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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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i believe in him. >> ken mcclentson still has faith that after a year, his daughter's killer will be found. but for many, hope is hard to find. in a block where they see empty promises. >> they posted a bill out, why are you here? >> only time you see police out here, can s when the mayor is here, the city council is here am they don't care about the city. >> we have a society. a community with neglect from within and without. you have individuals that want prime time. for getting no results after all the years they have been in office. >> at least have police right there. you won't see none out here. >> i asked the chief about that. >> i worked until 2:00 in the morning. i walk to d.c.a 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. you don't see police out here at all. >> reporter: the police did come out to
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today. she said it's time for the community to stand up. and some of the people who frequent this block to speak up and bring milton's murderer to justice. >> two of a dying society, tolerant in apathy. it's not enough that we come out here and hand out flyers. we have to end the tolerance we have for d.c., not just for violence but for murder. >> reporter: residents here are really fed up with the violence. police say they are on patrol in this area. they put up temporary cameras. they even have plain clothes and undercover officers. but the chief admits, as soon as the officers leave the area, leave this particular block. that's when the trouble comes back. and that is why residents say the police presencenes -- presence needs to be more consistent. we're live tonight, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> and milton's stepfather will mark the anniversary of her death, by passing out neyers on the oc
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anyone with information can text anonymous tips to 50411. questions tonight about an alleged home invasion in manassas. >> prince williams police say they're still trying to confirm the story that two men barge the in, bound and tbagged two women and two children, then sexually assaulted one of them. wusa 9's bruce leshan, live for us in manassas with this puzzling story. >> hey, adam. police continue to search for the two suspects, based on the victim's story. but they are also still searching for more evidence and corroborating witnesses. the suspect description surprisingly vague, just two plaque men -- black men. no age, no height, no weight, or anything else. >> reporter: detectives back at the house, the alleged victim insisting to us that she is telling the truth. that sometime tuesday afternoon, two men came in through the unlocked door to her basement rental unit, that they tied up
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her sister and two children. and that they sexually assaulted her. neighbors did not see the suspects, but they did see the women and children. >> no way is she making this up. what she experienced is pure trauma. pure trauma in its force. you can't hide that. you can't -- you can't pass out and quit breathing. that doesn't happen. >> if you're not terrified. >> right. >> tape over her mouth. screaming, tried to scream and whatnot. and she would bang her head on the door. >> flashes -- neighbors are filled with suspicions about who was involved. neighbors say there is no way the alleged victims could have tied themselves up with brand- new, nylon rope. but detectives are still looking for answers to explain what happened inside the house. and who might have done it. >> i'm looking down off the deck. and i'm seeing this lady, hitting her face against the
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totally hysterical. >> these children and all of them, were so petrified. you've never seen anything like it. because of what had happened to them. they were bound. their hands were tied. >> reporter: neighbors say that someone broke in to the same basement apartment several months ago and made off with thousands of dollars in cash. police confirm most of that, but it was apparently a different tenant at that point. and it's far from clear that the crimes could be connected. live in manassas, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> sounds like a lot of details still need to be sorted out. if you have information on the case that could help, prince williams county police would like to hear from you. a mom says she hopes the man sentenced for killing her son, quote, rots in jail for the rest of his life, until the day he dies, end quote. that man, her ex-boyfriend, and her son's father. a judge sentenced mussa susoako
