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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 24, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> tonight dancing tears flowing inside a finale making grown men cr >> nyle leaving everybody in tears. what you didn't see behind the scenes. >> there was not a dry eye in the house. >> i'm grilling her about the new season. >> you are good. >> right over here. >> and what really happens that first night. why i assembled a panel of e and chip and joanna gains. we're at home with the lovable couple from hgtv's number show. >> ten times crazier in life. >> now, for may 24th, 2015, this is entertainment tonight. >> tonight is the dancing with the stars finale and anybody's ball game. one of the tightest races ever.
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emotional. >> cameron was there for all the tears and the performance of the night. model nyle dimarco who is deaf may have just clenched it. >> so incredibly powerful moving and there was not a dry eye in the house. ♪ >> this was something special. nyle danced to the sound of silence and dedicated it to the deaf community. >> honestly i'm honore it's not often that a deaf person took advantage of this
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platform. ♪ >> in 22 seasons that is the best dance i have ever seen. >> the overall highest scores of the night with paige van zandt and partner mike ballad. this was their emotional moment, a free style to somewhere over the rainbow and it was by mark's fiancee. >> it's just really special on this show now. she completely opened up. she completely changed. i don't know what that did right now. >> i just felt it. having my fiancee sing for us the song. the rendition. everything just i don't know. just all the things happened at once. and ginger zee pushed through back spasms coming in second for the night. >> i'm so happy that we got through it and we'll get through it and go learn some other
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>> yeah. all right. i'm going to put you on the spot right now. i want to know who is going to win the championship tonight and you better be right. >> after last night's dances my choice is totally changed. because i love ginger but the audience typically votes from an emotional freestyle and knocked it out of the park. >> a lot of the women vote. >> well, the competition for jojo's kick off and stopped by here today to talk abou everything. and i mean everything. starting with all the crazy first impressions that k getting more and more deliciously cringe worthy. >> have to get right to the juicy s watching those fellas arrive. the first impressions that you must have had because you had a unicorn. you even had santa & >> i had it all last ni
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anything outlandish. he gave you the best first impression. >> that night was so overwhelming. did you know coming into it that aaron rogers who is the f quarterback? >> yes. >> did he play nfl himself? >> yes. >> you gave him the first impression rose. >> i did. first impression rose can be a good thing for some people or end up being bad thing. >> this is the guy that i felt most connected to that night so i went with it. >> you went on and on about his butt a little bit. >> he's got a good butt. >> my goodness. his butt. butt. >> my hand might have accidentally slipped and it was very firm. and then i thought ma
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to start doing squats i'm going to keep up with him. >> are you dating? >> i can't answer that. >> jojo you're good. and you look fantastic by the wwy. >> thank you. >> did they give you a wardrobe? >> yeah. >> we have a really great stylist on the show. he helped me. before the show we do sittings. pick out the things that i love the most and a great make up artist and i do my own hair. you can always do your own hair the best. i feel like that's how mine is. >> do you think you can find real love on reality tv. >> i found love with ben not thinking that it's going to be possible. >> you're completely over ben? >> definitely over it. i was ready to find that special someone again >> did you find him? >> it's about 8 minutes and they were helping me pull back the veil on the bachelorette. how that escaped. >> how much is real and howh muc is unreal?
