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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we are following breaking news right now coming to us out of prince george's county. police are on the scene of a homicide in capitol heights. officers responded to a shooting on the 800 block of kayak avenue. one man was found dead, his identity in details about who may have killed him are still under investigation. if we get any additional information we will pass it on. an atv rider taunted police and sped down a highway in prince ge
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>> seeing these images may make you wonder why the officer is not pulling him over for tonight police say they have a good reason for not taking action. thank you for joining us, i'm lesli foster. >> i'm adam longo. police are on the lookout seen taunting the police officer. we're live with another look at that video. reporter: the video shows a pretty daring young man who seems to be taking advantage of the police policy here in prince george's county that does not allow officers to chase suspects. reporter: the driver appears to tease the officer rocketing through the highway and popping wheelies, standing on the seat, waving, posing, looking back for one last
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before speeding off. the video recently posted illustrates an ongoing problem that area police department have had with people allegedly -- illegally driving atvs and dirt bikes on city roads putting others in danger. officials say they have seized more than 400 atv and dirt bikes and have made 100 arrests. jonathan hatch says. that are the reason why it is dangerous for us legal writers to be in town-- legal bike riders to be in town. >> what some of you fail to realize is that they are not allowed to chase after bikers. >>.com to dc or maryland, the takeover roads. >> bobby davis, just one pothole.>> one woman approved. and another road, simply, idiot
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. following the police, saying, the new chief policy similar to the dc police policy, in prince george's county the only chase suspects of serious felonies and only do so with prior approval from a superior. authorities ask anyone who may be able to identify anyone to contact them, meanwhile the recently posted more than 200 pictures of people illegally riding atvs. they are asking for the assistance of the public identifying those people and offering $250 for each person that you can identify. . >> they are pretty clear, thank you so much. officials released a highly anticipated report on school safety. >> it was created in response to allegations of sexual abuse, the studenfe
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the entire school system, ellison barber joins us on what they found. they planned to release findings about 3 weeks ago but school officials say it took longer for them to him-- complete the investigation because they wanted to wait for public input. the final result, 50 pages of analysis and 5 major recommendations. >> how could a classroom volunteer produce child pornography and sexually abuse well over a dozen children on school grounds during school hours? that was the question nearly every parent had after police announced the arrest. >> he is a monster in the skies as a normal 22-year-old young man. >> the task force is one thing that cannot of it. >> i will
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accountability and compliance. reporter: the report counted to-- pointed to another of issues when it comes to reporting allegations of abuse. staff may be afraid to report because of police but it will harm the reputation of a person. the task force looked at the system broadly. >> we were not asked to investigate and that was not our role. >> the issue is central and at least 5 civil lawsuits filed against the public schools after the arrest, the school system placed the principal on administrative leave and in early march another teacher's name surfaced claiming the accused a student of lying and rather than complain the planes -- recording complaints. 3 teachers including those two have been placed on leave since the arrest despite repeated inquiries
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system refuses to say whether or not the decision to place the third teacher on leave had anything to do with the carraway case. we gone back and forth trying to figure out which employees are on leave and return it. they cannot discuss those things but all of this is far from over. he has pled not guilty to federal charges and the school system is beginning their own investigation. >> certainly it will take a while a long period of time. a veteran is asking for help finding his backpack full of priceless memories an important medication stolen over the memorial day weekend. >> the retired master sergeant. douglas jordan says someone stole the backpack which contained medicine he needs to help sustain organ transplants on sunday afternoon. we are brought the story from northwest dc and garrett, are
