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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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fairgrounds just about exit 10 on 270. several vehicles involved and we're told none of the injuries are life threatening. we're going to take you to some live pictures and they're not pretty. the residual delays still exist. northbound traffic is slow. starting all the way back at the beltway. that's going to take you quite a while to get northbound on 270 tonight. glad you're with us tonight. we talked about the trial of a man accused of torturing a mcclain couple. northern virginia bureau chief peggy fox joins us from the courthouse. peg what is his excuse? >> well, you know police caught him red handed but andrew small testified today that he does not remember any of the attack. because of all the medication he was on. he's blaming -- >> this police dash
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shows alisha and andrew small speeding on the beltway. when they pull up in springfield, andrew small is wearing only an adult diaper. today on trial for the 2014 brutal attack which nearly killed a mcclain couple. andrew small took the stand. he listed more than a dozen medications he was on. fentanyl and aloted for pain. zanax, a stool softener. he says the meds made him constantly sweat. he said he felt so badly he spent most of that summer in bed. but the prosecutor asked shmal to explain a picture of he and
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work. shmall said he was only there for a short amount of time. on the stand he says he did not remember he couldn't remember anything from the night of november 9. in rapid fire questions, prosecutor casey lingham adds, you don't remember cutting his throat. don't remember aiming at sue duncan, don't remember jumping on her to prevent her from calling 911. don't remember stabbing her in the face and neck, each time schmall answered no. the prosecutor said you don't remember anything so anything could have happened. yes said andrew schmall. there's been a big argument going on over the past hour over the direction the defense was going. they had an expert witness, a psychiatrist on the stand and when she said that the medication could have caused psychosis, the commonwealth obje t
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of the room and the judge told the defense attorney he cannot go there. he cannot use the term psychosis but that implies insanity and this is not an insanity defense. peggy fox, wusa9. >> this trial is in its fourth week. it's expected to go to the jury soon. his wife alicia scmall faces a separate trial. dc is poised to face a bill today to hike the minimum wage to $15 an hour. mural bowser promising to approve the hike. >> the goal is simple, we need to put more money in the pockets of our working families and to put more people on the path way to the middle class and our city. we want every single
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under the legislation the minimum wage in the district would reach $15 an hour by 2020. to fairfax now where a fairfax city man is being remembered today as a proud marine corp. veteran. bill patton died early this morning after a fire in his apartment on mosbey woods. andrea mccarren is live with the story. >> reporter: tonight his many friends here are in mourning. bill patton was a proud marine corp. veteran who loved his family and the army. >> he took a lot of pride in this place. he really did. >> reporter: patton was a heavy smoker who
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early this morning, firefighters believe that a cigarette caused the fire. a neighbor is being called a hero. she heard his beeping spoke detector and he called for help saving his wife and children: ironically the smoke detector was installed by firefighters a year ago when they responded to a medical emergency and noticed he didn't have one. >> he would always come in with his wife, all the time. >> reporter: patton's wife died just a few months ago, his friends say he was still consumed by his grief. >> i feel sorry, i really do. i mean, he died young. but i
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place. >> reporter: in just 20 minutes from now, fairfax city firefighters will return to that apartment complex and knock on doors. they'll be asking resident s if they have working smoke detectors. if they don't, they'll install them for free. reporting live from fairfax, andrea mccarren, wusa9. firefighters plan to visit the neighborhood until about 8:30 tonight and they'll be back tomorrow evening if they're needed to install smoke detectors. the simple flip of a switch might have ended up saving six lives including a mom and her two young kids who burned to death in their home in a fiery plane crash that happened in gathersburg. >> the ntsb concludeed the pilot's failure caused that crash. the safety board is urging the faa to develop a new automatic alert system for small jet pilots and it's
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more people training to fly those single pilot aircraft. kim gimmel lost his home, his wife and two of his children was at that hearing. >> it's a good first step. good to know this accident was preventable and hopefully down the road this will never happen again. >> reporter: the pilot approached gather sburg. a warning system sounded stall, stall, stall. 13 times. one passenger said oh no, another shouted whoa, whoa just before the crash that killed them. we're tracking metro, another day another problem for commuters. it is the second day of metro safe track plan and to avoid the many delays that we all experienced yesterday. a lot of commuters drove to work today. and guess what, that caused a whole new issue