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anyway, the final four performed original songs and one will be crowned the winner and it could be a historic night. >> she's just killing it. she's slaying. >> if anybody deserves to be the winner of the voice it's you. >> last night christina lost it over curly sue star allison porter. tonight the front runner could help her break the voice's glass ceiling. no female coach has ever won. >> even when we get guest stars i'm like it's a girl. it's a girl. >> perform tonight with a hologram and she will instead take the stage with arian grande. >> this is a working version of the whitney hologram that was supposo ed tair on the voice. >> only inside the game the
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duet >> we found a performance and we were ahead with a digital head. so once that whitney was made and you saw it, you knew there needed to be more work done on it? >> we were given a very short amount of time by nbc. we spent a lot more time than we did. >> while the hologram disappeared for now there's a show in the works and she'll be back. >> the show is a very broadway style extravaganza of her life story. >> it includes 8 to 10 of whitney's greatest hits, scenes from the body guard and a very special performance. >> you have a moment of whitney and bobby christina together on stage. t'
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>> the two of them together. it sends chils up your spine they're about six months away from having a version of these ready for the world to see. michelle joins us because she has more news to get to. >> kelly osborne. >> i mean, i see you. >> exactly. she may have let the whole world see the phone number and mrs. o. had something to say about it. >> you have to laugh. she's so funny. sharon was the proud mom talking about her daughter's twitter revenge to 4 million plus followers where kelly had an on scene suggestion with the phone number. >> what are you going to do be angry with her because she loves her mom and dad and she wants us to be together? she loves us. she is an adu >> the former hairstylist has stayed out of sight. sharon and the ladies of the talk were all smiles honored by the jewish family service.
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it was for their ability t inspire others which sharon has done. and the past couple of weeks it's been amazing. >> in a philadelphia court today the judge ruled that bill c will have to stand trial. it is from a 2004 cinase involvg the first-person to allege a sexual assault by cosby. they reached a settlement in 2006 and now 47 women have come forward with assault claims against cosby. more than 30 of whom are represenned by gloria alred. >> the court was outstandin
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>> he denied the claims against him. they say the sex was consensual. we have no doubt this case will be resolved in mr. cosby's favor. >> i expect the defense will try to put him on trial and use defense strategy. >> here we go. the trial has been set for july 20th and if convicted he could face up to 10 years in prison. >> maybe we'll finally hear from bill cosby himself. >> coming up next are these stars us? one goes on a pizza run. >> see how far pink went to ge love from her daughter. >> she's not very impressed by me. >> later what really happens behind the scenes on the bachelorette. the inside scoop.
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>> how do stars keep their i dos a secret? >> we didn't tell anyone. even the guests until like in this modern day coliseum even ta group of gladiators prepare for battle. carrying on their shoulders the legacy of a nation, and... enormous heads.
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[whistle] ♪ ♪ winning a presidential race is hard, but saving money with geico is easy. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> now are these stars glam or us?
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check out the two sides of chloe grace. she glamed it up last night but back in her east village hotel 19-year-old chloe is like a typical she brought in two boxes of pizza and coker s fodi hungry? lady gaga's grocery store run on horseback. come on gaga this screams glam. yesterday morning she was looking in malibu with a friend. the pop star's record label ponied up for this girl as a gift. so what did gaga do? took the horse to water and got herself a drink. >> it was a nice gift. another way stars act like us, they take their kids to the movies but how many moms close down hollywood boulevard for a premiere? it was definitely glam. >> they would like to know what you thought of mommy's performance today. >> it was good. >> good like awesome good or like kind of good. >> awesome good.
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>> oh. hey i got an awesome. thank you. >> pink's just like fire is the official song of the alice through the looking glass mov johnny depp is the mad hatter. >> so i was wondering what your red carpet pregame was. >> here it is. >> anne hathaway also keepi cool and coy finance dent for her first premiere since giving birth two months ago. >> is it date night for you tonight or is adam looking after baby jonathan. >> no, adam is at home. >> has he seen yo >> i don't know. he should have stayed at home. >> he knows where my heart is. he has nothing to worry about. >> cameron gets down and dirty with the most historical couple at home with chip and joanna gains and why they're just like
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>> plus secrets rev three former bachelorettes are telling all. >> that's who she thinks she's g gointo end up with. >> closed captioning provided by.
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>> welcome back, everybody. reality show secrets that can't wait. there's a few of my favorite bachelorette. allie, desiree and andy. welcome ladies. here's what i want to know. >> okay. so the rumor that we heard that there's someone called a tear wrangler. there is a producer paid to get >> you trust them so much. you're encouraged to open up to them and you totally do and i can understand why people call that the tear wrangler but, that sounds like it's their sole job. maybe it is and we don't know. >> it just happens anyway. >> it just happens. >> you know all the limo exits. guy in a santa suit, guy in hot shirtless guy with tats. the producers come up with that too.
