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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now through may 30th, take an extra hundred dollars off every thousand dollars you spend. plus, enjoy 36-month, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. sfx: we're early! the memorial day sale. from classic to contemporary. havertys. right now at 11, memorial day weekend in full swing. one of the busiest times of the year in washington. if you're banking on ditching a car and taking metro, you might need to change your plans. glad you're with us. i'm adam longo. >> i'm lesli foster. between a concert, and parade, there is a lot to do if you're heading into d.c. this holiday weekend. the horrible traffic is -- and might
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allison barber is in virginia and at the metro station. with the shutdowns and closures impact thousands and give it to us. >> reporter: about one average, this metro station with two others in the orange line are going to close the doors and they're going to keep them closed until tuesday. >> and the metro system needs to be maintained and so i see this as an absolute need and is this a great weekend to do it, probably not. >> reporter: mark medders is more than one of a half million tourists that d.c. expects to visit the area this memorial weekend. [ indiscernible ] that won't be so easy. >> and we'll have to drive around to another station and park there and come down. >> reporter: they originally planned to take the metro from the dun lori station but this station is closing and it's not the only one. vienna and another are sh
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down for the holiday weekend. >> i think it's a bad idea. >> reporter: metro is taking every train off of the orange line. the silver line is operating through most of the station's that serve the orange line but at the ones closed, a bus or a taxi is the only way as for the other ones? >> expect to wait. according to metro, on memorial day, the other trains will operate on a sunday schedule. the reason? maintenance. >> and that is big weekend for them. >> and already have a lot of delays in the morning. >> and this is a bad idea to close it this weekend. >> it will cause traffic issues but there is no alternatives. you have to fix the place and find another way to get there. >> reporter: remember, this is not part of metro's big plan to overhaul the system and that plan begins
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>> and i suppose a test run for the next big man and thank you. the three stations that are closed this weekend, dun loring, vienna and westphals church. and metro said they will have shuttle busses available at all three and we have all of metro's closed on the wusa nine app -- wusa 9 app. and this weekend. from the rail to the runways, how long the way -- and we're seeing pretty scary lines at airport security this week. many people were ready and showed up superearly and knowing that, tsa screening went to long waits and frustration and started the #to time the lines for you to share your experience with us and this is actually the one of the one we found today. 54 minutes in line and at dca. t
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had been seeing, though and got to bca two hours early. precheck line is empty and now i have to wait two hours and the wait for jamba juice longer than the line through security and i had to look at other airports around the area and country. zero wait at dwi. how about i get to hart says feel dumb early because of the security nightmares i heard about and got through in 10 minutes and maybe less. made it through security in five minutes at o'hare. and took me 10 minutes, though, to get through and 15 minutes to get through security at lax. >> how long was your wait? tweet us at wusa -- nineteen nineteen. and -- wusa 9. an unwelcome guest on memorial day and her name is bonnie. meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking tropical trouble. >> reporter: we'll have tropical storm bonnie by
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depression and that is bring moisture our way sunday into monday. in the short term, west of i-81 and north of 70, what is left of it is dieing with the westminster at this hour and looking relatively quiet tonight. and for saturday and sunday, i think tomorrow is going to be a descent day. starting with the temps in the 60s and 70s. the warm to hot afternoon. and a few storms though along and mainly west of i-81 and not too much coverage. and as we enter into tomorrow night, we see clouds roll in tomorrow night. this is the moisture from the storm in the area and will affect the carl signas. by sunday morning, the future cast is showing some showers coming in and they can be with us parts of sunday afternoon and sunday night and into monday. with everything going on, if you haven't already, please dial the wusa 9 app. we have first alert doppler and with that video forecast and ite weather any time you need
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with a closer -- and let you know what is coming and when to get out of here. >> thank you. new at 11, a prince georges county teacher admitteds to sexually abusing a student on school grounds. the student was 17 at the time and told police that vincent mc. duff he sexual contact tact with her at forestville high during the school day several times over a couple of months. the prince georges county school district put mc. duffo leave and they started the process to fire him. he's the second person linked -- linked to the school district to face sex changes involving students this year. carrie onway admitted to filming child porch with several elementary students at the the school where he volunteers. >> and we two firefighters suffered minor injuries tonight in the del ray neighborhood of alexandrea. the house is on east powell avenue and divided into three separate apartments. everyone got out
