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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news now. the search for a suspect in a sexual assault. this is the man police are tracking in prince georges county. that man attacked a woman after following her from the new carrollton metro station. and we have the latest on the search for the that attacker. police say they don't believe this man actually knew his vict
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for the first time inside the metro. at 6:45 a.m, police say this man left the new carrollton metro station and followed a woman across the street. detectives say the woman went into a business somewhere on this block of garden city drive. the man in the red jacket was not far behind. once she was inside the building police say the man attacked and sexually assaulted her. his jacket is distinct. bright red with a cross on the back and on the sleeve. police hope someone recognizes it. police say this guy is about 5'11" with a slender build. this alleged sexual assault happened off metro property but police in prince georges county say metro transit police are helping with the investigation. reporting live at the new
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carrollton metro station. i'm elson barber. the arrest of two brothers in upper marlboro. decar low dickerson and sean dickerson face several charges. police say they're responsible for the death of jabari jones. he was found beaten to death this morning. in montgomery county, a young man, once a star quarterback of his football team finds out how long he'll go to jail for killing his two friends. he was at the wheel when he crashed his car. his friends died and it was an intense emotional scene as hundreds turned out to support the families of the young men who died and the man responsible for killing them. >> not everyone thinks the sentence is enough. >> reporter: there were a lo
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of people and a lot of tears today as the courtroom was filled with everyone from friends to family members. and the community has been very emotional about this entire case and today was no different. >> reporter: crowds came out of the courthouse. >> i don't know how to feel about it. it's hard. it sucks all the way around. >> reporter: they heard testimony from the victims' families. they were the teenagers killed after their friend got behind the wheel drunk and crashed his car. in between tears, they said you have taken my worth, my energy, my pride, and my confidence. >> reporter: today the prosecutors shared details for more than 30 hours of recorded jailhouse calls between ellis and his family. he said
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b.s, i'd be having a -- time at the beach. >> he apologized and he later said in court that those words were being misconstrued. >> reporter: he said i was trying to be positive. i was trying to make it easier on my family. he also apologized for driving drunk and said it was his fault. >> i don't think that brings anything back. it's just as bad either way. >> he'll serve four years in prison and is eligible for parole after two years. >> reporter: they are stunned and disappointed by a light sentence. >> difficult situation for all of the families. there's no winners in a case like this. >> reporter: obviously, a tough time for everyone involved. we're told ellis will be on a five-year probation period and during that time he wi
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allowed to drink. tonight bernie sanders held what could be his final campaign rally as president obama officially backed hillary clinton. >> today was a fast moving day in the presidential race as the democrats look to rally they party to face down donald trump. >> reporter: president obama took his most direct action yet in the race to replace him hosting bernie sanders and throwing the full weight of his office behind the presumptive nominee, hillary clinton. [ cheering ] >> if tonight's rally in the shadow of rfk stadium is truly bernie sanders' last, the only clue would have come from how his supporters greeted him. >> he spoke for an hour without mentioning hillary clinton or the delegate math, touching
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>> this campaign is based on a vision that our country must focus on social justice, on economic justice, on racial justice, on environmental justice. [ cheering ] >> reporter: the rally capped off a day in which sanders toured official washington like a head of state. in remarks to reporters, sanders vowed to do what he could to help defeat donald trump but not by immediately endorsing clinton. >> the d.c. primary will be held next tuesday, this is last primary of the democratic nominating process. >> reporter: the general election quickly moved on without him. >> i want to congratulate hillary clinton. and i don't think there's ever been so if
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office. >> reporter: the video touched off the first twitter duel. her response -- a sign of the polarizing battles to come. >> reporter: outside sanders' rally, dedicated supporters now coveted by both campaigns. >> i tell him to take it to the convention. >> reporter: in a sign of the party rallying around clinton. elizabeth warren called her a fighter with guts and refusing to speculate whether she herself might be added to the ticket. tomorrow the city of louisville will honor muhammad ali with a 19-mile funeral procession and a public memorial. thousands turned out for a muslim prayer service. though
