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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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well, showers are moving in this afternoon. that is what triggers today's yellow weather alert. good afternoon and thanks for joining us for the news at noon. i'm mike hydeck. so how could this weather affect either your cookout or your plans to t
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day parade? meteorologist allison ray is tracking the weather and joins us with more on when and where these showers could hit. allison? >> yes, good afternoon. we are off to a pretty good start. most of your plans, i got to say are going to be okay. nice and warm. a little bit humid out there, that's for sure. temperatures are warming up to near 80 degrees. and areas off to the north and west, are you going to see a lot more sunshine and warm up to the mid-80s. we have thunderstorms possible today. but a lot of the activity is going on farther south. southern maryland, northern delmarva, it is just a washout there. so we are looking at some showers from reedsville to leonard town and places like charles county and prince george's county, and calver county, a much better rain chance than places like fredericksburg, or martinsburg. and the showers move to the north. really headed to the east. but later on this afternoon, we could have a few more thunderstorms pop up for the metro spots. looking at the future cast, this is 4:00. so maybe after the barbecue, or after the main pool time, we are looking at some showers and thunderstorms starting to pop up. but there is
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the extended future cast. as are you headed to the pool, use the radar on the wusa 9 app and track yourself. the rest of the week coming up in just a bit. >> thank you, allison. about an hour ago, president barack obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. it is of course to honor members of the military who died serving our country. the president's appearance at arlington national cemetery carries on a long standing presidential tradition and it comes as the united states continues to struggle with various conflicts in the middle east. earlier this morning, the president held a breakfast reception at the white house. for a family members of fallen u.s. troops and veterans groups. thousands of people are visiting arlington national cemetery today. including a group of veterans and civilians who walked 60 miles to get there. ellen brian talked to them as they finished their final mile. >> reporter: an emotional finish after a long hike to
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>> it was humbling. i drove from georgia, to do this, for the gaston family. i was very close friends with their son before he was killed in action in afghanistan. >> private first class jacob gaston's family was waiting for samantha mccarthy at the end. it was a program that was started five years ago by the marine. >> and we will probably get about three hours of sleep the entire weekend. >> it is an intense journey, 60- miles from harper's ferry in west virginia to section 60 in the arlington national cemetery. they chose section 60 because this is where keith jolly's friends were buried. the friends who inspired it all. jolly says when he lost one of his buddies he wanted a special way to remember him. but it has grown from there. >> it is about sacrifice. it is about honoring those that have gone before us. and empowering those that are still coming home, wearing th wounds of war. >> they finished their tasks and the boy scouts of america and community partners were tackling
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marker. >> these people, they served our country. we should give back to them. >> time is the most precious thing you can give back. >> this is what this weekend is all about, is remembering those that have fallen for us. >> in arlington, ellen brian, wusa 9. and rock to remember will remain an annual event and hoping it grows bigger every single year. we now know the name of the motorcyclist killed heading home from sunday's rolling thunder event. virginia state police say he is 66-year-old craig van brunt of pendleton, indiana. he was on i-66 in arlington, when a group of bikers came into some traffic that had an abrupt stop, near the rosslyn tunnel and it appears he could not stop in time. and crashed. medics rushed him to george washington university hospital, where he later died. one of the first memorial day events to get under way this morning, honored members of the greatest generation at the world war ii memorial. i was honored to be the emcee for the annual wreath-laying ceremony. a number of survivors from
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year. and making this ceremony even more important with each passing year. school children will flown in from france to tell the story of american gi's saving their nation. a sign of appreciation that really touched these national heroes. >> when you come to an event like this, and you see this memorial, do you feel like your service is appreciated? >> absolutely. absolutely. i happen to be an extremely loyal american. i love this country with a passion. and i love the military. >> and do you believe mr. eli, who you saw right there, is 95? he was part of the affirmative action and lives in bethesda -- in fan infantry and lives in bethesda and talks to community groups about the lessons of war. you can download our wusa 9 app for more of the events going on around the city. the app is free. breaking news right now. a homicide investigation in prince george's county. we have live pictures from
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avenue. between hannan and erskin trees in delphi, maryland. a woman's body was found in the laundry room of an apartment building this morning and right now, they will only say the victim had trauma to her body. we have a crew on the scene, and we will try to get you the latest again, on the wusa 9 app throughout the day. the search is on for whoever shot a teenaged girl outside an ax metro station over the weekend -- anacostia metro station over the weekend. the girl is expected to be okay. she was shot at the entrance. it is not clear if the shooting was random but the victim told police she was shot by a stranger. many people who use this metro stop say there should be more of a police presence, especially at night. >> i think more police should be out here, but usually, it has more police -- it has to be more police really on the buses. if they are on the bus, a lot of this wouldn't be done. just their presence. >> the shooting happened at about 7:30 sunday night. if you happen to be
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to hear from you. a woodbridge man was shot and killed outside a hookah lounge early this morning after some sort of fight broke out in the parking lot at 2:15 a.m. the bar is off smoketown road and glanski boulevard. nikki burdine has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police say the fight started just as the babylon hookah loun. was closing. people spilled out in the parking lot and argumenting started and shots were fired. it is not clear how many people were shooting, but the shell casings scattered all over the parking lot, it indicates it was a chaotic scene. police say 23-year-old johnny camara of woodbridge was in the middle of it when he was shot. someone took him to the hospital and dropped him off where he was dead. this morning, police closed down the parking lot during their investigation. >> police say the cause of the fight is not known but they have been to the hookah lounge before for disturbance. also familiar to them, the victim. and court records show he was arrested during a fight at garfield hospit
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for the crime, police say they are looking at surveillance video and talking to anyone who was at the bar last night. this is prince william county 10th homicide of the year, in woodbridge, nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> the area around that bar is now back open this afternoon. an apex predator on patrol coming up. see how these birds of prey are being trained to tackle the growing drone dilemma, and especially at commercial airports. also, next, at least two dozen people are dead, after a string of suicide bombings in baghdad. find out who is behind these, and what is being done to stop another deadly wave of attacks.