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>> he showed no remorse. doesn't shed a tear. he laughed. if i didn't have a daughter daughter, i probably would have attacked him. >> reporter: tiffany said her ex stole her son's life and ruined hers. back in may, they gave birth to shane. when shane was 11 weeks old, susoko took out a $750,000 life insurance policy on his son. >> he paid the premium and killed his son the next day. >> he was found guilty of murdering the little boy. sentenced to life in prison. he got a new trial this year because experts originally called, and the debate over shaken baby syndrome. today, a judge sentenced the now 36-year-old to 50 years behind bars. tiffany didn't want to show her face on camera. she said she visits her son's grave every ho
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time hasn't changed anything. >> he was happy. he laughed. he had blue eyes, which isn't common for a mixed, half black and half white child. it was my son. he was a good baby. shane didn't deserve what happened to him, all because his father decided to want to try to get money for his son's death. >> the montgomery county state's attorney's office says susoko will be eligible for consideration for patrol, after he -- parole after he has 14 years under his belt. investigators say this child also appears to have died from excessive shaking. back in december. beatriz man suggest charged with murder of the baby who was in her car at the unlicensed, little giggle facility in temple hill. it's been a banner day for donald trump in the race for president. cbs says they have
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delegates needed to clinch the gop nomination. delegates fromdelegates from north dakota helped put trump over the top. and today, he was in a mood to celebrate. >> if you look at what has happened, tremendous support from all over the country. senators, congressmen. we have governors all over the place. >> hillary clinton. >> reporter: on the democratic side, the battle continues. but hillary clinton got some good news today. her rival, bernie sanders, says he will not challenge results from this month's primary in kentucky. a ballot review shows clinton ahead by fewer than 2,000 votes. four pilots are recovering after two navy jets collided. off the coast of north carolina. the fa18f superhornets were on a training mission, when the navy says there was an in- flight miss happen -- mishap. the coast guard chopper 13 brought them to a hospital where they are recovering from minor injuries. as a lot of you
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memorial day weekend, we want to remember the brave men and women who paid the ultimate price for serving our country. >> they recognized the veterans buried at the arlington cemetery. the group placed more than 230,000 american tblags at -- flags at the grave markers of those who died. let's take a live look now at the bay bridge. thousands of drivers headed out of town at the shore. looks like it's moving fine now, which may not be the case later on. chesapeake bay bridge will see even more cars than last year. and as wusa 9's pete monteen says, this is being eyed for a traffic fix. between friday and monday, 377,000 cars will travel over this bridge, almost twice e amount of cars registered in d.c., leaving many pleading for a better way. >> l
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before crossing the bay bridge, came ready for holiday of traffic. when it's backed up, you are backed up. >> reporter: alex colias says it's time for a fix, fearing a repeat of thursday morning's monster backup. >> i think they should add another lane. because this is a major thorough fair. and a lot of people use it and especially at holiday time. >> reporter: this state's study says if more lanes are not added, backups at tolls could stretch 14 miles in 25 years. >> you have to find a way to put a third spin on there. and maybe raise the tolls up a bit. but not too much. >> the state quotes ideas from building another three-lane span to demolishing the existing bridge to make way for a few none -- new wong with eight -- one with eight lanes. >> let it be privately funded. they get tolls. >> the state says if nothing is
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keeping them up will cost $3 billion. in stevensville, pete montine, wusa 9. >> and the state recommends that you travel off peak this weekend, when heading to and from the eastern shore. says the best time is before 10:00 a.m. beiday. fore 7:00 a.m. saturday. and before 10:00 a.m. on sunday. wow. still ahead, scott broom brings us a look at the fun that awaits, once you do eventually get to the beach topper? >> we're going to show you something we haven't showed you since last tropical season. each of these lines represents a computer model. it's going to head towards the southeast coast. we'll come back and show its impact on our weather for mem. and long lines at airports have a lot of travelers, rethinking their holiday weekend plans. and the start of metro's epic maintenance plan, just over a week away now. we're going to tell you about uber's plan to try to cash in on commuters.