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finding it? reporter: douglas jordan operates a catering company and on sunday night he was coming back from feeding thousands of federal-- of fellow veterans when he parked his box truck-- his truck and started to unload it. while he was inside someone broke into the cab and stole his backpack. it went with you everywhere. >> it was like an accessory to me. if i was in a tuxedo and had my cummerbund my backpack. my friends call it my file cabinet. >> we will talk about what was inside of it in a minute. uozhe was a master sergeant in u.s. air force and the singer of the air force band and had a chance to travel all over the world performing. after he got out of the service things got to go. he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. a transplant this is only hope
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transplant but also a kidney transplant and another one after the first one failed. 13.5 hours later he was out but the battle is far from over. he has to take these pills every day for the rest of his life so his body does not reject the oregon. the pills were among the things stolen and replaced by walter reed medical center but also in the backpack a manuscript of the book he has been writing about this entire experience. >> i know i'm going to get it back. >> number one, god. i've been through a liver and to kidney transplants, that is simple. the outrage from the community and the telephone calls i've gotten walking up and down the streets looking and alleys, looking in trash cans and the phone calls from doctors here asking me what do they need to do
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is not about me, it is about us. >> someone who sees the story or has heard the story, know that there is a veteran who has been searching high and low not just for what it physically contained but the memories that cannot otherwise come back.. >> just to bring it back. anyone with information, call mr. jordan. we've posted a contact number on the website on the presidential candidate donald trump was supposed to talk about the money he donated to veterans today but it turned into something else. >> he listed 41 charities he had given $5.6 million to but asked whether it had been distributed, trump lashed out. >> i have made a tremendous amount of y,
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million. >> $5.6 million to be exact, for the first time he identified -- identified recipients and amounts. the falls a lot of condition, $200,000. >> he raise the money for groups in january while boycotting a debate in iowa. >> $6 million. >> last week he made good on his donation of $1 million and continued scrutiny let him to divulge more details today. >> other than i gave $1 million to the marines of law enforcement, they honored me at the waldorf astoria. >> he torched reporters who questioned where the money is-- where the money went. >> do you think you should be accountable? >> i'm accountable but i didn't want to have credit for it. what i got was worse than credit because they were questioning me. reporter: outside trump tower veterans like
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mccoy denounced trump. >> what he doesn't understand is that he cannot by the votes of the veterans. >> were to provide hundreds of millions to dollars to help veterans. you will get everything you need to help make a decision all there in one place. a judge has given a family days that is desperate for a miracle. we told you about miranda grace lawson who choked on a piece of popcorn and stopped breathing. ever since she has been on life support in richmond, doctors think she is gone. past the point of recovery, the hospital wants to pull the plug but doctors want to take one more test to be certai
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the next 10 days. it she gets for medical care and her parents get more time to pay for that miracle. the four-year-old boy who fell into the guerrilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo, harambe was shot to death to protect the child. there is a federal invest-- investigation and they will look into violations of the animal welfare act. >> they have released a video of a woman robbing a wells fargo bank, the tip that leads to her arrest could be worth a $10,000 reward. >> an owner brought in 32 items from the estate of harriet tubman.
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and then he showed us the shawl she had been given by queen victoria. >> just one of the powerful pieces in the newest museum. i will take you into 4 months before the historic opening. tomorrow marks the beginning of meteorological summer. here's your wake up weather, 62-70, mainly in the 70s after that and 78-82 by lunchtime. and we will talk about the prospect of some yellow weather alerts before the week is out. is not clear if the police officer is a
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it was once a plantation where enslaved african- americans lived and worked but not centuries after that struggle a long-awaited monument is bein
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foundation. we got an early look at the smithsonian's national museum of march-- of african-american history and culture that is redefining what it means to be an american. >> this is a story of slavery and freedom. we tell the story of slavery.>> and early 1800s slave cabin where families were both shattered and cemented by the times. >> within these walls they forged relationships, love one another, had aspirations even if it was just to read but still held onto their humanities. >> curators are determined to broaden the story of america's foundation, sharing a history of the lens of the people were also founding fathers mothers and families.