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wusa9 eliana diaz is live on falls church. how are the roads there now. >> reporter: the roads coming out of this city are actually clear. traffic is moving along really fast. inbound a little bit slow. over all commuters told us they were very frustrated. because no matter how they got to work most of them said they got there late. and they say they're going to have a long day heading home again. >> when we got on there it was standing room only and it just got worse and worse and worse as you went. the air is not really good in the trains so it gets hot, hot, hot. >> reporter: a mess for commuters as they tried to squeeze their way on to the orange and white train. >> you have three trains worth of people cramming into the train. >> reporter: most people said they missed a train or two everyone if they got there early and getting of
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was not easy either. >> everybody is so concerned about getting out they hover around the door because they don't leave them open so long. >> reporter: people took to the road, their commute very long. >> the traffic was ridiculous because of that. a lot of people didn't take the metro so it affected the traffic. >> i'm afraid it's worth it. we have no choice. >> reporter: metro is still up and running on a single track. many say it's a choice they just won't consider. >> i'm going to take the bus, yes. no metro, i'm not chancing it. >> reporter: all right well we just had a train here going under us so you guys just missed it. those trains have been full. a lot of those commuters trying to squeeze in because after all those trains are on a single track and up until 15 minutes ago, there were crews out here on these tracks behind me working and
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finish the work they'll just have to be patient and deal with everything that comes with this project. i'm live in virginia, eliana diaz. >> turns out the air- conditioning was not working in many stations. a 16-year-old student is pretty shaken up. but safe tonight after a man grabbed her from behind this morning. this happened by south county high school in the west springfield warton area. that's where wusa9 stephanie ramirez is tonight. >> that 16-year-old is on her way to south county high school here when it happened on a wooded path just down the street. a path that a lot of students and neighbors here take all the time. that's where i found yvonne bonaparte. she tries to exercise every day. >> all of us have a -- this sort of violence against women
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i thought this was a very trusted neighborhood. >> reporter: many feel it still is. around 7:45 tuesday morning. fairfax county police say while on her way to south county high school, a man grabbed a 16-year- old student from behind around the waist area. the teen screamed and got away she then ran to her school for help. >> i took it quite personally because i sometimes walk for myself. i was imagining what if that happens to me. i was planning to work tomorrow morning. now i'm reconsidering my decision. >> i'm not walking to work anymore. a welcoming but equally eerie site for some. >> i don't know, it's kind of crazy what's going on. we're just trying to graduate. >> reporter: there's two to two and a half weeks of school left here. the staff warns students to continue to be vigilant and if to try if possible not to
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home alone. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. fairfax police gave a vague description but they tell us they are looking for a hispanic male who was seen with a mustache and dark clothing on. we turn to campaign 2016 and voters are heading to the polls in california plus five other states. no matter what happens, cbs news estimates that hillary clinton now has enough delegates to clinch the nomination. she's still asking voters to support her as she heads into the nomination against donald trump. bernie sanders seems resigned that his campaign has run its course. sanders says he will go home to vermont tonight to assess whether to continue. pressure has been building on him to sustain the campaign in the name of
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sanders to say he will be endorsing clinton soon. tickets have been handed out toward the islamic funeral service for muhammad ali. 14,000 mourners are expected to gather thursday. the venue is the site of ali's last hometown fight in 1961. the final farewell will be held friday. ali's body will be driven through the streets of louisville. the service will follow in the afternoon at the 22,000 seat kfc center. we're just getting started on wusa news at 9: 9:00 -- 5:00. under cover officers bust a dc store owner in a big time fencing operation. those stories and more coming up.
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got something to show you here. check this out. it's a new photo of o.j. simpson. the 68-year-old now mostly has gray hair. he's in prison for a robbery and kidnapping. simpson is eligible for parol next year. dc chief kathy lenier is praising police officers for a stolen products bust. >> employees of the store were exchanging for what they believed were stolen property taken in robbery, heroin, guns and cash.
