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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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charities who received the $5.6 million he claims to have raised during a charity event. >> outside trump tower. a veterans group with ties, accused them ever using our men -- brave men and women for charity. stephanie fail hart is -- stephanie gailhard is live with more. >> reporter: donald trump had a lot of insults for a lot of people today. that's for sure. but at the heart of this issue, are veterans who need that money so desperately. >> the money has all been sent. i wanted to keep it private. if we could, i wanted to keep it private. because i don't think it's anybody's business if i want to send money to the vets. >> still today, the presumptive republican nominee revealed which veterans organizations
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>> he did the right thing by groups there. if you look at some of the groups, they're giving 20 cents to 40 cents on the dollar. and spending the rest for nice, lavish trips. he gave 100%. >> controversy brings to light the issue of politicians using veterans as political pawns. >> if his heart were truly in the right place, he would have done some proper vetting early on, factoring in the iowa republican primary debate process. >> politics is just a game and they just do what they have to to get elected. you're going to hear the same thing from both sides. >> whole government should be giving more to veterans. so as we walk around this country every day free because of these veterans. it's what this country is based on. they shouldn't use them as pawns but do everything they can for them. >> reporter: after the news conference, hillary clinton's spokesperson tweeted this out. everyone stop, close your eyes for a moment. think about the
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conference you -- the press conference you just watched. now, try to imagine him as president. thanks. today was certainly vintaging donald trump at his best. reporting live in d.c., stephanie gailhard, wusa 9. >> and about a doans of those -- dozen of those listed say they have received checks this last week. they were dated may 24th. that is the same day, the washington post questioned whether trump actually distributed all of the money. and possible race between trump and hillary clinton is a virtual tie. clinton leads by just two points, over the margin of error. but the same shows bernie sanders leading trump by 12 points. both candidates are trending ahead. today, jerry brown endorsed clinton but said he
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impressed with sanders' perfncormae in the primaries. frank jackson. his city will hold the republican convention starting july 18th. they outlined security measures today. they said thousands of officers will now patrol the downtown area. they'll step up what they call a hard zone around the convention site. off limits to all of the public, including protestors. early voting starts today for democrats in the district. in addition to the democratic presidential primary, there are several city council seats on the ballot. including ward 7, where incumbent is being challenged by former mayor vincent and others. d.c.'s democratic primary is june 17th. and we have bios on all the candidates. plus early locations and hours. another hotly contested race in d.c. is the democratic primary for the ward council seat. it's been intense, ugly. and now there is evidence that some may
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law. thousands of people have got jobs. >> reporter: at stake is the ward 8 council seat once held by the late marion berry. >> we have a big job ahead of us. >> laruby may won the special election, following berry's death in november 2014. she's in a tough battle this time around to hold off community activists and berry prote protege, trevon white. >> it's been a tough and on ugly battle. campaign signs have been defaced. even ripped off, with both sides pointing fingers. and this past saturday, an aid was captured on cell phone video, made available to wusa 9. with candidate may, the aide approaches a possible voter who sa he on no longer lives in ward 8. and is therefore no longer eligible to participate in the ward 8 primary. they said it would
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him if they found an address in ward 8. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: white was quick to pounce on the video. >> if this the -- is the first i've heard of something like this, i'd be shocked am but it's not. >> she declined an on-camera interview but said to me on the phone, we do not condone such action and don't need to resort to such in order to win. >> the councilmember also said there would be an official statement e-mailed to wusa 9. we'll post that entire statement online, as soon as we get it. iraqi security forces fought off a four-hour attack from isis today, as they tried to recapture the city of fallujah. commanders say their iraqi
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from three sides am but u.s. military officials say they had yet to advance into the city itself. where tens of thousands of residents are believed to be trapped by thousands of fighters. the u.s. has issued a trav alert for americans visiting europe this summer. the state department warns about the risk of a major terror attack in europe and that it remains high. it also says, u.s. citizens should be vigilant in public places or when using mass transportation. major sporting events, tourist sites, shopping centers are named as possible targets. cincinnati police are investigating events, leading up to saturday's killing of a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. the 4-year-old boy entered the exhibit. and the staff shot and killed the silver back, who could be seen dragging the child through the moat. thousands have signed online petitions, calling for charges against the boy's parents.
