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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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sexual assault occurred. he was arrested after officers spotted him. officers did not know about the alleged kidnapping at the time. >> he needs to be castrated. >> it is good to stick up for each other and say something. >> the teenager in this disturbing case did result the cell phone robbery but didn't say anything about the sexual assault until after telling a friend about it and that friend eventually brought this whole story to police and it was finally reported. investigated and the charges were filed and investigators confirmed that some of the victim's timeline by looking at videotape taken on the system inside the metro. reporting live. wusa9. scott, thank you. simons missed a court appearance because of an illness. he remains in jail in d.
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>> we got breaking news out of montgomery county. you are looking at the scene. sky 9 capturing this where a driver is dead after crashing into a pole. this is darntown road and billsville road and the car brought down wires and caused brush fires. at last check you don't see much traffic and part of that is because nothing is moving around that area. >> it is a case that sparked outrage around the world and tonight a manassas teen that has sued the prosecutor and the police detective that hounded him. >> the investigators took pictures of the teen's penis and threatened to have him injected with a drug so he could photograph his erect penis. wusa9 bruce la shan talked to the teen's lawyer. bruce, what the heck is going on here? >> i don't know, adam but i will tell you what is more crazy is that the detective who went after tray
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the defendants in this federal lawsuit that has just been filed. he ended up accused of molesting two other boys and killed himself as the cops closed in on him. now, tray sims, the teenager that filed this suit too embarrassed and humiliated to talk to us today but his lawyer had plenty to say. >> the prosecutor is out of control. >> suing the police officer and the prosecutor. this all started the lawyer says as a teen's game of you show me yours and i will show you mine. and then 17-year-old tray sims had a 15-year-old girlfriend that texted him explicit nude photos of herself and in response sims sent her an explicit video he made of himself. >> to deal that is a crime that is categorized as a felony and something that gets you
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totally over the top. >> reporter: no charges for the girl but after her mother found the video prince william county assistant prosecutor claiborne richardson charged the boy with felony manufacture and child porn of the video. sims turned down a plea deal and taking him to juvenile hall and forcing him to touch his penis for the pictures, something that the lawsuit amounts to creating child porn to prove child porn and they threatened to take him to a hospital to give him an erection producing injection and here is where things turned strange. david abbott, the lead detective that tormented sims killed himself in december as police were about to arrest him for allegedly sexually abusing two teenagers he coached on his youth hockey team. >> the connection there
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clear, particularly when he is telling the 17-year-old kid to drop his pants and hold his penis this way and that way and that's weird. that sounds sick to me. >> now, tray sims could be in college right now but what college is going to look at a high school senior accused of child porn? he is working for now, hoping to go to college later. live in manassas bruce lahans. >> lawsuit says if the insurance policy in manassas fails to cover the damages, he will not go after the detective's heirs. a grand jury found enough evidence to indict a local tax driver with supporting isis. the man out of woodfield virginia is accused of inspiring to help another man
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investigators say that he joined him to richmond to catch an overseas flight to join the terrorist organization. a judge could sentence el hasan to 48 years in prison if convicted. the university of maryland is forced to confront racial bias after a police pepper sprayed incident with african- american students at a campus party. that is according to the president wallace lowe. the school reviews all incidents involving campus police. this cell phone video from last week shows campus officers spraying black students in an attempt to break up a graduation party. students say there's a disparity in how police treat students of color and others. >> as the tsa tries to get the long lines under control across the country we are trying to help you with realtime information. we are asking you to
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time the line. debra alfarone kicks off the coverage after spending the day at reagan international airport. how are things looking right now? >> adam, they are looking pretty good. i was going to say that wait is short but there is absolutely no way, it will take these people a minute to get through and that's based on the experience. the anxiety about the wait, that stretched quite a bit longer. most of the people that we spoke to that came to reagan international airport came here earlier than they have before. we timed several people. the longest wait stretched to just ten minutes. some people got through security in just two. the tsa crunch is just not being felt here today. >> do you worry about lines? >> yes. we did today. we are normally an hour here. and almost two-and-a-half hours. ju
