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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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new mexico at a donald trump rally. back on the trail in anaheim and ringed by protestors and a massive police presence, trump slugged off the latest -- shrugged off the la test. >> it was like a love fest. then outside they showed other things. it's one of those things. >> donald trump is a divider, not a unite tear. >> reporter: hillary clinton seized on trump's rough night. >> he made a habit of insulting women. last night he insulted the republican governor martinez of new mexico. i don't know. he seems to have something about women. i don't know. >> reporter: but while clinton was in california, a state department audit of e-mail use to 1997 under cut some of her claims about her personal e- mail server. the report says clinton failed to seek legal approval for her private server and despite her claims su
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would not have allowed it due to security concerns. a state department spokesman said e-mail problems predate hillary clinton. >> we could have done a better job of secretaries of states and their senior staff going back several administrations. >> reporter: the clinton campaign has been down playing the report. of the two story lines, being the report on the e-mail could be more damaging because of how it conflicts with her official description. trump in anaheim hardly mentioned to it referring to it as a little bit of bad news. >> all right. house minority leader nancy pelosi defended the chairwoman of the democratic national committee after a series of reports about debbie wasserman schultz. she has been under attack by
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claire mccaskill told cnn that wassermahun scltz is seen by supporters of bernie sanders as a big part of the problem. breaking news from the campaign trail and election he hertz throughout the -- alerts throughout the campaign, download our app. gucifer pled guilty in a federal court. his real name is lusar lovelle. he once claimed he hacked into hillary clinton's private e- mail server. he will be sentenced in december. embattled tsa heads faced questions on capitol hill. peter neffenger appeared to explain the long wait times. >> when you look at what happened, this was a surge anticipated, known. a failure to get things done in
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we proved that by fixing it quickly. >> he said one of his goals is to expand enrollment in the tsa precheck program. andrea mccarran is at dulles this evening to gauge reaction from air travelers. what are you hearing? >> reporter: this is the kind of issue that gets people riled up. ask anyone at the airport about waiting and tsa security lines and you may get anker full as we just did. >> got to figure it out. >> reporter: the tsa promises to hire more than 700 screeners by mid-june to deal with increasingly long lines at security checkpoints. >> do you believe them? where are they going to put them, alaska? antarctica, the bering sea. >> at dulles the line was long and barely moving. the line was worse at the
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the $85 program is designed to expedite the screening process because it's for travelers that have submitted to a background check. >> disaster. you go downstairs and they have 24 gates. only three of them staffed, four staffed. what is the point. >> tsa officials blame an unanticipated increase in presummer air travel and more travelers bringing carry-on luggage. >> everyone brings carry on nowadays. >> that holds up the line. >> reporter: homeland security that overseas tsa asked airlines to temporarily reduce or eliminate fees for checked bags to cut down on the number of carry-on bags security screeners inspect at checkpoints. now, the airlines argue it is not bag fees that are causing the long lines but federal budget cuts and a shortage of tsa staff. reporting live from dulles, andrea
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tsa says the average wait time nationwide is 30 minutes. busier airports it can take longer. the legal battle is growing over rest rooms in the lgbt community as more states sue the obama administration over his director to allow transgender students use the rest rooms and locker rooms that they want to use. texas attorney general said the lawsuit was aimed to protect schools that face losing federal money. president obama's visit to japan is getting off to a rocky start. >> he arrived for the annual g7 summit. leaders are expected to discuss the global economy, terrorism and china's aggression in the south china sea. first a tense meeting with the japanese prime minister that expressed outrage over a u.s. marine charged with the murder
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of a japanese woman in okinawa. >> we did discuss the tragedy that took place in okinawa. i extended my sincerest condolences and deepest regrets. >> on friday president obama will visit hiroshima, the first sitting president to do so since the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on the city during world war ii. isis threatens to kill any family that tries to leave fallujah. iraqi and coalition forces are three days into a battle to retake the city. thousands of civilians risk getting caught in the crossfire. police in belgium have arrested four suspected isis recruiters on terrorist charges. they say the suspects might be planning new attacks in belgium but they have not been linked to the deadly attacks on the subway and brussels airport. the taliban in afghanistan announced they appointed a new leader
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extremist views. he is not likely to back a peace deal with the afghan government. the announcement confirms that the previous leader was killed in a u.s. drone strike last week. italian navy ships scrambled to a boat packed with migrants off the coast of libya. crews rescued 500 people. five others drown in the sea. italy's navy and coast guard rescued more than 300,000 my gaunts over the past two years. two women and two young children tied up and gagged. that's the scene police found at a home on king george drive in manassas. the story gets worse. one of the women was sexually assaulted. police say it started when two men broke in through a backdoor and demanded money. both women suffered injuries. the children were not physically hurt but police are looking for those attackers. a mother of 5 is sharing her story of sexual abuse at the hands of an e.r.
