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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  May 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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we knew the great weather could not last forever. at least most of us got a chance to soak up the sun this holiday weekend. good evening, thank you for joining us. we are under a yellow weather alert tonight. so our meteorologist is tracking the system that could wash out your plans for memorial day. >> yes. the best chance for that is to the east. tonight, a wet night. especially to the east. again, just east of dc from king george county up into baltimore. all of the counties in green. they are flood washes. until 2:00 in the morning. we have seen a bunch of rain down to the south. thanks to tropical depressi
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bonnie. downgraded earlier today. seeing the circulation west of charleston, feeds of bands off of the moisture. this is what is on top of us. we are watching some of this rain, at times, locally heavy, 3-1/2 inches of rain in king george county. south of lady smith. then, all of the yellow and red showing up. these are signs of heavy rainfall in howard county from columbia, really, out down towards laurel coming towards silver spring and college park. light rain moments ago. if you are west of dulles there is not a lot going on there. we have heavy rain goinout to clinton and indian head. and this in king george county is the flash flood warning until 8:00. high water down there. so, please listen to the warning turn around don't
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some of it tapering off then tomorrow east of us is where you will see it. highs in the 80s. if you are out and about, download the wusa9app where we have the radar on it and the video weather web cast. coming am coming back in a few minutes. we will talk about memorial day and the rest of the seven-day forecast. the police had their riot gear but did not need to use it at today's trump rally. he spoke to thousands of veterans after rolling thunder roared through the national mall. >> look, memorial day, so important. it is our day and we have to be very proud of it. we are very proud of it. it is an honor to be with you. thank you very much, i appreciate it. >> the governor says the rally was not as
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of expected. >> the focus today remained that thunder awareness for prisoners of war, military members are out there instead of the trump rally that took place here today. there were still a few engines revving for trump. earlier we talked to a few veterans here for the rolling thunder demonstration run. they had mixed reactions on trump participating this year. many we talked to hope to hear trump set the record straight on where he stands on certain issues because many of those that fought for this country and continue to do so are politically involved. >> the attention of people in america if they like him or don't like him. it will be interesting to see what happens in the next four or five minutes. >> to politicalicize something like this seems opportunistic and cheap. >> it is a good thing. he speaks for a lot of people who have not had a voice up
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veterans tell me they have been cong for decades but not seeing a candidate participate like they do here today. he spoke here for 20 minutes and did speak to the need to treat veterans better. we did not hear anything new that he had not already said. on the national mall, wusa9. >> and hillary clinton is taking a break from the campaign rail this holiday weekend. these polls show the dell accuratic hopeful in a dead heat with bernie sanderses ahead of cal cal -- democratic hopeful -- democratic hopeful in a dead heat with bernie sanders ahead of california's voting day. gary johnson won the nomination on the second ballot in orlando. he
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austin peterson finished 2nd with 233 votes or 22% of the vote. we heard it from trump now hear from rolling thunder. although if you were in the area you might of already heard them. hundreds of thousands of bikers road their motorcycles down to the national mall. it is the 29th year but as ellen brian reports people riding today wanted to make it career it is not a parade it is a protest. >> reporter: on the weekend where we remember those who have fallen. hundreds of thousands of bikers are showing armed forces went missing in action is not forget 19it is not a parade or a party it is a protest. we need to tell our government we still have people overseas. they need to account for them. >> this year, going to make me cry -- just thinking of
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beautiful lady. >> reporter: her husband was a prisoner in of war for six years. >> i just lost my husband in january. it is an honor. >> reporter: bruce lost his son who served. >> i did not want my son riding in the hearse he never did that before. i bought an army truck and i carried the casket myself. >> reporter: he has been driving the same army truck he used as his son's funeral here. >> it brings back all of the memories. i knew it would -- alan was a loudmouth and this is how he would go out and go in style. >> it is wonderful. it is -- it is an amazing thing to be here. >> if you don't get emotional when you do this ride you don't have a heart. >> reporter: everyone who rides has a personal connection to war. >> it was a mess. not good watching all of the guys. 32 dead and god knows how many died on the way to the hospital. >> and a deep desire to account for
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at the pentagon, back to you. >> if you are looking for something to do tonight. head to the u.s. capitol lawn for the annual memorial day concert. it includes performances prosecute the beachboys, atkins and the symphony orchestra. the concert is free and open to the the public. no tickets necessary. you can also watch it live on pbs at 8:00 p.m. if you plan to go, though, you better go. gates open at 5:00. if you are in town well are many ways to observe pheplorial day. tomorrow's day of remembrance begins with a wreath-laying ceremony at 9:00 a.m. there will be a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier at 10:30 a.m. it is followed by a ceremony at the veterans memorial at one clock. national memorial day parade kicks off at 2:00. of course, download our usa9app a full list of events going on in the
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dangerous -- dc police are
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a man. someone reported hearing gunshots. investigators found a second shooting victim a few blocks away. he is expected to survive. two people are dead and six others were hurt. houston s.w.a.t. teams rushed to stop two armed suspects. this all went down in a residential neighborhood. homeowners were told to shelter in place. one of the bullets struck a car as it was driving through the neighborhood. >> the bullet came through that door. and then it went through that. and then came back to that seat. grazed the backseat. >> where were you? >> i was driving. >> scary. the gunman turned on each other and one of them was fatally shot. units shot the second suspect. he is in critical condition. two police officers and three civilians
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fire. all being treated tonight at the hospital. howard is up next with