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welcome back. isis unleashed a wave of deadly violence across iraq's capital city today. killing at least 24 people, in a series of car bombs in baghdad. as riley carson reports, the ta
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storm the city of fallujah, to push militants out. >> reporter: the car bombing at this checkpoint in northern baghdad was the deadliest of the day. killing at least eight civilians and three iraqi soldiers. in two other attacks at busy markets, farmers blew up a motorcycle, and another car. isis claimed responsibility for the explosions. >> this soldier says the militants aim to thwart our determination to go forward with our victories in fallujah. iraqi security forces began a major offensive into fallujah overnight. aiming to retake one of the last isis strong holds in the country. they have been surrounding the city west of baghdad, for about a week, with air support from the u.s.-led coalition. aid groups say there are more than 50,000 civilians still in fallujah. iraq's president has urged them to stay in their homes or get out of the city. riley karlson, for
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london. the u.s. has about 5,000 military personnel in iraq, most of them serving as military advisors right now. well, before you solidify your holiday plans for today, you will want to hear allison rae's forecast. we are under a yellow alert. >> some people will see some rain and a lot of it. and some will stay very dry. in upstate, bonnie has continued to weaken, and now post-tropical storm. we will have the details of how this will impact our forecast for today. stay tuned.
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welcome back to the news at noon, more veterans of the wars in iraq and afghanistan have jobs than at any
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great recession. the unemployment rate for post 9/11 vellets recently -- veterans recently hit a record low but many advocates caution the battle is not over yet. proposed cuts to the g. i. bill could impede those gains including a house-passed $770 million reduction in housing subsidies for children of veterans. >> everyone is doubling down to help veterans transition home and the last thing we want to do while we still have men and women abroad fighting our fight is to cut one of the critical benefits. >> the military commission found monthly housing allowances for veteran's children, who go to college, were significantly higher than the actual cost of room and board. the g. i. bill benefits could be cut by 50% under the plan, and some savings of that would go toward expanding other veterans' benefits. so if you think birds of prey are kind of like mother nature's fighter jets, now they are being used to combat drones that have become sort of a
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hazard. especially around airports. one highly trained eagle shows us how he can take down a drone. jonathan vigliotti reports. >> reporter: the dutch national police department newest recruits have wings and appetite for unusual prey. hunter the bald eagle, the first bird trained to take down drones that cause trouble in the sky. the police chief mark weaves says the rogue devices have been seen hovering over packed parades and airports. >> we had a couple of incidents where drones were too near the airplanes. >> reporter: this low tech solution to a high-tech problem is the vision of short hoogendorf, who created his program, guard from above, last year. >> during training, they proved to be the best bird of prey to take them down. >> the dutch national police department is the first organization hoogendorn is contracting the birds are off
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an hour there is no escaping his talons. >> ben dekaiser is the trainer. >> how did you go about training your eagles to go after drones? >> oh, yes, the secret -- what's the secret? >> he is talking. but are you? >> he will only say it is a reward system. similar to the one used in dog training. and they said it is a tedious program that first begins indoors. this video was taken inside a hangar. each bird trains every day, for at least one year. dekaiser says the eagle's thick claws naturally protect them from the bite of prey, and allow them to safely grab any consumer drone. dutch researchers are now looking into the impact propellers from larger drones may have. as drones increase in popularity, keeping them out of restricted air space is taking on greater importantance.
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protesters landed just a few feet away from german chancellor angela merkel. and just last year, a quad copter drone crash-landed on the white house lawn. >> we expect there to be more drones. people buy them as toys. and some will use them in the wrong place in the wrong way. >> police departments from around the world have expressed interest in the program. these recruits have another month of test flights before they can take off and take down the real thing. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, the netherlands. a 4-year-old boy who fell into a gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo is now out of the hospital. this video is startling every time you look at it. zoo security officers killed the gorilla that had grabbed him. you see the boy snuck into the enclosure and fell 10 feet into a moat, where one of the gorillas stood over him and then pulled him away and dragged him throughout the enclosure. the zoo's sp
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because they felt the little boy's life is in danger. animal rights activists are outraged. a much happier animal story, wildlife experts in sri lanka worked for hours to free an elephant caught in a drain. the mom tried to charge the crew, but they were able to hold her at bay using a rifle filled with blanks. they will release the calf back into the wild once he is better. trepidding online right now, some scare -- trending online, right now, some scary moments during a motorcycle race in spain. one biker gets spun off his bike. look at that, goes flipping and then the fuel tank separates and then boom. there it is. watch it again. you can see another driver run over it. the race immediately gets flagged. look at all of that smoke. believe it or not, no one was seriously hurt in th.