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>> i'm sure the guy did not show up to l.a. with a uniform. so there's a little bit of both for sure. >> you can mention the dumbest idea possible and they're like great idea. >> how about all the drinking. >> can it start at 8:00 a.m.? >> any time. >> really? >> people always wonder why do people get so drunk? not everyone realizes that th goes from about 8:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. so that's a good 12 hours of drinking and just really down time because you're just sitting around being bored. if you start drinking you don't realize. when you see people passed out they're not necessarily drunk. they're tired. >> auditioning is in there's a psych evaluation and contestants are asked are you on birth control and do you have a sex tape? >> they asked if there were nude photos online of me. i was like no. >> e
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and like a huge package and a psych test. they're like they make sure th you aren't crazy or make sure we are crazy. >> being the bachelorette there is fame and a new book it's not okay which is out now. my fairy tale wedding and has a blog and both are expecting. >> i'm 32 weeks so i'm due in 7 weeks here. & >> chris's baby. >> you bet on the bachelorette. >> i'm due in october. >> all rumors that r that you're dating chris harrison. >> i like how you star pregnancy.
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no definitely not dating chris harrison. he is one of my best friends. i don't think he'll ever date someone within the bachelor family >> he doesn't cross that line. >> thank you. >> a lot of inside scoop. >> after we have the baby we'll tell you. >> absolutely. >> are you ready to see your fixer upper? >> oh my god. husband and wife team chip and joanna gaines. they take fixer uppers and transform them into dream homes. the show is breaking ratings records after ratings records so i thought i'd go home with them so you can meet the couple behind the phenomenon. >> oh, what? >> what you see is what you get with the gaines. they're the most down home real people you'll ever meet. >> i tell them it's censored. what you see on tv is censored. he's ten times crazier in real life. i get to put up with him. i'm the lucky lady. >> we take the worst house in the best neighborhood and we turn it into a dream home. >> for me it's a dream come true because at the end of the day with a we're passionate about is creating homes for families. >> being successf >> remodelled well over 100 homes and counting. they're becoming an empire. they run a wte
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breakfast and real estate company and magnolia market gets 25,000 visitors a w they invited me along on one of the makeover job this couple never stops. >> you guys can't even walk around waco without people coming up to you and getting bombarded by autographs and photographs what is that like? >> just going out to the grocery store you forget and you are like why -- we're not used to it yet. >> home is this 113-year-old farmhouse where they're raising their four kids but hey have to
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house because they don't own a tv. >> when we go on vacation or we're traveling for the show we'll sit in the hotel room and instead of exploring the city we're like oh my goodness look what's on tv and we'll binge watch. >> who needs tv when you live on your own picture perfect 40 acre farm. >> here they come. >> here they go. come on in. >> here they chickens, horses and texas longhorn cattle that chip herds on his atv. >> it's the american dream. >> i couldn't leave waco without getting my hands dirty. chip challenged me to a demolition derby. >> 3, 2, 1. now you're getting it. >> first head through the wall wins.
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>> where are you? where are you? >> you win. >> very close. >> that renovation that i was a part of. next season's fixer upper which will start airing later this year but tonight they'll air an encore episode and chip and joanna's autobiography. >> stick around and see what happens when the price is right meets big brother in primetime.
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nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. of the shadows premiere. >> watch it at e.t. >> the price is right is going primetime tonight on cbs with a big show. and we are here to win a new car. >> you're doing a descent job. you think you're doing it the way the professionals do it. >> oh, it's over there. >> and then you see the tape and you go oh my goo
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>> do not look for drew. the most hated person in history. >> the icest guy. >> bye, everybody.
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and nine of their biggest fans... (audience cheering) ...will form an alliance to take on two showcase showdowns that will lead to one winner. expect the unexpected, right here, on the price is right. but first... george gray: here it comes! from the bob barker studio at cbs in hollywood, it's the price is right! (audience cheering) brian stock... and big brother houseguest will kirby, come on down! (no voice) geoffrey viacocha...


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