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expect. >> and they got through that line in just about two minutes. we are live at reagan international airport debra alfarone wusa9. and we are al dulles airport and it has been the same case here. you can get a better look at the lines. you will see a handful of people and we had people timing the lines and we were told at the highest peak of the day there was about a 20 minute wait. considering people are expecting a lot of the traffic here because it is after all a holiday weekend. a lot of people coming two to three hours in advance and hoping that you know they wouldn't have any of those issues with the tsa lines that we were seeing in other airports like in the airports in chicago. we will have more reports coming
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with online are pretty happy with short wait times. >> hard to complain. >> a couple of tweets from mary. writes 30 minutes to get through this exciting crowd. not bad. and the wait for jumpba juice is longer than the lines in security. >> a guy that calls himself senator mike, zero minutes, i quit flying because of the tsa, road trips are more fun. we want to see your photos and wait times, posture pictures on twitter and don't forget the #, time the lines. we are off to a warm start. leading up to this memorial day weekend. this is a live look outside for the temperatures got into the high 80s. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein is live. howie, are there storms on the way? >> we may see a couple if you are west of the blue ridge, a better chance and we have had temperatures in the low 90s. some of the
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don't trust like the 95 in rockfield. 95 in hay mark and we got up in 80s except by the bay. south of winchester over towards romney, scattered heavy downpours and showers moving east and not moving much but on the north side of strasburg look out. a little lightning and southwest of folks run as it moves over to i-81 and look it over here. this guy north of king george towards faulkner. the tropics, we have a new tropical depression that will play in the weekend forecast unfortunately. thanks, howie. video of dc fire crews battling the flames on csx goiner
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csx was stopped while firefighters went to work. now, officials told us that they fought the fire but it is out now except for a couple of hot spots. >> if it is friday, the video must indicate it is california. no time off for the presidential candidates and hitting the campaign trail. bernie sanders and hillary clinton scrapping for every last delegate. and republican donald trump is trying to use their fight to his advantage. >> hillary is a disaster, folks. she has bad judgment, that was said by bernie sanders. he is giving me a lot of my best lines. >> we can use the white house as a bully pulpit, we don't want a bully in the white house but we can use the bully pulpit
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to talk about issues. and did you hear about this possible trump sanders debate. apparently you can forget it. trump's advisors say they were never serious about it. >> we are just getting started on abc 10 news at five. we hear from a fairfax county firefighter. drivers trying to beat the traffic. and we check out a packed national law as tourists fight long lines
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americans are expected to spend 12 billion with a "b" dollars on trips this memorial day. 38 million pe
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50 or more miles and many vacationers in our area are heading to the eastern shore. of course that requires a little strategy for moms like cheryl aplin. she packed up the family and took off. >> we decided to take the kids out of school and my husband took off work to avoid as much track as we could. >> and crew on the bay bridge opened an eastbound lane to prepare for the traffic. right now there are tourists flooding dc. >> as many of you are trying to get out, people are trying to come in. triple a says washington is the 3rd more sought after destination. wusa9's pete monteen is in the middle of it. >> reporter: big crowds after a big problem. earlier the elevator shut down. the park service says the system is old. like running your iphone on flip power. the tours are already jammed
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packed. this weekend thousands will take the 500-foot ride to the top in this elevator. an electrical problem shut it down this week. >> 525 steps. i am hoping it is running but we will do it and take the grandchildren up to the top. >> the elevator is working after repairs ended tuesday. last month similar snags shut down the monument twice in one week. >> it carries heavyweight. >> the park rangers have put out the call for help. a contractor will study what can be done to fix the elevator once and for all. >> it is a piece of machinery and never going to be one hundred percent fail-safe but we are confident moving forward that these steps will allow us to minimize the service interruptions. >> it would be a bad thing to get at the top of the elevator if you are in poor health. >> maybe get stuck up there? >> yes. >> that would be bad. >> yes, we have dinner reservations. >> this is the start of the big rush for the monument.
