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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 31, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon, and thanks for joining us. i'm andrea roane.
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race for the white house. first, democratic candidate for president, hillary clinton, just got a major endorsement from california governor jerry brown. and just moments ago, republican candidate donald trump addressed the controversy surrounding his donations to veterans groups. kenneth craig was there for trump's news conference. >> donald trump held a news conference at trump tower in new york city toanswer questions about money he said he raised for veterans groups. >> the money has all been sent. i wanted to keep it private. if we could, i wanted to keep it private. because i don't think it is anybody's business. >> the billionaire boasted about raising millions of dollars for veterans at a rally back in january. >> we just cracked $6 million. right? 6million. >> but for months, details were vague about exactly how much was raised and which groups received the money. >> honoring america's warriors, $100,000. hope for the
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>> the presumptive republican presidential nominee complained the media is spinning his good deed into something negative. >> i have never reached such bad publicity for doing such a good job. >> whether this controversy hurts trump remains to be seen. a new poll shows trump and hillary clinton in a virtual tie. clinton leads by two points. just over the margin of error. the same poll shows bernie sanders leading trump by 12 points. >> we don't get intimidated easily. >> with just one week to go before california's primary, sanders is campaigning hard there. and forcing clinton to return earlier than planned, in an effort to avoid an embarrassing loss. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> and wusa 9 has everything you need to know to track the developments in this historic campaign. download our free app right now, and get election alerts. the latest polls and candidates' profiles, all in one place. iraqi fo
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recapture the city of fallujah, from islamic state fighters are facing stiff resistance. isis launched a four-hour attack, using tunnels, snipers and cars, packed with explosives, a day after iraqi troops moved toward the city, west of baghdad, in three directions. u.s.-led air strikes and allied militia are supporting iraqi forces in the fight to retake fallujah after isis seized it more than two years ago. okay, definitely still feels like summer out here. now, we have 19 days in the month of may of measurable rain this year. the record is 20, set back in 2003. so when we get rain today, in order to tie the record, and after such a wet month, today will be one of the drier days. and we are still going to see a shower or two. but we need one of the showers to go over reagan national. it is warming up fast. we are already at 80 degrees. notice the dew point
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degree shy of 70. pretty into thible humidity for sure. and it -- noticeable humidity for sure. the temperature is 83. the wind out of the southeast and will keep a humid night as well. and 81 for winchester. 82 for leesburg. warming up. it is heating um. and that will set the stage for a few isolated showers. we are not looking at a washout. not even scattered. most areas will stay dry. as remnants of bonnie pull away, the best chance for a shower today, it is south of the district. and we could see a few showers pop up around the district, and a rumble of thunder. and temperatures are headed to the upper 80s. now, if you are going to be out and about today, you can always track the showers, and thunderstorms, that would develop, and again, they are going to be very isolated on our wusa 9 app. i will show you the future cast coming up in just a bit. a scary morning for several hotel guests. at the motel 6, in springfield, virginia, when they were robbed in their rooms. it happened around 2:15 this morning. at the hotel right off i-95. nikki burdine spoke to some of the victims, she has their stories and
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>> reporter: a terrifying wakeup call this morning for several guests who say three men, one armed with a hammer and a gun, burst into their hotel room, this morning, and robbed them. >> i heard a knock, so i looked through the peek hole, and then the peek hole was covered. and so i thought it was one of my friends messing around. >> it was not a friendly face. osmond says he opened the door. three men barged in. and he was immediately pistol whipped. >> and then two other people came in, one had a hammer, and the other one had a ski mask on. and so they just told everybody to get on the ground. >> osmond, a college student at bvcu was in town for a party with his friends and they followed the masked men's orders and gave up everything they had. >> i woke up and i see a gun waving at people and someone punching girls in the face. >> da is one of the girls assaulted. >> the one guy, he was like [ bleep ]. just like that. and i fell on the bed. they took my phone. they took my purse. everything is gone. >> police say they are looking for three men in r
