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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 31, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight new bizarre twist in the johnny depp divorce drama after amber herd's abuse cla who is now saying she is making it up? as hollywood takes sides where we caught johnny this weekend with another woman and new photos of amber with many asking where is the bruise. >> then star memorial day vacations around the world. george and amall, j.lo, amy schumer how they went beyond the usual picnics pools and barbecues. >> plus see how melissa mccarthy is taking on the ghost buster hs.ater >> you want a piece of m >> now for may 31st, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. >> hi, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. >> we're out in front of the big headliak
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here is tonight's top story. iwhos taking sides? as johnny depp and amber herd's divorce gets uglier. >> this is a new photo of johnny partying until 2:00 a.m. with a mystery brunette at a swedish bar monday night. he continues his tour and is surrounded by 8 body guards to make sure that he is protected but missing is his wedding ring he was still wearing friday. as for amber she is mia. hast time we saw he saturday. she was literally laughing out loud with h the two finished a four hour meeting with amber's lawyers. what many say appeared to be missing here or much less visible is the bruise th on her cheek the day before. so four days after the allegations of abuse where do the taking johnny's side his daughter, his ex and body guards and comedian friend. on amber's side their next door neighbor, her friend, and
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the #i'm with actor. speaking out for johnny his daughter little ri rose instagramed this pic saying my dad is the sweetest most lo person i know. johnny's partner of 14 years hand wrote this letter posted on tmz saying, quote, these recent allegations being made are putrageous and all the years i have known johnny he's never been physically abusive. there's the body guard that witnessed all of this. one report claims that two guards will testify that johnny was actually 20 feet away in the kitchen while amber was in the living room. so it has some asking if it's all about blackmail. that's what johnny's friend says. he wrote a column saying johnny told him that amber was going to leave him threatening to lie about him publicly if he didn't agree to her
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set up. as for amber her lawyer called the blackmail claim false and they also give us a statement calling amber a victim and hero who quote suffered through years of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of johnny. amber's long time friend posted this photo two days after the alleged brawl. the now deleted post has amber smiling but her hair is covering her allegedly bruised right eye. it's unclear when the shot was taken today the talk show host continues to retweet posts with with the #i'm with amber and today sources tell us they heard from amber that johnny injured his hand punching a wall during an argument they had in australia in march last year. that could exxlain this picture. johnny's hand in a cast as he
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left pirates. might get messier. many called for a boycott on alice through the looking glass and it may have worked. it made $34 million over the four day weekend which is much lower than projected. >> more movie news to get to ghost busters hits theaters later this summer but it's a hotly discussed topic on social media and now melissa i striking back at all the haters criticizing the all female cast. >> do you want a piece of me? >> this ghost buster is a troll buster saying find a friend. >> i don't know if it was a race thing or a lady thing but i'm mad. >> much of the online venom directed at the new g busters is sexist. all of those comments ruiningch
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really? wour men doing any movie earth will destroy your childhood? the first trailer got more thumbs down votes than any other in youtube history. the studio then released a second one on facebook. emoji reactions overwhelmingly positive. the director addressed early criticism with me on set. >> when people first heard that i'm doing an all female ghost busters they assume there's going to be a lot of dress shopping montages and trying onn hats. >> i will kick the living crap out of you. >> everybody thought this will be a comedy. it will be fun and it will be funny but -- >> it's all of t. hose >> i know. >> dan that wrote and starred in the original posted this. apart from the brilliant genuine performances from the cast it had more laughs and scares than the first film and bill murray is in it. >> when they were so open and warm and theyed
