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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  June 7, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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so we begin tonight with breaking news. it was report earlier there was a sighting of a gunman on the campus near charlottesville. you can see there is an all clear, that the area needs to still be avoided near gordon avenue and it's still under investigation but they have given the all clear as far as when it comes to the gunman sighting. >> this is where -- there was a warning posted on the school's website, it said the gunman had been reported on gordon avenue in that area, that's just northeast of the campus. the school was asking everybody to avoid that area as we just said, we just learned seconds ago it's over, they deescalated the situation. the threat apparently has ended. >> give you any more developments as soon as we get them, of course. right now at 70,
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school. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce johnson. she wasn't hurt after a man grabbed her from behind. it happened near south county high school in fairfax county. police are still trying to track down the suspect. >> reporter: that 16-year-old was on her way to south county high school when this happened on a -- happened on a wooded path down the street from the school. it's an area that plenty of students and neighbors use all the time. the path is located near monican and silver brook road. a man grabbed the teen from behind in the waist area but she did the right thing, she fought to get away and screamed. police tell us she was able to take off towards the school where she found a resource officer for help. there was a search for the suspect in the area but he fled. >> i thought this neighbor who was a very trusting neighborhood. >> i don't understand it because all men -- or all of us have a woman as
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this violence against women is unbelievable. >> reporter: the school sent out an e-mail to parents and staff earlier today warning them about the incident, although i still talked to a few students who hadn't learned of it yet. school staff are encouraging everyone to be vigilant and to try not to walk alone if possible. outside of south county high school, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. right now on the wusa9 app you can read the full letter of the school sent to -- that the school sent to parents plus see or interactive map showing crime in fairfax county. fairfax county school student is accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. 18-year-old juan cruz had at least two sexual encounters with the victim. officers arrested him at the high school last friday. the virginia lawyer accused of a brutal attack on a mcclain couple is now blaming his medicine. he said he could not remember anything from the night of the attack. schmuhl is accused of shooting and stabbing his wife's former boss and his
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wife. the schmuhls lead police on this high-speed chase and ended with police putting andrew in handcuffs while he was only wearing a diaper. schmuhl said he was taking more than a dozen medications for back pain which put him in a mental fog. a simple flip of a switch might have saved six lives including a gaithersburg mom and her two young children who died in their home in a fiery plane crash. the ntsb today concluded the pilot's failure to engage the de-icing gear on his small jet caused the crash a year and a half ago. the safety board is urging the faa to develop a new automatic alert system for small jet pilots and it is pushing for more training for people who fly single pilot aircraft. ken gibel who lost his wife, and two of his children were at today's hearings. >> good to know this accident was preventable and hopefully down the road this will never happen again with their work today. >> the pilot approached gaithersburg air park slower than he should have for conditions 20 seconds before impact a warning
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stall, stall, stall, 13 times. >> wow. a fairfax city man is being remembered tonight as a proud marine corps veteran. 74-year-old bill patton died earlier this morning in a fire inside his apartment on mosby woods drive. patton was a heavy smoker and investigators believe that a cigarette inside his apartment actually ignited the blaze. friends say he was a family man who loved motorcycles and the american legion post. >> he was a commander, very good commander, actually. he took a lot of pride in this place. he really did. >> and while this was a sad situation, it could have actually been much worse. fire investigators credit a neighbor who heard patton's beeping smoke detector and knocked on doors. he alerted some 19 adults and two children to get out. it's day two for commuters navigating metro's safetrack plan and for many it is not
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ileana diaz reports from falls church where it took many people an extra hour to get to work. >> reporter: well, many commuters tell us it's been a long day because they had to get up an hour earlier to anticipate all of the mess with this metro project and many say to avoid taking these trains, they took the roads and taunt much better. workers are out replacing the tides in the old metro truck in an effort to make metro safer in the long run. most agree it's not needed but the transition not so easy. many turning to driving to avoid metro delays while others are waiting at metro stations hoping to get onto the trains but they are now coming every 18 minutes. >> when we got on there was standing room only and it just got worse and worse and worse as you went and as you know, the air is not really good in trains so it gets hot. >> reporter: commuters tell us for now they are going to try to wait it out and hopefully have more patience. i'm ileana diaz, wusa9. >> you can check out metro's full safetrack plan on