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heavy set with long dreads, wearing all black, and near da or her friends recognize the men but find is very odd that their room was targeted. >> i don't know how we got set up. >> police are canvassing the area and searching for the robbers. no one was seriously hurt. in springfield, nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> police say they want to talk to anyone who happened to be in the area early this morning. he identified his killer only with his eyes. now, jury selection today starts in a murder case with a twist. it is all because prince george's county prosecutors say the victim could only identify his killer by blinking his eyes. in 2010, the gunshot wound left melvin pate paralyzed. he couldn't speak but pate identified germane hill as the shooter by blinking. he died from his injuries in 2012. it was a solemn holiday weekend for a dc family because it marks one year since a young motherar
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and so far no one was held accountable. last may, someone on a dirt bike fired into a barbecue party, in the shaw neighborhood, killing blist. and no one in the case has been arrest and her mother has been had no rest. >> it is frustrating and it is painful to know that hundreds of people are outside, and no one saw nothing. >> the year since the shooting, her mother has been a year of silence from witnesses who reversed to come forward. that same week last year, someone shot and killed journalist sharnice millken near a bus stop in southeast dc and her family is also waiting for answers and an arrest. officials at the cincinnati zoo are still defending their decision to fatally shoot a gorilla to save a 4-year-old boy who ended up in the gorilla's enclosure. the boy was not harmed. and officials say that's because the rapid response team acted quickly. they say harambay was agitated and disoriented after he encountered a child
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enclosure saturday. zoo directers say maynard doubled down on the decision to shoot the western lowland gorilla after a 4-year-old boy climbed over a public barrier and got into the gorilla's habitat. >> you can't take a risk with the silver back gorilla. very big. three times bigger than a man. six times stronger than that. >> but the death is still under heavy scrutiny. nearly 300,000 people have signed a petition calling for the boy's parents to be held accountable. a shocking road rage incident involving two motorcycle riders is all caught on tape. coming up, find out what triggered it all, and who is now facing charges. but first, miracle amid ruins. rescuers find a little boy buried under tons of rubble, following an air strike
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rescue crews pulled this little
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after a series of air strikes in northwestern syria. the child suffered minor injuries and was dehydrated and he is going to be just fine. but that is not the case for about 23 others killed in government air strikes which targeted the area. fire from this military ammunitions depot lit up the sky in western india. 17 soldiers were killed, and 19 others were hurt. in all, 10 fire trucks were called in to contain the blaze. thousands of people in nearby village were forced out of their homes, the army has ordered an inquiry. the audi production in germany had to stop because parts of the production factory are under water. approximately 2700 workers are now allowed to go back to their jobs. the factory lies directly on a canal. we have some rain on the way. but today, nothing like what is happening in germany. allyson rae is up next with the first alert forecast. >> we will track the showers on the future cast for you. it
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you know where they are going to be. bad news, good news. bad news, the mold spores are high to very high. and the upcoming weekend straight ahead.
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a miami police officer is nearly killed when he looked into the car of the driver he pulled over sunday night. dashboard camera video shows the driver firing a handgun aimed right at the officer's head, but he missed. investigators say the officer returned fire, and struck 37- year-old gary spar, as he sped off.