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that african-americans have been involved in the making of the nation all along, politically, demographically, culturally and economically. >> they take visitors on the journey through more than 40,000 artifacts, more than half of them donated by people who wanted to do-- document the struggles of their ancestors and achievement. >> one donor brought 32 items that were from the estate of harriet tubman. >> then he showed us what he had been given by queen victoria and this hymnal. >> this home was constructed by freed african-americans. it is one of two features in the exhibit that you can walk in and touch. a real card you can sit and ponder living in society that was separate and unequal. it vintage plane used in training during world war ii, a cultural cornucopia of music. chuck berry an
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and mother of the ship from the parliament funkadelic, generations of personal items, printing and breaking down connections of even the most difficult experiences. >> for us success remain troubled at something you have seen or something you have heard, if anyone leaves and thinks they've had a great time and it has been a joyous rent than we've-- a joyous rent then we failed. reporter: failure is not an option, he knows the pressure to preserve history. >> i am so excited for everyone to finally see what we are all together, black and white young and old have done.>> the smithsonian national african- american museum of history and culture is steps away from other landmarks that was buil
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on september 24 of this year. they are calling it the biggest family reunion you have ever seen. what a magnificent journey. i can't wait to step inside and taken out. >> the curators are such a fantastic storytellers, i wish we could have gotten all of their stories. >> september 24. it is the first day of meteorological summer and tropical season. we will talk about the 3 degrees guarantee, kind of bold, but we would go mid-80s and the high was 87, we are 12 of the last 13. a similar day will make it 85 and you can track it on our application. >> it is a very nice evening but i have more like summer-- it feels more like summer. bustout temperatures 62-78
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dry. a couple of showers and thunderstorms will role in and become more prevalent thursday and friday. we will see isolated thunderstorms and possible yellow weather alert days. the remnants hanging off the north carolina coast, that will give us an increasing chance but tomorrow morning we are fine. 6:00, 60 downtown 65 rockville 66 in silver spring, by a deck 30 or 9:00 we are back to around 70 and by 1:00 there will be some showers, nothing heavy and the coverage will be limited. some of these were further north and that should tell you the exact location of individual showers not in cement. by 6:00 a couple of showers and points west by 6:00 temperatures still in the low- 80s and by 10:00 essentiay
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hours, we are 73, 71 frederick and 74 in hagerstown. a very mild night. we are 69 to start but 81 by 11:00-- by 11 o'clock, or even a thunderstorm by 1:00, isolated. the next seven days, increasing chance of showers and thunderstorms, saturday remains dry and more storms into sunday and early mondays, with highs around 80. >> getting it done in philadelphia, doing what they need to do, the offense is incredible, they are taking care of business, that bullpen hex we showed you seems to
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you by xfinity. >> we showed you the hex in the bullpen last night, they got the runs they needed and when the game. it appears all that carried over into tonight's game as well. they kept it going. joe ross on the mound, he has had an earned run, but the offense really backed him up and even crushed want to right- center field, the outfielders trying to get a hold of it and inside the park-- and inside the park home run in one of the four home runs, game to-- came 2 the final.
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45 pitches and bryce harper has just 15. it did not take long to talk about free agency, he was just focused-- he's not focused on any of that right now. reality hits, deland will be a free agent july one. he has spent all nine of his career with the oklahoma city thunder and has never had to deal with what is about to come his way. he will have plenty of suitors knocking on his door and the redskins defense has made it dear-- clear he wants katie-- he wants him in dc. saying maybe this happens, dc, great season but all good things come to an end. national champions made their way to the white house, the wild
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carolina and chris jenkins got a much-deserved trip to the white house this afternoon. this meant meeting president. obama and presented him with a custom 44 villanova jersey. the ceremony lasted 15 minutes. the team got to do a little exploring, take some pictures, they are all smiles and there are some more pictures of their tour, the arrived, but when you get a once-in-a-lifetime experience and go to take a picture, and your memory is fall. >> seriously? >> that's when your brothers are there to take pictures for you and save them until you can protect him.♪
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the road? it had a police escort. >> fairfax county to east-- police tweeted out a police officer helping a slow-moving turtle help get from one side of the road to the other.>> to they always move slow?>> they are protecting and serving, but goes for the turtle as well. i saw a guy stop pull over his mercedes on a two-lane road and hope the turtle get out of the road.>> my daughters have done that. that's it, thanks for
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