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today marks day 1 of the trial for jared klein. >> he is accused of groping not just the mom but three more women in d.c. emergency rooms. >> debra alfarone spoke to the victim that testified today. >> the victim said it happened in may, 2013. she was shocked it happened at all but surprised when she called the hospital and they told her to call back tomorrow. >> he violated me. he touched me inappropriately. >> reporter: the first victim to call police on 38-year-old male nurse jared klein said the abuse happened saturday into mother's day sunday, 2013. today inside d.c. superior court klein's attorney argued the touching was accidental. >> any doubt in your mind that this was not accidental. >> you accidentally forget your wallet at home, but you don't accidentally thrust your erect pennies into the hands of a patient. >> the victim
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discharged around 4:00 a.m. sunday, she slept then called the hospital. they told her to call back the next day. she did then called police, too. >> unfortunately they didn't move fast enough and it happened and kept happening. and, you know, that is just a tough pill to swallow. >> reporter: it took 16 months after her report for the d.c. board of nursing to pull klein's license. i called the hospital but they did not get back to me. debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> klein faces four charges. the trial will continue tomorrow. he was recently found not guilty of a similar offense in prince george county. a young boy shifts into answer hero mode as -- action hero mode. that is friday night at a game stop. the crooks ordered the boy's parents against a wall our hero takes a swing at one of them. the gunman sends the boy to s
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parents. both crooks order the employees to the floor. they emptied the cash register then run and get out. we spoke to the boy's parents. they call him brave but say it was a terrifying experience and they are grateful no one was hurt. >> absolutely. hard to imagine but every 90 seconds a child goes missing. today is national missing children's day. we are highlighting our commitment to find people in the dmv to bring them home campaign. >> we will show you pictures of missing children k. you can help find them by using the #every 90 seconds or the #bring them home. also coming up tonight, beachgoers get a jump on the memorial day weekend in ocean city, maryland. we will take you there. >> northern virginia parents and students protest the year long suspension of a dozen athletes. top? >> speaking of the beach and the shore, if you are heading there, great
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a couple of showers on sunday. if you go on memorial day, different story. that will be the worst day of the holiday weekend.
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in culpeper, virginia, friends and parents are demanding that the culpeper dozen be returned to school. they were suspended for a year for what parents say was standard rough housing that you see in locker rooms. school administrators declined to say anything about the charges. >> play football. everyday he is crying. all he wants to do is play football. they are taking the dream away from him. >> culpeper sheriff's deputies talked to the alleged victims in the case. neither of those students nor the parents wanted to press charges. so, there were no charges. the deputies decided against even opening a file on the case. president obama and the first family are moving to the d.c. neighborhood kalorama when the president leaves office. they are leasing an 8200 square foot house on belmont road off massachusetts
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northwest near embassy row. it looks out over rock creek park that helps with privacy. >> makes me feel confident, secure, someone is watching and keeping an eye on things. it's a good thing. >> an indication of the beauty of the neighborhood and the beauty of the city and we are glad to have them. >> according to zillow, the home sold for nearly $5.3 million in 2014. the obamas are staying in d.c. while sasha finishes high school. a father accused of killing his baby boy is in police custody. 34-year-old crockett surrendered to police in st. louis. police say he forced his wife and three young children into a car at gunpoint tuesday night. they say he tried to shoot his wife when she tried to escape but struck their 8-month-old son instead. he drove off with the other two children. they are found safe and in custody right now. a rifle, body
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extra ammunition. police in arizona found all of that when they arrested a man in a series of highway shootings. he was arrested today. a taxi driver is dead after crashing into a home in burlington, north carolina. the homeowner asleep inside at the time escaped injury. authorities say the taxi driver had a heart attack. they are not sure if the heart attack came before or after the crash. the santa clara, california strip mall went up in flames. it destroyed several businesses and sent black smoke billowing in the morning sky. it was empty at the time. a water main break flooded a neighborhood today. this huge hole sent water several feet in the air. crews cut off the water to the broken pipe. 2 to 3 dozen homes were affected. fleet week is in
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thousands of u.s. and international sailors, marines and coast guard are participating. ship tours take place all memorial day weekend long. the u.s. navy elite blue angels performed in annapolis. the team put on a two-hour show high above the river. the performance is part of the naval academy commissioning week. >> i love this time of year. unofficial start of summer and early birds are sneaking out of town. >> it will be a good one, at least part of it. traffic is heavy heading to the beach resorts. scott broom is holding down the force. >> reporter: aaa in mid- atlantic predicts the heaviest memorial day travel weekend in 11 years. a lot of them are here. what is that shiny thing in the sky? >> the sun at last. >> reporter: incredible start to
