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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 26, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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johnny depp and amber heard divorcing without a prenup. his $4 million fortune at stake. how much could he lose? the strange timing of their split days after her mother's death. coincidence or just cruel. >> and megan fox talking b number three. is her divorce off? >> are you guys back together? and taking over new york and a little. >> now for may 26, 2016, this is entertainment ton johnny depp and amber heard are calling it quits. samantha harris in for nancy o'dell. this divorce could get excessiv
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>> we're hearing thei relationship turned bitter with amber taking a lot of the blame. >> i have to thank my wife amber for putting up with for living with all of these chara it's hard for me. it's got to be hard for her. >> johnny is a truly gifted character actor that is trapped in a man's body. there's no one else like him. >> they talked a good game in public but behind closed doors the marriage that ended after 15 months was sadly contentious and pilled with fighting. here's the what went wrong claims from our source. the february 2015 wedding on johnny's private island in the bahamas was a result of a ultimatum that amber threw down. amber is a rebound relationship
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and johnny felt bad for her. they began dating around the time depp announced the split from his love of 14 years. >> i'm excited to be 30. i'm looking forward to it. i'm excited to be, you know, even more of a woman. that's what it feels like, you know. >> things between the 30-year-old amber and 52-year-old depp were rocky. the source says she was still into partying while johnny laid back. she was more intense. watch this. >> detective. >> she gets really star struck. i'm sorry.
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>> that was amber losing it in a prank for the tv show overhaul. she smiled afterwards but during. >> get my car back. >> smile. ou>> yon're rh oveauling. >> but some now are questioning the timing of this move. why did amber file forrdivorce just three days after johnny's beloved mom betty sue passed away. >> that's my mom there. most important it's great for me because my mom is here. >> the new johnny depp is still the same johnny depp and he always will be my son. >> tuesday amber was seen casually shopping in beverly hills leaving with a bag from tiffanys and we last saw jjhnny monday 2.5 hours after the divorce was filed. >> i was wondering what your red carpet pregame was? >> are we getting close? oh god, oh god, here it is. all right. here we go. >> whenever you have one of these big hollywood divorces the question becomes who gets what? and considering that johnny depp is worth $400 million things could get very, very messy. johnny might be screaming because indications are that there is no prenup between ambe and her husband. so you can expect a big bucks attle. >> if i was amber's lawyer i would make a number of i would want to see all fi
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projects that johnny entere into during the marriage. i would want to contact his business managers and secure all of his income data for the last few years. >> you got to admit it's a nice problem to have. johnny's network is in the $400 million range. amber's 4.5 to 9 million. but it's more about what they made since they married. >> so one of them entered into a movie deal after they married then that contract is community. 1-half to each of them. >> johnny made a lot more during their marriage. for instance, amber's biggest alabama ri ever was a littl er 400 grand for 2015 rum diaries where as johnny's income was 30 million so he could get a soaking there. plus johnny has big paydays
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coming for pirates and alice and amber is no slouch with justice league and aqua man on her slate future earnings may be separate property after the date they split. that date may be in dispute. amber says may 22nd. johnny in his response says that etis y to be determined. what about all of johnny's propee sunny the hollywood hills spouse and french estate and island in the bahamas were all purchased long before they were married. so that will all probably stay with johnny and remember the awkward dog apology? >> i'm truly sorry. >> who gets to keep those infamous pouches? still considered under california law. they're not children. they're property. for boo they may have to negotiate. >> more couple's news. megan fox and brian austin green filed for divorce. they have two kids together and surprise she is pregnant again and the marriage is on again too.
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>> you guys like pretty much back together so congratulations on that. >> thank you. >> i love seeing the photos of you and brian in hawaii. why did you choose that location for your baby moon? >> i love that particular place in hawaii. i love it. it's a peaceful location. we go there a lot. >> she showed off her gorgeous baby bump and it's where the couple got married five years ago. check out the tender pda moment but three babies under the age of 4. yikes. >> you're either wonder woman or crazy. >> yeah. noah will almost be four but yeah i've had a baby ever other year since 2012. >> are you excited? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> sounds like this pregnancy is a little rough though. megan admits last week madison square garden premiere for her new movie teenage mutant ninja turtles out of the shadows? >> we miss in you new york. how are you feeling? >> i have bronchitis.
