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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 31, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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at 7:00, a school porn scandal uncovers problems and prompts changes in prince georges county. >> parents and kids beware. a suspicious man was spotted trying to lure children into his truck. >> parents angry because some students will walk across the graduation stage. >> big questions about a man who died after walking in the district memorial day parade. thanks for joining us. i am bruce johnson. we just learned the man died. witnesses who saw him go down are angry and wondering if he could have been saved. we are joined live with new video. >> reporter: people at 15th and constitution yesterday afternoon are very upset and they reached out to us. they saw a man marching in the parade collapse. he went into cardiac arrest and those
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expected help and it took too long. >> where is the ambulance? >> in this four minute video police, firefighters, emts are taking turns giving cpr. the woman who recorded was so upset she did not want to be on camera. >> it was very traumatic. it's sad. >> reporter: she says it took at least 15 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. firefighters and dispatchers say it took six minutes and 41 seconds from the first 911 call for an ambulance to show up. park police say one of their officers was the first to start chest compressions. >> of course you thank them for responding, but somebody should have been there within five, two, three minutes. >> reporter: hours later, eyewitnesses want to know if more could have been done at such a large event. >> it should have been more response. it was bad. the response was not good. >>
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unified communications tells me this was a call done properly. but after my request, it is reviewing the 911 tapes again. police are looking for a man spotted trying to lure children into his pickup truck. it's now happened four times at these intersections in arlington virginia. the suspect is a man in his 30s to mid 50s and has dark hair. witnesses have seen him in either a blue truck or sedan near arlington schools and playgrounds. police say he targeted girls and boys as young as seven years old. they're asking anybody with information to call police. we have that on the free wusa9 app. u.s. marshals need your help finding this man. they call him a dangerous fugitive, wanted for trying to rain a child and other sex crimes in alexandria. the alleged inci
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investigators say he was a friend of the child's father and was living in their apartment. changes coming to prince georges county school system. the school ceo dr. kevin maxwell says he will implement many reforms suggested by a task force created in the care away case. he is accused of sexually abusing at least seven children. today the safety task force reported that it found confusion over who should undergo background checks and fears by some employees that reporting suspected abuse could lead to damaged reputations. maxwell says he is creating a new office to oversee training and monitoring on the matters. that office will report directly to him. angry parents condemning a decision on teen drinking by montgomery county interim school superintendent. powers was dead silent on his decision
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principal at bethesda chevy chase high school. six students allegedly caught drinking at prom will be allowed to pick up their diplomas on stage tomorrow at graduation after all. some say that sends the wrong message. what's the message this sends? >> maybe the rules don't apply as much. >> you can drink at prom and still get to go to graduation. >> right. >> to bring that sort of shame to someone's familiar and not have them walk at high school graduation is something they will remember for the rest of their lives. that's a little harsh. >> the school, parent, student teacher association is meeting thursday night to vote on whether to condemn the decision. the association president says bcc is lucky no students have died while drunk and says powers ruling undermines the principal's efforts to stop teen drinking. we are saying good-bye to a rainy record breaking month of may. but not without a
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storms. topper shutt is tracking isolated showers. >> everything is to the south of town. if you are to the west of i-95 you are in good shape. the heaviest activity is around laplata. it has a little bit of yellow, a little bit of orange, little bit of red very close to laplata. it is not moving far very fast. it's drifting at 12 miles an hour, maybe to shiloh as we get to 7:44. that's just about it. the rest of us are enjoying a nice dry end to a record setting month of may. at 6:00 am tomorrow, patchy fog is possible. it shouldn't be a major problem. 69 downtown, mid 60s in the suburb, 65 rockville. by 8:00 we are in the low 70s. by 10:00 we are in the upper 70s. by noon there could be a couple showers and temperatures in the low 80s. if you are walking to lunch tomorrow,
