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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the weekend is already started for those people who are not sticking zero you round for the memorial day weekend. more and more people
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heading to the beach, a live look from sky 9 over the bridge, the most popular way here to get to the sand. good afternoon, and thank you for joining us. we caught up with travelers today. >> reporter: we saw quite a few people down there who are going to venture over the chesapeake bay bridge. they tell us these people have a plan and part of the plan was to leave early. >> we just left early. >> reporter: the plan for a smooth get-away is simple but worked well early friday morning. >> he we took the kids out of school for the day and my husband took off work to avoid the traffic. >> reporter: they are joining five other families in delaware for a camping trip, doing it every year. >> reporter: how do you feel about the traffic? >> hate it. >> reporter: he had a clear start because he stayed in a hotel. early friday mo
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nearly 1 million people will get way this holiday. crews from the bridge opened the eastbound lane on the westbound span to accommodate traffic. >> reporter: what made you decide to stay local? >> friends and family are here and we want to stay home and enjoy it. >> reporter: while there is a lot of plans to have a lot of fun this weekend many say they hope others remember the true meaning of memorial day. as we have been reporting many of us have already hit the road for the holiday, but those are us working today will be leaving throughout the rest of the afternoon. larry will give you ideas on what you should avoid. >> it looks like you are already in a bit of a pickle this afternoon. we have delays on the southbound side of 95 as you make your way toward certain areas, like south, richmond and virginia beach.
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traveling from the beltway, 64 minutes, normally only 45 minutes. delays are picking up. around the beltway, quiet, on both loops. a live look, you can see the delays from the right-hand side of the screen, the northbound side. we have bottleneck delays in clarkburg, through fredrick, so be patient. back to the maps, the bridge, slight delays making your way eastbound on route 50. we expect things to kick into high gear at 2:00 this afternoon, if you can leave within an hour that will be your best best. the metro delays are possible in both directions because of scheduled track work and trains originating at silver spring. we'll have more coming up for you and make sure you check out your wusa 9 mobile an. back over to you, mike. if you are flying today for e
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plenty of company there too, no doubt. you have heard the complaints about the long lines, and we want to know how long you are waiting. tweet us with the hashtag #timethelines. send pictures too. we have our eye on reagan national. what does it look like? >> reporter: i came here with my stop watch in one hand and a knickers bar in the -- snickers bar in the other. what you see here behind me is about as bad as it has been so far today, not bad at all. the line earlier today, around 9:00 a.m. when we shot this video. the stop watch was out and clocked a passenger from the moment he went into the line to the point he made it through, and it took all of 9 minutes and 15 seconds to clear security, to be precise.
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departing dca. people arriving from across the country? we found that out, too. >> reporter: how long was the line? >> about [inaudible] and we left at 11:00 p.m. >> reporter: you got a jump on that? >> yes. >> reporter: where are you coming in from? >> atlanta. >> reporter: and take us through [inaudible] >> i really didn't have to [inaudible] easy. that was it. >> reporter: estimate the times you arrived for us? >> it [inaudible] not that bad. >> reporter: not thad bad was the theme of the morning. keep in mind, triple-a mid- atlantic estimates nearly a million of our closest friends and neighbors are about to get out of town this weekend, some of them still here today. we'll see how things end up working out as the day unfolds. so far here at reagan, smooth sailing for passen h
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weld like to know which airport you were using and how long you are waiting even if it's only 10 minutes. tweet us with the trash time the lines and send pick -- a live look at ocean city, celebrating the unofficial start to summer. will the weather cooperate for the west of the weekend? we are tracking what is headed our way. there's good parts of the weekend and parts of the weekend that we'll be dodging showers and thunderstorms. if you are kicking off the holiday early, you are not going to have problems. it's hot outside, sunny and hazy and it's alsohumid, 83 degrees at lunch hour and feels like 86 degrees with the humidity levels staying high and they will stay elevated through the weekend. 84 in frederic. the humidity, it feels like 90. if you are spending your time outdoors and heading to the beach, sta i dr
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out of the sun, if you can. in terms of the rest of the afternoon, no problems. in evening is looking good, too, if you are heading out to nats park. but showers and thunderstorms later in the weekend that could be influenced by a tropical system. you can track the latest changes if you are heading out of town and download our app, and you get the latest changes and the seven-day forecast on there, as well. we'll have more coming up in just a few minutes. the president made an historic trip to hiroshima, japan, after attending a summit at the g 7, the first time a sitting u.s. president has made the trip and it comes 70 years after the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on the city in world war ii. the president was joined by the prime minister at peace memorial park. >> you may not be able to eliminate man's ca pass t i do do
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like my own that hold the stockpiles we must have the encourage to escape the logic of fear. >> the president won't be visiting the site of the second nuclear bomb in 1945. there, more than 70,000 people were killed. a live look at the airport, hoping to get on planes and hit their holiday destinations, but the lines at the tsa, we won't to know if they will be difficult for you. tweet us with the hashtag #timethe i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424.