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now to the fiascoes you've been seeing. airport congress saying that the lines at checkpoints are actually getting worse. >> passenger wait times were consistently 60 minutes or more. airline passengers have reported wait times as high as the heart of 20 minutes, with thousands of passengers missing flights as much as that's fun. a new poll shows 20% of those say they had changed or canceled their memorial day holiday travel plans because of concerns about long lines at the airports. airlines recommend passengers show up at least two hours prior to departure, to get time to get through security. >> two hours? >> keep your phone charged so you can play it o it
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time. the biggest memorial day in our weekend in 11 years. >> oh, man. and many of those people. you know where they're headed. the beach. that's why scott broom is here to show us what we're missing if we decide to skip it. >> reporter: a second day of incredible weather here at the beach. >> come enjoy the beach. >> reporter: welcome to rehoboth. big crowds here who beat traffic on bay bridge. enjoy gas prices. parking tickets are not. thank you, bethani beach. oh, look, dolphins. this place is great anyway. >> what a trast to this. back in january. >> winds about 50. it's crazy. badly damaged. >>
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the do you -- the dune. >> looks pretty good. we were admiring it. >> we're definitely here for the summer. it's been really cold lately. we're happy to be out here, enjoying it all. >> reporter: it's a great day for joe kramer to go vertical in the surf. >> hey. what is the deal with upside down? >> upside-down? it's a way of life. it's tripy. bliss. -- tripy. bliss. >> we have enjoyed watching him. >> i just graduated from penn state. now i'm here and i'm free and i love it. >> it's going to be crowded memorial day. come on down. >> reporter: in short, the news is good here at the beach. summer is here. and we earned it. in rehoboth beach, delaware, scott broom, wusa 9. >> we were just saying scott earned it. >> sure he did. live look at the bay
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sky 9 overhead. not looking too badly. but of course, get to the beautiful place where scott broom is now am you have to do this first. and it may be final now. but yuck. >> a little further west. we could see if it's backed up before the bridge. but once you get on the bridge and things move. >> i think the traffic moving towards the top of your screen is the traffic moving east. because you can see some of that traffic. >> most definitely. that's the curb. the -- curve. my wife hates that bridge. >> but i gotta say. this time tomorrow, when we show you that exact same shot, we're going to feel for people. because it's -- no matter what. it's going to be a while out therefrom. >> and we'll be thinking about that sound byte. it's tripy, it's lit. >> as long as our weather doesn't turn upside-down the next few days. >> actually, it was upside down last weekend. imagine if that were a week later. but we're in good shape. not shower or storm free. but for the beginning of the unofficial beginning of summer, not bad.
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we went 88 today. 88 yesterday. i think we're going to be in good shape today. we'll let you know how we did tonight. 88. it's trippy man. let's hold onto that number, right? and elwoo be -- we'll be lit. pressure falling off just a little bit. okay. a beautiful evening and night. almost like a june night. temperatures downtown will hold around 70. bus stop temperatures, 65 to 79. dry. almost hot tomorrow. but really a pretty good day. just a few isolated storms. and much like today, most of which will be along i-81. a few storms on sunday. then a lot more monday. doesn't really matter where this system goes. the tropical system does not matter if it becomes tropical or not. may not be a disaster here. but just be advised. cookouts earlier in the weekend, better. beach forecast. ocean city. r75 -- 75. 73 monday. notice an increasing chance of
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62 for the water temperature. the rehoboth beach. 77 saturday. 73 sunday. good chance for showers on memorial day. so 10:00 tonight. trying to get a couple of showers in here. they could, as they diminish, just cross over 95. but nothing certainly heavy. temperatures in the 70s, still. 76 at 9:00 tonight. by 6:00 a.m. i'm not so sure we'll see a couple of sprinkles to the south of town. it's possible but i think overdone. look at the temps, though. that should jump out at you. still mid-60s. 66 in gaithersburg. 68 in silver spring and fairfax. and 9:00, we're back in the upper 70s, knocking on 80 degrees downtown. by lunchtime, we're back in the mid-80s. and once again, showers will fire up either side of i-81. that be the story tomorrow. and also on saturday. i think we're going to be rain -- or shower free in the metro area. but showers still out to the mountains. and by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. a couple of
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there. don't get too hung up on where they are. the good news is, they'll be few and far between. temperatures in the upper 80s. by 9:30, just a few lingering clouds. 77 in sterling. and 75 in laplate a. for tonight, an early isolated thunderstorm out to the west. and then just partly cloudy and mild. almost warm. 65 to 70 for lows. winds will be light. day planner, sunshine to start. and in the 70s to start downtown. so again, almost like a summer night. 78 by 9:00. 82 by 11:00. 85, mostly suddeny skies -- sunny skies by 1:00 p.m. dry, 88. and a few storms sunday, 85. next seven days. we've got nats on 9 tomorrow and sunday. monday, memorial day. much better chance for showers and storms. notice we have sun. and then storms linger into tuesday. afternoon storms wednesday and thursday. temperatures still holding in the low to mid80s. >> what? we'll take it. thanks,
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maryland, ramping up its efforts to combat zika. already started spraying. more statewide spray suggest expected to begin next week. agricultural officials to dump out standiatng wer. and do it every three to four days. a retailer stops production of its iconic catalog. and another ends its price- matching policy at 500 of its stores. what you need to know coming up in our consumer alert.