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crashed into a car in rural fredrick county maryland yesterday killing one person was on the run from maryland natural resources police. that is according to friends of the 21-year-old man who died. that man was a passenger on the atv and this afternoon, some of his friends are gathering at the scene of the crash to remember him. scott broom joins us live now from michael's mill road in bucky's town to tell us more. >> reporter: i want to be clear, investigators have not officially confirmed that account but that's what friends and witnesss are saying. we've heard a lot of discussion in our region about why police don't try to chase after and catch lawless atv and dirtbike riders. it may come to pass that this case is a vivid example of why not. >> reporter: chris munday jr. loved souped trucks and riding. monday die in an atv accident ye
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to mourn him and left flowers stuffed into a pair of off road riding books. monday was the passenger on an off road vehicle that was illegally riding on public roads. when the driver crossed the center line and slammed head on into a kia soul occupied by a mom and her 12-year-old child. everyone else was hurt. today we learned that witnesses reported the driver of the atv, 29-year-old kenneth nibley was fleeing after some kind of contact with maryland natural resources police. lawless atv and dirt bike riding presents law enforcement with a classic catch 22. investigators in this case are not commenting on the circumstances until the investigation is complete. but the deadly consequences of atv riding on public roads are glaringly apparent yet again after the death of
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hundred dollar jr. since 2012 there have been at least 11 deaths of atv riders in maryland alone and the majority of deaths nationwide, 58% are atv riders who are riding illegally. they're not everyone on the off road trails. reporting live, scott broom, wusa9. chris monday's friends declined to talk to us on camera. they're planning a vigil for 8:00 tonight. high waters covered the streets in tampa after more than 6-inches of rain fell in parts of the state. 65-mile an hour winds sent waves surging. the storm splintered trees, but we caught up with one guy who's counting his blessings tonight. >> i feel very lucky it didn't hit our house. that would have torn the dam roof right off. >> reporter: at least
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possible tornado was spotted near jacksonville. surveillance video capturing those strong winds that tore through this neighborhood. in manatee county, the coast guard helped rescue a sailor. >> i saw it in this video where they had the lawn furniture still outside. yesterday we had video of the restaurant and the furniture was still outside. you would think they would know to bring those in. bring them in. in the garage, into the restaurant. >> it's been so long since they've had a major event. perhaps a lot of people are new to the idea of tropical weather. >> perhaps. >> but they shouldn't be. >> they shouldn't be. let's start with a live look outside. it's gorgeous here in the northwest. dewpoints falling. 56, relaztive humidity only 43 notice the wind they gusted out
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that signaled the passage of the cold front. in fact, this is the radar over the last hour, we're tracking one lonely storm headed down toward fredrick and warrantton. this is the main event here these storms right here. that is where the warnings have been posted. this is a severe warning storm warning until 3:00 and another warning or so. we may see this extended. pretty good rain no doubt about that. does include king george until 5:30. this is right where the front is. so that's one this front goes south we're going to be in good shape. you folks will have to keep a watchful eye. down to 22, 24 rather and over thwart falkner. probably just heavy rain at this point. everything is moving off to the east at 40 miles per hour. it's moving pretty fast. headed to hollywood at
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little storm around warrantton. that will move off toward mid- land -- midland and cop. then just cooler, bus stop temperatures 54 to 70 tomorrow. maybe a sweater early on. windy and cooler. winds will gust over 30 miles per hour in the afternoon. and highs hold in the 70s on wednesday. so we're losing about 10 degrees. thursday beautiful, best in show. friday still nice. weekend warmer, but becoming more and more unsettled. by 10:00 tonight. we are clear to partly cloudy. getting cool. 65 in gathesburg. 67 in fairfax. by morning. we have temps in the 50s in the burbs. 6:00a.m. in the morning, even fredricksburg is 60. and 69 in culpepper. showers will linger west of the divide. kind of a miserable morning out toward oakland
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welcome to june in oakland. for now 9:00 a.m. mid-60s, upper 60s downtown partly cloudy. a couple of showers will roll through. by 6:00 we're only hovering around 70. day planner looks like this. sunshine to start. shower possible at 1:00, temperatures either side of 70. so beautiful on thursday. upper 70s, stray shower on friday near 80. don't change your plans. next seven days, saturday some storms. morning storms on sunday. this is kind of new. a little more hef to it. really nice next ahh...
