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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. it's time to get moving. that's what the chairman of the homeland security committee said in ari
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changes needed to the tsa screening process. no one knows better than tsa chief peter nephinger that something has to be done. he was on the hot seat on capitol hill facing lawmakers that are demanding answers. >> the hearing is being called long lines, short patience, the tsa experience. which for many has not been good. >> i thought this is nuts. and there's no reason for that to happen. >> reporter: hundreds of people waited hours to get through security lines, missing their flight and leaving some stuck at the airport. >> if you come early, it's fine. but if you come and rush at the last minute, you'll have some issues. >> reporter: their trip through the security line was easy but that was not the case before 5 a.m. today. >> when i came in, i thought oh, my goodness. the line is up all the way to the metro station. >> reporter: thankfully for those i
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but at dulles airport this morning, katie says she waited in line for two hours. tsa knows you hate the wait and they're not trying to ruin your summer vacation, but your travel could get off to a rocky start if the agency doesn't get its act together. that's the purpose of today's hearing on capitol hill. ahead of the agency, peter neffenger is going to testify. they will start posting up to the minute wait times by mid-june and they'll test an automated bin moving system. >> anything giving people more automation should help the lanes. >> delta airlines and the tsa are already testing two automated checkpoints at atlanta's airport. congressman michael mccallif says wait times
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because tsa is tighter but because the bureaucracy has gotten weaker. you can expect slowdowns on the road too. the busy upcoming weekend and travel season. aaa predicts 38 million people will travel by car this upcoming memorial day weekend. and that's the biggest number in 11 years. the agency credits cheap gas prices for the big surge. americans have saved $18 billion on gas so far this year over the same time last year. it never ends. there were more headaches for commuters who took metro's red line this morning. another power outage forced trains to bypass the bethesda stop twice. they did provide shuttle service. metro tells us the problem has been fixed and everything, fingers crossed, should be okay by the evening commute. metro police were
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passenger. officers used pepper spray to subdue the man that became agitated on one of the trains this morning. nobody was hurt. the incident did cause minor delays. could the allege rape on metro's red line have been prevented? the suspect was linked to another incident a week earlier. >> john hicks, the suspect, and that alleged rape incident is also being accused of exposing himself. metro transit police did immediately arrest him. >> i think it's indicative of something more serious happening. >> reporter: some passengers like marty giles are on edge about this. when the alleged rape happened midmorning more than a month before the media or public learned about it. the suspect, 39-year-old john hicks was reportedly eyed around thee
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police. according to the washington post, a passenger saw hicks pull his pants down on a red line train heading from dc in to maryland. hicks was reportedly identified during an investigation that week before the alleged rape happened. >> i feel really unsafe. like am i being vigilant enough? am i looking at everything enough? >> reporter: we did not get an immediate response from metro transit police about this situation but a spokesperson tells the post transit police are in the process of getting an arrest warrant on the indecent exposure case. that was around the same time the alleged rape happened. >> it just seems like one more thing with all the maintenance things. >> reporter: metro ceo says the same day a crime happens, the public will be notified as long as it doesn't interfere with the investigation. reporting from glenmont metro station, wusa 9. could this be the smoking gun that derails hillary clinton's road to the white house? a state department report today finds secretary clinton and
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previous secretaries of state failed to comply with the rule on e-mails. the long stemming weaknesses related failures before, but clinton's were singled out as more serious. no further reaction from the sanders or trump campaign. on the campaign trail, donald trump's first joint fundraiser with the republican national committee ended in what police called a riot. hundreds of anti-trump protesters clashed with officers tuesday night outside of the event in albuquerque. several officers were injured. inside, trump, the presumptive nominee, took shots at hillary clinton, his likely opponent in the fall. clinton has her sights on trump as well. six hold state primaries including delegate-rich california and new mexico. president obama has arrived in japan after wrapping up his three-day visit to vietnam. the president is meeting with japan's
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will attend an economic summit tomorrow. friday mr. obama plans an historic visit to hiroshima where the united states dropped an atomic bomb in 1945 to hasten the end of world war ii. he will be the first sitting president to visit the city. after a cloudy rainy day, not a good look for the sunglasses but certainly one of those things you're going to need. so bright here. we're about a month till we get to the summer solstice, the highest angle of the year. let's show you what's happening on satellite and radar. showers and storms west of the appalachians but for us high pressure is in ctrol. we're looking fantastic here for this shower with temperatures that have climbed in the upper 70s and low 80s. it's going to be a fine afternoon. mid, maybe a few spots in the upper 80s thiser
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they'll be southwesterly. 5, 10 miles per hour. and the showers, they're going to start to move in over the next few days. get the wusa 9 app because i know you always can't watch us on television. you'd be able to track first alert doppler along with getting our video weather webcast and of course the all important 7-day forecast as we head through the memorial day holiday. speaking of the memorial day holiday, i'll have a closer look at thunderstorm chances through the weekend coming up in a few minutes. today is national missing children's day and to mark the occasion, wusa 9 is continuing its commitment to the children and families in the dmv by recommitting to our bring them back home campaign. for three hours today on our twitter account, we'll share the picture of a missing child every 90 seconds. that's how often a child goes missing. you'll also see pictures of missing children from our area throughout our newscast as well. please help spread the word by using
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hashtags #every90seconds or #bringthemhome. coming up, some tips on how to prevent mosquitos from targeting you.
