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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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dogren 5:10. we have all this we are watching, the weekend, we got concerns. first concern is tonight, heavy rains is my main concern, as we look at the weekend forecast, not terrible tomorrow. a threat for showers and storms in the afternoon. not going to be a control leweather alert. -- yellow weather alert. sunday is a yellow weather alert, potentially red weather alert day, drying out some on monday. we will talk about sunday and the seven-day forecast. breaking news from fairfax, a 20-year-old high school student is charged with producing child pornography on school grounds. >> this arrest grew out of an investigation that began and ended yesterday and focused on one victim, police believe there may have been other victims
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police accused him of secretly recording other male students in a restroom at the fairfax high school campus. a school resource officer received a complaint about him yesterday. found evidence on his cell phone that convinced police to make the arrest. he has been formally charged with possession of child pornography and filming a non concepting nude person. he is -- concepting nude person. he is 20 years old. the spokesman explained english language learners and special needs students can stay in public school longer. his facebook page indicates he immigrated to the u.s. from thailand. >> after his arraignment he was held without bond. a local musician is facing multiple charges of child sexual abuse in florida. >> 26 year old alex causer forced a teenager to become his
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sex slave and met her many hotel rooms for sadistic encounters. he has just been extradited. >> reporter: we have just confirmed that alex has arrived in tampa, and is behind bars tonight. what he did to his allegedly did to his teenage victim is very disturbing. >> my daughter is such a good girl. we never had any problems with her. >> reporter: this florida mom says her 15-year-old daughter met alex on line three years ago. the teenager followed him on twitter, and watched his music videos on youtube. their relationship began with text messages and phone calls. soon, peelser was demanding she send him photographic videos and poreno of himself. he lived in this columbia heights apartment building until his ar
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music studio in his mother's silver spring home. pelzer convince her to fly to our area four times. alex was in to domination and would choke and slap her during sex and he allegedly demand she live by a disturbing set of rules, couldn't dress, eat or cut her hair or use a bathroom without his permission and had to contact him once an hour and at all times had to call him master or sir. >> master will be mad or punish me if i don't respond. >> reporter: it ended when her parents discovered it on her 18th birthday last fall. >> like in the same second she looked up at
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please help me. >> reporter: pelzer is locked up in tampa, held on a $114,000 bond. >> the victim's mother is speaking out because she is concerned that he may have had relationships with other under age girls. terrifying wake up call this morning, for a neighborhood in leaseburg looking for gang membersment federal and local police surrounded a home and forced everyone inside, even the kids, to come out with their hands up. northern virginia bureau chief peggy fox talked to a teenager who was swept swept up in the raid. >> i was shaking. >> reporter: a voice on a loud speaker appears to silence in the darkness this morning. the voice told the people inside to come out one by one
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>> you would see the sniper thing on their bodies, they were aiming. we didn't know if they were going to shoot them or what is going on. it was so sarah. >> reporter: amed and her son shot cell phone video of what they saw peeking through their window across the street. >> the house was in spotlight and surrounded. >> reporter: they recognized some of the ten or so people that came out, some were children, most of them teenagers. 16 year old lovos was one of them. >> i was asleep when i heard the banging. they told me to come out and i did with my hands raised up. it was terrifying. >> reporter: he is a neighbor and dropped by to watch a movie last night and stayed the night. he said he was handcuffed, taken to the police station and let go. >> they had a big truck armored truck, i thought it was a machine gun. you are thought i was going to die. >> reporter: police say they
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members of the northern virginia gang task force were there, too. sources tell us they were searching for evidence of ms 13 gang activity. >> i can't even fathom, i can't fathom that a gang in this neighborhood, unbelievable. >> the leaseburg police department is the lead agency in this case. they have not told us about any arrests. cog to court documents, listen to this, from a man that tried to mawk it past white house security, you are came here to shoot people. that's what he said. the suspect, a secret service agent shot and wounded him. he remains this the hospital. today he was formally charged in connection with the incident. he could be looking at 2 years behind bars. regions 10 month long commuting nightmare is hours away