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time to talk a little consumer news right now. verizon has submitted a $3 billion bid to buy yahoo's internet business. that's an offer that's less than initially thought but for verizon is is the top contender at least one more roundover bidding is expected and neither -- round of bidding is expected and neither company is talking about a deal
5:27 pm
works. samsung say this is version can withstand dirt and sand and it won't break even if you drop it from 5 feet in the air. it can also be submerged in up to 5 feet of water for 30 minutes just like the other galaxy models. and next time you want to tackle the laundry, you clip it to the machine and it folds, steams and adds a scent to your clothes. >> are you kidding me. >> the folding maid is not quite on the market yesterday but when it is it's expected to cost around $850. and if you're willing to pay that for you, i will fold your heclots and you can just pay. >> maybe we can share one. straight ahead, outrage over the six month sentence given to the former stanford university student who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman. >> it may soon cost you more to go out to eat in fairfax county. a
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got some people hot under the collar. i'm going to talk to commuters frustrated at not only the wait these guys represent blood cells. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart... forming a clot...
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another frustrating day for metro drivers as that safe track program is well under way. >> a lot of riders told us they were late this morning when boarding crowded trains. based on traffic from virginia it appears a will the of
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metro riders just gave up on the trains. one of the busiest stations the air-conditioning isn't working. >> reporter: repairs will take another week. now waiting passengers are really starting to feel it. >> this is pretty hot. i'm a normal commuter to walter reed medical center from walter maryland. this is hotter than i've felt the last few months of the summer. >> reporter: metro says chillers usually keep the air down here about 5 degrees cooler on
5:32 pm
>> there's not many people here now. as soon as this platform gets filled up it's going to be unbarable. >> reporter: fans are out while repairs are being done to keep the mercury and anger from rising. >> it's a little warm but it doesn't seem like hot to me. >> i'm fine with it. you have to be patient. yeah. it'll come back. >> reporter: chillers also broke down at the smithsonian and federal way center. pete vondene. apparently it's just getting hot enough to start noticing the problems. metro says those air chillers at metro center started going bad back on may 29th. voters will soon decide if fairfax county will charge diners a bit more for their meals. today, the board of supervisors voted 8-2 to put that meal tax referendum on the november 2016 ballot. if approved the tax on eating out would rise to 10%.
5:33 pm
the 6% state sales tax. following, the tax would be applied to prepared foods at restaurants, grocery stores even food trucks. a meal tax already exists in parts of the county. 70% of the money raised would go to schools the other 30% would go toward capital improvements and county services and property tax relief. an 18-year-old is facing some serious charges tonight after he allegedly had sex with a young girl. police arrested jose cruz. he had sex with a 12-year-old girl at least twice. the incident was reported to school administrators. cruz is charged with abuse of a child less than 13 years old.
5:34 pm
charles brown encountered james mcbride after he left the hospital without being discharged. they struggled and mcbride later died of blunt force injuries to the neck. the trial is set to july of 2017. now to outrage of the case of a student sentenced to 10 months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. nearly 10,000 people have signed a petition calling for the judge to be recalled over what many say was a light sentence. 20-year-old brock turner's father feels other wise claiming the sentence was quote a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action. the cincinnati zoo reopened its gorilla exhibit today the move comes 10 days after its beloved ape harambe was shot and killed. workers opened fire when a 3- year-old boy slipped into the exhibit. the new exhibit opens with new
5:35 pm
new fence. >> we found a new barrier helps ensure the safety of our guests and make sure our animals are safe. the golden retriever named britney was just 2 years old when she spent 10 days in ground zero looking for human remains. she also searched for lost people after katrina. the dog was 16 years old. mixed martial artist kimbo slice is being remembered this evening. he passed away at a florida hospital last night after being
5:36 pm
