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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. we begin with chaos on the george washington memorial park way as a tour bus from china collides with a car one person is dead, 15 others are injured thank you for joining us tonight. >> i'm bruce johnson the park way still closed nearly 6 hours later this all happened on even two miles away from george washington's mount vernan home in virginia, wusa9 was there. three people
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critical condition, detectives are on scene to piece together how this happened. >> both vehicles were driven off the roadway the tour bus landed on its side and slid. >> it appears there were people pinned underneath the bus. >> i'll be approaching mount vernon circle. shortly before 5:00 a car and bus traveling on opposite sides of the road collided on george washington park way near stratford lane. the midsize bus carried 18 passengers and one driver. police say all of them are chinese citizens. at this stage of the investigation we're getting conflicting reports of what happened. paramedics rushed 15 people to the hospital one person a passenger on the bus died. >> there was a lot of debris on the ground pieces of the vehicle personal belongings. >> in the middle
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police say witnesses became hero. >> 15 or 20, unknown amount of people stopped and helped get the attention they needed. if you were one that left the scene they'd like to give you a call, they still need to speak for witnesses as for this road it is expected to be closed passed midnight, they aren't sure if that bus had any seat belts. wusa9. the bus driver is cooperating with detectives we'll post developments and when that road will eare open with our live traffic maps. vice president joe biden says the investigation into the orlando nightclub shooting is becoming more straightforward, president barack obama will elaborate in the days to come. >> for now the fbi is
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source says his wife is telling the fbi she tried to stop him from going through with the attack which left 49 people dead. so far there is no evidence they called police if that is the case she could face criminal charges. wusa9 still in orlando tonight, got new information about how this tragedy unfolded and the status of those hurt. good evening, adam. >> bruce, leslee, we've been learn more about the tragic and frightening circumstances from a first person per spective what played out about the pulse nightclub, a young man was shot three times and the gunman stood over him and stood over all of the other people who were on the floor firing into their bodies to make sure they were dead. 22 remain hospitalin orlando 6 of whom are in critical condition, two are touch and go, but expect to
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despite the fact that they believe they may move forward and have life threatening disabilities, life threatening disabilities as they move forward. now there are vigils living vigils playing out across town people leaving flowers, candles saying prayers as well orlando is definitely a changed city, how exactly are residents here coping with the aftermath and what are they saying moving forward? my colleague has been with us for the team coverage, she joins us from the scene. good evening, adam. tonight we speak with people about how this unimaginable tragedy has changed them. their answers, responses were powerful. >> still very choked up over everything. >> long after the candles melted in a pool of wax the flowers have wilted and the colorful messages of love have faded.
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legacy resilience. >> brings me to tears thinking about it i'm so proud of orlando and our community togetherring together as they have. >> tragedies elicit change that a community needs, you know, i hope that this finally makes a difference. that difference may involve jumping into the gun debate opening arms to loved ones and strangers. >> i am looking at people with love. >> i feel like right now more apart of this city than i ever have, the feeling of unity that has come out of this is just unbelievably like strong. >> now the days ahead will be difficult 49 funerals and even more shattered families. adam? >> andrea, et will be a long time before the community can heal for sure, take a look at
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reports at 6:00 tonight as one of those passing central florida thunderstorms moves through, a rainbow appearing in the background with the american flag flying at half staff and a florida state highway patrol troop they are images being around twitter and social media people remembering the victims holding onto their pride after this tragic incident. i had a chance to go down to a local restaurant called hamburger maries for open minded people, they do things like put on drag shows on sunday they had something called broadway brunch. i talked how they are coping they have a very large lgbt staff we have a very interesting perspective which is drag queen bingo. >> thanks for coming out to support, we are so glad to have you. >> john is co-
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hamburger maries orlando an iconic restaurant known for lively shows. >> like tonight's event drag queen bingo. >> a proud business with a large lgbt staff, sadly these days a target, a threat called in just last night. >> could have been a hoax saying they were coming and getting us they were coming to get us. with employees on edge that made a tense situation only worse. >> that rattled my manager who received the call and some of my staff. >> the restaurant does have security and john will be meeting with orlando police this week about a more visible presence here taking precautions but standing strong. because the show must go on. >> i'm not going to let this affect my life and i'm not going to let them change me. >> now wile there has