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. welcome back. donald trump is laying out his strategy he believes will win the general election. it involvescampaigning in 50 states he considers toss-ups, but who is opponent
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still remains to be seen officially. rock albert has more from the white house. >> reporter: cbs news project donald trump now has the number of delegate needed to glitch the gop nomination. >> today was the day where wehit the number. >> reporter: he vows to campaign democratic-leaning states like washington, new york and california. >> no other republican, they wouldn't go to dinner in california. they wouldn't do it. >> reporter: he's so confident he'll win he's boasting about his legacy. >> i want a statue in washington, d.c. >> before they start building monuments here in d. c., the businessmen has to get past clinton. >> donald trump is an unqualified, loose cannon who can't get near the most powerful job in the world. >> reporter: clinton is playing defense this week after a state department report concluded she did not
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e-mail server while secretary of state.. the other democrat in the race, bernie sanders, says he wants to debate donald trump before california's june 7 primary. cbs news, the white house. don't forget you can get the latest on campaign 2016 any time right ton your phone. download the free wusa 9 app. there's a chance we may see some rain before the holiday weekend is over. our meteorologist is up next with where and when those showers may hit. melissa? >> hot, hazy and humid now but, yes, we're tracking a tropical disturbance that may bring more showers and storms. we'll time those
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we are following breaking news right now, another arrest from an attack on metro, 25- year-old simmons charged with first degree sex abuse, armed robbery and kidnapping, the alleged incident happening on monday on the red line between bethesda and friendship heights. earlier this week we learned about an arrest of an alleged rape more than a month ago, prompting them to order metro transilit poce to notify the public about violent crimes the same day unless it would jeopardize the investigation. how long are you waiting? we want to know. maybe it's a family member coming to visit you or maybe you are going out of town. let us know if it's smooth sailing at the tsa screening or you have a significant way.
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#timethelines. how is it going out there? >> reporter: it's even better. tsa is well aware of the fact that a lot of eyes are on them this holiday weekend, and some of the agents have been out here with us with their stop watches out just making sure the passengers are making their way through. look at this line, a long line that we showed you about 15 minutes ago, dissipated right now. so 12 minutes was the longest wait that one of the agents told me she clocked earlier in this day and that's basically what our research found. we are clocking here. it's been a trend not just here but around the country, detroit, phoenix, atlanta, told us the same thing in the arrival section in baggage claim. >> coming from albany, the biggest thing is [inaudible] >> reporter: the security line was not a
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>> no. it's a small town, so i was in and out pretty quick. >> reporter: were you expecting a 10-minute line or bracing for more? >> no. i was bracing for more but it was not that bad when i got there. >> reporter: a pleasant surprise? >> yes. >> reporter: of course we reached zero you to you on twitter too see what your experience has been like this morning, and there was one tweet who said his wait was [inaudible] but we have not seen bad reviews. the question is, how long will that last? we'll have reporters on the scene all day long to let you know. wusa 9. >> hopefully it will last. that hashtag #timethelines and tell us how long you are waiting and the airport and send pictures. caught on camera, the police say a rap
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gunman who left a person dead. collins was wounded in the shooting too, and two others are shot and are expected to the suspect shot himself in the leg during the struggle. he's charged and could be hit with more as the investigation continues. we're getting a look at a new video of a robbery, d. c. police posted this on their youtube page, from tuesday in northwest d. c. the clerk threatened an employee with a knife and headed for the door. a tip that leads to an arrest could be worth $1,000 to you. a slow-speed chase caught on camera, officers started this in anchorage, alaska, when a forklift slammed into a liquor store. the driver ran in and grabbed alcohol bottles and took off and the police chased him and pulled him over. people