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a world famous base jumper performs a human arrow stunt over the great wall of china today. check it out. he dropped from a helicopter at 600 feet. he flew through the air at 120 miles an hour. yes. that is him. and hit a target suen spended over the wall. -- and hit a target suspended over the wall. >> i feel great. a project that is about 10 years in the making. something i have been dreaming for a long time. amazing to do something over a historic monument like this. >> it is really cool video, too, check it out. he has been planning that for a decade. today is a yellow
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alert day. now, here is wusa9 first alert weather. >> a daredevil. >> yes, i will say. howard, if we are going to have a yellow alert day, i like how it is working out. we got a lot of day in. >> yes. you got to work the weather went downhill. >> for me it did. people are out there having fun or going to events. >> tomorrow you may need to grill with the umbrella. not a wash out. east of town. starting with the first alert doppler. because of the tropics and bonnie. tropical depression, a circulation, you should pick it up. west of charleston. not much on the east side here. coming in like this big brood seurbg is hraeugz, the center just west -- a big brood of circulation. s
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much, prince william -- prince william. now, this is lifting towards the north. lighter rain is what you get down towards college park and the district. although now coming into dc from the south southern prince georges from clinton. now, look at the oranges and reds. those are heavier rains lifting to the north. a flood warning out in king george until 8:00 p.m. thankfully, light, steady rain at the moment. more heavy rain coming in from the south. if you are east of 95 from king george up to baltimore. flood watch in effect until 2:00. you can get 1-2 inches, locally, 4 possible by that time tomorrow morning. the temperatures down in the 70s to near 80 where there is not much rain going on. kind of a steamy night out there. i mean it is sticky. boat still going. now, the weather camera. on the hour, national 73 with the rain. dew point, 71, that is
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tropical feel to the air. frizz factor if that effects you here. weatherwise we got a bunch of storms, once again, no surprise in west texas. they are firing, we are tracking, bonnie with the showers and the heavy rains across the carolinas in our neck of the woods. our threat for tonight, the next six hours or so will be the heavier rains along the 301 corridor. overnight, things will quiet down. not done, tomorrow looks like the highest threat for heavier rains through midday. ocean beaches back towards southern maryland on the eastern shore. west of 95. maybe not too much going on in the afternoon when it looks like scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop. this is why we will keep the yellow weather alert going. not an all day rain but a type of rain. you want to pay attention to doppler to see how it impacts your plans. rain total. west. going 1-2 plus east of 95 as
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mainly tonight into tomorrow. so, the forecast then, we are talking about showers and thunderstorms mixed in, in the 60s tonight, heavy downpours, for tomorrow morning there will be rain, mainly east and southeast of d.c. then, scattered showers and a couple of storms, highs around 80 degrees. tuesday looks better. still going to be a shower or two. 85, wednesday, isolated thunderstorm, thursday, thursday looking better at 83. a couple more storms in the afternoon. by the way today was the 19th day in the month of may we had measurable rainfall, the record is 20. we got a chance to tie it tomorrow. >> oh, okay. >> yes. i think we will do that now, right? >> i do believe it. >> i know what you did today, a nice day coaching. >> i know you were out and about today. >> yes. hiking. >> we want to know what you are doing. we would love how you are honoring the sacrifices fighting
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tweet us pictures at wusa9 we may air your pictures tonight at 11:00. share with our viewers everything going on. >> we will share something with the viewers now. you would think winning the third straight title was women's la crosse was a give in, right? >> yes. >> not that fast my friends. now, huge in carolina
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terps have not lost in over a year. now, number one all year and it was expected, right, they would defend their national title this afternoon but north carolina had upset on its mind. a rematch of last year's title game. of course, won by maryland. now, facing the tar heels. the
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the tar heels out of the gate fast. carolina gets off 6 straight. taking a 6-1 lead. maryland rallies, now, to caroline. now, 3 behind the shot. how about that, terps trail by 2. now, comings, here making it 7-6 north rolina. that is the last goal of her career. megan ward had the answer net for caroline care -- carolina. now, north carolina stuns maryland. how about that? 13-7 to win the championship. northcarolina's 13 goals are the most allowed by the terpinses all season long. the tar heels came out strong on sunday and never gave up the lead. hands the terpses the first loss of the season. >> these guys came out, fought hard, we work hard every day. and, they have a lot to be proud of. really defining your season. we lost one this season.
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give carolina a lot of credit. they worked hard and stuck to their game plan and did a nice job. >> i am sad that is the way that my class went out and that was my last game. but i couldn't be more thankful to be part of it. i am just happy to be a terp. >> the emotions are running high now. it will be a tough one to swallow for time to come. here is the legacy that this senior class leaves behind. lost four games in four years and won 2 national titles. there is a lot to be proud of in college park. with the terps, back to you. let's see the men's program can get it facing north carolina. that will be tomorrow in philadelphia. the terps go
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they got it done if victory to get the second straight finals game. they want to finally raise a trophy after 41 years. >> i don't take ever coming to championship weekend for granted. this is a lot of great coaches and great players that never get here. that will never be lost on me. certainly being in a place like maryland and with a group that we have, certainly i don't think that we would be doing what we should be doing by settling for anything more to rye to reef the highest we can reach, why not? why not us. >> yes, why not. how about the nationals trying to split the series with st. louis. matinee on sunday as they beat the rain. sunday fun day. fans are happy and for good reason. another solid outing on this guy. 6 innings, allows 6 hits, one run, striking out 4. was in line for the 9th win. he would seal it. worth was
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hold on. grand slam. complete with a back flip. making baseball fun again. nats holding the split winning 10-2. yes! >> exciting. >> yes. exciting stuff. >> yes. >> i like it. >> they are hot again, sort of. >> yes. no rain to deal with today. >> right, heavier rain tonight, east of i-95. tomorrow, on and off showers, heaviest east of town tomorrow morning and quieter by tuesday. thank you for watching, see you back right here
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