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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, tonight montgomery county has taken steps to pull the liquor license from the bar that served a man that hit and killed -- thank you for joining us. in a letter sent to the hooter's tonight the county says the restaurant now must show cause why they deserve to keep their license at all. has been following this story for months and joins us outside the restaurant tonight. >> it's
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letter sent by the county to the restaurant in which the county accuses this hooters of serving -- well past the point of intoxication. he got into his car and crashed it into an officer. >> he slurred and mumbled as he told officers he couldn't take a breathalyzer test. he had drank too much he said. he admitted to smoking pot and taking xanax in a hooters parking lot. his credit card what he bought at the bar, 4 shots of whiskey and -- he called a cab but bought additional drinks with cash, finally leaving the bar at 9:40. at the time of the crash was nearly 3 times the limit. witnesses say he didn't even try to stop his car. >> there were no brakes. thwa
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where you would hear brakes. >> his father called hooters an accomplice in his son's death. >> hooters really does care but why doesn't corporate headquarters donate a large chunk of money to mad d. >> said the bartender no longer works there and all other staff would be retrained. perhaps in an effort to head off exactly the kind of scrutiny they now face. virginia and 5 other states protect bars from lawsuits in circumstances like these but the county does have some recourse. after a hearing they could take the bar's license, effectively shutting it down or levy a fine of up to $10,000. tonight an official with the department of liquor control tells me these cases can be hard to prove
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evidence. only 3 cases have resulted in establishments losing their liquor licenses. tonight i reached out to hooters corporate headquarters but no response. >> we know you will be following it closely, thank you. police continue to search for a man they he say shot and killed a man with special needs just outside a park. >> elson is live at the police headquarters with the very latest. >> as you guys said, this suspect is still on the run and police are looking for him right now. but they also want to talk to someone else, a key witness. >> only 2 shots. >> we just heard -- we thought it was random noise. >> police say the victim and 2 caretakers left the group home where he lived and walked to the recreational center
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basketball. they ran into someone in a car. sources inside the police department say the person in the car was pulled over talking to someone on the side of the road. the victim walked by and sources say he dropped the basketball. it hit the suspect's car and that set him off. >> there was a verbal altercation. the individual in the car retrieves a weapon and shoots this person a number of times. >> no one in this neighborhood suspected a shooting in the middle of the day. >> by the time we came out here, everybody was gone. >> i didn't see nothing. >> but police say someone did. the person with the suspect, and that's who they are desperate to speak with. >> they were shocked by what happened. we also believe that individual came down the hill to try to render aid to the individual that was shot and then hearing approaching sirens from police and fire, they fled. >> until
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community remains on edge. >> we have to stay on alert because we don't know what person's intentions are. >> now, this is all very early information. there are still a lot of questions here. we don't know how or if the victim and suspect knew each other but by the police chief's account this was a senseless crime that didn't have to happen happen. allison, thank you. if you have any information about this crime, no matter how small you think it might be, police want to hear from you. you can call them anonymously and your tip could lead to a cash reward. new tonight an nfl data security breach that could affect thousands of players. at the center of it a stolen laptop that belongs to a trainer. the laptop was stolen back on april 15th when a thief broke into th
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inside were electronic and paper medical papers for athletes since 2004. well the nfl has released a statement saying quote we are aware of no evidence that the thief obtained any information nor aware that any information was made public. they are promising to upgrade security to prevent future data breaches. an arlington county school's teacher assistant is suspended for allegedly smoking pot with and selling it to a student. 32-year-old zachary van dike has been charged with distribution of marijuana and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. joins us live from that arlington school. >> well, van dike is a teacher's assistant here at gun stone middle school. he
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the outcome of this investigation according to the arlington county school. the student accused of smoking with and selling to was just a middle schooler here. >> a teacher behind bars after giving a student the wrong type of education according to authorities, a drug education. say zach van dike, a teacher's assistant drove a student to his home where the two smoked marijuana before van dike sold the middle schooler pot and then drove him back to school. >> it's very alarming, i can tell you that much. >> the reaction the student's parents had. they contacted the arlington at schools. >> you don't expect that kinds of stuff to happen at a school and especially with kids this young. >> this illegal activity taking the kid away from the school, that's scary. >> told us he has been with the school district for