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the residents won't be able to return any time and we're waiting to find out the cause of the fire. and a d.c. family and police still searching for clues that can help solve the murder of the daughter. it was one year ago tonight that someone shot and killed the journalist milton near a bus stop in southeast d.c. her parents returned to the scene and held a vigil and canvassed the neighborhood looking for new tips and that is where we find garrett with the open case that continues to haunt one community. >> reporter: and good evening. a busy corner here and a dui checkpoint going on here and on that scene of the crime from new york. of the 162 homicides in the district last year, there were a handful that drew more attention than that of milton, the journalist shot dead on this block a year ago tonight and tonight, her family was on
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known murder victim from the district last year and handing out the fliers for hours, hoping they would force someone, anyone to come forward with what they know. >> and help me fine the murderer of my daughter. >> reporter: he won't sit and wait for the police to find his daughter's killer. >> if you know something or see something, say something. just a little bit that you know might be the big piece necessary to put the puzzle together to solve the case. >> reporter: the death of milton, a much-year-old reporter, committed to covering her community, captured unusual attention and mpd chief cathy lanier said yesterday that police need more help. >> and bits and pieces people are giving us, we need more. >> and the same could be said of another shooting death that same week last summer. on memorial day, someone on a dirt bike fired into a barbecue party in shaw killing the 31- year-old mom. her mother and young son came to the visit tonight in solidarity and their search
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answers. >> and frustrated and painful to know that the people and to know what is -- nothing. and to know that it's been a year and no one has came or said anything is frustrating. >> reporter: two memorials mark that scene. a tiny garden and an mpd camera, a reliable witness in place too late to catch these killers. now, the job of catching the killers falls and to the checklist, who are out here handing out the fliers for hours and to anyone who has thecro um to come forward new one year later with what they know. reporting live in southeast d.c. >> thank you. the crews are searching for a body that crashed into the hudson river between new york and new
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aircraft taking part in new york's fleet week activities. the plane was having engine trouble before going down. and if you plan to go fishing this weekend, there is a new record to break if you dare. >> you may have heard whoppers and this fish tale is true. an enormous northern snakehead fish caught in the potomac river. wusa 9s -- is here to tell us about the catch. >> reporter: they admit it's an ugly fish with an ugly name, one that recently set a record on the stretch of the potomac river. every fisherman caught their share of fish is thers and told a few of their own. >> and it's jumping out of the water, rolling and flopping and got us wet. >> i am holding the fish -- . >> and they say it's humongous, man. >> reporter: this is true. he's a bow hunter in charles county. >> and fishing and he scans the waters, points the bow and arrow
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>> reporter: the instinct landed him the catch of a lifetime while he and his fishing buddy were on the water. >> and he happened to spot the fish on my side of the boat and i picked up and swung around and drew my bow and let the air fly. here we are. >> one shot? >> one shot. >> we knew it was a big fish and that is what came out of his mouth. he was like -- and that is a big one. >> i after a struggle to get the northern snakehead fish netted and on the boat, they waited. >> he's 1'8"4 and we like oh, boy, we got us something here. >> reporter: at 18.4 pounds what they got was a maryland record, three times the size of the roughly six-pound snakeheads he usually catches. >> and it's like winning the lottery. >> reporter: the snakehead is an invasive fish and powerful one. >> and had him jump off of the boat. >> reporter: an asian fish new to local waters. there are different theories how they got here,
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little to debate -- . >> this is full of snakeheads. we're foot getting rid of them. >> reporter: he he keeps hipping them and that bow hunters get flack from traditional rod and reel fishermen. >> and you have the record and you have the last word at that point. >> and even if he loses the record one day, at least he will have the story and he sells the haul but admits this fish he's keeping and mounting and eating. and he insists they're delicious. >>. and the previous record was a pound lighter held by an upper marlboro man. it's not the washington monument or lincoln meller -- memorial but in d.c.,
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. >> there it was, graduation day in annapolis. and more than a thousand midshipment and women. this year's graduating class includes the academy's first students with majors in subir operations and the ceremony featured a commencement address from secretary of defense ash carter and a flyover from the famed blue angels. and washington, d.c., turned down several famous
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make way for the national archives building and -- [ indiscernible ] leveled to build the key bridge. of course, d.c. does have a lot of historic places still standing and some that people don't know about until now. and when by hit the open road with scott linsberger. >> reporter: tourists walk by this old building on the 600 block of pennsylvania avenue. and completely unaware of the past. >> ma'am, many famous people went through these doors. >> reporter: in the mid-1800s, the building was the office of matthew brady, the legendary civil war photographer and it was here where people like frederick douglas, clara barton and abraham lincoln were photographed. >> and there is a skylight that he built. >> reporter: bob wilson wrote a book about matthew brady and it's odd how this historic landmark has been forgotten. >> and it's strange. >> reporter: he was one