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faiths, it gave muslims a chance to say goodbye. >> i really wanted to see him when i was alive. i couldn't do that so i wanted to come here and pay my respects. >> reporter: bruce johnson is in louisville, also his hometown. and he got a special look at the birthplace of muhammad ali from someone who knows it best. good evening. >> reporter: downtown louisville, you can see the image of the champ that's spread throughout the city. he planned his final homecoming. and ironically, he's one of the thousands of young african- americans who actually left this city in the '70s, '80s, and '90s. >> just every other one
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and didn't come back. >> she got involved with improving the lives of african- americans. >> dr. king would come in a lot of times and one of those nights as we're going out, muhammad ali came. this is back in 1967. and really encouraged us as young people. >> reporter: activism led to politics. she sits on the board of aldermen. she points to ali's learning to box after his bike was stolen. >> kids today are picking up a gun. if ali had picked up a gun, where would the world be now? >> we've got to talk about confidence and dedication and giving. spirituality and respect. >> i had to ask about the gold medal that he
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into the ohio river. >> if he said he did it, he did it. >> reporter: and the reason? >> louisville was still segregated. and you know -- >> he didn't like the conditions here. >> he loved the city and the people. but you can only take so much. >> reporter: behind me is muhammad ali boulevard, the street that runs from downtown louisville all the way to the west end where ali was born and lived. behind me is the famed forest street area, party central. tomorrow all of this becomes secondary. this city pays a final farewell. of course we'll see you back there for the interfaith service that will be loaded with celebrities and political ad
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all day, folks have shared what impact ali had on their lives. let's see what folks tweeted out tonight. this is from -- the champ you got to me that compassion knows no color. first you're teaching -- if >> i met him once. i was in awe. he kissed me on the cheek. his confidence was admirable and contagious. and dave writes, the greatest, sitting on a bench at the mall. and if you want to chime in you can using the hash tag inspired by ali. you can watch the entire memorial service on wusa 9 tomorrow at 2 p.m. we have complete live coverage from louisville and mike and i will both be
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>> i often say challenge is ubiquitous and opportunity is not. >> sitting down with president obama's senior adviser. coming up next as women from all over the world come to d.c. and chipotle -- see who knocked the mexican hot spot off the top of the list. a beautiful start on your friday. not as chilly as thursday morning but comfortable. low 50s and 60s. and 62 to 72 by 9:00 and then back in the 70s at noon. we'll come back and talk about summer
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5000 women strong at d.c.'s convention center. >> powerful minds to help women and girls reach greater heights. we sat down with the senior advisers to president obama. >> we are united states
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women. >> a first ever united state of women summit to tackle issues like economic empowerment, health, and education. a candid look at where women and girls stand in this country and beyond. >> better than it's been and we have a lot of hard work ahead. >> part of her charge is to move the country forward on issues that touch mothers, daughters, and families across the nation. >> talent is ubiquitous. opportunity is not. and i want every young girl to have the same opportunity i had. >> we get paid the same as everyone else doing the same job. >> reporter: women of color make less. and paid leave, affordable child care, and workplace flexibility are not just pocketbook issues for women. >> these are the issues important to working families. >> this is about changing our
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culture. >> the summit is a push to continue the change that started seven years ago. >> this was taken on the day that the president signed the executive order that created the white house council on women and girls. >> back then just two women captured, her mother and michelle obama. >> we stand stronger when we stand together. >> next week, thousands will pledge to change the state of women everywhere. >> there's no better time to be a woman in america than right now. >> lesli foster, wusa 9. >> registration is closed by parts of the summit will be live streamed. getting the word out about the next phase of the maintenance surge. there'll be no metro rail service on the blue and silver lines and between minnesota avenue and
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the orange lines. >> i believe as we get closer to the time that they will have more advertisements and things will be out there. >> you hope so at least. >> i hope so, yes. >> reporter: we have all you need to know about metro's maintenance plan so get ready, folks. >> the stuffing has been knocked out of chipotle. >> it dropped to 5th place on the list of casual mexican restaurants. sales tanked last year when several restaurants got hit with cases of e. coli and norovirus. >> there's a list for everything, isn't there? >> that's crazy though. >> fast casual mexican restaurants. >> let's get that straight. >> it was comfortable
