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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. vacation packages start at just $50 per person. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. a whole other world awaits. and we are following some breaking news from southeast washington, you are taking a live look look outside the tail male-- a live look where officials are investigating stabbings involving 5 inmates. officials say a homemade weapon was used and the transported three inmates to the hospital, none of them are life- threatening. investigators are looking into what sparked the fight and we will update the st
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wusa9 application as soon as we get more information. the great escape from washington between long security lines at airports and lows at the gas pump nearly 1,000,000 residents are leaving town for the memorial day weekend and for nearly all of them it is a road trip. i'm lesli foster and if you are planning to hit the road and have not left chances are at some point somewhere you're going to get stuck in traffic. reporter: we spoke to plenty of people who have weekend plans and they are planning to get stuck in holiday traffic. people are going to places. >> i'm going to new york city. >> ocean city new jersey. >> south carolina. reporter: are you driving? >> yes. reporter: nearly 966,000 dc area residents plan
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hours or more from home during the holiday weekend and they say they deserve a vacation. >> it was an awful winter, we didn't have a spring.>> they are planning a-- and escape. >> are you building traffic into the schedule? >> i don't know what the weather is supposed to be like but we are hoping for a beach day so we can get back without much delay. >> i'm getting up at 5:00 and of hitting the road by 5:30 and there by 9:00. >> i know you're dealing with. reporter: we decided to stick around here. we have kids and it is a big effort to get them out on the road so we are doing a staycation reporter: is that ther
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saying about the journey being just as important? >> once you are there your there. reporter: that will do. if you are planning to stay in town you have to remember this is the capital so there will be plenty of people coming into town from other cities. this is a tourist destination so there will be things going on here. >> we have your memorial day weekend guide on the free wusa9 application including the best and worst times to travel. they can expect big delays over the holiday weekend. >> the drive is predicted to get even worse. if more lanes are not added backups could regularly stretch 14 miles. that is down the road in 25 years. they are considering options to ease traffic like building another three lanes or demolishing the existing bridge ma
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could cost as much as $7 billion. >> people heading out should not have to worry about the weather but top-- topper is traffic-- tracking traffic for memorial day.>> hurricane season officially began on the first session begins on the first. there is a computer model of where they think the storm is going to go. it is still off the southeast coast and we extend the models all the way. some would really put a damper on the activities at the shore but this is not set in stone and it's going to have a much larger effect on the sure that it will here on the immediate metro area. it is nice saturday
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sunday the only time you run into showers-- into trouble will be on memorial day with temperatures in the low-70s. right now we will talk about the application. it is free, go download it, we will push severe weather alerts, doppler radar and the tropical system you can track as well. now to a story you will see only on my mac,-- 9. >> she manipulated and 81-year- old man into marrying her and giving her thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry. ellison barber has the exclusive story in rock hill. ellison !--? reporter: she had him transfer $50,000 to the bank account and she
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he wanted her to have a nice wedding. a jury said it was theft. >> she scanned tens of thousands of dollars from this victim and a jury saw fit to convict on all counts. reporter: she claimed she met the man at a giant grocery store and their meeting was love at first sight. she told detectives they talked in the grocery store and when they touched hands he called her the chosen one but prosecutors say their love story is exactly that, a story. >> this victim had lost his wife and this individual represented herself as someone who could be an aid of start. she gain his trust and completely took over. reporter: here's how they say it began to play out in september last year. september 25 the victim wires $1000 to a bank account in her name. 3 days later th
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$50,000 to a bank account also in her name. that same day the victim and she go to jewelry store and spend $11,951 on items like this. >> the victim was someone who was so trusting and vulnerable. he has no family. reporter: it happens far too often. >> tens of thousands every year. it is like domestic violence in that a great deal goes unreported. >> preventing that takes diligence. >> they can't help him of airfares very well anymore and it takes all of us to look out for that. reporter: they knew about the particular incident because of diligence. according to these documents the couple went to a fourth bank back in september and tried to make a transfer but one of them thought the man did not seem to understand what was going on and refused to