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we're doing with the movie and the things we're doing different. it was a joy to have them there. >> for all the purists out there there was a ghost busters 2 in 1989 with the original cast. >> let's get you caught upri now on all the stars globe trotting this memorial day weekend. some hit the beach. some the pool but for the clooney it was rome and a visit with the pope. >> they met in rome and george received a medal for promoting peace and showed off his rusty italian. [ speaking italian ] >> richard geer and salma hayak were also honored. that black silk topper was jackie kennedy's classic look and her nude heels were by jimmy choo. saturday night for dinner with george she wore this flowing black dress with a be jewelled
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belt. on the run way it was peakaboo but she changed it up by seeming to wear a black slit under the skirt. she shined in a shimmery off the shoulder dress and carried a metallic clutch and yesterday as they left rome amall carried a hatbox and dawned a vintage coat dress from the 60s. george was more casual in jeans and a tequila t-shirt. >> now jennifer lawrence was also in italy sightseeing. she was there for a friend's wedding. 7,888 miles away in hawaii her bff was with kate had you had soond mom goldie hahn and t had the right idea. bring on the summer. >> take three hilarious blondes. put them in a boat and add some
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case of vacation enemy. kate jetted off to join mom goldie in the state shooting her first movie in 14 years with amy. >> we're on quite a romp together. >> in the jungle. >> it's a no brainer. my mom hasn't worked in a long time and i think this is t perfect thing for her to come back and i'm so excited. i'm going to go visit them >> cute photos of them spending quality time in the beach before hitting the open ocean with amy that instagramed i'm a blast at sea wearing this black one piece she was behind the racame as kate struck a pose. even 70-year-old momma goldie got in on the action. kate shared this time lapse video of their fuu in t including a visit from a pod of dolphins and once they were back on dry land they hit the pool demonstrating how to -- >> well not the most graceful of dismounts but it wor
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now we move to malibu where britney spears was takin break from her vegas residency. this long weekend. don't worry because j.lo was pool side in vegas keeping the party going. >> jennifer lopez was dancing up a storm at a pool party at dre's beach club on sunday. the 46-year-old diva arrived in style posing to photographers in this enormous hat. looking ageless, j. lo showed off her beach bod as she took to the balcony and she waved to the crowd and knocked the beach around. and danced the day away. and was even caught gg ivin casper innocent pda.
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if. >> it's going to be naked body it should be my naked body. >> and hollywood takes side on the story everybody is talking about today. the gorilla shot to death after a 3-year-old fell into his cage. >> i don't want to see what stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> i did throw my bouack t. >> williams renewed her vows yesterday at her home church in new yor okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love.
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get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. saying officially wedded catholic. amen. >> khalessi isson fire in game of thrones. that is emilia clark that says she's done with nude scenes so the big question, why did she
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take it all off again. we found ou >> that was the script and they said we're going to get you a body double and i was like no you're not. if it's going to be my naked body then it should be my naked body. >> how do you prepare for a scene like that? is it like celery for a week? >> it's more about putting on beyonce and like getting fierce with it. >> for me it's to be as empowered as possible. >> emilia goes from mighty queen to quirky love interest in me before you. >> didn't you ever love anything that much? >> yes i did. >> based on the number one best selling novel emilia is lisa that looks after a recen paralyzed wealthy young banker. >> e
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i kied like a baby and it was weird. >> even though the story is a tear jerker there was a prank war over a khalessi doll. >> i told the entire crew i had stolen it. >> he stole my doll. it went missing. >> but then she found it i think and then hhd it in my bag so when i got hole i did look like a thief. a arrived to set the next day and there were wanted posters all over. >> he said you planted it? >> i didn't -- oh, i did. >> i believed you so much. i was on your team. >> i did. i planted it in his bag and i was ike he stolen it and then i found it somewhere really obvious and then feet bad that he clearly hadn't and i put it in his bag. >> we all know that sam would never steal. he played the good guy in hunger games. well coming up next we go the baby shower for emily blunt. and diesel's new movie love interest? >> i'm a little -- you know -
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you know. >> and then we break down today's media outrage. >> you can't have kids and not have this barrier. >> closed captioning prov ided by --