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oh, oh, oh -- >> i got it. >> that will get your attention. lightning strikes the tower of the cbs affiliate in amarillo texas. employees caught the whole thing on o.vide that strike knocked the station off the air for two or three hours. you can see why. flooding forced many evacuations this memorial day weekend. the brazos river outside houston is about five feet above flood level. notice the sprinkle here and there, but are we concerned about lightning at all? is that an issue? a possible issue or no? >> it could be possible. we could have easily a thunderstorm pop up later this afternoon. >> it is really thick out there right now. >> very humid. so some areas could see the pop- up thunderstorm. and they would have lightning associated with them. if you're at the pool, you kind of have to be on guard about that. and not going to be too abundant. we are not looking at a washout for any area. but areas south and east,
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have that steady rain for a while. all that moisture from bonnie, has just kind of taken over. and it is just a soggy day there. through parts of the northern neck. and jane down here says it is pour. a different forecast depending where you are. and some areas, just beautiful out there. and it is beautiful on the weather terrace. but we will see a chance for a shower or a thunderstorm later on today. and you will see that on the future cast. in the meantime, it is a mild start to the day. it is a warm one. and humid, feeling like summer out there. for the unofficial start of summer. it is a good pool day for now. for most. and 78 degrees, notice, it feels about 80 degrees. and a pretty high dew point here, we're at 66. once you get above the mid 60s. it is more noticeable. last week in the 50s. staying on the humid side for tomorrow and not so much for tomorrow. a little bit of a break tomorrow. 79 right now for frederick. and 81 for leesburg. notice down to the patuxent river, it is only 70 degrees. wiere it is raining and cloudy
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bonnie which is post tropical and 79 for winchester and 78 for culpepper. headed to the low to mid-80s. depending how much sunshine you see and how much rain you see. shear bonnie, it really hasn't moved much. rain, heavy rain is an issue for the carolinas and now pushing into north carolina, and we are seeing that heavy rain. but we are really seeing the impact, the rain kind of linger for northern maryland and the northern neck to virginia beach. still seeing the rain showers stick around. and until about midweek, before this kind of starts to push off. back off to the north and east. out of the way. look at all of this moisture, it is just raining all the way down from virginia beach, and if you said, hey, i missed my beach trip this weekend, don't be too sad, it is pouring from rehobeth through ocean city and down through parts of the southern till of delmarva. rain continues there. and then the rain chances will linger here for a couple of hours. really through much of the day from leonardtown and the patuxent river over to the
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charles county, up through prince george's county, and in the northern half of cal vert county, dry, but you know what, these showers could inch their way back off to the west. and most area, well theft h- west h--- well west of 95. different issues. pop-up showers and thunderstorms. and these showers continue and some may move up to la platta and upper marlboro and we have some public thunderstorms possible and that's where the thunderstorms are going to come in. this is 6:00 tonight. and so maybe after the barbecues are done anyway. and maybe you're winding down your pool day. you will be tracking some of those showers and storms. this is kind of the sweet spot here. gaithersburg. frederick. leesburg. are you going to see some good sunshine. and we will see some thunderstorms kind of pop up through later on in the evening but we are headed to bed at that point. and getting ready for the workweek. for tuesday and wednesday, a few isolated showers and thunderstorms. today, 80 degrees. and 85 for tomorrow. and 82 for wednesday. and as we head through thursday, it looks pretty dry on thursday. and friday, we will have some scattered showers. and friday looks to be the wettest as
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so download the app and you can track the showers for
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coming up tonight on wusa 9 news at 5:00, we are following up on that deadly shooting outside a hookah bar in woodbridge virginia. a civil war battle field in virginia is now a crime scene after crooks dig up a site where more than 1,000 soldiers were killed. >> and also, the sights and sounds of the annual memorial day parade here in dc. it is the nation's largest. >> okay, and it will be a good day for that. but if you're headed out, and plan to stay out until around dinnertime, grab the umbrella just in case. 80 degrees today. it feels warmer than that when you factor in
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and showers and thunderstorms the farther south you go. use our app. you can track it right along with us. >> that will do it for the news at noon. we will be back at 5:00. thank you for your service, ladies and gentlemen of the
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>> chelsea: hi. did you sleep at all last night? >> adam: uh, no. no, i didn't. i watched connor sleep for a while, though. it's the only time of the day when he's not in constant motion. just thinking i might not get to see him like that anymore. >> chelsea: don't -- don't do that. do not do that. we agreed we are going to stay in genoa city and we are going to fight. victor hasn't beaten us so far. i'm not about to let him start now. >> adam: you're not, are you? >> chelsea: we're gonna be okay. we have to be. [ knock on door ]


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