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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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object over the white house fence. secret service took the woman into custody and that set off a series of events. the white house put on lockdown and next some area streets were closed and the dms and hazmet crew went into carefully examine the project. it was metal but not dangerous. it was lifted and normal operations resumed. in adelphi detectives at the scene trying to figure out who killed a young mother whose body was found in an apartment complex laundry room. no arrest but this crime has people that live in the area around 18th avenue. we have more on this death investigation. scott. >> reporter: very disturbing crime and exhaustive investigation under way. behind me investigators going through a dumpster at this apartment complex building where earlier a body of a woman was found. detectives believe
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was beaten to death and she was found in an area of the apartment building where everyone has access. a laundry room in the lower level of parms at 7400 and 18th avenue at adelphi. a 911 caller reported finding the body of a woman at about 9:00. the woman was so badly beaten a family member was asked to identify a tattoo. the victim's name is not released but friends say she has a 3-year-old son and struggled with drug addiction. the facilities are supposed to be locked but there is
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in and one way out but if someone comes in then you can't out you are screwed. some of the buildings have video surveillance but not this one. >> eight full hours of investigation including now the rings of investigation moving outward here towards the dumpsters and other areas. they have marked areas including food containers that could be possible evidence. they are trying to turn over every possible stone. it is a mystery how the woman ended up beaten to death in a laundry room not found until 9:00. scott broom, wusa9. adding to this mystery, friends of the victim says she was not a resident of that complex. on this memorial day president obama laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetary. a tribute to the men and women that have died making the ultimate sfi
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president addressed a need to do more for veterans that survived the battlefield and returned home. after the fallen heroes gave everything to get their buddies home. we have to make sure they get good health care a good job and do better. our work is never done. earlier the president held a break fast reception at the white house for fallen members of u.s. troops and veteran groups. today thousands said thank you to our service men and women by attending the nation's largest memorial day parade in d. c. stephanie is live along constitutional avenue with more of that parade. stephanie. >> reporter: yeah, the parade came through here. people lined constitution avenue and they waved flags and the parade continued about 10 blocks. this parade is
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timeline of our military history. saluting our nation's fallen heroes. from the american revolution to today. >> i have always been proud of america. and it me prouder. >> reporter: every male member of my family served in the military. i have friends and relatives at arlington cemetary. i thank them for sacrificing their lives and they are my heroes. >> reporter: alongside the veterans. celebrities and buzz aldridge and students from all over the country performing. >> it is really one of the highest honors i could imagine being in the memorial day parade in the nation's capital marching. i can't explain it. it is amazing feeling. >> the experience included more than one thousand active duty military personnel. >> i have six combat deployments and loss a
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friends on those deployments. it is memorializing their sacrifice. hundreds of gulf war veterans came together during the parade and they have not experienced a reunion like that since the 1971 parade. reporting live in d. c. stephanie gailhart wusa9. there is still a bit of activity. thank you. the parade recognized the 50th anniversary vietnam war. there are still many soldiers listed as missing. a 100-foot american flag was hung at the sea air and space museum and wreaths thrown in the hudson river. we have more memorial day stories on our news app
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as the list of events going on. one man is dead after a shootout that happened outside of a bar in woodbridge. police say they are well- acquainted with the place. pete monteen spoke to neighbors that said they are fed up with the fights. >> i tried to talk to who runs the lounge here, a worker slammed the door in my face and ordered that we stay out here in the parking lot. it is where a fight turned into gunfire. just after last call. >> too close to my area. i'm concerned that it could get worse. >> neighbors are not surprised by what happened early monday morning. at 2:20 a fight started just outside this bar. police say in a melee of bullets, one man was shot. nearby shot owners say some of the bullets hit their stores. >> i am ready. >> the victim, 23-year-old johnny pab licro camaro was driven to
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died. >> it is getting worse. >> people are coming and going here for happy hour and the 10th homicide in woodbridge this year. police say this case is far from closed and are working on finding suspects. we turn now to the race for president and democrat hillary clinton scaled back her campaign schedule on this holiday. she walked in a memorial day parade in new york. bernie sanders was in san francisco. california is the last big prize in the race for the democrat nomination and it could be a must win state for sanders. obviously if we don't do well in california it will make our path much harder. no question about it. >> republican donald trump has called a press conference for tomorrow. he will answer questions about the money that he pulled in