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wusa9 app plus get live traffic updates for any issues on the roads. a new problem at one of metro's busiest stations. metro center will not have any air-conditioning for another week. metro says the air chiller unit broke down may 29th. those usually keep the station about 5 degrees cooler on a summer day. >> pretty uncomfortable, try to get some comfortable shoes so i'm not sweating to death. look professional at work. colin no longer a tropical storm, is moving out to sea after dropping heavy rain on parts of florida, georgia and the carolinas. this is the scene along the carolina coast of kitty hawk. forecasters say that region could see another 2 inches of rain as colin pushes further east over the atlantic. around here the rain is mostly out of the area. chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking the latest on first alert le
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these are really kind of diminishing. one, just north of frederick and one has pulled across i-81 just south of winchester. they are moving off to the south and east but really it's quite spectacular. winds are picking up but this is a little area that was a little heavier as it was on the west side of i-81 now moved over 340, headed toward aldi as we get into the 7:36 hour. winds have picked up, though, and notice the direction, notice the arrows. winds are gusting to 25 in leesburg, 23 in manassas and 29 in hagerstown. we will come back and talk about how strong the winds will be tomorrow and how big of a temperature drop we are looking at. >> thanks, topper. emergency responders tried to save a purcellville virginia woman who was swept away by the rapids at harpers ferry, the family of six was tubing near where the shenandoah and patomic rivers meet when 40- year-old katrina meeks' tube caught onto something in the water. she flipped off her tube and drowned. the park service warns water levels
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normal at harbors ferry making the rivers more dangerous. >> it's high, swift and dangerous right now. >> just yesterday two boaters disappeared on the patomic a few hours after a rapid rise in river levels. the national park service says it hasn't made any restrictions for who can be on the water but cautioned those only with experience should go out by themselves. voters in six states at the polls today but no matter what happens, hillary clinton locked up the nomination. president obama called bernie sanders to say he will make an endorsement soon. nancy pelosi announced her for support clinton -- announced her support for clinton today. bernie sanders says he feels good about tonight's results. people wanting to pay their final respects to boxing great muhammad ali are arriving in louisville as we speak. today some 14,000 free tickets were made available to those who plan to attend thursday's mi
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made available for friday's memorial service at the city's downtown arena. i'm going to be heading to louisville to bring you live reports on thursday and friday right here on wusa9. spending more, earning more, two money issues are in the future for millions of d.c. area residents. he helped look for survivors in the rubble of 9/11 but now
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the last surviving search dog from 9/11 has died. britney the golden retriever served at ground zero and went on to search for survivors after hurricanes katrina and rita. >> first responders saluted britney as she walked into a houston area animal hospital to be euthanized. her handler thought it was the humane thing to do considering the dog suffered from kidney failure and she
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years old. >> i have known her her entire life so -- and she has always been there. >> and she is one of you? >> and she is, she is one of us. it's hard. >> been there, know what it's like. she has been studying her entire life for the impact 9/11. an autopsy, one last medical screening will be her last selfless gift. >> wow. a stream of visitors flocked to the cincinnati zoo's gorilla exhibit for first time since a little go got in -- little boy got in and dragged by a gorilla. a new fence with higher wood beams and rope netting. >> we found a bigger barrier helps reassure our visitors and guests and redoubles our efforts to make sure our animals are safe and our visitors are as well. >> you've heard the story a million times probably, over the weekend a 3-year-old boy got into the exhibit, into the grips of a00
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zoo officials shot and killed it to protect the boy and yesterday prosecutors decided no charges against the child's mother. a japanese boy who was left in the woods as punishment back home with his parents tonight. the 7-year-old told reporters outside of a hospital he is doing fine and just wants to play baseball. his parents abandoned him in a forest for throwing rocks at people in cars. rescuers found him six days later in an old shelter. he had water but no food and only some minor bruises. one of the most talked about topics on twitter, the premature demise of nfl commissioner roger goodell. somebody hacked the nfl's twitter account with a post reporting that goodell had died. the tweet was eventually deleted. the nfl is working to find out who hacked the account and posted the fake tweet. just ahead, we are going to check out a new prison mugshot of o.j. simpson. not this one. he's definitely aged since that -- these pictures were taken. stay with us for that.
