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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 24, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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beginning with breaking news in orange county, virginia. sky 9 is live over the scene of a deadly plane crash. state police tell us the small plane crashed into a road in the small town of roseville 30 miles west of fredericksburg. we are told two people in that plane were killed as we look at the debris that's left behind right now. no other casualties have been reported. the gnats is sending -- ntsb is sending in a team to investigate. we will continue to follow the developments on the wusa9 app and of course tonight at 11:00. new demands today from metro after an alleged rape on a train, thanks for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. the new gm listened. john hicks allegedly grabbed a woman on a red line train, forced her into a corner and raped her at knife point and then pushed her to another corner and sexually assaulted her again. the woman
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her. while the incident allegedly happened april 12th, it wasn't until yesterday when hicks appeared in court that reporters and the public found out about it. >> metro has no concern for us. we are going to wait two months to find out that we have been -- we know this woman has been raped, sexually molested and indecent exposure. all this time we have to ride a train and we don't know if we are safe or not. >> i really think they should have told everybody. >> the new gm today ordered that metro transit police notify the public about violent crime the same day until it's -- unless it's going to jeopardize the investigation. the metro police are telling us about a robbery on the green line. it happened about 9:30 last night. police are not confirming reports the victim was pistol whipped but they say the victim was not seriously hurt. metro's red line back on schedule tonight but under intense scrutiny on a day
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to showcase the good and the bad about metro. we were there this morning when red line riders experienced big delays all caused by failing high voltage equipment at woodley park and medical center. metro is doing some intensive track repair work on the line through friday, fixes cannot come soon enough for frustrated commuters. >> they really need to fix what's going on because a lot of people are kind of depending on the train. >> took an hour and a half to get from dupont to grovner. could have walked. >> i think it has to do with the culture of the organization. >> one man, a fitness instructor, passed the time by jumping rope. metro says trains were delayed for up to 45 minutes. wusa9 anchor adam longo was on the red line this morning and is still riding the rails as part of mission metro. he's been all over the area, isn't stopping until, what, the clock strikes midnight, adam? >> right now adam is down near nats park as fans head into tonit'
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riders today, adam? >> reporter: yeah, that's a great question, jan and it depends on where on the metro system we have been to get those answers. we have got a lively and energetic crowd down here, certainly along the green line at the navy yard. of course the game is going to start in a couple of minutes. you can see fans over here at m and hef street in southeast waiting to pour across the work. it's after work, they are having drinks enjoying themselves. and then you look straight down the road and there you can see the beautiful park in the distance. people still pouring out of the metro station here. let me tell you something, the train ride getting here, it was -- can i illustrate? come here, kirk. we were literally standing like this in the train. everybody was close together. when you talk about how we were talking, we are talking with the riders. as they were doing that single tracking, we were at tinley town, it took us 45 minutes to get from tinley town to gallery place. that should take 15. people, they were frustrated, they were more just kind of
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what are we going to do about it? we can't really -- we are not going to drive, we are not going to pay to park or sit in traffic. we met one guy, a physical trainer, who was out there with a jump rope on a platform. he said i'm not just going to stomp my feet and complain about metro. i am going to get out here and get out my jump rope and exercise. on the yellow and green lines we hopped on the new 7000 series cars. folks over there excited for the ride, having a good time. here at nats park people enjoying themselves as well. we will be back later in the show to tell you about the purpose of us being out here on metro and look up our hashtag, #wusa9 on metro. bruce, jan, back into you guys. >> unique is a good word. i like the pictures you have been posting all day on there. there are classic ones. you've been up for a long time. you can continue to follow adam's day long metro mission using the
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social media. this is what late may is supposed to feel like, sunny skies, warm temps. chief meteorologist topper shutt finally is not talking about rain all the time. can we expect more sunshine tomorrow, topper? >> we can. it's a nice evening. let me talk you through the futurecast. 10:00 tonight, still going to be mild, low 70s downtown, upper 60s in the burbs, 67 in the suburbs. at 6:00 a.m. a sprinkling of 50s but mainly low 60s. by 8:00 we are back in the mid to upper 60s and then by lunchtime the numbers are low. i think we will be in the mid- 80s by lunchtime with pretty much pure sun, by 5:00 at least 85 in leesburg, probably more like 86, more like 87 downtown and more like 85 in la plata. memorial day, there's a chance that an area of low pressure can develop on the southeast coast on sunday and move northward and produce pretty good rains and showers and thunderstorms on monday so plan your
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saturday or sunday. bill cosby is pleading not guilty to felony sex assault charges. today a judge ruled there is enough evidence to proceed in the first criminal trial cosby about face. former temple university employee andrea constand says cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her back in 2004. she believes cosby gave her pills that made her everything dizzy and blurry. cosby told police the sex was consensual. >> it was intoxicating to her and that she was unable to consent, you know, that's the crime. >> there was no evidence of a crime here and if the inconsistencies that plagued this investigation from the beginning continue to playing it now -- plague it now. >> bill cosby remains free on $1 million bond tonight. dozens of other women have accused the entertainer of sexual assault but in those cases the statute of limitations has run out. virginia's governor now says he did nothing wrong. governor terry mcauliffe was in
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questions about a federal probe into his 2014 gubernatorial campaign. among the things the fbi is looking into, at $120,000 donation from this chinese billionaire who owns an american company. the governor claims his lawyers vetted him and confirmed he could legally make campaign donations. >> i can only rely, i personally didn't get the check. i rely on the people who did the vetting for it, they said he had a green card from 2007. so the contribution came in and they have unagive clee said -- unequivocally said he was entitled to write the check. >> a chinese businessman giving our candidate for governor at the time is wrong. >> our editorial partners at the washington post report that federal prosecutors are also looking into mcauliffe's personal finances focusing on foreign sources of income. today the fairfax county police chief called these two men evil and said he is glad they have off
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william franklin iv and jasminder sethi were involved in a crime spree. various agencies helped track down the suspects but the fairfax county police put their names on a national -- in a national database. later why not one but two crews of talented pilots were circling above us today. and next caught on camera, wanted for questioning. the reason police want to hear from anyone who knows these men. you're watching wusa9 and your only local news at 7:00.