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the inspection two months ago found no problems with the gorilla exhibit. check this out. craziness captured on camera. a pontiac mows down a harley. happened yesterday near tampa, florida. witnesses say the pontiac had been all over the road. then the driver exchanged words with the bikers, leading up to this. the man on the harley suffered a broken leg. the woman had cuts and scrapes. police arrested the guy behind the wheel of that pontiac. doctors in orange county, california, say a woman bitten by a shark sunday is expected to make a full recovery, despite bites that run from her upper chest down to her pelvis. the victim is a 52-year-old fitness instructor and mother of three. she was attacked while training for an ironman competition. doctors credit her physical condition with helping her survive. coming up, a verdict in the case of an actor from a popular television show, accused of murdering his wife. also coming up. flint, michigan residents get word their water is now safe
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all right. tomorrow is the beginning of meteorological summer. and also the beginning of hurricane season. right now, noaa's outlook. kind of average. 10 to 16 named storms. 4 to 8 hurricanes. one to 4 major hurricanes of category 3 or higher. of course, remember it only takes one storm to cause problems if it makes landfall. and looking ahead to increased chance
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flint, michigan's water supply has gotten much better. but scientists say it's going to take a while longer. the latest tests show the water is now safe for hand washing, showering and bathing. but residents are still being told to use filters, even if they plan to drink the water. they were told the water was tainted with lead after the state switched its source to the river. dozens ever shootings that killed six people and wounded nearly 60 others over the long holiday weekend. chicago's homicide rate is much higher than last year. so far, there's a 242-people killed this year. compared to 160 of this time last year. >> a jury in suburban chicago, a little more than an hour to
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convict drew peterson in a murder murder-for-hire plot. murdering his third now, peterson has been found guilty of trying to hire a hitman during that murder trial. it was the disappearance of his fourth. stacy peterson was prompted. the verdict is guilty for an actor who played in the series, the shield. the jury in los angeles has convicted michael jays of murder. it was not premeditated. the it was team. coming up, a local school superintendent, overrules a high school principal. punishment for students caught drinking after prom. coming up next. mixed messages. from the school ceo about
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a stunning child sex predator at prince george's,
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not mean the whole system broken. >> that was the message from the from the superintendent. >> reporter: had task report found problems, including ineffective training and education on sex abuse on schools. uncertainty about the background check system through school volunteers and security procedures at some schools that don't always work. the report comes in the wake of child porn charges against school volunteer deonte carraway, who is accused of making videos as he allegedly abused 11 children, he's suspected of cornering alone. even so, school ceo dr. kevin maxwell says this does not mean the whole system is rotten. >> so this is one school. and i have said this is a very terrible thing to have happened. i've used a number of verbiage. it was terrible, heinous, off, shouldn't have happened. but i have 200-something other schools where
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>> promising an annual report to the school board on school safety. and the opening of a headquarters office to implement school safety and training improvements to prevent sexual abuse. at the prince george's county board of education, in upper marlboro, scott broom, wusa 9. >> and task force chairman, dr. charlene duke said her committee did not interview any of caraway's victims or families because of the ongoing criminal investigation. dukes is the president of prince george's county community college. arlington county police, looking for a man, trying to lure kids into his blue pickup truck. it happened four times now in the last three weeks, we're told. he's in his mid-30s or early 50s. dark hair. stands about 5'6" tall. recently seen near schools and playgrounds. each time, he's tried to entice children to go with him. some as young as 7 years old. luckily, each time, the children have run away. >> these children are very smart. they know what to do in
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and then we want them to be reported to the police department so we can investigate. >> just good common sense things to talk to your kids at any age, i think. you should always have a plan. they have always know what to do and what to expect. they are encouraging parents parents to tauck to their -- talk to their kids. >> next year's graduates say they are getting a mixed message on teen drinking. they have overruled their principal's and they will get to walk across the stage during their graduation ceremony. >> obviously these kids knew about the punishment before they committed this act. it kind of takes away power from the principal and her authority. overruling someone like that i'm not sure it was the best decision. >> you can't stop
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drinking at prom. >> neither the superintendent, labory bowers nor his spokesman would say anything about the decision today. in a letter to senior families just before the long weekend. the superintendent said the student his already been punished and that principals still have the right to bar students from graduation ceremonies on a case-by-case basis. senator of texas is encouraging the state's 1200 school districts to ignore an obama administration directive for transgender rights. they will support schools that do not allow students to use the rest room that matches their transgender identity. nothing normal about the flooding in southeast texas. the brazos river is eight feet above flood stage. that's three feet higher than ever recorded. and the rain, well, it is
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couple of days. >> tomorrow is the start of hurricane season. and today, president barack obama urged everybody to get ready. during a briefing at fema headquarters, the president suggested having an evacuation plan and readiness kits on standby for when the weather getting dangerous. government forecasters are expecting an almost normal atlantic hurricane season. >> we just showed you that. maybe 12 named storms. maybe four, five, as many as six hurricanes. but remember tonly takes one to make landfall. that is the key. remember andrew? that was really the only storm that year am. >> you got a preview of the name? >> got a preview of the name. this is kind of strange. we've already gone through alex. that happened in january, believe it or not. went through bonnie. that happened over the weekend. then collin, danielle, earl, gaston. okay. live look outside.