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tremendous outpouring of support here in orlando and across the world in person at events and on social media there has also been an incredible financial outpouring of support, go fund me page dedicated to the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting has raised at this point more than $4 million that includes a $1,000 donation from go fund me itself, the orlando mayor #1orlando, to get donations to raise money for the victims we'll bring it back to you and be with you here in 10 or 15 minutes to talk about the other show of solidarity, we'll see you in a few. as you just mentioned people move both in orlando and around the world to do something to help orlando thanks so much we'll see you in just a little
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protesters to waive signs outside the national headquarters of the nra in fairfax they are pushing for a ban on assault style weapons and universal background checks. an nra official responded to the cries with an opinion piece, saying gun control laws won't stop criminals and terrorists. we asked why you think gun violence is so much more prevalent in the united states compared to other countries? a majority said it is easier to get a gun, our health system cannot treat all the mentally ill people, and police can't identify all possible threats. donna disagrees she believes our value system has gotten worse we have become a society that no longer teaches responsibility for our actions and instead we place blame. easy gun
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america different, the rate of mental illness is the same. we welcome your thoughts on our wusa9 facebook page. >> we do have one, former mayor claimed victory in the democrat primary, sharing his return to the d.c. council, won 60% of the vote. caps off a return from defeat in a scandal that consumed his turn as mayor. and we have a leave report, garrot what are they saying there. >> well, i can tell you the former mayor's team emotional and excited about his win and his staff told me tonight his campaign said they were always bullish that he would win this race but they were surprised by the size of the waive sweeping the former mayor back into office. voters welcome the former mayor vince gray ba
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arms his margin of victory nearly 30 points where he first launched his political career. >> i feel wonderful and excited that the people have given me the opportunity to once again represent them. >> obviously emotional gray said voters sent the government a signal by removing several incumbents tonight. people are not satisfied with the status quo, they want change you know, when i was mayor we had a lot of change and i think people are looking for us to continue the kind of momentum. clearing his path to return to d.c. government for the first time since losing the mayoral primary in 2014 to then council woman. >> let me congratulate. gray watched his support crumble amid a scandal, raising and spending money on his
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asked if he could tell d.c. voters with certainty the scandal was behind. >> as far as i'm concerned we did have a scandal i said it repeatedly i can't count the number of times i said i didn't do anything there was never anything that was brought against me. you look at the work of our administration when i was mayor we accomplished a great deal. you heard gray say that people want change tonight the vote appears to bare that out three incumbent council members lost their seat, it will be a very new looking council next year, we'll see how this develops, it is going to be interesting. >> reporting live, wusa
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out running for mayor or running for the chair of the d.c. council. to be continued. thanks a lot for that another council member as garrot was saying was out robert white for the at large seat in the democrat primary. and in ward 8 another hotly contested race, white came in the winner over may, supported heavily over by bowser, trayon wheat will. and the winner is hillary clinton, bernie sanders came in with 21% both candidates met for 90 minutes in the hilton in d.c. they left the meeting without speaking to reporters. we have results from all thce
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screen and you can get live updates all night on the free wusa 9 app. there is no exaggerating a fishing story ending with a rescue. just ahead, a special night, summed up in three words, love, not ha
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. we have been ebb joying great weather . back here in orlando, another day has passed with the families and friends of 49 people that won't be seeing them anymore who will be
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turning their attention to funeral services. >> expected to reopen partially over night, here we are in the orlando regional medical center, this is a growing memorial and tribute to all the victims and family members a gentleman playing music, he shows solidarity we're seeing them not only across orlando, across the country and across the world, we are at the park for a show of solidarity in southeast washington in nats night out. >> tonight's memorial in d.c. came in the form of a annual night out celebration, this year's event had a very different tone. >> the ballpark was a place of pride tonight the washington nationals joined team d.c. in hosting the 12th annual night out in professional sports but this year was a bit difft
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gunned down in ar orlando nightclub they filled the seats hear at the ballpark with the pride flag flying at half mass in the outfield and another in the infield why the chorus of washington d.c. singing truecolors. >> i think for the first time a message of inclusion that's big part of baseball's history is inclusive of the lgbt community. >> it is personal after publicly coming out after his 6 year long playing career this former major league outfielder was the ambassador for inclusion in 2014, admits it is hard to come out while playing. >> never happened before, i guess it is very hard, i played and i didn't make that decision, i was not comfortable with myself at the time when i was playing it was 20 years ago. saying major league baseball isn't how many