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we've got new video tonight. two men wanted for questioning in the d.c. murder. police shared this surveillance video on their youtube page today. it's easy to see the -- i don't know how easy it is to see but two men they are hoping to talk with. the video is clear, they say, and you can seth
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white hat has a wing tattoo on his head. police believe they might have been involved in an incident at eighth street earlier this month that led to 28-year-old shamel lancaster's death. new information tonight on a story drawing big attention on the wusa9 facebook page today. investigators in south fort myers florida are looking into cell phone video reportedly taken of a teenaged girl who had sex with as many as 25 male students inside a school bathroom. police say that video came to light after it was posted on social media and then taken down. school officials also say there is surveillance video showing those male going into that rest room while she was inside. they say she even admitted to having sex with several of them. a school resource officer in montgomery county with a history of trouble is under investigation again. mauricio vega is accused of using force at the high school prom. there was an issue of students drinking. witnesses say vega put
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student in a headlock and then pinned her to the ground. the officer was put on school resource duty after facing trouble in 20 for driving drunk in a police cruisers. big shake-up at the transportation safety administration. kelly hogan is out as the agency's head of security. hogan's removal comes as more travelers missed flights because of long security checkpoint lines. the tsa blames staffing shortages, tightened screening measures and an increased number of fliers. gorgeous day, temperatures more in line with may, but the pollen a little high. high for freeze, low for grasses and high for mold spores. we will come back, talk about which day you might want to arrange a cookout over the holiday weekend. right now we will talk to adam at nats park. are you tired? >> reporter: that's right, topper, outside the navy yard station on the green line. folks still pouring into the nats game although they are going to be late. we are starting a new project at wusa9 called mission metro. we are riding the rails today from 5:00 until midnight. tell you more about
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we are on a mission today to hear from you about everything metro. >> wusa9's adam longo is coming up on hour 15 riding the rails for mission metro. he's been from prince george's county to virginia. he has seen more than half of metro's stations but might have missed a few when we caught him snoozing, cat
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he's not stopping until midnight. >> adam joins us live again fueled by a whole lot of coffee, i'm sure, adam. >> reporter: yeah, actually not too much. we are trying to stay at an even keel so we can keep our levels straight all the way through. we've got 41 more stops to hit tonight and we've got to do it in about 4 1/2 hours. i'm confident we can pull it off. we've got quite a team here with us. i want to tell you an interesting story first about something that happened to us at shady grove so we were there doing reports for the morning show at 4:30 this morning. the very first e-mail that popped into my head this morning was an e-mail from somebody back at the station saying if you hear gunshots, don't worry, metro officials are dealing with an injured deer. so that's the way the day started. 10 minutes after that, there was a fox chasing a goose through the parking lot at shady grove. so it's been like wild kingdom at least first thing in the morning and then of course it felt like that when we were all crammed into the red line train and had single tracking issues first at the medical center and
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it took us from 5:00 in the morning until 8:30, of course we were hopping on and off the train to get to gallery place. we are going to hop back on the green line, go down to branch avenue and then hitting the silver, blue and orange lines. i want to talk to folks who are out on the orange and silver lines because those are the folks in less than two weeks who are going to be the first to deal with metro's safe track plan. what that means is metro is going to be in there all day, all night doing work. those trains are going to be really slow running at 18 minute intervals. that's going to be from east balls church in boston. so anyone coming from weily reston, coming from vienna is going to face a heck of a time for a stretch of 13 days to get downtown if that's where we are going. #wusa9metro. it's been a heck of a day so far. 4 1/2 hours to go. we will make it. back to you. >> strawburg is
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is pitching. you going to get a chance to see him? >> reporter: we've got a lot more stops. if we rode one of his fast balls instead of the train we could probably get to where we are going faster but physics, i don't think that's possible. >> he's busy. we should go down and see the nats. thanks a lot. good time, man. you can follow his mission metro journey and the #wusa9onmetro. he's posting on facebook, twitter and snapchat. the canadian snow birds jet team sweeped over the d.c. site twice this noon. this is a bit of a tease for can dan's anniversary next year. dulles, you can check them out from noon to 5:00 tomorrow. >> beautiful. and folks got a treat in the skies over annapolis as well. this is the blue angels, they put on a show as part of the naval academy's commissioning week activities. the or