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starting. metro will close at midnight. >> 13 days between boston on theing on and silver lines starts today. if you are saying not a problem, you are drive, you need to brace yourself for bad traffic, too. ideas to help you. >> reporter: state department spouse, jenny and her son, frustrated before the surge starts. >> elevators don't work. delays. china has better metro system than the u.s. capital. >> reporter: supposed to make things better but comes with pain. >> a big problem. >> reporter: home depo cashier is trying to figure out he is getting home from this store. this is unlikely to get him to the rail station before metro starts e
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closures. >> it is very difficult and it's going to be midnight and its going to rain. >> reporter: you are have to wait 18 minutes for an orange or silver line train, from east falls church to the west. at rush hour the trains that do come are likely to be tough to get on. arlington fairfax, just about every other just diction adding extra bus -- jurisdiction adding extra buses. they are scrambling to finish a bike share stand. if people abandon metro and climb in their cars alone to get to work. traffic is all but send to be a mess. >> the you have other options, please use them. if it's terrible, get off and do something else. >> i could. we will see how that whose. if i see you here monday, i may have a different story. >> that
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employers to let workers shift scheduling and work from home. shift you schedule if you can, bike or ride share, leave the train to people who really need it and we should all survive this without frustration. >> to get alerts, download our free wusa 9 app. this will be a busy weekend for campaign 2016. california and five other states have primaries next tuesday. with a strong showing, hilary clinton could lockup the nomination. polls showing clinton and rival democrat bernie sanders running neck and neck in california.
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clinton released a statement supporting the federal judge presiding over a class action lawsuit. donald trump says the judge has a conflict of interest because he is of mexican heritage. violence broke out after trump's rally in san jose. protesters attacked trump supporters who were leaving, a dozen or more people got punched. one person was hit by an egg. trump hats were taken and set on fire. four people were taken in to police custody. for the latest news or the campaign trail and election alerts throughout the presidential race, pick up the phone, download our free wusa 9 news app. we are getting started here on wusa9 at 5:00, how prince georges county schools handled cases of sexual misconduct. tracking down answers about a principal on leave after new accusations come up against a teacher. scramble
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five soldiers are dead, four missing after flood waters sent away a vehicle during a training exercise. don champion is at fort hood with the latest. >> reporter: the search continues for four soldiers who haven't been seen since their routine training mission turned tragic. members of a
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at fort hood tried crossing flood waters in a military vehicle like this, the raging water overturned their truck. >> the water was rising quickly, we were in the process of at the moment of the events of closing the roads. >> reporter: the bodies of five soldiers have been found, three others who survive right side being treated at local hospital and could be released today. officials here at fort hood won't say what kind of precautions were taken before the training started. say the route near al creek was used regularly, days of pounding rain across texas are taking its toll. the water saturated ground triggered this mudslide southwest of fort worth. lake front apartments are on the verge of falling in to lake grand berry. roads are now rivers, here, two people narrowly escaped being swept away. a couple waited too long tow evacuate their home, then their pickup truck was swept
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>> i was freaking out. i was shak ing. it is scary. it happens fast. >> reporter: 10 inches of rain is in the forecast through tomorrow. don champion, cbs news, fort hood, texas. >> the governor of texas toured the hardest hit areas, flood waters destroyed nearly 600 homes so far around texas. navy's blue angels won't be flying this weekend. the fighter jets crashed in a huge fire ball yesterday during a practice run for the great tennessee air show. the pilot captain jeff, was killed. the first blue angels crash in nearly a decade. defense secretary ash carter says the military will attempt to learn from the blue angels and fort hood deaths and preventive action will be taken. rescue in the colorado rockys. rangers are helping evacuate 10 members of a green beret unit off of
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peaks. they were taking part in a training imper size at rocky mountain national park, but a few suffered altitude sickness, they spent the night on the mountain. no soldiers were injured. flood waters swamp the france capitol. it caused the sin river to overrer flow near the eiffel tower. museum workers moved 250,000 pieces of art work to safer ground. the mona lisa is on display on the upper floor. it's not been this high in 35 years. the water levels are 20 feet above normal. having been there, a couple of years ago, seeing the pictures. >> unbelievable. >> 250,000 pieces