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vest when he was captured. right now he is behind bars without bond charged with attempted murder. a florida state highway patrol is investigating a shocking road rage incident. two motorcycle riders were injured after a driver ran over them, just north of tampa, florida. and it was all caught on tape. demarco morgan has more on the viral video. >> that is 1 1/2 tons of automobile, crunching up and over a motorcycle in the middle of a florida freeway. the two riders barely escaping its path. >> we were on our way to dinner. and there was a driver on the road that was driving very erratically. >> zocal derazzo was out enjoying a memorial day day ride with his friends on his harley davidson. we pulled up next to him and let him know we were not pleased with his driving skills and he put the car in reverse and backed up two feet and turned the wheel and ra
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over. >> he escaped with only a broken leg. and his friend melanie also on the motorcycle was hospitalized overnight with cuts, scrapes and an injured ankle. >> one of those -- i can't believe this just happened. >> cops arrested the driver of the car, robert paul vance and charged him with leaving the scene of an accident and aggravated battery. demarco morgan, cbs news, new york. >> police say the driver of the gray sedan, robert vance has previously been cited for multiple traffic violations in the past. they say he admitted to hitting the victim and their vehicle, and leaving the scene. he will be in court later today. traffic on the cross bronx expressway in new york, after crews pulled this tractor trailer, hanging over the bridge, came to a halt. several cars were involved in the accident. a tow truck carefully pulled the 18 wheeler back on to the overpass. the driver of the truck was amazingly able to walk away from the crash uninjured. the fbi is working to recover an agent's credentials and pistol, after someone broke
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it happened sunday, while the agent was visiting san francisco, with his family. he says he was only gone 10 minutes. and security experts say the stolen fbi credentials can be nearly as dangerous as the stolen pistol, if they fall into the wrong hands. >> because if you have someone that can remanufacture fbi credentials, then you got a serious problem on your hands. >> this is the third time that a law enforcement weapon was stolen from a car in san francisco. in june, a bureau of land management gun was stolen from a car and four days later was used to kill a man. and in october, an oakland artist was killed when a gun stolen from an isis agent's car. fire investigators are philadelphia are trying to figure out what triggered this blaze at an american legion hall. the memorial day plans were
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canceled. the building was savinned and one firefighter was hurt. topping the health alert, another study in the netherlands, suggest children with a strong family history of cardiovascular disease and type two diabetes has significantly higher cholesterol levels than children with no family history of those conditions. doctors at yale university say early exposure to nicotine can trigger genetic changes long after birth. they say maternal smoking is linked to behavior disorders and addictions, and laboratory animal tests. and smoking while pregnant can also increase the risk of miscarriage, premature births and low birth rate. researchers at the university of colorado found narcotic pain killers may prolong pain. testing on lab rats suggests the recent rise in opioid prescriptions for humans may be making chronic pain worse and longer-lasting. rather than helping to diminish the pain. a shark attack in california,
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delmar beach to swimmers. the attack happened monday afternoon as the women swam miles from shore. a lifeguard spotted the woman screaming for help and bleeding in the water. she was bitten in the arm and shoulder. lifeguards posted no swimming signs after the attack. >> you never hear of anything like this happening. like whenever i go in the water, i don't think twice. >> i was pretty scared. i didn't think -- i mean here, i didn't think a shark attack would actually happen here. >> the victim was taken to the hospital. where she is recovering from surgery. areas already swamped by rising flood waters in texas are facing more flooding. seven people have died, and several others are missing. manwell borequez reports from one of the hardest-hit areas near houston. >> the daily rain that pummeled southeastern texas has sent rivers surging to levels not seen in decades. the rising brazos river has forced the evacuation of hundreds from simon center richmond. and it is expected to hit a
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stage. >> you're prepared but you're not prepared for eight or nine feet of water. >> dozens of people in fort bend county, needed to be rescued money, after ignoring earlier warnings, to evacuate. alice grasso was shocked after she returned to see the damage to her home. >> i got the sense that when you came out this afternoon, you didn't expect that it would be even worse than it was before. >> not even. not even. >> with no flood insurance. now, she will have to rebuild the property. left to her by her father. >> really sad. 33 years. never, ever seen it like this. >> now, with more rain on the way, water-logged areas could see another round of flooding. >> that is very disturbing prospect, because the rivers are full. and the ditches are full. and if we get more rain on top of it, that water is not going to have any place to go. >> the brazos river is expected to remain at major flood stage for the next several days. the good news is today is expected to