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the holiday weekend and spent yesterday at the beach. they got there early, a beautiful day, the sun was shining. everybody was relieved that finally the summer is here. >> we're definitely ready for this. we've been ready for summer for a while. it's been really cold lately. we're happy to be out here enjoying it all. >> it's been raining for how long? how many weeks? we finally got a nice day. >> i love it, flying like a bird. >> the beaches are recovering from heavy damage by the blizzard back in january. in some places the walk ways to the surf are open air, a dune used to be there, but repairs are complete and the beaches are in great shape. if you are planning to head out to the coast this weekend, download our free app and there will find a memorial day weekend guide with the best and worst times to leave and
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virginia and d. c. where travelers can expect delays and we'll help you avoid those. we had 18 days worth of rain. will we get more? >> and not in the 50s. >> good point. >> the heat and humidity is here and with those come some afternoon thunderstorm chances but it's not just your general thunderstorms we're talking about. we're tracking a system in the tropics that could end up bringing in an enhanced chance of thunderstorms later in the weekend. the weekend is kicking off sunny, a bit hazy, however the and also humid, but this is what we've been waiting for, and tomorrow looks good, too. up to 83 degrees now but feeling like 86 degrees. across the region, even some spots warmer than that.
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international airport, 87 degrees, and culpeper, 86, manassas, 84. the heat index in a lot of spots is around 90 degrees or in the low 90s. tomorrow, i expect the humidity levels to be high. here is your forecast high temperatures today. we'll keep the same type of sky cover, partly sunny to mostly sunny in the afternoon and the chance of a stray shower mainly i-81 and to the west of that, a stray thunder shower, so we should be mainly dry as we head into the evening hours, especially heading out to the nats park, a pretty night, so nothing in our area that you can see here on first alert doppler that will bring problems to your forecast for today or tomorrow. what eventually we're tracking is a tropical system that is an area of interest, a broad area of low pressure and the general track of it, spaghetti models here, showing the center of that circulation goes
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it saturday, onto the coast of the carolinas, developing into a tropical depression perhaps or a storm, and if it comes a named storm, that would be bonny. but the system moves northeast ward, so not gusty winds but an enhanced chance and coverage of showers and thunderstorms. that looks like that will start impacting us the second half of the holiday weekend. for the outdoor plans saturday, the best out of the days for that. west of i-81, as you see, and nice tomorrow, an isolated shower closer to the mountains, and it will be hot tomorrow but dry throughout the cook-outs, heading to the beach or hanging out in the pool in the backyard. near sunday, we'll see increased cloud cover, showers around sunday and we'll keep
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your monday and some thunderstorms, as well. sunday and monday, not a wash- out but it with i will be scattered showers and thunderstorms, a great weekend, all the outdoor plans planned, so keep the app on hand so you can track the showers and storms that come around and the forecast updates through the weekend so you can have a tweet for that. the next three days, temperatures stay rather warm but on memorial day itself, low 80s, and that's because we have a chance of more showers and storms along with more cloud cover. past then we'll keep shower storm chances. the next seven days, tuesday, showers and storms possible, 84 degrees, and we'll stay in the
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the holiday weekend is just about here, if you are still at work and headed out, be careful and give yourself extra time. if you are flying out this weekend, the hashtag #timethelines, send us a picture so we can report how the airports are doing, something people are concerned about. >> the weather is going to be great. a chance of rain win? >> sunday and monday, scattered showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow, it looks great. temperatures in the 80s all weekend, so stay hydrated, and enjoy yo
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>> how about the game? >> it should be dry for that. >> have a great memorial day weekend! take care! ♪ [ music ]
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>> jill: so, billy and this... bimbo that he picked up were prancing around in sheets like -- like it was some toga party in my house -- my house. i mean, i couldn't even recognize it. for a moment, i was praying that i'd walked into the wrong place. i didn't ask him if he'd had the good sense to store the furniture and the rugs. i mean, some of those carpets are over 150 years old. do you know that? katherine probably spun the wool herself.


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