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a fundraiser for veterans before the iowa causes. the district my the primary is june 14th. but early voting starts tomorrow. we have a guide on our wusa9 app and our you need to know. check out this wild video. frightening moments in new york city, that tractor-trailer dangering off of the side of the freeway in the bronx two people taken to the hospital who will recover. crews are trying to secure that truck and get it out of the road. we are getting start rod wusa9 news at five. that child's life was in danger. and people who question that who are monday morning quarterbacks and second guessers don't understand. the cincinnati zoo defends a decision to shoot and ki
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gorilla after a 4-year-old boy got into that enclosure. >> a teenager shot in the metro station. and howard is back with more on the storms moving through our area and the rest of the work week forecast. a war widow's open letter of hope to loved ones to fallen soldiers it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold,
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people heading home from the beach. hopefully packed some patience along with their beach towels and chairs. a live look at the traffic slowly heading back. the maryland transportation authorities reportings a 15- mile backup. in virginia 95 north is not much better. here is a look there. again backups begin at thornburg and continue through fredericksburg and they let
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near dumpfrey. stay at the beach forget that. more serious news, a teenager recovering after being shot in the leg near a metro station. this happened at 7:40 last night. d. c police tell us that the girl approached them saying she was shot at the entrance of the anacostia station. a shooting at 2:15. once the police got to the location they discovered 40- year-old bradley suffering from a gunshot wound and he died not far from that location. for so many today is a solemn day of remembrance. >> a war widow says this memorial day she wants the loved ones of our fallen to celebrate. wusa9 stephanie rameriz talked to the gold star wife about the personal message
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share. adam leslie not just remembering but celebrating their lives and celebrating your life as well. jane horton believes that is the best way to honor a fallen service member. jane horton loss her husband chris horton five years ago and buried at arlington national cemetary where she spent most of the day. >> she chose to go to fight the enemy because they loved what was behind them than what they hated in front of them so go ahead and enjoy your barbecues and have a blast but do not forget what this day is about. >> to the loved ones of those killed to honor the fallen by living and that is the message as she reflects on her husband, an army sniper. he lost his life in 2007. >> others don't want to live. they feel guilty that
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didn't lose their lives and their buddies did. >> thornton's pain is deep. four days ago she read some of it monday. >> nothing has been harder to learn to live when all i wanted to do was die. >> but she won't give up because she wants to make her husband proud and this memorial day is encouraging everyone else. >> they want them to enjoy the freedom that they fought and bled for. >> thornton said you are giving a voice to our nation's fallen heroes. thornton and others are encouraging members to adopt a fallen hero. find agraphic and look at their story as a y
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youngsters why we have memorial day. heavy rains in texas. near houston search teams have given up hope of finding a 10- year-old swept up in the bravos river. we have the family here and they need closure and we haven't given it to them yet. >> i have lived here 50 years and this is the highest i have seen spring creek. >> in southeast texas several communities evaporated due to rising rivers. the nation's mid section is bracing for potentially dangerous thunderstorms. closer to our area the mid- atlantic region impacted by tropical system bonnie. and you have been showing you us what bonnie is doing. >> bringing the moisture towards us and folks to the southeast. what a miserable day it has been for memorial day. it hasn't been bad here in washington but in southern maryland, the beaches, they probably left early because it wasn't a pretty day. let's start off with the first alert doppler. you can see the ci
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north of charlton and all of this moisture continues to flow in from the caribbean right up here in to cape hatteras and the beach. soggy and even towards southern jersey. a break in new york. a fire in the west. locally a few showers to prince george's drifting off to the east and stronger earlier and have fallen apart to the west of western marlboro and buoy is dry at the moment. same story down south. a little more kick 20 minutes ago. they are starting to fall apart while the storms -- the heavier showers, i should say, no lightning with them. in mecksville and northern saint mary's county. moving, not much but the area of lighter rain will stream in from central and eastern virginia across the northern neck. it will be wet for a couple more hours.
