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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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judge in court here next week. he was indicted just yesterday on charges of conspiracy and aiding and abetting the provision of material support to isol. >> his sister refused an interview but hopeful that the 26-year-old will be released. he has been behind bars since his arrest. agents in an undercover stung operation says that he drove richard fa rook to go to syria. >> this is not the first time a man here tried to join isis. according to the
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justice, 26-year-old mohammed quade went to mostel and he regretted it and turned himself to kurdish forces. >> i wasn't thinking straight. >> now this attorney says his client is behind bars is innocent of the charges against him. he believes that these charges stem from "anti moslem hysteria." the 26-year-old will be back in court june 3rd. dalia, thanks. el hasan faces up to 48 years behind bars if convicted. after weeks of delays, memorial day travelers say that airport security lines are faster than they anticipated. the tsa says bomb-sniffing dog are being used at busier airports. travelers screened by dogs are not required to remove their shoes or take laptops out of their carry ons. the
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adding more than 750 security screeners by mid-june. how long are the wait times at our dc airports and others across the country. in order to give you realtime information we are asking you to share your airport security experience with us on social media. use the # time the line and we have reports for both rayen international and dulles. >> people heard about the waits and trying to get extra time and figured they would use it waiting for their flights. >> wait? what wait. frustration, where? >> you will let us know how your line is. >> we will time you. >> laura is flying to columbus and came to reagan earlier. >> i heard they are a little bit longer and try to get extra time. >> it took laura ten minutes to get through. >> i go precheck and not doing that today because i am traveling with somebody that isn't
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scare me. >> holly breezed through security in two-and-a-half minutes and people that through into reagan had the same story. >> two minutes. >> i waited longer on the runway. >> we got through in five minutes. >> they have that return trip to worry about now. at reagan airport, debra alfarone. wusa9. a lot of the travelers we spoke to say they were anticipating the longer wait lines because of the days being a holiday weekend and the travelers are surprised. >> i don't see anybody here. >> i am shocked. i was expecting them to be longer. >> you have to plan i head and that is why i came early because there is traffic and everything else. >> most of the day no traffic in the ts alines but when they grew longer and busier, travelers said it took 20 minutes tops. >> we accepted the fact we had to be here earlier. >> not only
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this problem is not much of a problem at all. >> we got our flight delayed and we missed it and we had to spend the night in a hotel. so this is nice. >> the airport is prepared for as busy as they might get but it has not happened yet. to see your wait times this memorial day and all summer not only at our airports but at other airports across the country. go ahead and post the pictures in detail. use the # time the lines. search crews have believed they have detected the emergency beacon from 804. it has narrowed the search to a 3-mile radius in the mediterranean. it carried 66 passengers and crews when it crashed. >> a plane
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off from tokyo. it had to be evacuated. crews knock the down the flames with foam and no one injured. president obama flying back to washington from japan after historic stop in hiroshima. >> the first u.s. president, sitting president, we should add to visit the city destroyed by an atomic bomb during world war ii. the president and japanese prime minister laid a wreath at arlington and paid tribute to 40 lives lost. >> among those nations that hold nuclear stock piles we must have the courage to pursue a world without fear. >> the president did not apologize for the bombing. after his remarks, both leaders visited the planes and visited with survivors of the bombings. >> thi
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annapolis. more than 1,000 students became officers. it includes students with majors in cyber operations. it had a speech from ash carter and a fly over by the blue angels. >> the first black woman to become a fire investigator in the fairfax station is suing. she claims there was a top down conspiracy to harass and bullied her to quit. patrice trisha thomascello says they resented her and because she filed complaints against others. >> they resented me because i'm a female and i'm black and climbing the ranks and i stood up for myself. and i stood up for other women. >> richard bowers says he is ki
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sexual and racial harassment seriously and helping the county find an outside consultant to investigate. >> donald trump says he was reversing the course in the debate with bernie sanders. >> tumors and rats and exposure to cell phone radiation. quiet around the metro and in the shenandoah valley. heavy rains have prompted a flood storm until 8:15 and
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first medical centers. tonight's health alert, new questions about the safety of our cell phones. a new government studies say male rats exposed to the type of radiation emitted by cell phones have a slightly heart risk of developing brain and heart failures. it was not seen in female rats. the researchers differed in their opinions. several challenged the finding all together. striking verizon workers may be back. the company has reached a tentative agreement on a four- year contract. 39,000 land line and cable employees up and down the ea
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since last month. down and out, get to go to bottom of the elevating issues that the washington monument. but up next, the
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the three remaining candidate for president are out on the trail on the start of the long memorial day weekend. bernie sanders and hillary clinton competing for delegates