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iconic catalog taking wings to fly off into olivion, before the -- oblivion before the secret is going to
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press. >> lingerie company spent about $150 million to send out roughly 300 million copies. in addition to ending the publication, victoria's secret will end production of swim wear, accessories, shoes and most apparel too. wal-mart is calling it quits on price matching. the policy allows customers to bring in a competitors ad. the company says it will replace the price match with long-term roll-back reductions on items. shoppers looking to snatchum bargains at the sports authority liquidation sale may have to wait a while. items before the liquidation are usually bumped up. they start at 10%, drop to 20. and after that, the final markdowns kick in. now, remember, all of those items are sold as is. >> straight ahead. president obama not mincing words when it comes to donald trump.
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people who live in one neighborhood, plagued by a rash of smash-and-grab burglary. and uber expanding its coverage to help
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residents of a d.c. neighborhood are complaining to wusa 9 that they were being targeted by thieves in a park. >> they reported all of that to d.c. police. and our bruce johnson is here now with what police have to say. bruce? >> this is one of those, where you have to make a few calls. and just this afternoon, lieutenant netter of the third district police returned our phone call and said effective immediately, d.c. police are launching a crime prevention campaign to remind all resident to the stop leaving valuables in clear view of their vehicles. now, let's go back to what prompted this campaign. >> they took my gym bag, my wallet, my journal, my passport. yeah. >> mga
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latest smash and grab victim. she returned to her car and discovered that it had been broken into. >> to come back to this, it was just -- it shut down. and my energy just dropped. and it was just a mood killer. >> there have been numerous victims all in the area that surrounds q and marion streets in northwest. the city shaw area. >> my truck got broken into. >> you see all their belongings and everything scattered. >> third district police have been notified. the thieves apparently use bikes to ride around to case the neighborhood before striking. >> you can watch them come down the one-way street. and they ride by, looking in every cash, as they -- car, as they go by, slowly. >> several residents tell us they are able to identify at least one of the suspects, but that person has not been arrested. that person has not been caught on surveillance cameras. the third district watch commander said he first heard
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he said the department already has the literature on hand. they'll begin reminding residents today to not leave valuables for any reasons. >> 23 young people are recovering tonight, after two passenger vans collided in montgomery county. it happened this morning near columbia pike and musgrove road in silver springs. everyone, though, luckily is expected to be okay. a maryland coach charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. paul bollinger was an instructor at top flights. following up on an online distribution investigation. baltimore police searched bollinger's home. and inside, they allegedly found 30,000 pictures and videos of child pornography. he is being held on $2.5 million bail. six weeks and thousands of potholes later, d-dot says it's wrapping up its annual pothole lo
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request. d-dot says they filled more than 52,000 potholes across the city during the fiscal year. as metro gets to work on its safe track plan plan to fix metro. uber will be adding more cars in this. >> they get dropped off on different points. how this could impact your commute. >> good evening, adam. uber pool likely takes you longer to get to your destination. but the ride-sharing company says it's going to cost you about 50% less. still it was about 50-50 with metro riders i talked to, with whether it was pool delays. >> it's been quite frustrating. >> within the last three weeks, her commute time nearly doubled. >> at least 45 minutes more. >> she's not alone. >> it's such a problem. and they all hate it. >> reporter: uber announced
5:33 pm
to now include customers a little farther west of woodstock. south of fredericksburg on i- 95. and also montgomery and prince george's county, maryland. >> uber could be a temporary fix. >> uber says it will not be capped like it was when the metro shut down a few months ago. >> kind of a bummer. but actually, it makes sense. if you're a business person. >> now you have uber coming in, saying, listen, we're going to come in, fill the void. that's going to create havoc. it's going to create extra traffic. cause delays, people getting into work. >> uber says it's planning some extra incentives to meet with drivers. >> need to sign up and go through a full rigorous background check and provide certain documentation. >> i see this as a temporary thing. fix metro? i mean, uber would be so expensive. even if i go with the combined. >> the traffic is just so bad. i don't see how it could get worse anyway. >> reporter: ub