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popping with lightning and look at this. a boom from carlton and east of kizer. that is exploding. this first one looks approaching hedgesville in a few minutes animalburg at 5:38 we could very active weather for the next several hours. a lot of moisture. mold spores high and grasses are high and so you can blame the mold on the grasses. temperatures a difference. we got mid-80s here and the clouds and the showers. cambridge at 71 degrees. but these 80s, they are fueling the storms that will be moving east for the next several hours and in washington, not bad on the weather camera. cloudy and sticky. 78 but with a dew point to the 70s and feeling like midsummer time with a heat index around the 80s. more strong storms in the central and northern plains.
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with storms earlier and the tropical fetch i was telling you about, you can see it caicos wrapping around bonnie and bringing the moisture to the mid-atlantic and a close call and a lot worse around the d c metro. we got a couple of showers and storms to the north and west primarily. we will watch that, this evening. it may or may not make it to d. c. before falling apart leaving patchy fog by tuesday morning. tuesday isolated showers and south of town but much better tomorrow with more sunshine. the temperatures will be responding as well. tonight a few showers and storms tapering off later this evening and the patchy fog late and we will fall back in the 60s with light winds. tomorrow, patchy fog early. partly sunny in the 60s and 70s. quickly in the low 80s by lunchtime with mid-80s for high and an isolated shower or thunderstorm. three day forecast, wednesday, isolated
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82 and 83 thursday mainly dry. unfortunately it looks like friday and sunday pretty good chances of showers and storms. guys. thousands of people are visiting arlington national cemetary. >> including veterans that walked 60 miles to get there. and here they are finishing the final mile. >> reporter: an emotional finish after a long hike to arlington national cemetary. >> it was humbling, i drove from georgia to do this. i was close friend with this family's son before he was killed in afghanistan. >> jacob's family was waiting for samantha. she and dozens finished to remember. the program started bay marine, keith jolly. >> we have to do it in a short amount of time. we will get thre
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sleep. >> 60 miles from west virginia, to section 60 in the arlington national cemetary and they chose this section because this is where keith jolly's friends were buried. when he lost one of his buddies he wanted a special way to remember him but it has i don't know. >> it is about sacrifice and honoring those that have gone before us and empowering those that are still coming home. as hikers finished their task the boy scouts of america and community parkers tackling their own putting flowers at every grave marker. >> these people served our country so we should give back. >> time is the most precious thing. >> that is what this weekend is about. remembering those that have fallen for us. in arlington. ellen brian. ruck to remember will be an annual event and hoping for it to get bigger every year. may not be people among the anticipated loop connecting la and san francisco and
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to get verizon workers on the job. those stories and more in tonight's consumer alert. secret document
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isis is claiming responsibility for a wave of suicide bombers in baghdad that killed 2 dozen people. the most vicious attack came in iraq where a man rammed his car to a checkpoint and 8 iraqi soldiers were killed. in two other attacks busy markets bombers blew up a motorcycle and another car. a shocking admission by former u.s. attorney general eric holder about nsa whistleblower edward snowden. he called his revolution of u.s. activities, a public service. however, he added that the fugitive's actions were inappropriate and illegal. snowden of course a contractor for the national security administration in 2013 when he leaked documents outlining the global surveillance plans.