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coming out instead a nondiscriminatory workplace. >> we've come a long way and baseball is for me leading the way in that dialogue. >> extending from the field to the stand where fans appreciate to love on twitter, chelsea wrote thank you nationals for the beautiful tribute to the victims and pride 2016 in the park, and a selfie. stay classy nationals, and simply love, not hate. team d.c. who put the event on with the nats is a nonprofit in the lgbt community a portion of the proceeds from tonight's nats game tect sales will benefit team d.c.'s scholarship fund. thank you, we'll continue to post breaking news alerts about orlando on our wusa 9 app and let you know when we are getting live updates. you can
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a three generation rescue a grandfather, father and son rescued a navy airman after a helicopter crash into the james river during a training mission, out fishing with his father, saw the chopper hit the water 500 feet from their boat. >> what were you thinking in your mind? we were going to have to pull up three dead bodies because they didn't come up immediately, oh my god. >> wow. but the crew man did survive and the fishing family pulled them into their boat one pilot pulled off a hatch and gave it to the rescuers as a thank you. >> didn't come up right away. okay. we're going to pivot a little bit talk about a 3 degree guarantee, we can always read your body language. >> here is the thing, i was alittle worried, we're not going to get high enough
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only went 82 for a high, sitting at 78 for awhile made it 81 thank goodness, 26 and 27 pressure continues to mount, 81 tomorrow. oddly enough, 81, and it will be a degree warmer, it was not national. live look outside, very comfortable 69 right now dew points in the 50s, pretty nice even with the south wind it is pretty comfortable. a lot of cloud tomorrow morning but dry we've not issued a yellow weather alert, 60 to 74, now in the afternoon thunderstorms are going to develop west of town along west of i-81 a better chance in town wednesday night showers and storms will get in here by 8:00 tomorrow, it was 4:05 tomorrow. 6 a.m., no shortage of clouds, there is nothing falling from the sky in the metro
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65 in buoy, 66 in fairfax by mid-morning this is brand new i don't necessarily agree with the showers in hagerstown we'll have clouds and low 70s by lunchtime 80 a lot of clouds still seeing showers fire off for the west, west of i-81 we go through the evening hours, showers and storms between hagerstown, that will be the best chance in the evening for showers, make it home before they roll into the area go in the nighttime hours by 10:00, 23 hours from now we'll see showers into frederick leesburg roll through over night tomorrow night on the day planner a lot of clouds, 60 to start 77 by 11:00, 80 by 1 p.m. next seven days more storms on thursday, 76 on friday. saturday, father's day, heating up next week 91 m
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on tuesday. >> thanks so much, coming off of 2015 campaign, the burgundy and gold are having fun, quarterback kurt cousins is leading the trash talk i'll explain next in sports. heading to the break a couple more results from tonight's primary races will result on the wusa 9 app.
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. now, wusa9 sports, brought to you by xfinity. the chicago cubs hit top the national league central the nationals did top the national league east the latest series between these two front runners is turning out like many had hoped a slugfest between two heavy weight fighters, strong start but jason heyward in the third inning with his 2 run single the cubbies notched three runs, and all the runs came on sacrifice flies, i
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that's competing, check it out, andscores to even things up at three runs a piece. and he wants this one back, albertsends his curveball, said it is going to be hard to sleep tonight. taking game 4-3. sure seems like they are having a lot of fun together. this week's mandatory veteran mini camp has been a spirited one, and the coach likes it feels it is good for his team and quarterback kurt cousins might be the ringleader, the qb doesn't see it that way. >> i don't know if i trash talk, i cheer on my own teammates yelling at my own guys to get them fired up not trying to get in the ear of the defense, but if it brings energy, i
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thing. >> gets us so fired up he makes a good play defense could take offense to that because they gave up a good play, over all, it is fun having fun out there that's part of it. >> no drama and a lot of
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. wusa9 news for to the thanks for staying with us everybody we'll see you
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>> stephen: hi! before we start the show, i just want to say happy birthday to my close personal friend, donald trump. donald is turning 70 today although he doesn't like a day over... 70'sa about right. i wanted to give donald something very special. after all, as a late night host, he's given me so much. donald, first, i'm giving you an itunes gift card. it's the exact same thing you give anyone you don't really know. then, it's going to get chilly in the winter in washington, so i got you a pair of gloves. these might be a little big. you can have them taken in. ( cheers and applause ) and i also got you this scented candle. i even put it in the bag for


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