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together a plan for a 18 months. basing that time line on metro's plan for when it will have its plan done. >> she had been working with metro to figure out the best plan for dealing with traffic during the retears -- repairs. it appears world leaders are concerned over donald trump lead -- winning the presidency. >> earlier today, the president told reporters that world leaders are paying close attention to the race. especially presumptive gop nominee, donald trump. >> for good reason. does a lot of proposals that he's made. display either ignorance of world affairs. or a cavalier attitude. >> however, the president was rather tight-lipped when a reporter asked about the new report on hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server,
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administration's secretary of state. new york city police are interviewing witnesses about wednesday night's deadly shooting at a concert for rap artist, t.i. one man died. three others were injured. they say the shooting started with two men, arguing in the vip section of the irving plaza ballroom. so far, police have not made any arrests. taking care of kids left behind by parents deployed in the military. andrea mccarren and her service dog in training, bunt, introduce us to those who help out. that's on the way. topper? great day. lots of sunshine. a little breeze. pollen pretty much off the charts. you can find the information on our website and also our app. if you have the app, just open it and scroll down to weatherman. -- weather map. we'll talk about the possibility of showers and storms and which day you might
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to the beach, batman. >> yes. and if you're going to go to the beach, this is the way we're going to go. it's a beautiful looking shot. sky 9 over the bridge there. but do you want to be on the bridge right now? it's probably okay now. but it's going to get bad. >> you can see traffic at the bottom right of the screen, off of the span. looking like it's actually moving pretty good. looks like the traffic moving up your screen, up to the top. that's the traffic that is going east towards the beach. because it's taking over two spans. and you can see, that's also after the toll plaza, too. who knows what it looks like before. but you know what? kudos to you. if you have the day off. headed out to the beach. not looking too bad. >> a local nonprofit, helping the ease of a parent's deployment, by offering grants to children left behind. >> a group pays for --
5:40 pm
pay for extracurricular activities. >> it's been amazing. >> reporter: when marine corps staff sergeant justin brown went to serve if iraq and returned to recover from being wounded in the war, he found comfort in knowing his kids would not have to be sacrificed. >> reporter: when his father was deployed, sergeant brown's son was able to play football and baseball. by the time he was 11 years old, the family had already moved 11 times. sports provided a way to make friends in a new community. >> it was nice to be able to know that certain things were taken care offul and especially when it came to my kids. >> i have done cheerleading, soccer, gymnastics. >> 7-year-old madi brown is clearly thriving. >> i love school because i have a good
5:41 pm
>> we provide grants to children of our deployed national guard. and also to children of all of our wounded warriors. >> our military kids help defray the costs associated with sports and arts programs. including music lessons. and that's not all. >> and then there are children whose grades start to fall. so we provide tutoring. >> reporter: the nonprofit initially thought it would be helping military children. but it's become clear, the entire family benefits. andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> if you would like to learn more about our military kids, we've posted a link to the nonprofit. it's posted there on our wusa 9 app. trending now. a tesla driver, asleep at the wheel with the car still moving. >> and happy anniversary to the greatest blooper in baseball history. we'll share that with you coming up after the break. and
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
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energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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new information tonight on casey anthony. the florida woman acquitted in
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kaley. private investigator hired by her lawyer, jose baez said anthony buried her daughter's body after she killed her and needed all the help she could get. this is after an affidavit became public record as part of her bankruptcy case. baez is also denying the p.a.'s allegations that he was having a sexual relationship with anthony. another round of severe weather expected today, after tornadoes raced through the plains. a secondev waof it happeneds tore through kansas yesterday, killing one person and damaging and destroying dozens of homes. at least one was spotted in abilene. one family ducked for cover, inside a storm shelter as a tornado leveled their home. >> it's gone. everything is gone. >> all we heard was loud noise. and the door blew open. stuff was flying everywhere. >> a tornado, one-half mile wide, barely missed the
5:46 pm
hmm. >> been a lot of that over the last couple of months. feel like we've been talking about tornadoes in the midwest. >> every time i see it. >> really is the season. kind of got off to a slow start. but making up time. about 8 in kansas alone. and yes, a couple today as well. but that's just -- we had some incredible video this week. the debris field. we can't tell you about that enough. that's what causes injuries. okay. let's talk about our weather. we're in pretty good shape. yes, we have a couple of showers and storms in the forecast. but all in all, we really can't complain. just imagine last weekend, this weekend. keep thinking about that. 88 right now. dew points in the 60s. mid-60s at that. so pretty comfortable. relative humidity, 45%. that's actually not bad. here's a look at radar. couple of showers along i-81, hagerstown. down toward winchester. this is about where they're going to be tomorrow and also saturday. nothing severe. but heavy downpours, still a little re