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in tonight's consumer alert there is a contract reached for verizon. the work stoppage is one of the largest strikes in the united states in recent years. eli musk's idea of commuters is down shifting slightly in san francisco. the hyper loop will move objects and then people. 62% are getting information from social media. according to a new research at knight foundation survey. instagram and youtube users are said to be the most likely to read news online and that includes our wusa9 facebook page. just in time for the summer heat, dc spray parks and pools opening up for the season. after today
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weekends through mid-june. beginning june 18th. all outdoor pools will open on their summer schedules. spray parks opaten surday and operate from 7 in the morning to 7 at night through monday september 5th. reaction tonight after a gorilla is shot at a zoo to save a little boy. but coming up next, the civil war battle feel in virginia is turned into a crime scene after looters dig it up. you are watching wusa9 at five on this memorial day. and we
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desecration of a hallowed site. peter's national battlefield south of rich land. bruce, this is making people mad. >> reporter: it is the park service expects the looters may have spent days or nights digging in the battlefield digging where more than one thousand union and confederate troops died. now calling it an active crime scene. >> rangers now actively investigating the crime. scores of holes likely dug by someone with a metal detector searching for
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graves left undisturbed but other hallowed ground disrespected at a time when we honor those that c given their last devotions. this was the longest battle of the civil war. 70,000 casualties and more than one thousand dead. looting the battle field is a deadly crime punishable for up to two years in prison and $20,000 fine. >> there may be still parts of people out there. >> there is a thriving for civil war relics, some sold online and the money seems to be an irresistible lore for thieves. concern about the destruction in peterburg. rachel at the rock day memorial parade. >> it should be left
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to go and dig that stuff up and sell it is just ridiculous. >> now, even if the park service somehow recovers the looted relics, archaeologists would have lost the context, the layer and the location where those relics found and that means we have lost some small sense, some small understanding of our history. adam. just unbelievable people are doing that. rangers say the looters stole uniform buckles and bullets, all small metal objects difficult to trace. although some sellers online go out and brag about the battlefields where they have stolen their artifacts. one of the first memorial day's events
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generation. mike hydak was the emcee. school children flown in from france to tell the story of american gis saving their nation and a sign of appreciation that really touched these national heroes. when you come to an event like this and see the memorial day, do you feel like your service is appreciated. >> absolutely. i happen to be an extremely loyal american. i love this country with a passion. and i love the military. well, mr. elias 95 years old and still loves talking about his service. this man grew up as an army brat and his dad served in vietnam and earlier he released a statement. i remember the lifelong sadness that my dad felt over the
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friends he lost. i think of my father's grief and my thoughts and prayers will forever continue to be with heroic friends and every family that has sacrificed a loved one. prince george's county is a proud military community and on behalf of the 900,000 residents of this county, i offer our sincere gratitude to the fallen soldiers, armenian servicemen. a jazzy memorial day celebration in alexandria. hundreds of people gathering at the lee center for some memorial day fun at the 39th annual jazz festival. the u.s. army band commodores kicked things off with other acts. we know the motorcycle
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rider that died in a crash yesterday. craig vanbrunt of pendalton indiana heading west with other riders and didn't brake in time when the group came upon stopped traffic that was approaching the roslyn tunnel. the 6 6-year-old man taken to the hospital where he later died. virginia state police say vanbrunt had taken place in the rolling thunder event earlier and heading out of town when the crash happened. a petition to protect animals is getting a lot of the attention on social media in the wake of a gorilla shot at the cincinnati zoo. >> staffers had to take down the animal to save a 4-year-old boy. the petition has 50,000 siur
5:35 pm
he was named hamambe. >> animal activists held a vigil to remember hamambe. the lo land gorilla shot after a boy fell into its exhibit. >> we are here to represent harambe and not to criticize. >> i hope they come up with ways to avoid this in the future. a young boy somehow wound up alone in in a moat with a 400-pound gorilla. >> the boy's mother could be heard calling to him. >> mommy loves you. >> officials made a decision to shoot and kill hamambe and tranquilizing the gorilla was not an option. >> people that
5:36 pm
this don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silver back gorilla. >> the zoo says the habitat is adequate and looking for ways to improve it. the boy's family says he is home and fine. and peter released a statement saying the gorilla enclosure should have been surrounded by a second em barrier between humans and the animals. the zoo is reviewing it and cincinnati police do not plan to charge the mother. trending now, johnny depp's daughter jumped into her embattled father's defense. the explosive aftermath of this motor crash. howard. we had 19 days of measurable rain this month. one more ties the record from 2003. we are trying. look at the shower that has popped up on the east side of dc. not moving much and raining over langdon. it is south dakota avenue