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the police chief in brussels, belgium was knocked out cold by a protester during tuesday's anti-austerity demonstration. a man was whacked in the head with a stone. the chief is in the hospital for a head injury. investigators are looking for his attacker. 50,000 people turnld out for the
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government's social and economic policies which trade unions say cut deep in to the foundations of belgium's welfare state. a huge lumber fire that started overnight near houston is still burning. the flames in north pearl land, texas could be seen for miles. the fire gutted the shop's large warehouse and tons of lumber stored around the property. luckily no one was hurt. investigators will start working on what sparked the blaze once the fire is completely out. howard is up next with details of a warm and wonderful wednesday. >> marissa david is 16. she went missing from washington, d.c. on march 25th, 2016. let's help bring marissa home.
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summer is just about here and that has many of us worried about the zika virus. federal health officials are not expecting widespreading in the u.s. but they are advising to protect against mosquitos. >> reporter: temperatures are heating up and so are concerns about zika. the mosquito-borne virus has not been locally transmitted in the u.s. texas and florida will be high risk. to protect from the mosquitos, the cdc says choose an insect repellent with deet, ir35, or
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if using sunscreen, apply repellent after. wear long sleeves and pants. clear standing water where mosquitos thrive. >> they like to live and breed in close proximity to human habitations. >> we usually think of mosquitos biting at dusk or at night, but health officials say the ones that spread zika tend to bite during the day. pregnant women are at highest risk because the virus can cause birth defects. new orleans resident kelly is pregnant and being proactive. >> wear your sunscreen and repellent at the same time. >> reporter: health officials say those travelers can possibly transmit the virus to local mosquitos. >> those mosquitos can transmit the virus to other people. so in particular, those individuals need to take extra precautions. >> reporter: experts say anyone returning from zika infected areas should also be
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>> insect repellent is not recommended for babies under two months, and also do not apply on the hands of any child that insect repellent. they can get it in the mouth and it can be a poison. george zimmerman says the gun he used to kill trayvon martin is on its way to the buyer who paid $250,000 for it. yesterday just days after agreeing to the quarter million-dollar sale, zimmerman discussed his mivation for selling the gun. he said he also plans to use the money from the sale to support the officers impacted by violence he claims is tied to the black lives matter movement. zimmerman said he's working to end the career of the lead prosecutor on his case. zimmerman says the buyer has agreed to allow him to sell 3d lithographs of the gun with his signature and case number. he plans to post those on his website in the future. the chances for a death sentence of dylann
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doubled. attorney general loretta lynch announced the justice department plans to seek the death penalty against roof when he's tried. south carolina prosecutors will also be pursuing the death penalty when he's tried for the killings. nick giovanni takes a look at what's trending. >> topping today's trending list, a close call for firefighters in st. petersburg, florida. within feet of this. so a transformer caught fire monday night. moments later this explosion sends a number of manhole covers flying with firefighters nearby. speaking of close calls, these campers got better acquainted with the kings of the jungle. you're looking at tourists on safari being woken up by two
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off their tents apparently. once they clenched their thirst, the lions went on their merry way. the swiss solar powered plane embarking on a round-the-world flight made a stop in ohio and left dayton international airport this morning. next stop, new york. then it heads to europe. president obama has arrived in japan for the g7 summit but not before capping off his first visit to vietnam with a town hall meeting. he was treated to vietnamese rap. >> [ rapping in vietnamese ] >> that was good. >> and the rapper translated those lyrics loosely to meaning some people have a lot of money in this world, big houses, but are they really happy? that was the question. that's a
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trending. crews are ready whenever weather could knock out power. the unit will help dispatch crews when hurricanes or storms cause widespread power outages. i wonder if it's close to our storm tracker 9. >> so we don't have any storms to worry about today, another lovely 9 out of 9. >> today is beautiful. one of the nicer days we've seen in a very long time. >> 20-some days in just this month. >> approaching that. weather-wise though, one thing that hasn't given up yet, the allergens. is it something that bothers you? it bothers me. we're talking about areas where the tree pollen and grass pollen are on