reasons. slice who's birth name was kevin ferguson was a former backyard brawler and internet sensation. his 2008 fight on cbs was the first mma bout on prime time television, kimbo slice was 42 years old. the wife of a stroke victim says her husband may not be here without the quick action of first responders. this day this team was honored for their efforts. ramon jackson's symptoms immediately. the paramedics began advanced life support care and alerted the hospital. it was just 24 minutes from when that 911 call was made. and when johnson made it to the hospital. johnson's wife, says her husband could be home as soon as next week. i want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. to see how they cared for my husband and how he was blessed by god says nothing like
5:37 pm
help save a stroke victim's life if you act fast. you should call 911 if you see someone's face or arms droop or hear their speech slur. trending now, why hillary clinton is getting grief over her clothes. >> watch what happens when this 400-pound lion charges at a young zoo visitor. all right, pretty nice in northwest. it's still a pretty good storm in southern m.d. maryland. this is headed toward hollywood. we'll come back and tell you when these storms end. look a
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let's talk about what's trending. hillary clinton catching heat for making a speech about inquality while wearing a designer suit. >> one consultant tells the new york postthat clinton has spent six figures
5:41 pm
wardrobe. today show cohost savannah gunthrie says she's skipping the olympics in rio because of the zika virus. >> gunthrie is pregnant and the disease is known to cause birth defects. in november, they announced guntrie would host the games. social media feeds are all lit up with this video. watch this, this little one here in the yellow jacket. right. the lion stairs the 2-year-old boy. it happened at a zoo in tokyo japan. thankfully there's a glass and it's strong enough to hold the
5:42 pm
lion back. the zoo says that the lion is known to do that because he just wants to play. to this, some little leaguers. they may have bryce harper to thank for their incredible season. we'll explain coming up in a bit in sports. >> are schools doing a good enough job preparing students for the future. some teens that are about to
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so observers are waiting to see if high school graduation rates continue to increase. >> last year the numbers were 14% for college grads. many will struggle early on. our bruce johnson recently sat down with some soon to be graduates who are both optimistic and apprehensive. >> getting better but with a way to go. students have not been prepared
5:46 pm
for college. 25% are proficient in english, 10% are proficient in mathematic. i recently sat down with students in mckinley high school. they appear to have gotten the most. there might be lessons the rest of us can learn from what they have to say. >> it's going to be difficult to see how people react to me and how i react to them. >> i know that in college i'll be in a way different environment when i'm ready to react and learn. >> reporter: they're headed to college and for some it will be the first real stay away from families and friends. newsom is headed to temple university in philadelphia. christian brian lives in dc. >> what are you going to study? >> computer science. >> my grandmother is a biologist. me going into the same fiel
5:47 pm
have to go into that career to cure cancer. >> what are you going to major in. >> environmental science or agricultural engineering. i know that global warming is real so i am trying to make a difference. >> reporter: everybody here has been enrolled in leadership and afterschool programs at mckinley. >> who's the biggest influence on you. >> my father. he is a real estate agent. when i was young, he took many to housing. and that really sparked me to want to build houses. and now that i see people are not able to afford housing, it made me want to build affordable housing. >> i think
5:48 pm
>> two things i was asking them what would they do if they were mayor for the day. what if they would do if they were to cure cancer. they said there would be peace coalitions in every school to squash the neighborhood beefs and fighting between rival schools that we've seen in the metro schools. and students would run those meetings they say. they also talked about more support for teens and every student should have a go to teacher that she or she can talk to about any kind of problem. >> one of the other things you discovered even the top students going to top schools still need some assistance. what does that tell us about the state of dc education. >> everybody agrees dc has a long way to go. a lot of students are having to pay. that's what ky anderson is trying to change. that's why the tests they're taking is a lot more difficult. even some of the best students are needing assistance
5:49 pm
level of education. but once they get it a lot of these students tend to soar. >> putting it in good hands. still 80s, dewpoints in the 50. the cold front has moved south and east of dc and also dullus. this is where the heavy storms had been. and they're moving pretty quickly about 40 miles per hour. they're about to clear charles county. the heaviest activity is into st. mary's county and calvert county. we got a report from bob. a pea size hail went to stafford and heavy rain but this is not warnings. it's not a warning on this storm. be advi
5:50 pm