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the park service is extending the hours through the rest of the summer. on the national mall, pete monteen. >> this is busy it week fort vietnam and memorial day services. road closures a free download. the question for those tourists is, howie, how is the weather going to be? >> it is unsettled as we head to sunday and monday. the reason what is going on in the tropics, nothing obviously here but i put it a little low. a tropical depression. advisories on this, not a major storm but what a pain in the you know what as we head toward the holiday weekend especially in the carolinas with tropical storm
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could be making land fall with wind up to 50 miles per hour. and it will meander along the carolina coast. the hurricane center and the problem is it is not so tight that moisture is going to come up looks like it will be impacting us as we get into sunday. monday, too. so with luck, monday afternoon, maybe, 85 now in difficult c. with a couple of 90s and manassas and leesburg and fredericksburg. it is cooler out there and that is we are seeing the showers and storms and moving towards west virginia and the shenandoah valley. it felt hotter and not enough for heat advisories but sticky. >> whenever it gets above 65 it
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summer. a couple of showers and storms. i think this is overdoing the extent the action we are going to see east of the blue ridge and west of that, especially west of i-81 a bunch of activity. tomorrow, a few clouds here and there but really the chances will go on what happens with td2, likely to be bonnie. we had alex in january. here it comes, saturday late and the moisture. as we head to sunday morning you see green shooting to southern maryland in the form of showers and storms saturday afternoon into sunday night. i have issued a weather alert and monday i am holding off because i want to see where things go. even the futurecast starts to pull away with what is left of the storm. but look at the beaches here with the heavy rain that is at least through midday. tonight will be a mile and muggy one with temperatures in the 60s to 74.
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here is your forecast. 65 to 70 and isolated storms and it may stick through the blue ridge and an isolated shower here and there. down towards doorgrin we have had a shower. low 80s by lunchtime and warming quickly. any storms tomorrow generally west of i-81. look at the highs, 87 to 91 degrees. sunday, yellow weather alert and scattered showers in the afternoon. monday, showers likely and haven't gone yellow weather alert but it will probably happen. tuesday looks better, 86 and by wednesday, and friday, you got a chance of a storm here but we got to watch the tropics carefully. guys over to you. thanks, howard. a world war ii black missing from city hall has been found. why leaders are saying it is so important. the verizon strike appears to be coming to an
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and just a reminder, the first portion of metro's safe tracks surge gets under way saturday when orange and silver trains will be tracking between east falls church and boston. it will last through june 16th. more information on our wusa9 news app. let's talk consumer news. verizon customers may be able to breathe a sigh of relief. the company has reached a tentative agreement with the four-year contract with two unions th
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thomas perez announced the agreement in principle and commended them for resolving the issues. he expects workers to be back on the job next week. interest rates on the move. we can anticipate an increase in the coming months if the economy continues to improve. the comments were made at harvard add that fed will move gradually and cautiously with that rate increase and we have been telling you for some time that a possible rate hike in june or july could be on the way. ma massive takata recall are 8 automakers, honda, toyota and mitsubishi are recalling 12 million vehicles. the air bags can explode with too much force and linked to 11 deaths. a memorial day mystery solved. >> the plaque that lists hundreds of names of dc government officials that served in world war ii has been found. it was left inside after closet
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downtown when it was being renovated in the 90s. the eagle that sits above the plaque is still missing. >> city hall is an important landmark in the city and i don't mean like a tourist attraction but we honor the community that is the district of columbia. >> the plaque found thanks to new technology. the hope is to have it restored and hanging in its original spot by veterans day. here kitty, kitty, how this one from metro tracks is appropriately made. >> like pictures from dulles international airport. look at those lines. >> they are not there. >> no. it is looking good to get through security at least right now. how long passengers are having to wait to get through the airport on this memorial day. >> after the break, we hear from a fairfax firefighter that
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. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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harassed by top officials. fighting stage 3 cancer and the female firefighters was sent out to try to get her to quit. that is a stinging allegation in a 40 page lawsuit against fairfax county firefighters. >> chief peggy fox talked to the woman that made that complaint and others. >> patricia thomas says her supervisors ignored letters from five doctors that requested she be put on light duty undergoing chemotherapy. >> patricia was arising start in the rescue department. one of two women recruits in 1996 and then became a lieutenant hitting a major first for the department. >> i
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investigator in investigations. >> she has filed a 40 page lawsuit against 17 fire officials accusing them of a conspiracy to have her removed. racial and sexual harassment started when she was first hired. >> he kind of walked away and mumbled the words b-i-t-c-h. >> she says it was hard to fight with the fellow firefighters. >> they are harassing me and bullying me and they resented me because i'm a female and i'm black and i was climbing the ranks and i stood up for myself. >> in 2010, diagnosed with lymphoma and pressured to quit. >> chief fararera was harassing me. i don't need a reason to terminate you. >> even on days when she was sick, she dragged herself to work. >> i would come from chemotherapy and going to work because i tr