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years. also in arlington. >> i finished like a yearly review of this teacher. [ indiscernible ] >> people you trust with your kids. you wouldn't think anything like that would happen but things happen everywhere. >> and that is what worries police, that possible abuse of authority. >> it is a figure of authority in the school. it is somebody that the kids look up to. >> police are investigating whether this could have happened before or perhaps even at wnl high school. >> if you are the parent of a student or if you are a student yourself, authorities here asking you to contact them if they say you had any similar en counters with van dike. virginia congresswoman barbara wants some answers about a man working security at dulles airport. say
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criminal who allegedly committed atroughs atrocities during the civil war in somalia. developing details in the murder suicide at ucla. at this hour, still no word on what led up to those horrifying events. the building was evacuated and students ored out with their hands up. before being ordered out the school had been on lock down for 2 hours. social media posts showing students to use a belt to tie their classroom door shut. others barricaded themselves with a printer. frightened students say they feared for their lives. >> i actually told them if i die, i love you guys. >> i called my parents. i luckily was able to get ahold of them. i could hear in my
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the trembling. >> tonight we learned a little more about the people that died. one of them was a professor. but their names have not been released. second degree murder. that's the charge facing the man that rammed his hummer into tyson's corner last month. police upgraded the charges after a pedestri hit by that suv died. under arrest, police say he deliberately rammed the diner oaf and over and then set himself on fire. we could know by friday whether prosecutors will file criminal charges against the mother of a child who got inside the cage of a grill gorilla. the prosecutor plans to review it tomorrow. we are now also hearing the # 11 calls that the mother made. >> we already have help started there,
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>> be calm. be calm. i can't watch. >> fearing for the zoo's safety a team shot and killed the gorilla. they say the boy is doing well and say they have no plans to sue. an exclusive usa today shows 3500 lawsuits by and against donald trump are unprecedented for a presidential nominee. analyzed across the country and found out just how let ig us trump has been. it comes a day after a judge released -- owned by a sister company that owns us here. hillary clinton is calling trump a fraud claiming he is trying to scam americans the
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who enrolled in his company. say he got rich at the expense of hard working people. >> trump and his employees took advantage of vulnerable americans, encouraging them to max out their writ cards and -- credit cards, empty their retirement savings, all while making promises they knew were false from the beginning. >> clinton says trump is now trying to scam america. bernie sanders continues to campaign in california speaking to overflow crowds. but tonight harry reid says sanders needs to recognize that sometimes you have to give up. reid says sanders should not carry his campaign all the way through to the convention in fill dell. i
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the va offering a remedy for wounded warriors that they say should have been given in the first place. pretty nice start to your thursday, but a couple of sprinkles here and nothing heavy in the morning. 1r0e6, around 70, 66 to 74 by 6:00 and into the 70s by noon. we will come back and talk about the prospect and more showers and storms. the prospect of a yellow alert on friday. and we know beyonce runs the world but wait until you see who else joins her
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traumatic brain injury is often the wound of war and a lot of soldiers could not get benefits. >> because the department of veteran affairs wasn't using qualified medical personnel to do examinations. now the va is offering a remedy. from vietnam to iraq and afghanistan, they served their country. >> i paid a price. >> and came home with scars. some visible. >> this one here is a pr
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>> some seen only by those who know them best. >> i started realizing that the guy i married wasn't -- i wasn't really sure who was going to wake every morning. >> va policy states only 4 types of highly trained specialists are allowed to diagnose them but that didn't always happen. this is the deputy's under secretary for disability assistance. >> there are documented cases across the country where veterans weren't even diagnosed by medical doctors. >> it was a nurse practitioner. >> and cases like -- who was misdiagnosed. >> it's a big thing to sit and wonder in your head, am i nuts. >> the va launched a nationwide review identifying nearly 25,000 veterans seen by unqualified doctors at 40 different va facilities in 25 states. >> it was a
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that we have identified and that we are working to fix now. >> the va is announcing plans to offer new exams and reopen claims for the 25,000 veterans. >> we are going back and providing them all an opportunity, it's the only right thing to do. >> va veterans will get a letter in the mail spelling out the options they have available to them. harvey james lost his entire platoon in vietnam. >> we like to think he found it again when he passed on. we have now learned he was a vietnam veteran visiting from washington state and that's what -- on monday he found their names at the vietnam veteran's memorial and not long after that visit he collapsed during the parade and went into cardiac arrest. >> a very strong warrior when he had to be but at the same time you