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>> celebrities baby brigade is out in full force. the news on your favorite moms to be. first off megan fox kicked off the weekend in malibu with a coffee run with with brian austin green and their two boys are excited about the new edition. especially 3-year-old noah. >> he can't wait to see and hold and pet the baby nd he's practicing a lot with baby dolls. >> next, congrat to keri russell and matthew rhys. they welcomed theirii fhist cld together and kerry washington didn't let being pregnant be in the way of her all girls vegas trip. sse was back there backstage. and alss liv tyler seen out with her partner on sunday in new york. and finally, a garden party baby
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charlize theron's house on wednesday. they were set to welcome bab number two. >> she was taking a little break and now she is playing a villain in this one which means she staking on dewayne johnson and vin diesel and he give us a hill hint at the firewwrks we can expect. >> i'm potentially a little know -- you know. >> charlize started filming on the set earlier this month and vin posted this crazy body morphing video of the pair. that's just a little glimpse of how much fun vin has on movie sets. carly was with him while filming the xxx install. it is the nickname for vander
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>> back in the thunder zone on xxx. >> take that. >> what's up? >> what it is. >> once again vin is back doing all of his own stunts under water on a motorcycle and all up in a harness upside down flying tghhrou the air. >> you threw your back out. >> i did throw my back out. >> you saw this, right? back problems for life. >> vin's co stars include nina dobrev and ruby rose. they have fun but the best thing is they got a firsthand look a vin as a daddy of 3. >> he's a bundle of warm fuzzy joy. >> i was like i want my kids to
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how do you make them so well. >> we love the cute pictures you posted with your kids on set. >> they love. love. they just want me to be safe. >> do they realize what a major movie star daddy is and how cool he is? >> at home i'm just daddy. >> exactly. by the way, vin's co- dewayne johnson is also feeling the family love this weekend. that is his little girl jasmine. she is completely fascinated by daddy's >> we find his muscles fascinating as well. now the story that ignited a huge controversy. over the weekend a rare silver back gorilla was shot and killed after a 3-year-old boy fell into the enclosure. who is to blame for the tragedy? hollywood is fuelling the debate. this footage could be difficult for some to watch. >> let's talk about this story becauss outrage is growing. >> the zoo under fire for shooting and killing an endangered gorilla. >> i'm sorry.
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should be shot. >> some people say that parents should be held responsible. >> they're blaming the m are you kidding me? >> did this 400 pound gorilla have to die. >> i don't think they had a choice. >> donald trump shared his opinion and hollywood was quick to w another senseless horrendous animal being killed over people not using their brain. and reality star lisa vanderpump wrote the poor gorilla d nothing wrong. this footage to try if any type should be against the parents. the 3-year-old boy fell into a gorilla habitat at the cincinnati zoo. you can see the 400 gorilla agitated and dragging the child but kaley writes you can see him holding the child's hand. >> when we watched this footage
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what we have to remember is that we're looking at little moments captured on people's cell phones and they get strung together. we are really sort of hungry and eager to find some sort of rational to what happened here >> we spoke today with two animal experts that work extensively with gorilla. tv host jeff corwin and jack hanna. he says tranquilizing the animal was too unpredictable. >> i bet my life that the child would have lost his life or been severely injured. the public did not even see what could happen. you just saw the first reaction. >> the boy's family says we're thankful for the quick reaction. this was a very difficult decision for them and they're grieving the loss of their gorilla. the zoo is also blasted for the enclosure's design. a company even creathted is animation depicting how the boy may have climb tludhe
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>> we're going to try to build up walls 5 feet tall. for example i've seen people cross at the racetr fences on the inter >> this is a very painful gut wrenchhng heartbreaking learning moment that we need to kind of step back from this and gather the information and we need to answer tough questions. those answers need to make sure that this never happens again. >> a etition has been started online to hold the boy's parents responsible for his death. it has 350,000 signatures. we'll be right back.
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>> thanks everybody. we'll leave you with a look at tomorrow's e.t. >> kelly and anderson? does anderson cooper have what it takes to be a co-host? plus american ninja warrior is bbck. we're with the women changing
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