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knew the guys were trying to take my job. >> thomascello is the second female firefighter to file suit in the past two weeks in the wake of the suicide of mittendorff. she was cyber bullied by people claimed to be firefighters. >> i want other women to be able to come in this fire department and not had to deal with the harassment. >> a federal sexual harassment lawsuit thomascello was dismissed. this new lawsuit goes further alleging a conspiracy to bully and harasser to force her out. chief bowers says she is taking the allegations of sexual and racial harassment seriously. he is helping the county find an outside consultant to invest gate. >> in our campaign, we w
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to tell us about your wait at airport security check points on social media. what are you hearing from passengers ellen. >> reporter: i am hearing from happy passengers because they came here to wait in line two or three hours and they are waiting two or three minutes. they say this is the best day that we have seen at dulles and would come back if they knew days were going to be like this ordinarily. >> if it is unexpected, you go a little crazy. >> reporter: nothing crazy at the dallas airport. quite the opposite. >> i think there is nobody traveling. >> for most of the day the security lines looked like this. and despite being understaffed nationally, these tsa lines were short and moving fast. >> i just said they are coming down the escalator. we are here 3 hours early going to boston because of the news and they said how bad the
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were. >> the lines not bad at all with the wait under 30 minutes and leaving them with more time than they expected or hoped for. >> you are there for three hours. >> yes, until my time comes. >> i will probably have to wait about four hours. >> but many would wait inside than in line. >> there are wait times that were long when tsa was started but this is not bad at all. >> obviously a lot of people just relieved that the line is two or three minutes but a lot of the passengers that are arriving to dc tell us that other airports were not the same and stressed out and said that entire day was a mess just trying to get here like denver and chicago airports and when the people were waiting only two or three minutes they continue believe it. >> welcome news about those lines. let's hope it stays
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we want to see your photos and hear about your wait times. post it on twitter. back out on the campaign trail and donald trump is focusing on the general election. face the nation host john dickerson. these never trump republicans, they get on born or left behind. nothing they can do about it now. >> there is talk after 3rd party. what you are seeing is republicans getting behind donald trump. one of the reasons he is close with hillary clinton and some of these crucial battleground states is republicans are lining up behind him much more than people would have expected. >> while trump is focusing on hillary clinton, bernie sanders is still there and a lot of the talk this week about this possible debate ee
5:36 pm
not going to happen but what was this about and is it done with and dead for sure? >> it looks like the balloon has popped. it would have been kind of good for both candidates, bernie sanders would have gotten the match-up that he keeps talking about. polls in which he is ahead of donald trump by a larger margin. donald trump would have gotten a huge audience and a way to make his pitch and a way to mix with the democratic race. he was shutting out hillary clinton. they would have gotten something out of it but doesn't look like it will happen. >> you talked about the polls. i saw some from california with the head-to-head match-ups showing sanders over trump with clinton over ten by trump. let's focus. california primary. huge, less than two weeks away. with the way the delegates are allocated. correct me if i'm wrong. isn't it possible that hi
5:37 pm
but actually secure the nomination on the same night. >> that's right. and what may very well happen is that she secures the nomination but the end of the voting in new jersey so the polls would have closed there and in the evening, she would have secured the nomination and then she could lose california, the polls are tight and even if she does lose as you say because the way the delegates are proportioned she would have the pledge delegates and talking about that to win the nomination but it would be kind of a downer because she would have lost california if that senator plays out. >> john dickerson. host to face the nation. 10:30 with bernie sanders as one of your guests. back to the white house for president obama after an historic video to hiroshima japan this morning. he is the first president to visit the site where 140,000 people
5:38 pm
dropped its first atomic bomb. this is our newsroom's favorite story of the day. okay? a kitten safe and sound after getting stuck on the tracks at the fort cotton station this morning. >> the metro emergency management team cut power to the third rail and sent a worker to the track to pick up the 6 month-old tabbie. the medical staff at washington animal league evaluating the kitten that has been named cotton of course. trending now, a restraining order placed on actor johnnie depp. >> another spy at the spelling bee and why officials put out a warning for this golf court. pretty good night for baseball. starting at 7:00 and slow- moving storms with flood warnings. we will have more and at 5:45, we will talk about the
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so let's throw things off the deep end and see what is trending. a judge has ordered johnny depp to stay away from amber herd as she applied for a restraining order. herd says her face got injured because depp threw a cell phone at her. happened saturday and she submitted pictures as proof. >> that is not going to be good for anybody. not more difficult words or a change in the rules could prevent a tie at the scripps national spelling bee. >> this is exciting. this is the 3rd year in a row that the bee has ended with two winners. both of them wonderful.