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the transfer. i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> that is quite a tale. she is facing 45 years behind bars. experts say the majority of crimes are carried out by relatives of the victims. a flower delivery man who may have left home with more than just a thank you. montgomery county police say anthony miller a house, couple of months ago and when no one answered he walked in, stole credit cards and other items and went on a shopping spree. after walking into his home they found more property, possibly stolen from other houses. if you think you are a victim, emery county police. he seemed to be another customer until he handed a stickup note. a robbery that dc police have posted on their page. this was from thursday, the cook threatened the employee with a knife, then takes a
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door. a tip that leads to his arrest could be worth $1000. a woman whose baby was killed by his own father says she hopes he rots in jail for the rest of his life. a judge sentenced him to 50 years and dale. -- in jail. he took out a $750,000 life insurance on his son and the day after he paid the premium he shot and killed the baby boy who was 11 weeks old. he was convicted the next year and has a new trial this year because of the time he served he will be eligible for parole in 11 years. ahead of the busy summer season ocean city police say they have busted a prostitution ring. they took my mac men and women into custody after a sting operation at several of the city hotels. they confiscated a variety of drugs
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donald trump now has the delegates he made-- needs to claim the delegation. he will now lead the gop in november. we have covered every twist and explains where the race goes from here. reporter: donald trump could not resist a chance to gloat over those who said this day would not come. >> you have people saying he will not be the nominee. a really? he's been right about that like he is right about everything else, which is never. reporter: reliably republican states where he picked up the uncommitted delegates he needed to push him past 1237. several stood behind him as he mocked the failure of hillary
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nomination outright. >>. watching hillary and she cannot close the deal. that should be an easy deal to close. reporter: clinton made note as well. >> that means an unqualified loose cannon is within reach of the most powerful job in the world. reporter: she mostly fielded questions about a report highly critical of her exclusive use of personal email as secretary of state. she acknowledged that doing so was a mistake and try to put it in the context of the broader election. >> i think voters are going to be looking at the full picture of what i have to offer, my life and my service and the threat that donald trump offers our country. i have confidence they are going to be making the right decision. reporter: apparently still deciding on trump, paul ryan who spoke last night but still has no endorsement to offer. >> we had a productive phone call,
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there is also a live talk about a possible debate between donald trump and bernie sanders between now and the primary, both sides have said they are interested. >> we have co-champions, the contest going round after round and the two boys left standing exhausted all the words and remained champions, so congratulations. the new reality of the zika virus. why they are comparing the disease to cockroaches. a canadian official pounces on the protester and this is not the first time he has taken matters into his own hands.>> it meant a lot to me. she is 107 and virginia
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tomorrow we willp helyou navigate your travel if you're headed out of town. the best day to could. -- cook out. rocks and bottles versus tear gas and pepper spray, why police struggled with thousands of protesters in the streets of paris. they are fighting over a labor reform bill making its way through parliament that would give companies more leeway in hiring and firing union workers. canada's ambassador spring into action when a protester interested memorial-- memorial service in dublin. he launched into action hero mode when the stakes were higher, in 2014 he was sergeant. at arms of the canadian parliament and shot and killed a gunman who murdered a soldier
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and burst into parliament. the zika virus, tragic and now coming right for us. that is from the head of the cdc. memorial day weekend marks the start of mosquito season and calls the one that carries zika virus the cockroach of the mosquito world carrying a danger unlike any we have ever seen. >> we have never identified a situation where a mosquito bite could result in an infection that causes a devastating birth defect. >> they begin talks on a compromise bill to fund the fight. the cdc has put-- endorsed the package and says that money must come soon. the agency will be doing what they can to control mosquitoes. we've learned tonight that maryland has started to spray and in southern maryland is spring-- as spraying
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areas begins next week. visitors will be able to watch through the-- walked to the smithsonian museum of african american history and culture. today we got a sneak peek at part of the incredible story f told through the experience of african-american lives. this is the ground floor where the slavery and freedom exhibition lives which digs deeper into the chapter of the painful past and the curator explains what life was like for families living in the south carolina slave cabin from the early 1800s. >> people forged relationships, loved one another, had aspirations even if it was just to read, but they held onto their humanity and that is very important. >> the curators want you to know that this living museum is more than just artifacts, it is powerful stories and we will be sharing more starting next week.