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temperatures are helping to dry things out a little bit. the tree and grass pollen is on the high side. weeds are low and mold sporess are moderate. let's show you what's happening with our day planner for the afternoon where temperatures are going to soar, mid if not upper 80s the way it's going. dry air in place. whether we get the 86 or 88, we're splitting hairs at this point but it's going to be mostly sunny, dry, and pleasant. no problems this evening. we're falling in to the 70s. right now we're already up to 83 in washington. 5 above our average high. we're holding in the mid to upper 70s to around 80 in the shenandoah valley. just a nice looking day. at national airport, temperatures are doing very well. lots of sunshine. 83 degrees. dew points in the 50s. very light winds. this is one of the things that could keep us from getting to 88. water temps off reagan national are
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heat is on. 80s through monday. chance of an afternoon storm tomorrow through friday. saturday looks to be the best day of the three-day holiday weekend. because we'll have a few storms sunday afternoon. right now looks like memorial day with scattered showers and storms with highs in the low 80s. middle of the country once again from border to almost border, little rock up to bismarck, looking at a scattering of showers and storms. we watch this moisture slowly move east. the other thing we have to track as we head toward the weekend, happening in the tropics. hurricane season begins june 1st. we have alex back in january. bonnie would be the next name on the list. this, if it does do anything, won't happen before friday but it's going to drift toward the southeast coast. if this does develop, it would help bring moisture to the east coast. that's why we have to watch it carefully. in the short-term, all is well for this afternoon. this evening, 70.
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plans. baseball games are not going to get rained out. tomorrow morning we're fine. by lunchtime we're looking at a couple showers already popping in the shenandoah valley and blue ridge. then isolated showers through the afternoon. quieting down tomorrow night. it looks like friday, wow. everything just pops in the afternoon with the scattering of showers and a thunderstorm. we'll have to see if anything is going to be a yellow weather alert day. if it is, it would be friday. 86 if not 88 this afternoon. 68 for the low tonight in town. upper 50s in the cool spot. acs buzzing the next few days. tomorrow an isolated storm. 87. scattered storms friday afternoon. we could get to 88. we've got the nats on 9 friday night. nats again sunday afternoon with isolated storms, 84. memorial day, 82 with scattered showers and storms. and still yes of course, this wet may, chance of storms on tuesday and low 80s. we'll see you on the other side of the break. >> nikita moore is
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marlboro, maryland.
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tonight on wusa 9news, parents are getting ready to protest culpeper virginia after their teens were suspended from school for a full year. we'll also check out the first family's home in dc. and people across our area get ready to celebrate memorial day weekend at the beach. that's tonight on wusa 9news at 5:00. a beautiful day. might be great to be at the beach today. mid, even a few upper 80s this afternoon with isolated storms tomorrow. scattered storms friday afternoon. no yellow weather
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dry on saturday. saturday looks great. then we watch the storms increase sunday and memorial day as temperatures drop toward the low 80s. quickly the heat has built. >> that's it for wusa 9 news. we'll be back at 5:00. we'll see you now at havertys furniture, it's our annual memorial day sale. which means it's the perfect time to create the perfect home. now through may 30th, take an extra hundred dollars off every thousand dollars you spend. plus, enjoy 36-month, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. sfx: we're early! the memorial day sale. from classic to contemporary. havertys.
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>> adam: baby, i'm gonna give you a quick preview of how this is gonna go down, all right? there's not gonna be any evidence of anyone tampering with that journal. there's not gonna be any proof that the medical examiner's report was complete b.s. victor has pretty much made sure that a life sentence for me is signed, sealed, and delivered. there's no way out of this. >> chelsea: i may have a way. >> adam: you want to tell me what it is? because i got to tell you, from over here, i am fresh out of ideas. i got nothing. >> chelsea: we run. you, me, and connor. tonight. >> adam: you are a beautiful genius. >> chelsea: [ chuckles ]


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