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>> you got the heavier downpours , the atmosphere, holds more restaurant water, you are seeing it in texas and france, we had you share of heavy downpours like we are seeing now. >> the pattern will change, it's been persistent. starting with a look at fist alert live doppler, we have been tracking the heavy rainmaking, showers and thunderstorms, everything is moving towards the southeast, at 20 miles an hour, they are moving, not racing through, nothing is severe here, certainly, yellow weather alert for all of the news, since we will have for the commute home and wet fields meaning cancellations. a secondary line out of hagerstown, not as strong as what is about to push through the washington region is pushing through the washington region, out of montgomery county, the non half of fairfax county, most of the area north of 66, seeing heavy rain chantilly and areas on 50, to the west of the fairfax boer
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fairfax and burke, the american legion bridge and northern dc, this is moving our way. fairfax, on top of you in a few minutes. showers have broken out ahead, this area moving southeast, will be in washington, just a few minutes, 5:23, alexandria 5:27 to. the south, cluster of showers with thunderstormses south of fort royal, pulling out of the stafford area, charles and north western areas of st. maries, southern charles and colonial beach. leonard town 5:34, 551 and new land in the northern neck at 6:05, to the beach tomorrow, not a bad day, stay until monday, not a bad day. sunday is going the be a problem. showers and storms, 81. monday 80-81, sunday, poteia
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just at the beach, but here as well. prediction center has the entire area under slight risk and east of the blue ridge, delmarva, the orange enhanced risk, if you consider a scale of 1-5, that would be a 3, wind gusts and hail and isolated tornados. a yellow weather alert for sunday, potentially a red weather alert day. mid-70s to low 80s right now, see the rain that's falling in washington, 76, hit at least 80 today, east, northeast wind at 9, high humidity, look at the heat, phoenix tomorrow 1/17th. we will be 85, the showers and storms pouring over texas, upper storms, doesn't want to move, heavier rains in to louisiana, old frontal boundary hanging out with the waves of low pressure, the upper level dynamics coming together sunday. pay attention a day you need to
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this evening with patchy fog, not a bad start to saturday. partly to mostly cloudy, warm and muggy in the 70s. mid-80s in the afternoon with a few showers and storms. not enough to warn a yellow alert. the red weather alet for sunday, 87, monday warm and dry, 85, next week, looks pretty good. tuesday, isolated storm 85. couple of beauties for wednesday and thursday, highs around 80. coming up, discouraging news from the labor market for millions of americans looking for work. >> police releasing video of a pair of serial armed robbers in action.
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. duo menacing a clerk. it happened on suit land road. the clerk handed over the cash, and didn't get hurt. police say the pair is responsible for two other robberies
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county police anonymously and collect an award if you can identify the guys. a woman died after a chain reaction crash in prince georges county. maryland state police say the driver of a pickup truck was going east on route 50, kennel worth avenue. it veered off the road, hit the median and went airborne. it landed in the westbound lane and crashed head on in to the driver who was killed. a third driver was also hurt. trooper says the driver of the pick up appeared to be under the influence of drugs. charges are pending. consumer news and the nation's employers slowed down hiring new workers last month. the labor department says the u.s. economy added 38,000 jobs in may. that's is lowest monthly total since 2010. the unemployment rate did fall from 5% to 4.7%, nearly half a million out of work americans stopped looking for jobs which means they no longer
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unemployed. nation's largest retailer is testing out drones for the home delivery market. wal-mart will use them to manage inventory in the warehouses. the company wants to use drones to compete against amazon and is going to roll out this delivery service in the next 6- 9 months. coffee and beer, interesting combo, star bucks and anheuser busch are teaming up to bottle and distribute a ready to drink starbucks tea. consumption of ready to drink tea is one of the fastest growing beverage categories in the united states. up 6% since last year. samsung takes on fit bit with a new fitness tracker. it will count your steps, and your sleep, sensors track distance and pace and the gear fit 2 priced around 180 bucks, available by the end of the year. on the way next, prince georges county principal is isaced on leave after a teacher
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a student. the incredible end to the search for a young boy whose parents made him get out of the car in a japanese forest. metro maintenance surge could provide another surge to ride sharing.