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and i was pre-spiring. it was 53 this morning. we got up to 82. i barely made it. i don't see much difference in tomorrow's atmosphere compared to today's. i'm going 82 tomorrow as well. it's still 74. we're looking at really dry, dry air mass. 28% humidity is almost unheard of this time of night. a cool start to tomorrow with a warm finish. still comfortable. bus stop temperatures, low 50s to about 70. that's pretty nice. and we're looking at 90s over the weekend with thunderstorms. and it's not going to be a washout. and saturday morning plans look absolutely safe. and not everyone is going to see a thunderstorm on saturday. so even some of your afternoon plans are okay. let's talk about the beaches. fantastic tomorrow. afternoon and evening thunderstorms on sunday and 87 on
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and this is -- water temperature, 64. rehoboth, gorgeous tomorrow. and most of the showers and storms will be after the beach time on saturday. so in the afternoon, late afternoon, evening, and really overnight on saturday. 86 on sunday and maybe a leftover shower. we're in the 50s, no 40s this time. and a 60 at 6:00 downtown. by 9:00, 65 in silver springs. 65 in fairfax. and then we get to the afternoon, 1:00, how nice is this. mid-to upper 70s. and i would say these numbers are a little low. 79 at 6:00. and 80 in manassas. and 80 in leesburg. and we're looking more like 82, 83 in fredericksburg. the warm front is going to work through, generally dry. and we have a sprinkle west of game. the nats game,
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the 70s. watch here if you can't go to the park. once that warm front goes through, we are looking at the 90s just rolling in in a hurry. we'll go from comfortable to not so comfortable in about 24 hours. 66 by 9:00. and 72 by 11:00, full sun and 76 by 1:00. next seven days, nats in town through wednesday, and saturday is a noon game which is good. may beat the thunderstorms actually. still 90 on sunday and maybe a storm. nice on monday and tuesday and back to 90 on wednesday and more storms on thursday. after may i like the 70. >> what i really like is that we have a repeat tomorrow from today. >> pretty sweet. sports is coming up next. >> they left him in for most of the game. the nats have been
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powerful the last few days. they had a busy night in the windy city and the brass is busy with the draft. and a local product gets
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we are enjoying great r. eat but before you make the weekend plans, i'll let you know when it could rain. >> get ready for the day ahead. the most accurate forecast guaranteed. wake up washington tomorrow morning. now wusa 9 game on sports with kristen berset. the major league draft began tonight. for the first time since 2014, the nationals had a pick in the first round. carter keiboom, and dane dunning, the first two choices. rizzo was an infielder, fairfax county and he was selected 50th overall
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mariners. >> washington nationals scored 30 runs in the last three games. they brought out the brooms and they were looking for a sweep in the windy city. lots of nats fans on the south side of chicago. happy smiles there. cabrera-- and two runs score. part of a three run first which is all the sox scored qztonight bottom 7th. great play by espinosa. he thought he got a base -- come on, man. top of the 8th. the dish, and well, i think you know where this one is going. he returns the favor with the leaping grab. the offense got shut down in a 3-1 loss. the nats return home tomorrow for a weekend series against philadelphia. watch friday
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news. adam jones agreed to pay the fine. it's00 $25at, th's pretty much chump change. both guys are appealing. stanley cup finals. all the fans in pittsburgh ready to celebrate a championship. they didn't get the memo. tied at two in the first. the sharks stave off elimination and force a game six sunday in san jose. the turtles took over the zoo today. over 300 people showed up to hear this guy speak. he says the support of the maryland community has been outstanding. there's a renewe
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excitement and we learned something about him. he's a big fan of giraffes. so there you go. >> they have to have taken a picture with a giant tortoise at the zoo. we're seeing it with the elephants. >> you know they had
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we'll leave you with something to smile about. >> the airport k-9 has become a social media sensation. >> he works at the airport and chases away birds that could get sucked up in the jet engines and cause a crash. he's been on the patrol for two years now. look at him move. the coast guard says he makes the airport safer and he looks cool in the goggles. almost looks like a cartoon
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>> and he's not trying to get the goggles off. >> what about ear plugs. >> is that a australian sheep dog? >> maybe -- we're looking at a nice finish to the week. maybe not as spectacular as today but very, very nice. 82. and we slip the switch and 90s with a few storms and not a washout. >> so glad you joined us, that's it for the news tonight. >> have a great one everybody.
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>> stephen: hey, paul. did you hear elon musk says our entire universe might just be a simulation inside some alien civilization's video game? >> think that's possible? i don't know. what do you think? (all yen music) >> announcer: tonight, stephen welcomes patrick wilson! gayle king! governor gary johnson and governor william weld. featuring jon batiste and "stay human"! and now it's time for "the late show" with stephen colbert! (cheers and applause)


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