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. let's find out what is blowing up the internet. it's better to show you the crash videos when no one ends up getting hurt. wicked motorcycle crash in spain. that's what happens when you drive over the gas tank. guone y fell off his bike. the bike went tumbling down the pavement and the gas tank separated from the bike and exploded when another racer drove over it. everyone patting themselves on the back and no one got hurt. amazing. pretty great. blown up. johnny depp's daughter jumping to the actor's defense on instagram. >> a judge has order depp to stay away from his estranged wife after she says he attacked her with a cell phone. depp's daughter 17-year-old lilly rose posted a screen grab of a news story where it is written that there is no evidence that the crime occurred. before that
5:41 pm
old photo presumably of herself and father with this caption, my dad is the sweetest and most loving person i know. a baby elephant is safe after falling into an uncovered drain in s h ilanka. they grabbed the elephant and pull it out. taken to a local hospital for examination. how would you like to see that, getting treated for a cold and seeing an elephant on a gurney. patriotic news for coca- cola. >> paying tribute to our servicemen with these american themed cans. i'm proud to be an american, the 75th anniversary of coke's partnership with the ufo. those cans are
5:42 pm
starting july 4th. so a show of hands, how much out there feared the turtle. can maryland make carolina feel blue in the title game. let's talk about that. but first raising bees right in ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members
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street. tomorrow pictures here. mass flooding out of germany. at least four people died after rain and storms and the carses buried by the debris and the audi production fame had -- facility had to shut down. this is deadly pesticides and businesses are creating an unusual home for the bees right in the heart of the city. joe wagner reports from new york. high above the busy streets of manhattan, an unlikely buzz. bees, tens of thousands of them that call this skyscraper home. this is the
5:46 pm
we have had bees. andrew is the beekeeper. he says they aren't aggressive but didn't want to take chances. you are holding about one thousand bees. >> the organization owns the building and wanted to install an outdoor garden but needed help to get the flowers to bloom. that's where the bees come in. why are these bees so important for new york city? >> these bees are important for new york city because the big apple needs pollinating. >> 258 different types of bees in new york city. in fact more bees than people. >> and they live in some expensive real estate. urban beehives can be found in several major cities. including san francisco where the fairmount hotel has installed bee sanctuary and a good way of helping the bee shortage. jeffrey barker from bank of america works in the di
5:47 pm
and happy to share the office space. >> these are important component of an ecological system. and sweet perks. the derst organization gives the honey produced by the bees to its tenants roof to table. jill wagner, cbs news, new york. always watching, always tracking. wus a9 first alert weather. tell you what. there's busy bees in the weather department. >> well done. he is a professional. don't try that at home. >> hit and miss everyone. the beach saw rain and we haven't seen any in d. c. it was dry and thought we had some late last night and early this morning for that 20th day of the month with measurable precip. hasn't happened yet. lots going on for first alert doppler thanks to the tropics. bonnie is now a post tropical system. we have th
5:48 pm
virginia. this is what adam was talking about, look at ocean city and atlantic city. in dc, had to zoom in. look at this in the last hour half, the showers have popped up not moving much east towards prince george's county across south dakota avenue and route one and we have seen a little bit of rain towards the district line. over towards langdon and mount rainier headed to howard university. if you are east of that you are seeing that. what has popped up and this is impressive to the west. look at how the showers and storms moving to the east. the storm slicer on it. we got tops, almost 50,000 feet. could be a little bit of small hail and torrential downpours with it. talk about rainfall rates over two inches of an hour and look at the lightning popping
5:49 pm
from cumberland south and romney and berkeley springs 6:36 and cross junction before 7:00 and that is what we have to watch for to see if it will impact us as we get later this afternoon and evening. good news in northern st. mary's county. the showers are gone. but more rain for southern st. mary's county out of east virginia. on the eastern shore, cambridge and oxford, sorry, it has not been a pretty memorial day and with the clouds and rain the temperatures are down, low 70s. we will flip it with sunshine. leesburg airport thermometer funky and hagerstown 83 and that is going to feed some fuel into that line of storms coming out of the mountains. we got a lot of clouds around. a muggy night on the weather cam. a little haze out there. 78 and feeling like 80 with the dew point in the 70s. this is some sort of sticky weather and it could always be worse. let's look on the silver
5:50 pm