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most famous photographers in the world and prance the greatest gift to american history is that he outfitted dozens of other photographers with travelling dark rooms. together, they documented the war. >> and claimed to have spent 100,000 covering the war. he wanted preserved the faces of his time i. >> reporter: in when the civil war came to an end, so did fame and fortune. it took a financial toll and brady lost everything, including his priceless photographef collection. >> and they were -- photographer collection. >> they were mishandled and i am sure plenty were lost. >> reporter: he died from a liver disease and is buried at congressional cemetary. donations paid for his grave. >> and by the time the tombstone was put up, it had the wrong year of his death on it. >> reporter: without brady, a large section of our photographic history would be missing. his studio took
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30,000 images a year. every day, people walk by his old officeup affair that they own a piece of his work and it was his dowery that produced the image of lincoln that has been engraved on financials of pace. in washington, d.c., and -- wusa 9 news. >> and scott tells us a lobbying firm currently occupies the old brady studio. if you know of a unique character or a place you think scott should profile for our open roads report, contact us on facebook or twitter at wusa9 and you can e-mail us and speaking of unique characters and -- . >> a beautiful segway. >> and that is a character. >> yes. >> and you have interesting things to report? >> and there is a lot going on weather-wise. a tropical system is
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and lots of activities and a yellow weather day for some and showers and storms this afternoon. and some out door plans onnd sunday and for monday. three degrees guaranteed time and hard today and the forecast highs today, 88 for reagan national and that is exactly what it was today. and we'll call that's bull's eye and as far as what is coming for the weekend, we focus on this area of low pressure east of florida and north of the bahamas, not looking to organized and there is a tropical depression at this hour and combined in the overnight or on saturday, the next name on the list and this is that problem with the forecast. in the short-term, a lot of convergences and after that, the models are coming here and others doing the loop-de-loops and with weak -- and you have a forecast at the national hurricane center and they
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hedging their bets here. 35 miles per hour storm and that depression, i should say, and not a storm yet. and again, that could happen tonight and into tomorrow morning. and it looks like it's going to make landfall on sunday, sunday evening and some were in the south carolina coast and in lower north carolina and winds 45 to 50 miles an hour and not a big tropical storm by any stretch there and they have it, going to the pressure and lingering off of the north carolina coast on monday morning and that is going to head our way and if you're heading to the beach tomorrow, it looks good. and i believe there is a threat of showers and storms. monday, a wild cloud and depending on what happens. if it works out, monday may be okay and i wish i could give you that -- and tomorrow looks good in the metro and talking about temperatures into the 80s and if not, near 90 again and that storm is west of us for the most part and we're looking good. a warm night and lo
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to the west and temperatures right now, still into the 70s and 65 to 70 with an isolated shower possible and quiet right now and mild and muggy. tomorrow morning, 70s and 80s by lunchtime and sunny and humid in the afternoon and we're talking about temperatures mid-80s to low 90s and some storms possible and west of i-81 and yellow weather alert and 80o monday and another yellow weather alert and next week by tuesday, we're clearing out 86 and you can see a stom on wednesday and friday. kb? >> and the maryland women doing what they do best tonight and that is win. a look at the performance that sent them z2022z
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. there are many words to describe the women's lacrosse team. the winners are playing excessive lacrosse but they're simply dominant. and two-time defending national champion maryland tonight in the final four and in philadelphia. taking on syracuse. and 40 seconds in and scores her first of four goals on the night and notice the other one and taylor, the award winner and has four roles of her own and that was -- and a celebration. and heading back to
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national championship game. winning 19-9. >> really proud of my team's effort and i thought we played well all over the field and played great defense. when you -- cloud-to-ground have everyone scoring, it opens everyone up and i think we shared that tonight and that we have a lot of people who can score. >> and to the game of the week, looking to keep their 102 winning streak alive and taking on the braves in the first power game and -- the rbi double and the 1-0 lead and that is the first round the warriors gave up is any they battle back with a 4-2 lead and going yard for a three-run shot and that is where the score stays. seven-2 and ershwood with the state championship, 103 consecutive wins. >> and this is a great feeling. it's so good and i can't promise yet -- it, but all i can say is five
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number and -- but yeah, 5 is my lucky number and i really, really wanted this one and i wanted to go out with a bang. i did that. >> and showing the excitement and last year, we got the two no-hitters and the 20 strikeout game against detroit and wells -- leads the majors in number of home runs allowed and thankfully there was something -- and for them and next -- ready tonight and with that grand slam 15 home run allowed by scherzer in 11 starts. and the royals officially graduate from the united states naval academy. and that is no the all he was celebrating and -- playing professional football and he
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. hope you enjoyed your long holiday week end.
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>> next speller, please. your word is: >> could i have it in a sentence, please? >> certainly. millions of people are watching you try to spell phosphoramidon. >> may i have the origin, please? >> yes, the origin of phosphoramidon, is the oxford english dictionary of words you can't spell.


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