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and donald trump is padding his margin of victory. >> donald trump campaigned friday is the triumphant nominee. a day after he locked up the delegates needed. >> we won by such big margins that we had knock outs and we got the nomination. >> the businessman is still on the road though holding two rallies in california including this one in fresno where he focused on his likely democratic opponent hillary clinton. >> hillary is a disaster. she has bad judgment and that was said by bernie sanders. >> he is giving me my best lines. >> clinton has to lock up the nomination and focusing on california where bernie sanders is giving her a run for her money. ahead of that state's primary. >> with your support we can go into the democratic national convention with a great deal of momentum and we can come out with the democratic nomination. >> sanders whipped up supporters near los angeles and hillary clinton attacked trump in oakland. >> we
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as a bully pulpit. we don't want the bully in th white house but we can use the bully to talk about issues. >> clinton is turning the page after a scathing report found her use of a private email server while secretary of state broke the rules. mark al bers, cbs news, the white house. >> trump and sanders agreeing on late tv. but just this afternoon trump backed out and said since the democratic party won't allow bernie sanders to win it would inappropriate to debate the second place finisher. >> memorial day tourists are flooding to washington and the national park service insists that problems at the washington monument are over. the elevator shut down earlier. the 3rd day in as many months that there have been problems. >> it is 525 steps. i
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but we will take the grandchildren up to the top. >> inlookg for a contractor to come in and figure out how to make better fixes. the later weather and traffic and entertainment, everything else you need to know. download our free wusa9 app. a close call for a north carolina police officer is caught on his dashcam. ring wood police officer doug farber was trying to remove a large branch and another tree fell on top. look at that. >> fortune able to avoid the brunt of that and needed 13 stitches in his head. >> in texas one person has died and three others missing after heavy rains brought flooding. first responders in the austin area rescued dozens of people and as the high waters threatened homes and cars 40 children had to
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in an elementary schools could not get them home. that is serious. >> it has been serious with severe tornadoes and the flooding rains and more heavy rain. now we are worried about memorial day. >> we sure are. >> some of us are going to the beach and they haven't left today. maybe your leaving tomorrow. i will tell you right now, saturday is the good day. sunday okay but i am concerned about memorial day. mid-70s saturday and maybe mid to low 70s by sunday and monday and increasing storms on sunday night and through the first half of monday and and the forecast is not that different because of what is happening in the tropics. the low represents pretty new tropical depressions. it happened at 5:00. winds up to 35 miles per hour and gusts up to 45 and moving northwest and the
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for the coast is a tropical warning. and making land fall early sunday morning. when you look at the rest of the track you are saying what is the problem. it will meander around the carolina coast as we get to monday and tuesday. the problem is not a very well organized storm and supposed to capture the moisture and it will throw moisture our way. tracking some storms to the west. an isolated shower on the eastern shore but it is the heavy stuff that is now west of hagerstown and also down to the south and by cumberland. we got storms and this is a flood warning for frederick and shenandoah. 90 for frederick and leesburg and the problems, the rain chances are going up for the
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muggy and 65 to 70 by morning. and light wind five to ten and 68 to 83 in the morning. in the low 80s by lunchtime and by afternoon, any storms should stay west and temperatures up to 90 and 91. yellow weather alert for sunday. scattered storms developing and sunday night, monday like the yellow weather alert and waiting to see new data with the tropical moisture and then next week, isolated storms possible. wednesday and again friday. got some wizards news. >> yes max's contract. >> he is always hurt. >> i don't know. >> is he worth a max contract? that is what he is going to get.
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wusa9 is proudly sponsored by johnson florist and garden center. >> now, wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset. brought to you by xfinity. the wizards bradley beal is a free agent. official negotiations can begin july 1st and he has said that he beliefs he deserves a contract., a max one. the way the market is going the deal would pay him 22 million next year. beal has a career high and has been an important asset. he plays a
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last season and wizards are expected to offer him, and maybe 7 million more than john wall. dusty baker has provided a renewed spirit in the nationals clubhouse. a media darling and making the monday and press coerences much more entertaining. last night, this final out against the cardinals made dusty baker a happy man and added to his legacy. this is 1700th victory and after that game another baker press conference. >> my first victory in 1993 against the same cards. that is pretty ironic and taking about a couple years that i couldn't get a job so in my mind i am
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bryce harper with his recent hitting slump with this mammoth home run that made it to the upper deck but afterwards he was seen cutting up his batting glove to rid himself of any bad juju. he didn't want someone selling them on ebay. harper feeling like his slump is over. >> i feel good. there is nothing different. my hand feel good. the nats and cards back at it. you can watch the game on wusa9. first pitch 7:05. >> if
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>> pauley: disaster in the southern plains. devastating floods touched off by torrential rain. cattle are swept away. also tonight, the summer travel season agains i left my house at 2:00, so that i could get here by 4:00, fair flight that left at 10:20. >> pauley: trump draws cheers at his rallies. ( cheers ) and protesters outside.


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