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a big surge expected for alternate forms
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with a warn for commuters. >> reporter: we are expecting a bloom, bike commuter during the shutdown in march, bike traffic doubled in some spots, two wheeled travel can be tough before you hit the road. gearing up bicycles in northeast dc, is gearing up for more bikers, bypassing the metro mess. >> i don't think that number is small. >> reporter: sterling is the executive director of the non profit shop, getting calls from new riders. >> we are starting to see it. we are starting to see that with folks buying on craigslist or wondering in to our shops or other shops. >> reporter: it tells would be riders hotow spot bad deals on line. many bikes are stolen. >> a bike that's worth $300, it shows you the quality of a $60 bikes you don't want to get set
5:30 pm
up like that. >> reporter: capital bike share is getting ready, adding temporary spots on the orange and silver lines, where metro's overhaul will start. offering a new 1-way trip option for $2. >> if biking is not for you, ride sharing apps are also getting ready, lift is offering special discounts, uber says its invested $10 million to expanded service around dc. to get traffic and alerts on your mobile device, pick up the phone now, go to the app store and down load our free wusa9 9 app. the way prince georges county schools are handling sexual misconduct, this time sit reactions to a principal put on leave after a teacher at forestville high school was accused of sexual contact with
5:31 pm
a student. scott broom is at forest hill with more on the fate of principal nathaniel laneny. >> reporter: the school system is under the microscopic here, they are describing this administrative leave as precautionary and part of an administrative process. principal nathaniel of forestville has not been accused of wrong doing but nonetheless is a casualty of the charges placed against a teacher, accused of sexual conduct. laneny placed on leave june 1st while officials investigate, to see who may have known what or not. parents and alums reacted today. >> he is very nice, up front, hop nest, it's not fair -- honest, it's not fair. if he didn't know, he didn't know. they got to do it to protect the kids. >> he might have known or not
5:32 pm
>> he is a pretty good communicator. >> reporter: officials say laneny was put on leave out of an abundance of caution and as part of the investigative process as they investigate the case of english teacher and coach, vincent mc duffy, charged with sex abuse of a minor for having sex with a 17- year-old girl on school grounds. after the school system unveiled the results of a special student safety task force this week. found shortcomings including flaws in how the county trains teacher, staff and students to prevent and report sexual abuse. it's in the spotlight after a volunteer, carolway, was charged in feuary, under federal child porn statutes for sexually abusing 11 kids at sylvania woods elementary and making videos of the activity. >> the principal was also put on leave after that incident and
5:33 pm
at forestville high school, on leave at the moment, although he has not been charged with any wrong doing of any kind. scott broom, wusa9. forestville is a magnet school operating on a military academy model, closed by the end of the school system at the end of this year, which has sparked parent protests. nor folks police chief is defending officers involved. residents are outraged , the most recent police involved shooting happened thursday night when a man lunged at officers. officers shot him after the man refused to heed commands. medics rubbed him to the hospital -- rushed him to the hospital where he died. this happened last night, scene here me
5:34 pm
gunman shot a guy in the leg on a city bus. police caught up with the suspected gunman a few blocks away. officials say that officers ordered 18 year old rodney smith to put down his gun. he didn't. they shot him. smith died on the way to the hospital. the man he shot is going to be okay. international aid organization says 12,000 people have escaped fallujah since the operation to retake it from isis began two weeks ago. there are almost 50,000 civilians trapped there and fear isis is using them as human shields. iraqi forces retaken most of the territory around the city but facing heavy resistance while pushing towards the center. to minnesota, three men have been found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder overseas. prosecutors say the men planned to go to syria to join isis, and they now face up to life in prison.
