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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> i don't think it will effect hillary clinton or me at all. what should you be worried about. >> c nshg -- cnn first reported that they are looking into a $120,000 donation from a chinese businessman who owns west legend, a large new jersey import and export company. campaign money must come from legal residents. the governor said he is a legal resident who made a legal donation. >> i personally didn't get the check. i rely on the people who did the vetting for it. they said he had a green card since 2007. they said that he was entitled to write the check. >> the washington post reports that the investigation is also looking into mccolluh's personal finances and foreign sources of income. >> the fbi has still not officially confirmed the investigation. in alexandria, peggy fog, wusa 9. >> and, again, governor mccolluh said he will cooperate and answer any questions from investigators. it's
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republican voters as donald trump gets closer to locking up the gop presidential nomination. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fighting for the biggest prize yet on the calendar, california. mark albert has the late nest -- latest in the race for the white house. >> bernie sanders whipped up an enthusiastic crowd in anaheim, california on tuesday. >> this is a campaign of the people, by the people and for the people. >> sanders persistent crowds have forced hillary clinton to spend valuable time and resources here. including at this l.a. event about foster care. >> if i'm fortunate enough to be your president it will be a heartfelt priority. >> clinton only needs 90 more delegates to secure the nomination. her campaign is shifting to attack her likely opponent in the fall, donald trump.
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>> if there's a bubble burst as they call it -- >> this seeks to put trump as a businessman. >> i sort of hopes that happens because people like me would go in and by. >> trump said the media should check out the clinton foundation that he said is dishonest. >> his campaign manager corey lewandowskied said more is coming. >> he's authentic and that's what the american people want. >> the primary should put him a few dozen delegates away from clenching the gop nomination. mark albert, cbs news. >> the sanders campaign asked for a recount of votes in kentucky. it is vowed to fight for every delegate. and election alert throughout the presidential race, download our free wusa 9
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missouri senator roy blunt is calling for the resignation of veterans affairs secretary robert mcdonald. blunt and other lawmakers are mad that he compared long wait times at va hospitals to waiting in line for a ride at a disney park. >> sloan gibson said they regret the distraction that's been caused by these remarks. we're following breaking news in virginia right now. a plane went down and two people died. that's in unionville. there's still no information about where that plane came from, why it crashed or who was on board. sky 9 is heading to the scene and we hope to have pictures by our 7:00 p.m. newscast so join us them. we have breaking news out of south carolina right now. the justice department will seek the death penalty against dylan roof. he's accused of killing nine people during
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rampage last summer inside a church in charleston. it came during a bible study at emanuel ame church. the judge in pennsylvania has ordered bill cosby to stand trial on a felony of sexual assault charge. he's accused of drugging and sexual assaulting a former temple university employee andrea constand back in 2004. she said cosby gave her bills to make everything dizzy and blurry. >> it was intoxicating to her. she was unable to consent. you know, that set the crime. >> in a statement cosby made to police back in 2005 he said he was consensual. dozens of other women have accused the entertainer of sexual assault but in those cases the statute of limitations has run out. cosby is fighting several deformation lawsuits against
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them liars. a church said it will notify people sooner about violent crimes on the transit system. this comes after it took more than a month for police to reveal a violent alleged rape at knife point on a red line train in glenmont. it might have only happened because the suspect appeared in court for the first time yesterday. that's when we found out about it and reported it on the news. >> i think of all the times that i've ridden and when i've been the only one with one other person on the train. i feel like i was stupid to not be more alert. >> i think that metro has the responsibility to its patrons and riders. >> to tell them. >> yeah, alert people . >> the new ceo ordered police to let everyone know about violent crime the same day unless it will jeopardize the investigation. metro's red line is back on track after a frustrating morning commute.
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tracking and two large sections of the red line were down. the bethesda station was bypassed for a short time. riders saw delays of up to 45 minutes. >> the metro general manager appeared before a house sub committee on capitol hill. john micah of florida gave him a certificate after appreciation for firing some 20 managers jokingly. he said he had no pleasure in the firings but he told the panel metro managers must be held accountable. >> i held a meeting with all 650 of them. it was the first time in my understanding the history of the agency. i explained what we're doing and that accountability is probably the most important thing besides safety and customer service. >> late yesterday secretary of transportation anthony fox appointed the top lawyer to focus on fixes -- fixing the metro system. >>
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launching a new project called mission metro. it's to seek solutions. >> today adam longo is riding in open to close to talk to riders about their commute. he's live from gallery place in chinatown station. tell us what are you hearing now, adam and what have you been hearing all day long? >> reporter: sure. we're at chinatown as you mentioned. what we've been hear ing ing is a mix of everything, bruce. we were there on the first train out of shady grove this morning. we were there for those horrendous delay on the red line this morning while they were single tracking down top dupont and ending up here at gallery place. it took us three times as long as it should have. mainly folks said they have come to accept it, dealing with it. not a lot of frustration, more defeat. they don't have any other alternative. they're not going to get in their car or pay for parking or drive the district if
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they're coming from the suburb. take a look at video. this is something that folks have just come to expect. i met one guy traveling from francoia up to la font. he said he's quitting because he needs to be at work and it's not liable. he can't count on it to be there. throughout our travels today we got to travel on the new cars that are exciting. only on the yellow and green lines though. one of the big things that we did besides talking to you the rider, which was the goal, we went to capitol hill and had a chance to talk with virginia senator mark warner about what he sees as some of the solutions and what we can do about finally finding a dedicated funding source. let's listen to what the senator had to say. >> why give the new general manager credit for not trying to punt the problem anymore, acknowledging that we're going to have to focus on this.