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congratulations. you probably have it now. >> do your sons recognize you? are they going to see the movie? >> they're way too young to see the movie. even if i wasn't in it it would be too scary for them but i did show them the trailer and noah, my older one was very quite for a little while and he said mommy you can't be in that movie because the monsters might get yo so at that point i was li will be years before i take them to see any of that stuff. >> last night we showed you rihanna and leo dicaprio partying until the wee hours of the morning. where did we find them hours late senator that tops tonight's know and >> leo was taking a friend and mystery lady through a rent a bike ride through new york yesterday. he was at it solo today. as for the other half of the rumored couple that we'll call rio, riri was at it again. we're told it was for a family
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dinner. next blake and miranda, a closed door opened. lambert's life style boutique just shut it's doors to move from shelton's oklahoma hometown to texas. now he scooped up the property telling e.t., i have a brewing. brewing. does that mean blake's bar could really happe now proof maria shriver moved on after her split. she's still not technically divorced from arnold yet. even though it's been five years. but yesterday she looked like the bell of brentwood out with her boyfriend. going strong for two y in london yesterday it was beckham versus beckha look cly.
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face but that's no spice girls husband. that's david's body double. h double's cute but there is only one david b >> that guy has the best life in the world. >> who is bieber's blonde? we go inside hollywood's hottest night club. >> selena, taylor, rihanna. it's the most exclusive hang out and only we can tell you why. >> we're on the series bachelorette host chris harrison doesn't want you to watc is the show exposing all of
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>> emilia clark goes to romantic love interest in me before you out next friday.
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>> does justin bieber have a new lady love? he was out last night with the 21-year-old actress. they hit the shot spot for dinner. now our senior news editor joins us from new y she was recently here in l.a. and if anybody knows the star's hotspots it's that young lady right there. >> how arr you? >> tough day at the office. that's for sure but there are dozens of clubs out in hollywood but how did one of them become the celebrity's favorite spot to hang out? well the man that hosts hollywood's biggest a listers told me how he gets them in evsiery ngll night. >> imagine, you know and gigi hadid all crammed into the same club except it's more like a private party at an exclusive restaurant. justin bieber at the piano. ♪
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and hollywood's hottest spot. the kind of place where you can catch drake and rihanna sneaking out the back door. what do stars like to hang out here? he is the co-owner and says first it's a celebrity safe space. >> can you just call and get a reservation if you wanted? >> you c >> be on her cell phone. no pictures at all and it's very strict on that. >> reason number two, it's the ultimate spot for celebrity birthday bashes. kendalnnl jeer brought the entire family to the nice guy for her 20th. >> and gigi celebrated her 21st there a toond the nice guy created a special dessert for the occasion. that kind of vip treatment is reason number celebrities get special
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addition. >> every person has set up special everything and we have their likes and their needs and their profile basically on file. >> john and his team actually own the two other hollywood hotspots. flying dragon is actually so hidden you have to walk through the parking garage and then the kitchen just to get in the front door. i mman, kevin, you got to love how creative they're getting out there. >> that's crazy. you'll get me in flying dragon and i was standing right in front of miley and liam while they were having a moment of pda and i as like it's stra >> why didn't you call me? >> i tried to keep it on the low. now the world knows. still ahead, a bachelorette throw up. guys fighting over jojo breut a the interactions staged? we're behind the scenes for the summer scripted hit that shows how unreal reality tv can be.
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>> i'm like how is this happening? >> then why is james corden giddy about his new gig. >> closed captioning provided by.
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♪ >> i mean, how much do you love this guy? james corden took the lion king to the streets on the late, late show. he's hosting the tony awards and you better believe he'll put his own spin on the show. michelle turner caught up with him and james said he's ready. >> looking like james bon >> james bond was not wearing spanx. i'm in spanx to my ankles. >> time to shoot a promo for the award. i didn't know it was live. most award shows are not that interesting. where as the tony awards, phere's more talented p in that room. >> one of those talented people was actually james himself.
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karaoke? he's obsessed with 16 time nominated hamilton. james was shotted shooting in a car with the show's car and creator. while we wait to find out james is getting a little freaked out about this hosting gig >> what if it ends up with me just crying on stage and i just apologize to my family that flew out to watch it and leave theater and you never see me again. see me once in nebraska in a super market. >> that guy is going to kill it. because of him. because of hamilton, you must watch the tony's. >> all right. and the tony's just announced today that oprah and cate blanchett will be presenters. >> it's a little nasty between the guys. >> what? [ bleep ]. >> i'm serious. >> cool, bro.