we don't have severe storms like the plains. this is from around jamaica there and coming out of the islands and towards us and continues, not just us but miserable day in southern jersey and cape cod and see the line of showers and storms from pennsylvania. boom, there it is. right down here to parts of the shenandoah valley. we will watch that in the futurecast. may or may not make it to dc but northwest look at that things will settle down with patchy fog. tomorrow morning a little fog and maybe a stray shower for the middle of the day in the afternoon. a lot less activity than today and with more sun it will get warmer. temperatures tomorrow, should shoot in the mid-80s. tonight looking 62 to 69 with a few showers and storms and tapering off for the later evening hours. 60s and 70s tomorrow morning. warming quickly with an isolated showeor
5:51 pm
five to ten. towards the middle of the week not bad an isolated storm and thursday 83 and unfortunately friday and sunday things have a decent chance for showers and highs around 80. game on sports with frank hammerham brought to you by xfinity. >> the last time maryland lacrosse won a title back in 1975 as unfortunately the drought continues. well this felt like this would be the year. right? finally to get over that hump but not to be for maryland a heart breaking loss and the number one seed facing unranked north carolina up in philadelphia. coach john tillman, has his game face on and not a good start. terps got done early 4-
5:52 pm
came back from conner shelli from matt rambo. maryland is up in the 3rd quarter and that stood until 4 minutes left and carolina with a goal and the equalizer 30 seconds from patrick cellli. anxious moments-carolina comes down and has a man advantage and chris kludi scores, the 5th of the game and unc breaking hearts of maryland. terps denied again. kristen berset is in philly and has more on another opportunity that slips away for the terps. this was supposed to be the year that the maryland men's lacrosse team ended that championship drought and been in that position four of the last six years. you can imagine walking off of the field this time after losing to unc, there was stunned silence and plenty of tears. i wanted those guys to enjoy the moment and to not see
5:53 pm
them smiling is hard. as coach -- it is not -- it is always about them and this group is awesome. >> tough to lose in the beginning of february. it is just a tough loss seeing so many guys put in so much effort. >> one game is not going to define us. i don't know what the streak was but 15 or 16 whatever games there was in a row, it was exceptionally hard to do. again, couldn't be anymore proud of the guys this year. in the end it is a sweep by unc this memorial day weekend and the first program since princeton in 1994 to win the men's and the women's lacrosse national championship. in philadelphia i'm kristen berset. wusa9. yes, just a heart breaking thing. >> maryland women and the men today. >> they have had a great season but that doesn't feel as good. a
5:54 pm
will look back but today it hurts. thanks, frank. still ahead on wusa9 at 6. caht on tape. a prank in prince george's county that nearly claimed a couple lives. vets returning from war are finding peace by bonding with horses. the unemployment rate for post veterans hits a record low. we will tell you about the increasing effort to give returning
5:55 pm
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more veterans in the war in iraq and afghanistan have jobs than in any time since the great recession. the unemployment rate for post 9/11 veterans hit a record low but many say that the battle is not over yet. mark albert with more. >> reporter: all 750 people attending this job fair are veterans. julian johnson served in the army's old guard. >> do you have a full-time job? >> no. >> do you want one? >> yes. that would be amazing. >> dianna left the army in 2014. >> when i got out i was overwhelmed. >> and now working at staples. labor statistics show the unemployment rate for that group ofts
5:58 pm
the lowest on record. and a dramatic drop from the 12.1% in 2011. >> well it may seem scary at first, the future is bright and i think there is a lot of companies committed to veterans. >> staples is recruiting vets. and eric eversole say that companies can't participate if they aren't hiring. >> we don't want to have someone waving a flag only but someone dedicated to helping the veterans find jobs. >> a veteran wants a career. >> jonathan at the iraq veterans of americans warn proposed to cuts to the gi bill could impede further games including a 700 million-dollar reduction in-housing facilities. >> everyone is doubling down for homes and the last thing we want to do when men and women
5:59 pm
cut a critical benefit. >> johnson went back to school and studying cyber security. >> it is improving but people still need jobs. mark albert cbs news. a mill commission found the housing allowances for veteran's children that go to college were significantly higher than the actual cost of room and board. those gi bill benefits would be cut by 50% under the plan. and some of the savings would go towards expanding other veteran benefits. right now at six, a grateful nation thanks its service members that made the ultimate sacrifice. this video shows a fireworks prank that could have turned deadly. >> this mom is trying to get ahead but faces tough judges, her own children. during his last memorial day address president
6:00 pm
called on americans to honor the american men and women that served in the service by caring for the families. >> he made remarks today but it was a sentiment echoed in tributes throughout the country. mark albert has more. >> reporter: president obama layed a wreath at the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetary paying tribute to thousands of men and women that died on the battlefield and never identified. in his last memorial day as president, he calls for improved services and health care for veterans and their families. >> for us, the living. those of us that still have a voice it is our responsibility and our obligation to fill that silence with our love and our support and our gratitude and not just with words but our actions. >> here at the world war ii memorial a ceremony paid tribute to the more than


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