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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 25, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> right now at 7:00 the search is on for whoever tied up and gagged two women and two young children. thanks for joining us. >> i'm bruce johnson. >> police say their investigation in ma that's stas started after a very alert neighbor dialed 911 in manassas. the caller joins us live. what did she tell you? >> reporter: there were actually two callers, same family. there was a son and then there was also a mother, and it's really heartbreaking to hear what happened. the son says he actually walked out onto the balcony. he was just going to enjoy his day when he looked over and he saw a woman, her mouth was gagged, her hands tied back behind her back, and she was pounding her head on a glass door, and that's when he noticed soin
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911 and then he told his mother what was going on, so they were both very alarmed, especially because they knew that there were some kids inside. they do say that luckily police were able to respond very quickly, but they said that as soon as they realized something was wrong, they went over to try to assist the family. the son was helping the women and that son's mother went to go try to help those children, and hear her reaction. >> these children and all of them were so petrified. you've never seen anything like it, because what had happened to them. they were bound. their hands were tied. >> so obviously a very scary situation and gene mcmann was also telling us that the children and the women told them that the children were served some kind of white drink. they don't know if it was milk or something else, but that that made the kids very subdued so they were
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out of it. obviously very scary for those children and for the women as well. one was 19 years old and the other was 33 years old. police tell us she was sexual assaulted. we were actually able to speak to her off camera today. she just said that obviously still trying to really grasp what happened to her. very traumatized. just happy to be aliv grateful that the children are okay. and she said she was hospitalized and that luckily everything is relatively okay, but obviously a very scary situation. we'll have more for you later on tonight. that's the very latest here in manassas, virginia, wusa 9. >> a lot more to come on that story at 11:00. we learned new information about the gaithersburg man attempted with trying to kill two cops. jonathan hemming was a driver for uber. the company fired him after learning about the allegations. montgomery county police say he pointed a gun at officers during a drug arrest. they found another gu
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bullets in his pockets. officers used a taser to get him in handcuffs. only on 9 tonight, a woman tells us about an alleged unwanted sexual encounter with a male nurse. the mother of 5 told a jury today that jarod klein sexually abused her on mother's day three years ago at the hospital. he's facing four charges of rubbing against and kissing four patients in his care over a 15-month period. the 38-year-old's attorney argues that touching was an accident. >> it was not an accident. you accidentally forget your wallet at home. but you don't accidentally thrust your erect penis into the hands of a patient. >> klein was recently found not guilty of a similar offense in prince george's county. the trial continues tomorrow. a young man fights back in a robbery in silver spring. the crooks r
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their son in this video you're about to see takes one swing at them. the gunman sends the boy over to his parents and both crooks order the employees to the floor. they emptied the cash register and run out. we spoke with the boy's parents. >> they approached us, pointed their weapons at us, told us to get on the floor. basically pushed us on the floor. and then we immediately wanted our son, and as the video shows he kind of fought them off, then he ran over to us. he's a very brave boy. >> montgomery coun police released these surveillance videos and images in hopes of getting a tip that leads to the gunman. >> absolutely. after a miserable month of may we're all looking forward to the memorial day weekend, right? >> that's right. chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking what can ruin your outdoor plans. >> the beach looks great. we're looking at sunshine. saturday, 74,
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sunday. monday, memorial day at the beach will be the worst day, there's no doubt about that. but i tell you what, tomorrow and friday if you're going to go early look fantastic as well. temperatures not as warm as inland. we're looking at temperatures in the low to mid-70s. we'll come back, tell you how that translates to our forecast here in the metro area and which day you can plan your cookout or barbecue. new information on yesterday's deadly plane crash in orange county. police identified the victims. pilot charles caldwell from florida and john quinn, jr., from culpeper, virginia. the small plane went down in a rural area. investigators looking into what caused the crash. virginia governor terry mccullough is playing hardball with metro right now then rthreatenning to take -- the governor signed an executive order for a metro safety commission. in fact, leaders in
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proposed draft language. the independent commission would develop safety programs, inspect metro and conduct audits. >> we're going to put together protocols and i want to see them followed. if they're not there will be repercussions. >> i think the metro has had so many issues this might be the motivation they need. >> empty threat i think because why now? >> metro spokesperson says it's encouraged by the advancement of the metro safety commission and supports all jurisdictions. today is missing children'sday and wusa 9 wants you to help bring them home. there are more than 140 children missing in our area. all day we've been tweeting photos of local kids who are missing and we will feature some of them in the newscast as well. you can see the full gallery of the missing kids on the wusa 9 app where you can easily share their photos to help bring them home. it might be a little tree, but it does represent a big olive branch for america
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japan and it's right here in our backyard. the story behind this banzai is after the break. later destination sand and sun. hear from folks already enjoying the beach at ocean city. one of the wealthiest cities in america is right here in the metro area. you can find out if it's where you call home. you're watching wusa 9, your only local news at 7:00. >> sarah and her brother went missing. let's help bring sarah home.