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but this area could see up to two more inches of rain, between tomorrow and friday. manwell borequez, cbs news, richmond, texas. and what is hitting texas is just some sort of storm front over them. not related to let's atropical storm bonnie. >> bonnie is totally separate. and they saw their own, 10 inches of rain for areas around the east coast. and bonnie's moisture went up the east coast and parts of massachusetts, saw the 6-8 inches in some areas. so that is pulling away, and really fizzling out. it has been a post tropical cyclone for a while. so now, we are actually drying out. and you know, i mentioned this earlier, in the show, we have had 19 days of measurable any. 0.01 or greater. the record is 20. today is the only day left that we could
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so what would have to happen is a shower would have to form, or a thunderstorm of course, but not only does it have to perform, it has to get over reagan national to get into the record books. we will watch the radar closely. you can watch the radar on your app but we are expecting rain chances to be pretty slim for today and tomorrow. and we will keep our eyes on the radar. there is a chance. there is a chance. as we head through today, it is pretty warm out there. also humid. a mix of sun and clouds. and a stray shower or thunderstorm. you will see on the future cast. it snot a lot. and areas to the south have a better chance. tomorrow, not as hot, in the low 80s, instead of the mid to upper 80s. mainly dry on wednesday. and thursday, the clouds return. and only a few showers. it is friday, and also on sunday, that as of today, they look to be the wettest of the next seven. today is actually the warmest. mid to upper 80s. it feels pretty warm out there. and saturday looks really great. and make plans to be outdoors. and springtime, a lot of activities going on over the weekend and saturday looks to
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wise. 80 degrees. it feels 83 when you factor in the humidity. man, you notice it, and well, we started off may, so gray, and cool. and we are ending feeling like july. and 82 for chevy chase and 83 for reston and 82 for manassas and headed to the upper 80s. and we see a good amount of sunshine. and just a few clouds starting to form. so tonight, it is going to be rather warm, and 75 degrees by 10:00. so this is automatically indicating we will see a shower through 3:00, 4:00 and on the future cast, showers that do form will be right around the district and points south. that there is a chance that reagan national picks up the shower chance and areas to the north and west. you are pretty dry out there. and a good bit of sunshine. so your temperatures are really going to continue to soar. tomorrow morning, sunshine, and even fewer showers for tomorrow. for sure. just a few spotty showers, during the afternoon. there they go. and some of them will be west of 95 of course. so track the showers with us today. and we will be watching closely, as we reach that record. and thursday, clouds
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temperatures stay. about 80 degrees or so. and a few isolated showers, on thursday, but the better chance on thursday, will be west of 81. and gearing up for a better rain chance on friday. just a few showers here and there today. and right through the district or points south. and 86. and 82 for tomorrow. just a few stray showers. and thursday, cloudy skies and in the low 80s. some areas in the upper 70s. and friday, looks wet at times. and 82, and pretty dry on saturday. we'll be
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tonight on wusa 9 news at 5:00, controversy over high school students being allowed to walk in graduation after being caught drinking at prom. local veterans respond to donald trump's
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where the money went. >> and caught on camera. a giant gator, strolls through a golf course. yikes. >> a big excuse for why your game didn't go well that day. >> right. >> that's it for wusa 9 news.
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>> mariah: what do you think is gonna happen if you start keeping nick and sully apart? you don't think people are gonna notice? nick is gonna notice. dylan is gonna notice. >> sharon: what choice do i have? i'm the only mother sully's ever known. he needs me. and i can't lose my baby. >> faith: why would you lose sully? >> sharon: what? oh, uh, no, nothing, sweetheart. everything's fine. >> faith: but you just said... >> mariah: no, it's all good, squirt. it's all good. >> faith: is sully sick? did he go into heaven with christian and cassie? >> sharon: no. no. sully is a happy and healthy little boy. >> dylan: of course he is. why -- why would you think otherwise? >> faith: i heard mommy and mariah say something about losing her baby. >> sharon: faith...


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