5:35 pm
in the conspiracy, 6 others pleaded guilty, a 7th believed to be in syria. germany identified 499 islamic extremists, it considers to be a potential security threat in the country. yesterday, germany arrested three syrians suspected of planning an attack for isis. all three lived in refugee shelters. efforts to launch peace talks are underway in paris. john kerry and foreign ministers from 25 other countries, were attending the meeting organized by the president of france. the goal is to set a frame work to bring israel and palestinians back to the negotiating table by the end of the year. a 7-year-old boy missing for a week in japan has been found alive. the boy's parents made him get out of the car in a forest as punishment while the father returned a few minutes later but the boy was gone. a soldier found the boy in an
5:36 pm
hospital as a precaution. his father apologized and thanked searchers , the parents could face child neglect charges. coming up next, mat damon returns to the college that provided the setting for his defining role. we have moderate rain in northwest dc, lightning toward fairfax, along south of 66, the heaviest weather, some activity developing south of aldine, prince william, watching the showers and storms this evening, higher chance for severe weather on sunday, back with the weekend forecast in a few minutes.
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quite a royal mess in today's trending segment. most people would watch what they say to royalty, not ybor anderson, he gave prince harry a talking to for the way he was dressed. listen. >> prince harry was meeting with comrades making the anniversary of the normandy invasion. that meeting took place at
5:40 pm
southwood in england where the d day landings were planned. 20 years after portrayed as a mathematically janitor in goodwill hunting, mat damon returned to deliver commencement dress today. >> i grew up in this neighborhood, in this incredible multicultural neighborhood, that was rough, i mind myself here as a middle- aged american white male movie star. i don't have a clue where my blind spots begin and end. engaging is it is the first step towards identifying the blind spots. >> he dropped out of harvard to pursue as they acting career. he said it was app honor he didn't -- an honor he didn't earn. a woman visiting yellow stone, just had the get a picture of the elf, the elf is like no. my name is, no. >> take that. glendz up knocking her
5:41 pm
the man likely worked for the park and tried to warn her, don't it. she got up and walked away, back to her car. >> what happened to common sense. you see that gigantic animal, don't ease up in its grill. that's what happens. the top trending topic on twitter today is hash tag, national doughnut day. guess who got hosed out of a couple of doughnuts. the two of us up here. you have time to score a free treat. >> i got to go. >> making me hungry. >> duncan doughnuts get a free doughnut when you buy any drink. krispy kreme will give you within for free, no strings attached. coming up, concerns that mohammad ali's hospital stay could raise issues.