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the front to our south and east already. check out the pollen reading once again high for grasses and high for mold spores, you can find it on our website and also with our app. if you open up the app scroll down to weather maps and you will see the pollen reading. we will come back and talk about how strong the winds are going to be tomorrow and how long we can keep the a.c. off. as we head into break, a little something to make you smile. toughy the bear is loving his new home after being rescued. his joyful flashing -- splashing has made this video one of the most popular on our wusa9 facebook page today. looks like me when i'm about to
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of course we are all getting older and o.j. simpson is no exception. state of nevada posted a new prison mugshot. the first in three years. simpson's hair has turned all agree. someone said he weighs 300 pounds. still flashing the hollywood smile. he turns 61 next month. back in 2008 he was sentenced to 33 years for kidnapping, assault and robbery but he could be paroled as early as next year. the d.c. council unanimously approved a bill to raise the minimum raise in the nation's capitol to $15 an hour. it won't take effect until the year 2020. under the proposal d.c. would join new yo and california. both raised
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to $15 an hour. mayor mary bowzer promises to sign the legislation when it reaches her desk. fairfax county voters will decide whether they pay more for food. that's right. today the board of supervisor voted to put the so-called meals acts on the november ballot. if approved, a 4% tax would be added to the 6% state sales tax on prepared foods whether from grocery stores, restaurants or food carts making the total tax 10%. the county estimates that would bring in some $99 million, the majority would go towards schools, the rest would help county services and capital improvement. lifeguards have reopened a 2-mile stretch of shoreline in huntington beach, california, despite a new record of shark sightings. the lifeguards say the sharks they spotted today were the smaller, younger ones if that's any consolation to you. not the typical 12-foot sharks that prompted a beach closing yesterday. experts say a warm el niño weather pattern has been bringing the sharks closer
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shore. to getting warmer weather there and here as well, huh? >> the warmer current will do that but i don't care if there's baby sharks -- >> then they are like sand sharks like this, with their teeth. >> you see them and get the heck out of the water. >> pacific ocean is so cold anyway, it's not really my thing. disappointing we drove across the country and i was young and got in the pacific ocean and said this is cold. talk about the 3-degree guarantee. i think we are ayok although temps are falling quickly now. we went for a high today of 85, our average high is about 83 so we are running a little bit above average. we will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. you can also download our app for free and check us out that way. you also check us out on air, any broadcast is available on your phone with the app. live look outside, live michael & son weather cam it's nice, still 80, relative humidity 39%, winds out of the
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northwest at 15. that's a refreshing wind, a dry wind and really a signal of a pretty good day to come tomorrow with low humidity. slight chance of a sprinkle. so our early showers are pretty much over and then we are looking at cooler air tonight, bus stop temps 54 to 70. i mean, pretty cool tomorrow morning. and then windy and cooler on wednesday, highs in the 70s, a stray sprinkle but keep your outdoor plans. thursday is beautiful, best in show. and then friday is going to be nice, although we have a stray shower on that day as well. 10:00 at night, northwest nds, a good thing, a dry wind. 71 still downtown but in the 60s in the burbs by 10:00. and then by morning we have 50s, 57 albany, 59 in fairfax, and we also see showers beginning to roll into cumberland and rawling into the 50s. all light, shades of green which is light activity on the legend so it's not worthy of a yellow weather alert. and then by 1:00 it's only 70 downtown, most of the showers
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delmarva and then get into the 6:00 hour, about 24 hours from now, 71 downtown, 72 manassas, 70 in andrews, really a refreshing day with that northwest wind. and then tomorrow night by 8:00 we are already in the 60s, and we are headed for the 50s tomorrow night with even some 40s. 60s to start downtown tomorrow with sunshine, maybe a sprinkle at 11:00, sprinkle is pretty much gone by 1:00, temperature around 70 degrees or so. so thursday beautiful, best in show. sunshine, 78. 79 on friday, maybe a shower, but, again, keep your tee times. next seven days, saturday afternoon storms, weekend is looking more and more unsettled. the nats on 9 friday and saturday. storms could linger into sunday, 77, nice monday and tuesday with temps jumping back into the mid-80s by next tuesday. >> got a baseball drive coming up, huh? >> yeah, baseball draft, a local high schooler expected to go high, in the top 30s. and a college player to keep our area out. this thursday is the draft o
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coming up we will profile the local college athlete who has been a winner on the
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset, brought to you by xfinity. university of maryland pitcher mike swashen was first drafted in 2014 with the first round of the mlb draft but decided to end his career in college in hopes of skyrocketing up the draft board and that's what he did. the guy who was hard to snag could end up part of a major league staple very soon. >> reporter: his name isn't easy to say but it's easy to see mike swashen knows how to pitch. >> every time we go out and pitch my goal is to put the team in a position to, you know, hopefully get the win. >> reporter: the maryland terrapin helped lead the team to back-to-back superregionals his freshman and sophomore years. they missed out this year. everybody was recruiting the new jersey boy, including terps pitching coach
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who nicknamed him the unicorn for how difficult he was to capture. >> he's not ready to make a decision. never was going to happen, you know, like a unicorn, like a mystical thing. >> reporter: maryland waited months to hear the word but he finally committed to college park. the junior statistically is the best pitcher in terps history and solds several records including single season and career strike-outs. 16 of those came in a final start in the terps uniform. he says his strong point is command of his pitches and he doesn't pattern himself after anyone else. >> i have to be the best i can be. i can't throw 106. i don't know if i ever will be. >> reporter: the wait will not be nearly as long for the illusive unicorn. to find out where he ends up in the big major league
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draft is thursday where a team will pick him instead of the other way around. in college park, diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> and last year there were eight terps in the draft. this year there is only one in the top 500 so good luck to him
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>> beyonce dropped the mic. >> i had an extra suit of arm >> blue ivy steals the show. how she surprised fans against. >> most of you guys don't know this. >> while jay-z's ex-mistress was a few feet away. >> plus whitney's wedding day cocaine abuse. >> an exclusive look at finding dory. why ellen had concerns about the sequel. >> and a bachelorette contestant's road age. >> i will have to hurt you. >> punching, screaming, completely freaking out. why producers ramped up security instead of kicking him off. >> i don't like this side of you. >> now for june 7th, 2016 this is entertainment tonight. beyonce showed up hast night at as a surprise guest at the biggest fashion award show. >> do you know who is really surpris the designer that is there. she was the one rumored to put wa


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