5:43 pm
but 13-year-old jairam h athwar and 11-year-old fellenkrais spelled the words correctly. after an exhaustive search owners have found the owner of this sweet ride. no word if the names were fred and wilma. a flintstone cart that was illly parked. a popular story on facebook. the best comment, are fred and wilma still listed in the key west phone directory? >> i wonder how facet goes. >> i am not into carts that i have to power myself. >> i'm guessing it has a golf cart motor. >> if you have to power it with your feet -- >> can't do that. >> one local basketball player is realizing the fruits of his labor, months after his championship season. >> why prince george's
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makes some people sick. a shooting yesterday afternoon is now a homicide investigation. 29-year-old demetrius stevenson was shot to death on langston place.
5:47 pm
lanear was talking about the case of milton. killed and used a a shield and that's where families will hand out pamphlets starting at 7:40 hoping that someone can help them find their killer. the community will be updated. yesterday we learned that tips poured in on possible leads in this case. car crashes are the number two killers of police officers behind shootings. there was a new training simulator that is so realistic that some people are getting motion sickness while trying to use it. the hardest part is trying to control the adrenalin that really can't be duplicated in a real car. >> our main purpose is to lower officer deaths and provide the safety -- the safety for the
5:48 pm
the proper training to get to these calls and survive. >> you start having rain come in or snow and different parts of the road changes and it causes the stress for you to realize how you are doing and how to maneuver the car in order not to crash. >> since 2008, four prince george's officers have died in car accidents. currently, officers involved in preventable accidents are the ones going through the simulator training. you have got a rather tropical forecast. >> lots going on. >> to ponder this week. >> we have a new tropical depression and a concert. let's look at the hurricane center. noah. average season with 10 to 15 named storage. average is 12. not ever named storm obtains hurricane status and one to four hurricanes. and a major one is categor
5:49 pm
we do have something brewing in the tropics this friday. it is out here, an area of low pressure classified as tropical depression that has a closed circulation and not strong enough to be a storm yet but that may happen tonight or overnight into tomorrow morning. moving off towards the northwest and on this track, the advisory at 35 miles per hour. strengthens it to a tropical storm and saturday at two a.m. and by sunday morning, saturday night and sunday morning they have been making land fall. just south down the coast from charlton. under a tropical storm warning at this time. and then meander the center of this monday along the north carolina coast. even though it is well south, the problem is going to throw moisture our way and it looks like the second half of sunday into the first half of monday could be on the wet side. right now isolated showers
5:50 pm
heavy downpours to the west. coming out of hancock there moving east through areas of eastern allegheny county and west of cumberland coming down and not moving much and in straitsburg they are slow moving. you can see the lightning and thunder. you can see it but you can hear it. the heavy downpours are going on and even around mount jackson. and a storm in charles county is just kind of fiddling out there. >> 91 in leesburg and 90 in frederick and mid to upper 80s in most spots. a sticky day. dew points shot to 70s. it feels like july or august. the current temperature of 85. that heat index 89 degrees. we are looking at the isolated showers and storms. don't think they will be on top of us as long west of i-81 and quiets down. and saturday we will track tropical storm bonnie approaching the south carolina coast. look at the rain in north
5:51 pm
carolina saturday evening. we are fine. west of 81 a stray storm but it will be sunday in the afternoon. scattered showers and storms and i will issue a yellow weather alert and we may have to extend that to monday as well. so start thinking about plan b. 65 to 70 and partly cloudy and muggy. tomorrow morning, upper 60s but early. in the low 80s by lunchtime and hot in the afternoon and any storms staying west of i-81. sunday, yellow weather alert and scattered showers and storms. monday low 80s, haven't gone yellow. i will wait until i see more data but likely yellow weather alert. we salvage monday afternoon with a little luck. on tuesday, back to work and school, dry out 86 and a chance for a storm here and there wednesday and friday. now, wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset. brought to you by xfin