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homecoming for two of the pilots who graduated from the naval academy including one of the first female pilots in the blue angels 70-year history. team is going to fly again tomorrow at 2:00 and the weather should be nice, right, top? >> perfect, i mean pleasantly warm, not humid, yes, and clear skies. i mean, does it get better than that? >> nope. >> and we kind of deserve it after all this time. let's talk about the 3-degree guarantee. we are looking at -- going for a high of 81. i came in driving, it was 86 and i think we are going to be okay. we will let you know tonight at 11:00. live look outside at our michael & son weather cam, gorgeous, 82 right now, dew points in the 40s, humidity only 30%. that's nice. wind out of the -- winds out of the northwest at 14. the nice evening will lead to a mild night. in fact, downtown low temps hold in the 60s. bus stop temperatures 56 to 76. 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. across the board. warms up pretty rapidly. a wonderful wednesday, very warm, not humid and then a
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afternoon thunderstorms on thursday, a little better chance on friday but at this point i would keep your plans outside. but let's talk about monday. there's a chance we could see an area of low pressure off the southeast coast move northeastward and produce some rain showers and thunderstorms for us on memorial day. so it's a possible coastal. it could even have some tropical characteristics, although it was still pretty darn cold. monitoring a possible coastal storm for memorial day, could be a possible washout. if that scenario happens it will be a washout. european models further south and east which will be less showers and less rain. okay. tonight 10:00, look at this 75 downtown, 70 in gaithersburg, 68 in la plata. by morning maybe a few 50s. 59 in gaithersburg, maybe 60 in silver springs, 61 in fairfax and then by 9:00 we are back around 70, 71 in fredericksburg and about 72 in leesburg . i'm told w
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underground at oklahoma city. i guess i want video. that's cool. look at the debris. and you see the debris field? that's what causes all the injuries and all the fatalities. that's a classic tornado and, again, they are small. you know, they may be -- that thing may be three, 400 yards wide and that's it. and maybe on the ground a minute or two. of course they stay on the ground longer out in oklahoma but that's pretty good video right there. wow. we are looking at clear skies tomorrow afternoon, temps in the low to mid-80s and i think the numbers are low, i really do. i think tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. we are going to be 84, 85, 86 degrees across the board with clear skies. so day planner, 60s to start and then we are 79 already by 11:00. we are 84 by 1:00 p.m. thursday again isolated storms, still a good day, 87, friday a few storms in the afternoon, still a good day, 87. we will keep saturday dry for now. nats on friday d
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ballpark, a few storms on sunday, a washout -- not at a washout, possible thundershowers and -- saturday and sunday a little better to have a picnic or a cookout or a
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. playing lacrosse on memorial day weekend an annual thing for the university of maryland and this weekend they will descend on the city of brotherly love. kathy rees throttled u mass sunday and not only looking for their third title but to finish out a perfect season. the men looking for their first national title since 1975 crushed the orange over the weekend. >> overall the way our defense played, the way our offense played, i think we are a confident group, certainly not cocky and i think it's going to benefit us going to the final 4. >> this is exactly where we want to be at this point in the season. we want to be firing on all
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cylinders. we want to be -- finishing on every shot. >> we head into the final 4 and we are really just emphasizing confidence and believing in ourselves and believing in our teammates. >> the university of maryland is a lacrosse hot bed and it's encouraging when the boys are doing so well that we are doing well and cool we are both going to philly together. >> the commitment from everybody has come through the roof right now. everyone is dedicated and committed. >> whether it's a crazy outfit, a sweet ride nor the after- party, high schoolers this time of year trying to make their proms a memorable one. one local senior found himself a date and all of his friends would be jealous of. this is steven bieber from old mill high in anne arundel county, his date is christa aiken, she is a redskins cheerleader. bieber tweeted at her and asked how many tweets it would be for her to be his prom date, she said at least 10,000 and obviously he made that happen. check out the royals royce that he rolled up in. talk about going out in
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>> cute looking couple there. >> i know. very nice of her to go and they look like they had a lot of fun. >> downhill now. [ laughter ] >> just sayin'. that's news at 7:00. have a great evening. i don'or wonder whether i theshould seek treatment.c. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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>> tonight dancing tears flowing inside a finale making grown men cr >> nyle leaving everybody in tears. what you didn't see behind the scenes. >> there was not a dry eye in the house. >> i'm grilling her about the new season. >> you are good. >> right over here. >> and what really happens that first night. why i assembled a panel of e and chip and joanna gains. we're at home with the lovable couple from hgtv's number show. >> ten times crazier in life. >> now, for may 24th, 2015, this is entertainment tonight. >> tonight is the dancing with the stars finale and anybody's ball game. one of the tightest races ever.


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