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eagles targeting drones. the majestic birds are the newest weapons to get illegal drones out of the sky. they're smart and beautiful, too. tonight on wusa 9 news at 11:00.
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the country's mid-section is bracing for the possibility of more severe weather. the national weather service says the tornado that hit near dodge city, kansas yesterday had winds reaching 165 miles per hour. at least two people were hurt. several buildings blown down. utility crews are still working to get the power up and running. the famous new york skyline is rivaled by an impressive lineup in the water. fleet week got underway with the annual parade of ships. more than a dozen ships and boats will be anchored around the city for public tours. this week is especially exciting for the thousands of marine and coast guard members who will get to see their loved ones for the first time in many months. president obama is in japan for tomorrow's g-7 economic summit. on friday he's planning a historic visit to hiroshima where the atomic bomb was dropped by the u.s. to bring an end to world war
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president to visit the city. among it is a bonsai tree that lives in washington's capitol. >> it's 390 years old and stands as a symbol of peace at the national arboretum. the japanese family who survived the bombing and took care of the tree gave it to the u.s. in 1975 for the bicentennial celebration. >> to have him give his prized tree after what it had been through and what the family had been through and the whole city has this symbol of peace and friendship, really has meant a lot to us. >> get this. the man whose father gifted that bonsai visited the tree last month. the welcome mat is not out just yet, but we are getting our first look inside the obama's future d.c. home. that's up next. topper? looks pretty sweet. nice digs. the weather is nice.
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high for trees, grasses, low for weeds and moderate for mold spores. you can find it on ourwebsite and also on the -- on our website and also on the app. we'll come back and tell you which day will be the safest to have the outdoor barbecue. >> sergie gomez is 16. he went missing from
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january, the obamas will move just two miles from the white house to the kalorama neighborhood. >> today we're getting our first look inside the first family's home. the obamas will be leasing this gorgeous mansion near embassy row and northwest. it is owned by joe lockhart, a former u.s. press secretary who now lives in new york. security is already tight in the area because of the embassies up the street. >> i'm sure you have a few more people driving up to see where he's moved into. but after the initial rush it should slow down a little bit i think for everyone. >> it will be the most secure area in the country. >> joe lockhart owned that house. what does a white house press secretary make? >> woodrow wilson was the last president to stay in d.c. after leaving office. he also lived in the kalorama neighborhood less than half
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settle in. bethesda made the list of the wealthiest cities in america. it was ranked as the fifth wealthiest city in the country. the other top four are in california. now, the study considered household income, home values, percentage of homes without a mortgage and average credit limits. you can see the full break down on the free wusa 9 app. scrips national spelling bee is underway at national harbor and prince george's county. the start of the bee was buzzing with 285 young spellers. two contestants from d.c., at the present from maryland, 13 from virginia. after today's opening rounds only 45 spellers still in the game. you might recall last year's contest ended in a tie. we're told that choosing even tougher word this time around in hopes of avoiding another tie. >> i hate ties. it's wednesday in the dmv but you might already be than
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weekend at the beach. this is a live look at ocean city, maryland. guess what? they're waiting for you with open arms and open cash registers. >> i'm sure they are. >> 2016 did a number on ocean city's fishing pier. repairs under way but the beach is in great shape. >> it's nice. it's a whole new attitude adjustment. >> just love to be able to get outside and enjoy it. >> and topper thinks the repair should have already been completed but the lifeguards just wrapped up their training this afternoon, so the lifeguards are ready. >> it's a lot of work. give them a break. >> i've got to believe that was probably a good target date to be done. you're a handy guy. go help them. >> i could have, sure. >> the skies were pretty blue yesterday. it was pretty, but tons of people also spotted a rainbow. stephanie ramirez tweeted
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pictures of colorful clouds. after sharing her photos on facebook today several viewers reported seeing the same beautiful sight from silver springs, capitol hill and even virginia. thanks for sharing all your snapshots. top, tell us what this is and how it happened. >> okay. it's not a rainbow. it's a circum horizontal arc. i put it on facebook, too and tweeted it out. a rainbow, the sun is behind you and raining in front of you and the sunlight refracts off of water droplets. there it's reflecting off of ice crystals high in the atmosphere. it looks like a rainbow but is actually not. it's a cool sight. it's an ark, but sometimes it doesn't make a complete ark. sometimes they're angel wings. stephanie, that was very nice of you to send those in. >> good stuff. nice tomorrow, let's not be discouraged. we have showers in the forecast next few days but certainly not enough to to