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it's going to be a hassle for folks. long term if that can get us back on line, that can make sure that the ridership feels safer. that's going to be a better system for the whole community. >> reporter: so now our goal is to ride this system until midnight. we're about halfway there as far as hitting all the stops. we hit 48 out of the 91 stops. again, folks still coming into gallery place right here. this feels like the main junction of the universe there's so many people. we have the yellow, red and green lines here. we're going to do a live report and coming up we're going to go to the navy yard tonight. bruce, jan back to you . >> adam, before you leave just a quick question, you used the word defeat. are these people that have options? are these people who could be taking their cars or bikes or whatever if they wanted to? >> reporter: sure. these are the folks that just don't want to have to sit in traffic. it's
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wait three times as long occasionally to get to work if they have to just so they can forego all of the drive time and bumper to bumper rush hour and having to pay to park and find a place to park once they come downtown. so a lot of them do have cars but a lot of them feel like that's not and option when it comes to battling the morning are you should -- the morning rush hour. >> thank you so much. get some coffee. he's been there all morning. be sure to join us all evening for mission metro. check out wusa 9 on twitter. see what adam is up to. share you questions and comments. burn marks from the remains found in egypt air flight 8034 suggests there was an explosion. that's according to a forensic official who said human remains are small and have burn marks. egypt's forensic medical department said it's far too early to tell whether an
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explosion brought down flight 804. ships are still searching for the black boxes. all 66 people on board were killed last week when the flight from paris to cairo disappeared over the mediterranean sea. pakistan will not confirm a terrorist leader was killed in an american drone strike until they perform a dna test. u.s. and afghan officials said that man is mulla mansour. the u.s. agency had been tracking him for a while. it did send a message to pakistan that the u.s. would take action on pakistan soil if necessary to fight terrorism. president obama criticizing vietnam's communist government for the human rights record. thousands lined his route this morning. this comes one day after obama lifted the sale on military weapons to vietnam. >> although there's been some modest progress and it's our hope through some legal
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that are being drafted there will be more progress. >> the white house is being sharply criticized for lifting the embargo before vietnam improved its human rights records. property values just went up and block parties in dc's coloramo are bound to get more interesting too. according to the national journal president obama and the first family will rent a home in the neighborhood after they leave the white house. it's in the northwest. the obamas are stay ing ing in dc until daughter sasha can finish school. president obama will be the first person to stay in town after office since wilson did so. >> imagine secret service in that area. >> imagine running into the president and first family at the uptown theater. >> you might run into them. coming up, step g ping up the fight against isis. iraq forces said it's gaining ground.
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owner said he's relieved after a robbery at his jewelry store. >> what a day. it felt like late may may and tomorrow is going to feel like late june. 88 in buoy. we will come back and we will look ahead to the holiday weekend. there is some storms trying
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some men wanted for an armed robbery are now in crustustody. -- custody. >> the store owner is back inside picking up the pieces after he was robbed and held at gunpoint this weekend. he said he feels relief and safer knowing the two suspects are behind bars. >> mommed reyes was helping what he thought was an ordinary customer. >> he said he got married so he wanted to buy a gift for his new bief. >> that's this man, who distracted before another man came in and opened fire. >> he just s
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>> police have now arrested 24-year-old william franklin. reyes said the suspect tied him up and held him at gunpoint as he filled bags with jewelry. >> they took everything. >> the suspects car jacked one, shot a bystander and crashed their car on foot, leaving the store owner and community startled. >> hopefully they don't get away with doing that. >> just a few day later franklin was arrested at home and sethi taken into custody as he checked in for a flight at newark. >> we're glad these two evil people are off the street. >> both men are in custody and waiting to extradited back to fairfax county. police say that could take another week or so. wusa 9. >> franklin has 20 prior charges including theft.
