home. meet steven beaver, a senior. that girl next to him, that's not one of his classmates. she's a redskins cheerleader. he tweeted at christa aikens and asked how many retweets it would take for her to be his prom date. she said at least 10,000. he made it happen. check out the rolls royce that he rolled up in. they went to prom this weekend. looked like they had a lot of fun. of course all of his classmates probably extremely jealous of his date. >> who drove? >> very good question. well, he's a senior so he can drive. >> okay. >> i don't know if anybody is going to let an 18-year-old drive a rolls royce. >> i would have said 20,000 tweets. forget it. we have to go. we have to go. we have to go. >> yes, we do. i am going to save you. coming up at 6:00, the virginia governor reacts to
5:54 pm
fbi is investigating a $12,000 cam pin contribution. >> the clinton and trump cam bain trade new a-- campaign trade new attacks. >> the blue angels make room in the dc skies
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
what a show over the national mall today. we captured a fly by
5:57 pm
canadian forces snow birds just after noon. right now the jet team is still in town getting ready for an anniversary celebration. wusa 9's pete montene explains. >> nine jets brought blue skies and a crowd. al morales made it his perch. >> how many times in a lifetime do you get to see them? especially here in in area. -- in this area. >> they swooped over the dc sites twice and then headed for dulles airport. >> they flew over the pentagon. it was a good show of friendly force. >> the showing is a welcome guest at the smithsonian. it's if first time a military jet treatment has -- teem theechl has -- theme has been here. >> they hope to do it next year when canada celebrates the 150th anniversary. >> it's an opportunity to meet your neighbors in a way. >> snow
5:58 pm
said no plans have been finalized yet. >> for us it's a great opportunity to come and raise awareness of that. you know, it's been 150 years of a great partnership with our neighbors to the south. >> hear the team met with david mcnagtin. he said he's proud of the team being in washington. >> wusa 9. >> thank you, pete . the snow birds were trending on twitter in dc today. their jets will be on display tomorrow at the center from noon until 5:00. right now at 6:00, virginia governor terry mccolluh said he does nothing wrong since the reports that he's the subject of an fbi investigation. >> the clinton campaign launches a new attack at donald trump. >> a judge rules a sexual assault case against bill cosby will go to jail. -- will go to
5:59 pm
mccolluh take illegal donations. peggy fox is asking the governor about that investigation. >> the governor said he has nothing to hide. he answered reporters questions today and one of the most interesting things he said was that he doesn't get he met the chinese billionaire whose donations is at the heart of the probe. >> investigations happen. no one has allege ed d any wrong doing on my part. >> as governor mccolluh facing questions about an fbi probe virginians are wondering what to think. >> i would like to have all the facts to make up my mind. >> some are skeptical of all big campaign donations. >> i think campaign season all money is refuted. >> republicans are seizing on the news and on mccolluh's close relationship with hillary clinton. >> it's not shocking that her
6:00 pm
>> i don't think it will effect hillary clinton or me at all. what should you be worried about. >> c nshg -- cnn first reported that they are looking into a $120,000 donation from a chinese businessman who owns west legend, a large new jersey import and export company. campaign money must come from legal residents. the governor said he is a legal resident who made a legal donation. >> i personally didn't get the check. i rely on the people who did the vetting for it. they said he had a green card since 2007. they said that he was entitled to write the check. >> the washington post reports that the investigation is also looking into mccolluh's personal finances and foreign sources of income. >> the fbi has still not officially confirmed the investigation. in alexandria, peggy fog, wusa 9. >> and, again, governor mccolluh said he will cooperate and answer any questions from investigators. it's


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