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drug dealers lace heroin with fentanyl, 5- 100 times more lethal. >> i had a minuscule amount of heroin cut with fentanyl that killed me. >> reporter: december 2015, her heart was not beating, narcan was injected in to her nose, her latest overdose. >> when people start using heroin like i did, you don't know what you are going to get. as your tolerance builds, you look for heroin that is cut with fentanyl. >> reporter: experts say not all users know fentanyl is in heroin. >> when they find the fentanyl in the hair win, they are not determining it is likely to come from u.s. pharmaceutical companies. >> reporter: she is the director for community services board and helped bree get help where she lives with other recoveringed a digits. >> after years of -- addicts. >> after years of using, you want to stop,
5:46 pm
>> reporter: she has been clean for five months, the track marks on her arm helps her remind he where she has been been. >> he is on bond for burglary and other charges, crime that happened wild she was high on hire heroin. family of mohammad ali are by his bedside, praying in the best and bracing for the worst. they are treating him for respiratory problems. in and out of the hospital for several years, he looked frail during his last public appearance. in october, for a sports illustrated event held in his honor. lawyers say the international soccer federation's former president, and other officials awarded themselves pay raises and world cup bonuses totaling $80 million over five years. investigator
5:47 pm
detailing the payouts after they raided offices yesterday. fifa admits the contracted payments appear to break swiss law, no charges have been filed yet. a verdict expected monday in the trial of argentina and barcelona star messy, he and his father are charged with defrauding spain out of 4.5 million dollars in taxes. prosecutors accuse his father of being one of the main people responsible, but that messy knew enough to be held accountable himself. both face fines and prison if convicted. little closer to here, it's rain that we are watching. >> that's the yellow weather alert for today, for the bothersome nuisance rain that's going to impact and is impacting the commute home. >> talking about red for this weekend. >> sunday a yellow weather alert. we got a severe weather threat that if it evolves we will be upgrading that. it may not evolve to that
5:48 pm
you to stay aware. keep track of the storms and the latest threat. tracking a bunch of heavy rainmaking showers, a little bit of lightning and thunder, one south, one on of the of us, don't want to ig noor the folks in the northern -- ignore the folks in the northern shenandoah valley. see this, going to go, south of charles town, cables town, we will windchill that. heavy downpours over the last hour, coming through the immediate metro area, prince georges county and the district, heavier fairfax county. i want to show you lighter rains in bowie, picking up from college park, to the district, downtown, capital hill in to northwest, moderate showers, they picked up when you head in to central and southern fairfax, fairfax, burke, annon dale, orange and reds, signs of heavy downpours and a li
5:49 pm
this has been building west, towards hay market, south of middle burke,linton hall, manassas, heavier rains there. southeast, 20 miles per hour. tracking this towards alexandria. dale city after 6:00, waldorf 6:13, southern maryland, parts of northern virginia, across the 301 corridor, east of lady smith, back across the river, towards the northwest st. mary's county, heavier downpours as well. there was lightning, now heavy rain, this part of the line will be moving through colonial beach, leonard town, 5:58, warsaw 6:26, more showers and storms, couple tomorrow, sunday, sunday the day of greatest concern, the storm prediction center has most of the area in a enhanced risk that is up from the slight risk in yellow,
5:50 pm
enhanced risk, like on a scale of 1-5, a three, at that level, we are concerned about damaging wind gusts, large hail and a few tornados. sunday is a day we will be watching very, very carefully. rain cool down 74 in town. 82346 winchester, that's the hot spot. lots of folks in the 70s. sticky at this hour, thanks to the rain out. there humidity has been high all day. feeling like midsummer. northeast wind 13. way up on the humidity at 93%. tracking a few showers and storms this evening. diminishing, tomorrow, isolated showers here and there in the morning. spotty showers and storms in the afternoon. not enough for yellow weather alert, close, on sunday, saturday night and sunday, when we have more activity, sunday afternoon, in to sunshine, this will heat things up, destabilize the atmospheres this is what we are talking about, damaging wind gusts or worse. for tonight, showers and storms tapering off later on, patchy fog, 6 a-70s -- 6
5:51 pm
afternoon mid-80s. sunday the active day, yellow weather alert, enough sun, get to 87, that would fuel the storms, monday, nicer, warm and dry 85, next week, tuesday, 85, stray storm and looking real nice wednesday and thursday. nats are back in town next friday. highs in the mid-80s. now, wusa9 9, game on sports, with kristen berset, brought by ex-finty. >> over the past couple of months, washington quarterback curt cousins impressed teammates with level of leadership without having to look over his shoulder, he took the reigns of offense during their off season workout. the team has been working out the past few weeks, last night, got to together for a fun night, away from the facility at the party. with the anticipation of the 2016 season, and a looming deadline, cousins couldn't escape questi