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umbrella. i will talk about what's left of bonnie working northward and what that means for thursday and friday. >> thanks. a warning for anybody planning a trip to europe. a terrorist attack is possible. the state department issued a travel alert today. it washes americans to be vigilant in public places and it lists major sporting events, tourist hot spots, restaurants, shopping centers as possible targets. the warning expires august 31. donald trump with the media today with questions on donations to charity groups. he says he raised $5.5 million during a january event. trump previously declined to say what groups got the money. veterans with ties to democratic party are accusing trump of using vets to get votes. some local vets we spoke with say if that's true, they're
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votes, that's exploiting them. that's not right. >> i have never received such bad publicity for doing a good job. >> after the news conference, a hillary clinton spokesman tweeted this. everyone stop, close your eyes for a moment, and think about the press conference you just watched. try to imagine him as president. thanks. d.c. voters can have their say in the democratic presidential primary and d.c. council seats. early voting started today at juan judiciary square in northwest and expands city wide saturday and will last through june 11. primary day is june 14. find all the day's polling times and places on our d.c. voters' guide on the free wusa9 app. some students in prince williams spent recess inside because there was a bear spotted outside. the school district tweeted someone saw the bear
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elementary school in gainsville. everyone was safe. sky 9 checked the scene from above a short time after but the bear apparently had moved on. a glimpse behind the scenes at the national zoo. see how zookeepers are preparing to welcome a sea lion pup. >> d.c.'s plan to save drivers time, money, and a lot of frustrations. >> after break, a security question at the cincinnatti zoo after a boy fell in the gorilla exhibit leading to the animal's ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy
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new video of a late night attack in d.c. police are hoping somebody recognizes the three men seen here. one of them picked up a janitor's dust pan and used it to beat e thvictim. another video shows the attack continuing inside a club. police say this happened some ten days ago on i street.
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the suspects, you could be in for a cash award. a florida driver faces charges of avaggrated battery and leaving the scene of an accident over this road rage caught on camera. he runs his pontiac over a harley. witnesses say the pontiac had been all over the road and drivers exchanged words with bikers leading to this. the man on the harley suffered a broken leg. the woman had cuts and scrapes. cincinnatti police investigating circumstances surrounding the killing of a gorilla at the city zoo. a 4 year old boy entered the gorilla exhibit. the staff shot and killed the silver back who could be seen dragging the child throughout the moat. thousands have signed an online petition calling for charges against the parents. others question the zoo's security. >> if a 4 year old can get through the physical
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is that a safe barrier? >> federal department of agriculture is looking into the matter but the inspection less than two months ago found no problems with the exhibit. cell phone video captured this jaw dropping land slide in south china that killed six people. crews are looking for six others reported missing on sunday. a passing van and motorcycle narrowly escaped. now they're clearing the road and hauling away the soil. a plan to expand rome's subway system uncovered ancient ruins. a military barracks for emperors army is about 2000 years old. the dig discovered 39 rooms used to store weapons and house soldiers. they're hoping to keep the ruins intact and feature them in the design plan. getting down and dirty. how this so called extreme and box is helping adults relive their childhood. i am don champion with the
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of may. you know what that means. high pollen readings. you can find this on our website and our app if you have our app. you should. it's free. just open up and scroll down. we'll come back and talk about how we
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driving through northwest d.c. will be faster and a lot less frustrating we are told. d dot engineers are tweaking timing of nearly 400 traffic lights. they're using new data to reprogram signals and say it will cut down on drive times, pedestrian crossing times, and emissions. it could save you gas money. d.c. is reworking all the lights to keep traffic flowing. the first couple phases reduced traffic delays by up to 30%. national zoo expecting a new bundle of joy for everybody to oo and ahh over. today facebook fans went behind the scenes to watch a live sea lion ultrasound. they used the same technology on calley except they were armed with treats to keep interested. there is no word on when we will hear the flippers in the water but the zoo promises to keep us posted.