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though. let's talk about the three day weekend guarantee. we went in the upper 80s. average high only 79. we went 88. i think that's going to be okay. i'll let you know tonight at 11:00. live look outside. it is nice. 84 right now. humidity 32%. how sweet is that? winds light west/southwest at about 9. this beautiful evening will lead to a mild night. almost a warm night really. almost more like late june than late may. bus stop temperatures comfortable. no sweaters, sweatshirts required. 62 to about 76, dry. almost hot tomorrow and friday. i say that because we were in the 50s over the weekend and running about 10 degrees above average. so it will be a little bit hotter. if you're running around doing outdoor things, the last couple of weeks you couldn't because it was raining. it's going to be a little toasty. isolated storms primarily west of town. a few storms on sunday. we'll keep saturday dry. more stor
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that looks to be the stormiest day but not as dismal as it looked yesterday. beach forecast again. ocean city, mid-70s. 75 on thursday, friday and saturday. a slight chance of a shower on friday. but dry on thursday and saturday. temperatures running in the low 60s, if you're going to try to jump in the water. north, upper 70s. 77 on thursday and friday. 76 saturday. and a couple of showers on friday. but not a washout. 10:00 tonight, we're back in the metro area, futurecast. temperatures still in the 70s. and then by morning we're in the 60s. clear skies. 63 in gaithersburg. 62 in olney and 64 in silver springs. by 8:00 we're around 70. 68 now in fairfax. 68 in fredericksburg. you'll notice much more cloud cover to the west and showers developing pretty early, too, west of i-81. that's going to be kind of the trend for thursday and friday, even saturday. but in
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sunshine and mid-80s by 1:00. and then by 6:00, futurecast has a few showers dotted about. i agree with that. temperatures still in the mid- 80s. okay. so on a day planner, 60s the start downtown. and then 80 by 11:00. 84 by 1:00 p.m. now, the next three days, 88, 88, 88. a couple of storms tomorrow and friday. we're going to keep saturday dry. the next seven days. sunday a couple of storms, too. the nats in town sunday. memorial day, that will be the best chance of showers and storms monday, but not a washout like it looked possible yesterday. showers and storms tuesday and an isolated storm wednesday. highs creeping back into the middle 80s. the burgundy and gold are back together again. offseason workouts have begun. there are a few notable faces missing and new faces to check out. sports is next. >> he is nine years old. he and his sister have been missing
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the start of otas this week, it's our first chance to see the burgundy and gold back on the field together. most of them anyway. receiver deshawn jackson was absent. junior gillette were held out as they nurse minor injuries. the biggest offseasonacquisition, josh norman. frank hammerhan has more on that from redskins park. >> reporter: ota's have begun at redskins park. good to see a lot of the veterans out in the fold. how about new faces including cornerback josh norman who came from carolina through free agency. >> the footwork is still the same. nothing's changed in that aspect. so new faces. other than that, and knowing that those guys are hungry and they're ready to
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successful. we have a group like that, man, it makes it easier for the transition. >> i was able to train in the same place as him before the draft back in the spring of 2012. you could see his ability four years ago. obviously he's proven that through his time with the panthers. hopefully he can continue that with us. >> it's pretty cool to actually see that and see me grow in this defense. i can't wait, man. as you said, today was better than yesterday. and i hope tomorrow is better than my today. so if i continue to grow like that, man, oh my gosh, the sky is the limit. >> norman says it's not weird for him now being a member of the redskins. still getting used to the practice field. besides that, everything is a- ok right now for norman. >> norman will be fun to watch out there. >> absolutely. deshawn jesus christ son, didn't he report late last
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year? >> he did last year, pooh. >> and then what happened? he pulled a hamstring. still looks like a great weekend. >> monday will be the worse day so plan your stuff earlier. >> okay. thanks so much for watching, everybody.
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tonight, is another kelly cat fight brewing. >> this type of thing ha all the time. >> we're with joy today. was she ripping ripa. plus, you heard it here first, why rob lowe is a frontrunner for michael strahan's seat. >> i'm telling you, i hear stuff. >> then backstage with nyle after his dancing win, and breaking news about his partner's pregnanc also jay-z breaks his silence on beyonce's lemonade cheating rumors. plus, beach bodies at any age. and my oprah onset exclusive. >> oh, my gosh, it's so good. >> how she really feels about returning to tv. >> do you get a little anxious? now for may 25th, 2016, this "eis ntertainment tonight." >> new tonight on "dancing with the stars" and "thic


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