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by the way, it starts tomorrow. runs through november. 83 now. hume, 58%. still a pretty comfortable evening, all things considered. so just a couple of isolated showers or thunderstorms this evening. right now, live doppler is quiet. bus stop temperatures, low 60s to upper 70s tomorrow. very comfortable. it was a pretty rapid warmup. warm and pleasant wednesday. okay, perhaps a stray shower or thunderstorm. but then, you know, the first slug of bonnie's moisture went up the coast. but bonnie itself was still in north carolina. she could throw more showers and storms our way thursday. and friday, we'll couple that with a cold front. we'll monitor thursday and friday for yellow alert days. in the meantime, here is future cast. 10:00 tonight. very nice. 74 doubt. low 70s. this really is like a summary. 71 in manassas. by morning, 60s. very comfortable. maybe 65 in rockville. 67 in silver spring and fairfa
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70s. -- 9:00, everyone is in the 70s. dotted with a few showers. but really, don't get too hung up on the location of the storms. if you're walking to lunch tomorrow, yeah, i'd bring an umbrella. up to weigh with a possible sprinkle or shower by 1:00 p.m. thursday, better chance for showers. and then friday, even a better chance for showers. low 80s by friday. next seven days. we're going to keep saturday dry. but then more storms sunday. early showers on monday. salvage a very nice monday afternoon. and a very gorgeous next tuesday. >> golden state. >> did you stay up to watch the game? >> i sure did. that was -- that was a great game. >> we were trying to pay attention to the newscast. >> it was incredible. they played like we know they can play. this was a great weekend, full of exciting games across nba. kevin durant and the thunder. they're gone from the play- offs. so let
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safe to say, plenty of folks from our area had their eyes on last night's thunder warriors game 7 probably for two reasons. getting a glimpse at who many fans hope will be wearing a wizards journey. it is about to amp up again. kevin durant blew a 3 game to 1 lead in this series. they it
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curry. as though warriors returned to the nba finals to face the cavs. butough way to go out. t thunder coach billy donovan gave all the credit to the champ. >> we were right there, every step of the way with them. and this was a record-setting team. and a team that has won a championship. you can sit there, what happened. you just gotta give them credit. >> some injury news, bryce harper is out of the lineup tonight in philadelphia. harper took a jeremy hallicson slider off the knee last night in their win. the knee contusion has harper listed as day-to-day. how about these heroics. riverdale pant baptist with a walkoff, three run to one. championship 6-5. that capped a four-run rally and second straight rally for the title for the crusaders. congrats to the crusaders. it was a tough memorial day for
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team. they were so close to their first national title in 41 years. plenty of tears after the game. but they did have their secret weapon with them to kind of put it all into perspective. you can sense the disappointment, walking off the field. but you see that little bumble of joy running behind them? that little kid. all a joy to be around his favorite team. that is 6-year-old fin. he is fighting cancer. he's been adopted by the terps this season, and he's been their mascot and their biggest cheerleader. but coach john tilmon, hanging out with the fan after the game, while the team packs up, consoles him and gets to gets to take him into the locker room. puts it into perspective of what it's all about. >>
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>> pelley: if it's tuesday, it's beat the press. >> i've watched on television. you're a real beauty. you're a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well. >> pelley: also tonight -- >> reporter: obviously there was a street here. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: now it's covered in feet of water. >> pelley: texas floodwaters reach historic highs. horses take ref iej on porchs. the death of a beloved gorilla. is anyone at fault? police open an investigation. and the children of gun violence. >> when i was nine, i saw my father die. >> pelley: talking their way through the the pain. >> reporter: kids learn how to compose narratives that turn theirar hngrowi personal experiences into recorded


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