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summer season in ocean city. in contrast to brutal blizzard in january of 2016. repairs to the pier are underway today but the nasty weather all forgotten, the beach is in spectacular shape. graduating high school seniors are flooding to the coast to be greeted by heaps of french fries and the finest body art on finest display. winter forgotten and ocean city ready fobusiness. >> don't take pictures of our beach back to washington. >> i got a secret. they are coming. >> no matter what. >> reporter: after a crummy may, it's like somebody turned on the summer switch. scott broom. wusa 9. >> scott says the cheapest gas on the way to
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the company credit card was 2.15. >> you will see a lot of people because of all the rain we had. can't wait to get out. >> it will will be mobbed. the weather will cooperate. because it will and it was nice today, we can talk about our near reported for the number of days of measurable rain in may. we did have measurable rain on monday. not tuesday or today, but we are getting close to the record, 18 and 25. the record is 20 for the month of may. >> we will probably make that. >> we are in the ballpark, especially memorial day and maybe the sunday before. three degree guarantee. i think we are in the ballpark. we went warm, aggressive. 88 for a high. average high is 79. we will let you know how we did at 11:00. i think we will be okay. live look outside, spectacular. temperatures in the mid-80s. winds are calm. humidity 33%. that is comfortable. it was 52 this morning at
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dulles. the air is dry. cools off quickly and heats up quickly. beautiful evening leads to a mild night. bus stop temperatures 62 to 78 and dry. almost hot thursday and friday. i am saying that because we were in the 50s over the weekend. upper 80s will seem hot. isolated storms. better chance west of town. a few thunderstorms on sunday. more on memorial day but right now it does not look as grim as it did yesterday. taking you to the beaches. ocean city, sunshine tomorrow, 75. 74 friday. perhaps a shower. dry on saturday. 74. to the north we go. upper 70s in rehoboth friday. sunshine saturday. nice. for us, 10:00 tonight on futurecast clear and quite warm. 70s in fredericksburg and clear as a bell. by morning a few 50s but we
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looking at 60s. 66 downtown and 63 fairfax. by 9:00 temperatures around 70. notice the clouds building to the west. again, the best chance for showers tomorrow and friday will be i-81 west. by lunchtime, we are in the mid- 80s across the board. by this time tomorrow night, a couple of showers make there way through. don't get hung up on the exact location. be advised a few isolated thunderstorms are possible tomorrow. the bulk of the day looks great. enjoy. day planner, sunshine across the board. 74 at 9:00. 80 by 11:00. 84 by 1:00 p.m. now, the next three days, 8 across the board here, too. isolated storm on friday. almost hot on saturday. we will keep saturday dry. next seven days, sunday a few storms. better chance monday and tuesday for memorial day. not as grime as yesterday. then mid-80s on wednesday. nats in town through sunday. watch two of the games
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you cannot make it to the park. >> thanks, top. >> i bet he comes back. >> he had a rough go of things in the nba combine, mellow trimbull. the one final remaining question mark. will he return to college park? simply a waiting game. the clock is ticking down. sports is next.
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it is d-day for mellow trimbull. the former point guard has to decide whether to press his luck in the nba draft or return to college park for his junior season. he has until 11:59 tonight. today in ashburn we got the first look at one of the burgundy and gold's acquisition. josh norman kicked off ota's. his predecessor was very competitive in practice. from what norman says, we should expect that and more when he is on the field. >> intensity. intensity and fire, taking pride and passion in what i do. they see that and they want to see it themselves. >> i was able to train in the same places before the draft in the spring of 2012. so, you could see his ability four years
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time with the panthers. hopefully you can continue that with us. >> a quarter of the way into the season, bryce harper found himself in a slump with a season low 246 batting average. dusty baker gave harper a mental day off. it's the series finale with the mets this afternoon. this little guy, sorry, he has to wait to see harper in the game. he gets his wish. in the 8th, dusty baker goes with a pinch hitter. look who comes out. down 2-0. chance to tie and he grounds out. still in a slump. small rally in the 9th but fell to the mets. maryland women's lacrosse team faces a familiar foe. they have played and beaten syracuse on the three last championship weekends. friday they will go at it again. the terps loaded up the buses and left college park
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for philadelphia. fans cheering them on. terps are undefeated. its habeen an incredible season and leads up to this weekend. >> these guys set their goals when they started out this season. we worked our tails off to get to where we are. this week is awesome. getting on the bus is where the excitement comes together. and we are ready to just have the opportunity to compete for the final four. great year. >> great year, funnier and they have a chance with the third championship in a row. >> bryce harper will be fine. >> he will get out of it. but with everybody walking him -- >> there should be a law against that. >> you can only do it so many
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>> rose: a government investigation finds hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state violated security guidelines. >> the inspector general's report not good. >> rose: also tonight, dozens of tornadoes tear across the plains. >> it almost hit the house. >> rose: cbs news investigates deadly seatback failures. and a six-year-old spelling champ's favorite word. it's something quite atrocious. >> can you spell it for me. >> captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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