5:47 pm
romney. and this was a little heavier storm earlier. about a half hour ago, to the north of winchester. we will zoom on n on that storm tracker. this is going to head until 6:00. and maybe martinsburg. it holds together. more than likely will be just light rain by the time it gets there. a beautiful evening and night. more like june or july really. bus stop temperatures. 65 to about 79. it will remain dry. almost hot tomorrow. just isolated storms. and once again, the focus will be along i-81 and points west. and a few storms sunday. and a lot more monday. i have to tell you, as we go through the week, does not look like a washout. but in terms of cookouts, you're better off saturday or sunday. to the beaches. hope you're going there now. because today, tomorrow and sunday are fantastic. showers and storms roll in monday. this is ocean city. the water temperature, low to mid-60s. that's it. bethany, rehoboth. 73 sunday. showers and thunderstorms again on memorial day. d
5:48 pm
it's gog -- coog could be very nice here. 10:00 tonight, and future cast trying to hang onto a couple of showers don't really buy it. 66 in gaithersburg to start the day. by 9:00, we are in the mid- to upper 70s. 76 in fredericksburg. lots of sunshine. 1:00, we're in the mid-80s. and yes, by 1:00, showers firing once again off to the west of us in the mountains. and by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. couple of showers. can't rule out a couple of showers. not enough to change your plans. maybe a plan on the towns. looks fine. even tomorrow night, at 10:00, look how warm it is. 76 downtown. 75 in leesburg. and still 74 in manassas and sterling. that's going to be like a summer night. so day planner. low 70s to start. 78 by 9:00.
5:49 pm
82 by 11:00. 85 by 1:00 p.m. saturday, great. we'll keep it dry. 88. cannot rule out a mountain shower, though, on saturday. sunday. isolated storm. not quite as warm. 85. next seven days. there's your thunderstorms on monday because of that system we're tracking off the coast. and then lingering storms on tuesday. isolated storms wednesday and thursday. look at this. temperatures hold in the 80s. a great weekend for baseball. if you can't get to the park, we'll get there tomorrow and sunday. we're now going to go trolling for today's trending stories. and comedian amy. commenting on a picture of her in bay bathing suit. perhaps this was taken by paparazzi schumer writes, i meant to write. i think i look strong and healthy. >> all right. you go, girl. this next video is getting
5:50 pm
a tes la s driver familiar you can peer in the window and see what is going on. yeah, he's asleep. he's sleep in traffic, while the car is moving. another car reported this. tesla said its car is designed to give drivers confidence, and isn't meant for motorists to ignore the road. i'm sure that's what they were thinking am look at this. million clicks, y'all. good chance social media feeds are filled with account pictures like this. that's because today is red nose day. yeah, i have to admit. i did that earlier. when you buy one of those red noses from walgreens, the money goes to fight child poverty. put a red no nose on, take a picture and post to social media. recently, we were all given an opportunity to own
5:51 pm
of history or so we were told, when a harper signed jersey warned during the choking incident with jonathan paplebalm was put up for action. but harper said he has the actual jersey. before you go bidding, frank hanrahan has more on this week's inside pitch. kristen, in fact, that was not his jersey, bro. we got an update on the bryce harper jerz they was being auctioned off as the one worn. the auction house has now said the jersey was worn by harper in the game. but not when the fight between the two nationals occurred. he has maintained all along that he has the actual jersey at his house. and that is correct. so they updated saying this was worn in the game that the fight occurred in as confirmed by mlb but does not appear to be the one worn
5:52 pm
fight. despite this, the bid suggest going up to $7,000. i wonder if anyone wants to take the bid back now. i'm frank hanrahan. we all love a good blooper. right? however, when you think of one of the greatest baseball bloopers of all time. perhaps this next one comes to mind. perfect for a little throw back thursday. 23 years ago today, jose canseco, who hit 464 home runs in his career, helped out with that one. ball on head. goes over the fence, home run. canseco actually tweeted today about this. 23 years ago, i bounced a homer off my head. i don't know if you can hear the announcers under me talking. >> david halls was laughing. >> cracking up. >> check the replay. >> teammates laughing. a good little reminder in baseball history. >> pretty hard-headed guy. >> we'll never forget that one. >> cool. thanks. >> i li
5:53 pm
hurt a little bit. coming up when bruce johnson joins me at 6:00. donald trump takes the stage for the first time since clinching the republican presidential nomination. also at 6:00. another lawsuit filed with misconduct. new details on that. up next, behind the scenes look at the next generation of secret service officers and agents.