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a kind fair and gentle man. and i'll carry that with me. >> at least 2 people reached out to us saying it took too long for help to arrive for harvey james. at our request dc's 911 says 6 minutes 41 seconds passed between the first 911 call and when the ambulance arrived. are you ready for metro maintenance surge. scientists are working to make it a little less painful. they are plugging millions of bits of data into a computer simulation to predict where and when back ups and bottle necks will choke traffic as thousands are expected to hit the roads to avoid long waits for trains. the surge starts on saturday and it will run almost a year affecting almost every station alon
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>> which is why you have been warning people about the change. >> i have some of the results already. >> everywhere, everywhere. >> we're all going to feel it. looks like we're all feeling a third degree. >> we were okay. 92 on the car when i came in. we went to the mid-80s. we thought 85 was reasonable. it was okay. not a bull's eye. 87 was the high. in my in infin it wisdom, okay, a live look outside. winds out of the south at 7 and we have partly cloudy skies. more flooding down in texas. this moisture will stay unfortunately right over east texas. really they got hammered in march with over 20 inches of rain and flash flood watches cover the
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bonnie off the north carolina coast. bonnie will eventually become captured in a cold front and that would give us the best chance for showers and storms. right now it is barely quiet. just a few clouds around but a few isolated showers are possible and then some afternoon storms are possible. bus stop temperatures 64 to 76, isolated shower but a light shower and then showers and thunderstorms on friday. much better chance possible yellow alert on friday. early in the morning, 6:00 a -- there could be some sprinkles but by and large the morning commute will be dry. 67 downtown. 66 in fair fax. by 9:00 a couple of sprinkles here and there. 72 in fredericksburg and by 1:00 most of the thunderstorms developing out to the west. by 6:00 some of the showers an
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storms could get as close as cull pepper. so on the day planner a couple of sprinkles. 78 with cloud by 1:00. now, next 7 days, better chance for showers late saturday. we had to put an end late saturday. sunday does not look very pleasant. gorgeous tuesday and wednesday. >> hold on, it will be good on the backside. they kind of fell off a little bit but they have been rolling right along. enjoys their trip to the city of brotherly love, plus when you're in philly you
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now, game on sports with kristin burr set, brought to you by xfinity. the nationals have the hottest hitter in baseball right now in daniel murphy but what makes them more dangerous is their starting rotation seems to get the job done. tonight we he got a little
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of both. the series against the phillies, another strong outing by -- another homerun because that's what he likes to do but he did have 11 strike outs. he struck out 10 or more batters. that was wilson, back-to-back jack. nats win 7-2. dc united host seattle. we go to the pitch for a little footing. 79th minute with the shot. with the save. you see rebound. seattle goes on to win 2-0. game two of the stanley cup finals. this one in overtime. 3 minutes in, conner, mark jones, win 2-1 to take a 2-0 lead over san jose. matt jones is embracing the
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protection and most importantly ball control, 2 issues that plagued him last year. more on that. >> apparently matt jones showed enough that the redskins coaching staff decided he is going to be the number one running back in 2016. it is mat jones' job to lose at running back. >> all the extra film work he taught me, how to read defense. >> i see him growing up. one thing i used to mess with him about was -- i have got to get to him like that but he's getting better. >> rookie, it's so much that gets thrown at you. but now i can work on the little things i need to work on instead of trying to learn the play at the same time. >> there's still some time until training camp in late july so they could go sign a
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if they do, though, it's still jones that's going to be the starting running back. thanks so much and how about some silly shenanigans. stealing the keys. the philly fan attics tries to get a goal. >> so, that's a shame. >> can't do anything. don't mess with me. please, give it back to me. having a little bit of fun. >> they are going to give him the keys. >> oh, that wasn't very nice. never know what the fan attic the ♪
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made woman is someone you have never heard of. >> maybe, diane hendrix is the owner of a roofing and siding company and she's worth 4.9 billion. >> roofs. >> the second richest is someone we have all heard of. oprah winfrey. others on the list, madonna, worth 560 million. taylor swift the youngest on the list at age 26, worth $250 million. >> they are all doing all
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>> stephen: hey, dakota johnson, thank you so much for being here. >> hi, stephen. >> stephen: i'm really looking forward to your new movie "a bigger splash." >> thank you. >> stephen: it must be so fun to work with tom hanks. >> what do you mean? >> stephen: "a bigger splash." it's a sequel to "big" and "splash" where tom hanks wishes to be an older mermaid and then learns a valuable lesson about love or fish or something like that. >> no, this one is actually sort of a gripping drama that's sort of erotic. >> stephen: yeah, yeah. gripping, erotic drama, tom hanks. >> no, it's about a rock star played by tilda swinton and then her ex-boyfriend ralph fiennes comes to see her when she's on holiday. >> stephen: and you're the mermaid? >> no, there's no mermaid.


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