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varsity. we profile keyon boyd a basketball player and a sophomore and transerred from dunbar for his sophomore year. he has helped the warriors to historic undefeated season. he is in the top 20 and his success in one season has resulted in nearly 20 scholarship offers. coming into ac, basketball became a better player. >> we caught things he didn't do well in his freshman year and we put him in the correct classes to make them up so when he goes to accept a college scholarship later down the line those are not hindrances. >> two years ago i didn't see myself in this
5:53 pm
it was a gift from god getting as many offers as i did globoid was offered a scholarship from the university of maryland and maybe you will see him at college park. >> here is another story from someone inspiring us. her spirit and dance moves makes everyone smile, 107-year- old virginia mclauren, attended her first baseball game at nationals park. as the team's guest of honor. manager dusty baker presented virginia with a jersey with the number 107 on the back. look at how happy she is and she couldn't help but dance from all of that happiness. stealing our hearts all over again. i really enjoyed everybody is so nice. and i really love it. i am so happy. i could shout. i could shout halleluiah. >> she has more fun th
5:54 pm
>> she is the most loved citizen in d. c. amazing. >> and so happy and grateful and that smile and those dance moves. >> wonder where she will pop up next. >> never know. a virginia man charged with attempting to aid isis now faces additional charges. we will go to a live report. area travelers are getting a break from the long security lines. >> but up
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
fighting cancer. while most kids are ready to start summer break. a 1st grader in prince george's county fought hard to attend school today. collin williams has been fighting cancer for four years and back in the hospital but today she was not thinking about cancer but today her classmates helped chloe forget. >> her classmates waiting anxiously, balloon and shirts and flowers ready. >> chloe. chloe. >> as 6-year-old chloe williams rode to school sitting high in a red fire truck. chloe is battling a late stage of cancer. a fight she started in october of 2012. >> this wasn't in the plans for itw life is supposed to be so
5:58 pm
>> with her family by her side. chloe prepared for a pep rally in her honor. >> i knew there was going to be stuff today. >> we are definitely trying to maximize the days. >> god has kept us together and shown us that we can still experience joy and happiness and just the love for one another. >> every part of the day tailored to what chloe loved most. >> despite a long four years, chloe keeps fighting hoping to start a new treatment soon. >> she is still able to laugh and enjoy the fun things but as adults, you know there is so much going on in our mind. it is too much. it is too much to think about. so we just want to have fun with her and just enjoy these moments. >> in prince george's
5:59 pm
ellen brian, wusa9. chloe was granted a make a wish trip to disney world. to pay for the treatment her family has a go fund me page and we have a link on our free wusa9 news app. right now at six, security lines moving much better at the nation's airports to start the memorial day weekend but will the shorter wait times last. >> coming up, president barack obama makes history in hiroshima, he re-enforces his battle for a world weapon free. the woodbridge virginia man conspired with a man in an attempt to support isis. we have more with a breakdown of the case. dalia. >> reporter: right now thisan
6:00 pm
judge in court here next week. he was indicted just yesterday on charges of conspiracy and aiding and abetting the provision of material support to isol. >> his sister refused an interview but hopeful that the 26-year-old will be released. he has been behind bars since his arrest. agents in an undercover stung operation says that he drove richard fa rook to go to syria. >> this is not the first time a man here tried to join isis. according to the


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