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when a gunman showed up, the secret service jumped into action. it's just this kind of scenario, from which they're training their new recruits. only tonight, they'll take you inside the secret service training center in prince george's county. as reporter andrea mccarron show us, the organization is turning to social media, to find the next generation of agents and officers. >> from pursuit driving to precision braking. firearms training. and grueling physical tests. the united states secret service is focused on recruiting people with some key attributes, sound judgment and strong character. >> the secret service, when you say the name, everyone recognizes who you are talking about. >> brian hackett was inspired to help protect
5:57 pm
after witnessing september 11th. he served in the army and local law enforcement. and he vividly remembers the d.c. sniper attacks. >> that's what really pushed me over the edge. i wanted to help people that couldn't help themselves. >> new secret service hires like these are put through intensive training for as long as 18 weeks. the goal is to provide real- world experiences that will prepare them for anything. >> verdicts who will do well with -- individuals who will do well with the physical and mental demands that this job will impose upon them of. >> reporter: the secret service strives to attract people from diverse backgrounds, not just law enforcement and military. among the successful recruits, schoolteachers, professional athletes, lawyers, and even a ballet dancer. >> this is -- i hate to see -- the challenge every day brings on the the best in you as well as your fellow
5:58 pm
officers. >> garrett jackson is training to be a special agent. the detective served in the army in afghanistan. >> i'm ecstatic. i mean, you work your whole life, trying to do the right thing. and to be able to have a career like this. you know, it's a gift. >> the secret service has launched an aggressive social media campaign. to find the best and the brightest. >> through twitter. through facebook. through linked-in. through i heart radio. >> with more threats than ever before. even at the white house. the new recruits need to be ready. andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> this campaign season, only two presidential candidates requested secret service protection. donald chump and bernie sanders. hillary clinton already had a protective detail as a former first lady. to learn more about secret service recruitment. go to our wusa 9news app. a firefighter claims
5:59 pm
was bullied and sexually harassed to fight a conspiracy to get her to quit. also, the cdc director is unprecedented and carries the mosquito that carries the virus to a cockroach. first, nearly a year after his campaign begins, it's official. donald trump will be the first president -- country's presidential nominee. >> trump has earned the support of 1237 republican delegates. that's the magic number that assures him the nomination at the gop convention in cleveland. it's an event many in his own party tried to sabotage. an event democrats did not anticipate at the start. they're now on their heels and still feuding amongst themselves. our garrett haake joins us now with reaction. >> you think about a year ago, when trump came down that escalator to announce the scene. seemed impossible. a month ago, still improbable. but donald trump today, crossed that threshold to become the republican nominee in waiting. and he
6:00 pm
place, north dakota. >> as he arrived in north dakota for a speech on energy. trump's campaign showed up for support. putting the long-time front runner over the top. this delegate says he became number 1237 on a phone call with the trump campaign ad. >> i asked how many do you have? and they were sitting at 1235. and i said, let me let you talk to 1236 and then i'll get back to you. >> even trump seemed taken back by the moment. >> here i am watching hillary clinton fight to close the deal. and that should be such an easy deal to close. >> hammering on hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. >> she had bad judgment. probably illegal. we'll have to find out what the fbi says. >> reporter: but trump does not have his entire party behind him. despite a phone call last night, speaker paul ryan has yet to offer his endorsement. >> w


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