have gusty winds. again gusty winds and heavy downpours possible. early isolated thunderstorms and then just cooler and really nice tonight. bus stop temperatures check this out. 54 to 70. some 50s tomorrow morning. and then windy and cooler, a nice day tomorrow no doubt. temps in the 70s but winds are going to gust over 70-miles-per- hour. friday night okay. maybe a sprinkle on friday. but still, keep your plans. 10:00 tonight, fair to partly cloudy upper 60s to low 70s. by morning, we have some 50s. 59 in rockville. 62 downtown, 58 in manasas. some showers off to the west. we do have a couple of stray showers in tomorrow. not yellow weather alert worthy but still some showers. and most showers clear us by 9:00. 70s downtown, and 72 in
5:51 pm
by 5:00 we're still only in the low 70s and upper 50s in the suburbs. on the day planner looks like this. sun to start then a shower possible at 11:00. not really big thunderstorms just showers. beautiful on thursday. upper 70s, that's the day. near 80 with sunshine. a slight chance of a sprinkle. next seven day. saturday showers and storms the threat is growing now. especially in the afternoon 85, morning storms at least on sunday. that might be optimistic. upper 70s and then monday and tuesday are nice. nats in town friday through next wednesday. can you believe it six years ago today bryce harper became a national. he's had
5:52 pm
even when harper finds himself in a slump, you know he won't stay there very long. kristin maybe he's back. we're talking about bryce harper had three singles in the much needed win in cincinnati last sunday. it's just the second time this season harper has had three hits in one game in 54 outings. last year harper had 13 three hit games. harper's three hits on sunday was many as he had posted in his previous five games combined. this is great for harper. he's the reigning mvp. he struggled a bit as teams pitched around him. he had a knee issue that made him miss a few games. he's due to break out and he showed that against the reds. a three game set at the white house tonight. chris, back to you. all right frank, thank you
5:53 pm
so much. harper of course is an idol for many young baseball players. they emulate him they want the harper haircut. being in his presence can bring you some really good luck. harper recently starred in this commercial with the youth league that play in the nat's. >> this is bryce harper. he knows that to play good you have to look good and these are the little nats. after a three game skid, these guys are looking to turn things around. >> what's up guys. how are you doing buddy? i like that. you hit a lot of homers with this hair. that's right. uh-huh. you like it? yours looks better than mine. >> feel the power fellows, feel the power. >> reporter: okay so they apparently felt the power. this is a real youth baseball team from florida. after this commercial they're called the bandits they went
5:54 pm
they went 23-0 some say harper being there. being in the presence of them gave them that little boost they needed. >> it was the haircut. >> it was the haircut. >> lots of haircuts throughout the season but harper there undefeated season. see correlation. >> for all ages. >> thanks kristin. >> coming up at 6:00. the presidential heads are making history. also at 6:00. a full-time ruling -- a final ruling on the fiery crash in gathesburg that killed three people including a mom and her kids. and a rocontversial song
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millions of people across the country continue to remember the life of muhammad ali. that includes the family of a local musician who translated one of ali's victories into a song. >> reporter: one year after his death, tony colve remains in awe of all that his father established, washington dc musician don colve. >> he played with arethra and charles. this week one tu
5:58 pm
particular stands outs. colve's song rumble the jungle. >> ♪ >> the song dropped on the album hot blood. colve says that his father was inspired by a man who fought for what he believed in. >> my father had a stroke. after he had a stroke he kept talking over and over about ali. >> colve thought muhammad ali was very important to his father, mother and i. and ali had a special place in his life. >> reporter: it helped to further strengthen the bond between father and son. after all, russell helped his father with the final cut of the album. this is what ali
5:59 pm
to tell colve personally. >> they were hanging out in new york. that's when my father was writing the song and he let him hear it and he liked it. >> don henry, wusa9. if you would like to hear the full song. all you have to do is download our wusa app. the $15 minimum wage at the capital now just a major signature away from becoming law. first, hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee facing off with donald trump for the presidency this fall. thanks for joining us and good evening. >> hillary clinton claimed the number of delegates to become the first female ever presumptive nominee. and she
6:00 pm
supporters. this after a few previously undecided delegates. analysis by cbs and the associated press shows that barring a mass defection by super delegates promising to support her. >> they're in the brink of a historic, unprecedented moment. but we still have work to do don't


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