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flag. the annual tradition of placing us flags in front of each and every headstone in front of arlington before memorial day. today troops from the third infantry regiment planted 230,000 flags honoring one hero at a time. what a beautiful day to honor their sacrifice. most of the weekend looks okay, it really does. imagine last weekend this weekend? that would kill business at the beach. 3 degree guarantee, i was bald and went 88 today but today it was a bull's-eye. i'm going to go 88 again tomorrow. it seems to be the number. we do not make and 800 day for me until tuesday now we have 3 in a row and will probably finish the month with 80 degrees . that is more like june, winds out of the south and a nice finish.
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tomorrow and if you afternoon showers primarily west of town on either side of i-81. memorial day looks on the what side especially at the shore. it may have more of an effect on the beaches that will increase chances for showers and storms. ocean city 75, 72 sunday increasing chance of sunday-- showers as we go into sunday and monday. water temperature about 63. it is warmer to swim in the ocean thanksgiving weekend. check out my blog about. mid-seventies on sunday, for bethany and an increasing chance of showers for memorial day. the cow mild it is, 68-- look how mild it is. by 9:00 it is 76 and 75 in manassas. 1:00 we are in the mid-80s. a few showers will begin to pop
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and that is where they will be focused much of the day on friday. by 6:00 85 downtown, closer to 88 and we talked about this, the number is low. don't get too hung up on the exact location but a couple of showers could make it in from the blue ridge and diminish. 10:00 tomorrow night but dry and a nice night to be on the town, maybe a great night to start the cookout early. 70s to start, 82 by 11:00, 85 by 1:00. next 7 days, a thunderstorm possible depending on where the system goes, low-80s on thursday and isolated storms in the afternoon. the nationals harbor have been in a slump but perhaps no
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special guest and the game, vi z2022z
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z2025z now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought
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>> she first store our hearts showing off her dance moves to the president and the first lady in the white house, virginia mclaurin is 107 years old, has never been on an airplane, never thought she would see an african-american us president and checked off another box on her bucket list. she was the guest of honor at today's nationals game, her first time ever at a major league baseball park. she got her own jersey with number 107. and of course, she danced for the crowd.>> it means a lot to me. really a lot. i love it. the support really is there. i'm happy to be here this afternoon. >> she makes us so happy. she got to see bryce harper
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a home run. it was shot to the upper deck to tie the game at one mac-- tie the game at one, and they scored 2 runs off this one, it is enough and they went 2-one. yon u cawatch the nationals and cardinals right here on wusa9, first pitch at 7:of five-- 7:05. the orioles are looking to avoid getting swept the houston hit three runs off of kevin, the astros won 4-2. expectations are as high as they have ever been for the men's lacrosse team. they have been led to the championship game 3 times but have gone home empty-handed each time. the top-ranked terps are hoping for a chance to win their 41 years drt.
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in order to play for the title they have to get past brown on saturday in the final four. >> it's a really good group. they've had a lot of success this year whether it is academically or what we have done in the community, so i'm proud of our guys and hoping we have a great weekend.>> covering both women's and men's game on saturday. >> you can forget the women, they are all-stars. >> there championship game is sunday so it's going to be a great weekend.
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for the folks in denver, the airport officials had to break out the sn
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. it was so bad the faa briefly stopped flights and everything is back to normal now but all the delays that are possible. that is good stuff. >> we have good stuff as well, we will flip the coin a little different, we are in summer here. temperatures in the 80s, the earlier the cookout the better. >> that is it for us on wusa9
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>> stephen: neil young, man, hey, good to see you again. >> hi. >> stephen: thanks for being on the show. >> pleasure. >> stephen: keep on rocking in the free world -- i understand you're letting bernie sanders use that song. >> yes, i back bernie sanders. >> stephen: okay, trump used it for a while and you told him to stop. are you not in favor of trump? >> no, i didn't like that idea because of the misogyny and the racism. >> stephen: okay. but other than that, it's fine? >> yeah, but those two key facts are something you can't really ignore. >> stephen: okay, fair enough. but let me ask you something else, if someone wanted to use "keep on rockin' in the free world" for, say, a cat food commercial, would you be cool with that? >> no. >> stephen: what about a dog food


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