5:52 pm
contract. the deadline for a long-term deal is july 15th, it sounds like cousins is just perfectly fine playing under that $19 million franchise tag. >> franchise tag is a great situation for me. i'm glad to be under contract for the team for the season. anything beyond that is out of my hands, we will see what takes place. glad to know i'm back for the season and expect to do positive things. >> sports heroes are not always the biggest stars, they are the unlikely heroes that you are save their biggest moments for the grandest stage. jose, of river dale baptist high school, walk off homer, to win his team's second straight state title, cap off a 30-game win streak, this was his first season with the crusaderses he moved here from puerto rico. it was his first home run of the subpoena. it came wh
5:53 pm
a hero and a happy bunch of crusaders for this week's game on of our city profile. jose has been a good hitter for us all year. we had two runners in scoring position. i was confident a base hitter would tie it. >> i was trying to do it. he got told the take the first pitch, get the kid to second. a single would tie the game. the dinger ends up putting one over the fence. >> it was shough,ing. i kept -- it was shocking. i kept on screaming never give up. >> it doesn't get more exciting than that as a baseball player, it's like a last second shot in basketball or goal in hockey. >> my first year here in the united states. my first championship. state championship. >> a great bunch of firsts
5:54 pm
the summer. he is ton likely hero. >> moments like that you don't forget. coming up on wusa9 at 6:00, a full court press from remaining candidates ahead of next week's primary. the riding service uber is accused of denying service to a blind woman and her service dog. air bb coming under fire.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
air bb is investigating claims of racism by the users. an air bb host in north carolina is accused of sending vile messages to a college student looking for a place to stay. another customer claims she faced racism on the south several times. >> a user identifying himself as todd warner wrote, find another place to rest your n- word head. the messages public odd an blog by one of jane's friends. warner cursed and used racist language, despite jane telling him to stop. >> outrageous. >> reporter: chris is the global head of policy for air bb. >> it's why we took immediate action and have a zero tolerance policy. >> it's part of the microaggressions of being a black men. >> reporter: she experienced
5:58 pm
racial bias, she started the hash tag, air bb while black. >> random excuses, it's booked. >> you got suspicious. >> i changed my profile. i changed the photo to city scape in chicago and changed my name to tina. after that, i never had issues. >> reporter: harvard business school study confirmed what she suspected, air bb guests with distinctly african american names were 16% less likely to be accepted than those with white names. the company says it's begun offering training to employees and host. laura murphy will conduct a comprehensive review, making shower guests and hosts are being treated fairly. >> the comments from the north carolina air bb host were so offensive that the on demand rental giant banned it for life. . the
5:59 pm
the massive program to improve rail safety this weekend. >> rough ride, a woman is suing the ride sharing giant uber, details on that ahead. >> a political full court press as the presidential candidates look for votes ahead of the crucial primary. thank you for joining us, happy friday. >> bruce johnson is off tonight. we begin with what looks like a stormy weekend ahead. howard is tracking downpours right now. a little bit of lightning and thunder , the big concern is the heavy downpours, as the showers come through, as far as the weekend, a few tomorrows sunday could be a yellow weather alert, we may have to upgrade that to a red weather alert day. the activity southeast, cleared out of montgomery and frederick, watching a little bit of shower activity in the northern shenandoah valley. passing winchester, charlestown, cable town, stretches from annas,
6:00 pm
starting to clear out of silver spring, northern part of the district. improving conditions over the next half hour, moderate rain, dc, back in towards baileys cross roads, gets heavy, there is very heavy downpour, avon forest, wouldn't be surprised if there was tiny hail from west springfield to cliffton, down, crossing yates, showers scattered towardslinton hall and approaching, southeast at 20 miles per hour, hef downpours maybe -- heavy downpours, ponding on the roads. dale city, 6:08, waldorf 6:19. when i come back, we will talk about the weekend and why i'm concerned about sunday in a little while. metro police are hunting if three attackers after a sexual assault was reported aboard a metro last night. three men approached her on a yellow line train from huntington and demanded she perform a sex


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