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>> in real life if a guy rolled up on another guy like that there would be some kind of physicality. >> there would be some kind of physicality. >> you always wonder how much is real and how much is just for the cameras. >> you always want to remember it's a tv show and that's why i'm truly addicted to the scripted series unreal because they show yyu things that if true the people on reality dating shows do not want you to know. >> queue our moron. >> ready. >> welcom >> it's a show called really terrible but in one season unreal has earned a huge following that ays otherwise. >> the show really pulled back the veil. we see how the reality shows are manipulated. >> it would totally watch them
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but you watch it now seeing more of the craft and the art work that puts them into going together. >> at least to the part where she calls it. >> unreal was created by a former bachelor producer. it stars her as a conflicted producer on a bachelor-like tv series. she'll do anything to create drama for ratings and her boss is even more ruthless. >> our sad fiancee and post up on hot rachel. >> stop. >> that's her name. >> how much of a reality tv fan
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watching unreal? >> not at all. i could only watch one episode. there was a hot air balloon and a weird massaging step thiig and i was like, they did everything we did on our show. like how is this happening? >> expect more sexy scenes in season 2. >> what is it like shooting those? >> this time we'll rehearse the trailer beforehand. in all of my years of sex scene experience the real key is to shoot it as quickly as possible. if you come in and you know what you're doing the cameras will turn on and you'll get it over with. >> right. >> ladies, i urge you, open your hearts to your suitor. >> i love the fact that we're finally getting an african american suitor. something that the bachelor has never done. >> you said it. i'm just saying i don't know why it took so long but we're telling that story. >> and to help tell that story our own leann. she has a role in the premiere playing what else, a reporter? >> it i >> it's amazing job. >> i'm very proud of you. >> oh god. >> nicely done leann and even without her on the show it's still one of our summer obsessions. andow
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breaking down her dos and don'ts in tonight's fashion fix. >> i'm somebody who literally on every carpet and every interview i look like a different person. >> we love how kat is also switching up her look just as much as her first summer fashion do. >> any trends that yo excited to wear? >> i think it's more like a palate for me versus like actual styles. i'm doing pastel colors and enjoying those for spring and in the summer i'll wear more w and nude. >> and turn your don'ts into dos. >> you have to find something that works for your body. i always wear a lot of crop tops and high waisted pencil skirts and elongate your legs. >> and don't forget, super expensive. >> i might lose my glasses or sit on th
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you see kat is an am bar toss ffr foster grant sunglasses and most of their styles are under $30. >> their whole motto is the many shades of you and as a woman we have so many different shades to who we are and i like that my girls that watch the show or listen to my music they can go get the same pair that i'm wearing. >> at e.t. we celebrate the show's tenth
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d meet the star of the youtube red series sing it that's choreographed for beyonce. weon're the set of his new music video. watch it at et >> travel considerations provided by. >> so we all know andy dorfman from the bachelor and bachelorette. now she is filling details in the new book it's not okay. >> it's not okay is to me a summary of a break up. sometimes it's just not okay. i hate when people are like it's fine. there's no big deal. there's moments where it's just not okay and i wanted people to know that. >> the 29-year-old attorney i living in new york and say
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after all the dating drama she is just looking for mr. nice but if she had her pick of hollywood heartthrobs. >> liam hemsworth. >> good-bye, everybody. >> good-bye.
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hey, so i saw a movie trailer the other day. how could batman possibly fight superman? i mean, isn't that dumb? maybe he uses kryptonite. well, batman's got a lot of money. maybe he builds a suit that can do everything superman can do. no, no, no, no, no. i've seen that movie. it's called iron man. (quietly): what is happening? i don't know. but it's beautiful. and now ben affleck is batman? oh, he was great in shakespeare in love. ooh, we should watch that next girls' night. we could do a double feature with the leonardo dicaprio romeo + juliet. oh, i love me some leo. and it's gone. oh, hello, everyone. i am happy to report i'm feeling much better. good for you. (muttering) my fever is gone, my sinuses are pressure-free,


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