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offering a new outdoor adventure. extreme sandbox. adults are digging it. >> reporter: this is not your typical construction site. it's a playground for adults called extreme and box. amy clark took this ex cancellations via torr for a -- excavator for a spin. >> it was more fun than i expected. >> reporter: this is the brain child of randy and his children. >> we were driving by a site and my oldest was like wouldn't it be fun to play in that? i was like heck yeah. that's where the idea was born. >> reporter: with experts guiding the way, people can operate all sorts of heavy equipment including me. i got a chance to dig in the dirt. >> that's your first scoop of texas dirt. >> reporter: other companies have started
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across the country. extreme sandbox has two locations and plans to open more. it's not childs play. >> this is every guy's dream. >> reporter: but dan low says the experience brought him back to his childhood. like being a kid again? >> absolutely. you gotta love it. >> reporter: amy clark might be ready for a new career. >> what's going to go through your mind now when you pass construction sites. >> hey, i did that. >> reporter: it's a growing business but a growing number of people are digging it. >> the more corporate clients are using extreme sandbox for employee team building. tell me we are through with the bad weather. >> we are through with the long stretch. we had a sorry may. >> so we can work on the yards. >> we can. we can replant the tomato plants that have rotted and that sort of thing. temperatures will be average. >> okay. >> the three degree guarantee, i think we will be okay. we went
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aggressive. our average high is 80. we will let you know how we did at 11:00. it appears we did not make any rain today so we did not set the record for the most measurable days of rain in may which was 20 set in '03. we'll have to settle for 19. it is 82 right now. we have a live look outside looking at a light wind out of the south. it's a nice evening. everybody can cook out and grill out tonight. the only exception is in parts of prince georges and charles county. i see a little bit of yellow, a brief heavy down pour. there is nothing severe, no wind or hail. this will move to the south. they're barely moving. they've actually weakened a little bit in intensity. eaárly isolated shower or thunderstorm this evening. bus stop temperatures tomorrow are low 60s to upper 70s, 6:00 am to 9:00 am and dry. a pretty nice
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stop. warm and pleasant tomorrow, a stray shower is possible. showers and thunderstorms are more prevalent thursday and friday and some of it will be from bonnie and some will be from a cold front that will race in from the west. tonight on futurecast, really pretty nice. pretty toasty with 77 at 10:00, 73 gathersburg, 74 fairfax. by 6:00 am, a few clouds. we'll say partly cloudy. it will be dry on your way to work. don't let the clouds fool you. grab your sunglasses. 66 in rockville, 67 buoy. by 9:00 we are back in the 70s. by 1:00 we are back to the low 80s. a couple showers are possible. 83 in gathersburg, 85 frederick, a pretty toasty day. by 6:00 there could be a residual shower but for the most part, partly cloudy and temperatures around 80. futurecast is trying to track a heavier or
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border. the day planner looks like this, 70 at 7:00. it warms up quickly with 75 at 9:00, 80 at 11:00, 83 at 1:00 with a shower possible by 1:00 p.m. the in ex three days, a better chance for showers thursday with 79 and a even better chance friday with 83. yes we are contemplating yellow weather alerts for thursday and friday. we will keep saturday dry with mid 80s, mid 80s sunday but storms return. some showers can linger into monday. we are in good shape monday afternoon and tuesday with highs around 80. >> got it. do you think kevin durant is coming here? >> why? he has a chance to play with his buddies for another year. >> it came close. >> kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth. one local pro athlete is continuing his push to get kevin durant in
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in about a month's time, kevin durant will be a free agent. he will have plenty suitors including washington wizards and have to think about his future after nine years. many believe he will remain with his buddies in okc. after the season they had, why wouldn't he? under the new head coach they were one game from the mba finals and unfortunately lost last night to the defending champs. >> games three and four, they missed shots that they hit in games six and seven. that was our plan. they beat us in the three point line the last two games. we beat them everywhere else. >> it's well known durant is a
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would love him to come to d.c. this was tweeted out, durant in a wizards uniform saying maybe this happens d.c. great season okc but all good things come to an end. durant becomes free agent july 1. you know bart simpson's quote eat my shorts? for one cavaliers fan it's more like eat my shirt. this guy thought it was smart to bet against the splash brothers and promised to eat his shirt if golden state advanced to the finals. >> i said if the warriors won the series that i would eat my shirt. it wasn't that terrible with barbecue sauce. >> gosh. >> i feel like it's probably not the most healthiest thing. >> ketchup and barbecue sauce. >> the whole shirt or
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little bit. >> hope it doesn't get blocked. >> i hope it wasn't a good shirt. what a waste. >> why would you vote against golden state? >> that's our
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tonight new bizarre twist in the johnny depp divorce drama after amber herd's abuse cla who is now saying she is making it up? as hollywood takes sides where we caught johnny this weekend with another woman and new photos of amber with many asking where is the bruise. >> then star memorial day vacations around the world. george and amall, j.lo, amy schumer how they went beyond the usual picnics pools and barbecues. >> plus see how melissa mccarthy is taking on the ghost buster hs.ater >> you want a piece of m >> now for may 31st, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. >> hi, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. >> we're out in front of the big headliak


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