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possession of marijuana. right now two fbi agents are recovering from gunshot wound after they were shot trying to serve an arrest warrant on a suspected drug dealer. this happened in chicago this morning. investigators say they are not life threatening so they're expected to survive. the man they were trying to arrest was a high ranking street gang member facing drug charges. he was later found dead inside his house. iraq's defense minister has released photos of air strikes destroying isis targets. they were carried out yesterday and destroyed fuel tankers and killed several isis fighters. they are trying to drive isis. the tsa has fired the
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kelly hogan was fired amid complaints after being lines at airports. in chicago a new leadership team has been put in place. hogan is being replaced by his deputy. hallelujah, we got some sunshine today. >> you know one thing that ticks people off about that guy, he had a big bonus and they were like, come on, we have long lines. we have a bonus today. i mean, low 8 #0 0 -- 80s today. that's not too far off of the average. now it's going to get warm for the rest of the week. todon't think that we're going see any complaints. let's start with our 3 deagree guarantee. -- degree guarantee. we went 73. -- 83. i was reading like 86, 87 in the car. we went 81 rather for a high. i was reading 86, 87 when we rolled in this afternoon. we will give you the official numbers at 11:00. right now it's 83. look at the humidity, 3 1%. this is a nice, nice evening. the nicest evening that we've had in a while. the nice evening will lead to a mild night. in fact, lows in the 60s downtown. bus stopem
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that's 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and then a wonderful wednesday. even warmer tomorrow. mid to upper 80s today. just a few thunderstorms on thursday. we don't see hardly any of all. just a few on friday. at 10:00 tonight clear skies, low 70s downtown. 67 silver spring. by 6:00 a.m. now at 60 in leesburg and maybe 5 in frederick. really a comfortable morning. by 9:00 temperatures start going up quickly. low 70s already. 71 bowie. by 1:00 p.m. the low 80s. i think this is a little bit low. i think more like 84 by 1:00 p.m. by 6:00 p.m. sunshine across the board. the temperatures are going to be the in mid to upper 80s tomorrow. i think some areas will touch 87, 88 degrees. on the day planner, clear skies, 60s to start, 79 by 11:00 and 84 by 1:00 p.m. thursday isolated storm, 87. still a pretty good day.
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storms on friday, 87. still a pretty good day. the next 7 days. saturday we're going to keep it dry a few storms on sunday. not a wash out. on monday maybe some trop ical characteristics of a storm. the low 80s on tuesday with more showers and storms. if you want to book a picnic or cook out go saturday or sunday. steven strasburg will take the mound for the nats tonight. a preview coming up. >> the next stop for adam longo just happens to be tonight's nationals game. hey, adam. >> reporter: that's right , jan. just because we haven't been on enough busy trains since i've been riding the rail since 5:00 we're on our way to the navy yard to talk to nats fans. we couldn't have pulled this off without a fantastic team. this is our wusa 9 on metro team. we're on social facebook and twitter there
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night. check that out for great pictures and videos that we've done. we have a lot more stops to hit tonight. we have 38 more stops that we have to hit before we have all of them done. we have wusa 9 sports coming up after this break hey d.c., guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another: their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. ♪
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in football the saying is any given sunday. in baseball it can basically change any given day. we saw a role reversal last night. gonzalez fresh off his win in new york got rocked by the mets at
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park. the nats tonight hoping that trend doesn't continue. it's steven strasburg's time on the mound. he's undefeated this season still at 7-0. last week he beat the nets with 10 strike outs white the nats bats hammered harvey for nine runs. as we saw last night and quite often in a 162 game season things can change from day-to-day. >> this season is a marathon. the fact that we're in first place is great but we know how much road is ahead of us. we have to continue to find a way to get better and play baseball. the rest of the league will be in mid season formnd a we have a target on our back and they want a piece of it. the red and gold got back to work today for the first day of organized team activitiesful . memorial day weekend in philadelphia the university of maryland fans descended on the city o
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maryland flags waving in support of their lacrosse team. the men got knocked off while the women went onto win their second straight title. it's this weekend that the maryland pride is backed, the men and women both top ranked. >> there's so much maryland pride right now going into this big final four weekend. we're thrilled for them and i know they're really excited for us. i think it's a lot of good vibes. >> it's been awesome. just feeding off each other and seeing each other in the hallways or whatever it may be, saying congratulations, good luck this weekend. it's just a very positive energy going around. >> and then tomorrow is the big deadline we need to find out if tremble is going to go into the nba draft or return to college park. that's the
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>> rose: a judge orders bill cosby to stand trial for sexual assault. also tonight, cell phone video exposes a gap in airport security. >> you have employees coming in with backpacks, leaving with backpacks. you don't know what they're bringing onto the airfield. you don't know what they're taking off of the airfield. >> rose: are these muscle cars strong enough to survive a crash? and a magazine cover that made edward locke the butt of a joke. >> the towns people said i was the kid who showed his butt for $5. >> this captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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