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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  June 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> right now on your only local news at 7. storms closing in on your metro. >> heavy hail on route 7 not far from leesburg a short time ago. thank you for joining us. >> let's go to topper tracking the storms. topper. >> backing a couple of severe storms. no tornado warnings. that's good. here is the map. a severe thunderstorm watch. going to annapolis to 10:00. in the bright yellows, severe warnings, lit up with the solid line from pittsburgh through the mountains.
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line crossing over i-81 and headed toward winchester and romney and folks on the west side. pick a county and you got a severe warning. it goes until 7:15 and right about to hit manassas and moving to the southeast. this is severe thunderstorms. you got to take it seriously. ping-pong ball size hail. moving towards dale city at 7:14 and in la plata at 7:47. hail, one inch diameter. quarter size and heavy rain and possible gusty wind. we did a scan. it is not as high as it was. but high. 50,000 feet and it was 60,000 feet and shows
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and a good thing. rainfall pockets to the northwest of aldi. in the darker green, an inch of rain and heaviest rain west of town and look at the storm reports. adding to these. hail and check this out 1.8- inches in diameter hail here. you don't see that too often and that is what started everything. the first warning came out in berkeley springs and trees came down and look at that two reports of golf ball sized hail and you don't see that often. with severe thunderstorm go in
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rooms. download our app and you will be ahead of the storms and you can watch regularly scheduled broadcasts and the special broadcasts with special broadcasts. talk to someone doing that. high risks today. severe thunderstorm watch and covering everybody until 10:00 and the warnings to the south to 7:15. we got video from gainesville. i believe. i-66. and 29 where the storm is and how dark it is and heavy rain. that's the storm that did prompt the tornado warning earlier and hail from one to two inches in diameter and not doing traffic any favors at all. remember there is a solid line behind that as
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we're probably tracking stuff until 10:00 tonight. the watch goes until 10:00. i don't think it will clear the bay until 11:00 tonight. we will keep you posted and new warnings come along and i will pound our door. that's it. topper, we got a mission update. the next phase of the system major makeover is about to start. big sections of the blue, orange and silver lines will shut down saturday. >> and wusa9 pete muntean has metro's newest message to riders. >> phase 2 starts in hours. metro really wants those in prince george's county. 60,000 fewer riders for the storms. this is a complete rail shut down. >> metro boss paul widdafold called this press conference urging riders away here. the arteries between dc and
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prince george will be cut off. metro wants prince george's county commuter to find a new way to work. it has been trying to get the word out. >> this is my lawn right here and i don't know what to do. >> potomac avenue stations will shut down and riders this way will get off at minnesota avenue or bending road and those coming this way will get off at eastern market going around the shut down by taking a bus. >> talking thousands of people being able to be transported and versus hundreds by bus. >> metro hopes regular riders will telecom mute and the retest will come on monday. >> discombobulate 60,000 people but if it saves lives it is it is good. >> it is complicated work.
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july 3rd. near stadium armory. pete muntean. a mammoth task and we will get through this together. on the blue line shut down between armory and rosslin and it will force the commuters to use the yellow line to get in and out of dc. we have the list of closure our wusa9 app. he wasn't campaigning but donald trump in washington today to testify in the ten million dollar breach of contract lawsuit, presumptive presidential candidate was met by latino activities. trump is suing over the restaurant and stemming from denigrating remarks and people urged
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donald trump. >> after doing with donald trump, that means you are standing with his agenda and we will not tolerate remarks like that and i speak on behalf of immigrants in this country. >> >> protestors say the chefs that t for millions did not want to tarnish their brand by association with trump. >> in fairfax county, a sentence in a big court case. a jury call for two life sentences plus 90 years for andrew smool. found guilty of torturing a couple inside their home for hours and leaving them for dead. prosecutors say it was part of a revenge plot that happened in 2014. in prince george county. wusa9 obtained video from need and outside a cruiser. it happened in 2015. this gentleman will spend
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the law enforcement officers. >> we are pleased with the sentence. mr. webster despite any issues he may have, no excuse from running and attacking the police the way he did. >> webster was injured during the incident. route 2 in anne arundel county was shut down as police investigated a deadly sudden. a scene from sky 9, one car was virtually underneath a trash truck and that sudden involved five other vehicles. >> the potomac river turned a strange color but don't worry bit. it was a dye test ordered by the virginia department of environmental county. engineers performed that test earlier and used a special 9 toxic dye and using it to figure out how mineral oil leaked from one of the substations into the river. that leak
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more than 13,000 gallons of mineral oil flowed into the potomac killing 21 birds and mostly canada geese after the oil coated their feathers. authorities tracking a young black bear and it appears to be traveling through a couple of maryland counties. watch out. may have turned up on the silver spring campus on the fda. these are photos taken and officials at the
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♪ ♪ >> right now at 7 with a live look at the storms to the west. passing through over the next few hours. >> topper will be back in a few minutes. >> an arrest in a bizarre shooting. wie man in custody connected
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four people earlier. >> investigators say they need your help to find the trigger man. we have more from john henry. >> i'm here near the intersection of north capital and new york avenue where police are working to solve a shooting that shocked residents. near the corner of north capital and new york avenue in northwest. shootings like the one that happened a week ago are rare. >> i have younger siblings that i take care of and we are out at all times of the day so it concerns others. >> on june 8th a masked gunman shot four men out of big ben liquor store. three victims went to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries and another man transported from the scene in critical condition. >> a vehicle involved in the shooting and after the shooter approaches the victims on foot and opens fires, he hops into a car and leaves the scene. >> in a press conference, police did have good news.
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able to arrest the get-away driver. 26-year-old kevin antonio colt. they identified him with the help of surveillance video. mayor bowser asks to remain for the lookout for the shooter that colt escorted away. >> we need the public's help in finding who is responsible. >> police believe that colt dropped the shooter off in an alley and he was then seen walking back towards north capital and new york avenue. in the meantime hoping that things quiet down. >> help each other out. >> the last thing she wants is for an innocent child to get hurt. >> to pay attention to
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one of storms coming through and then another line. don't let your defenses down. >> and on the ground we got property damage, right? >> we got numerous reports of damaging hail, he trees down in some spots and we
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damage. i don't know how many folks without power yet. >> you have to be careful if you go out. >> and come across a down line don't touch it. let's start with the impacts of the great weather alert and tornadoes, moderate and chance and damaging winds high and we have seen that and hail we have seen that and flooding. moderate chance as well. we have seen as much as two inches of rain. look at this. a solid area of severe thunderstorm warnings. essentially with the second line. we are talking about straight line winds and not necessarily tornadic activity and probably less hail and with that said, in order to satisfy the criteria of the severe thunderstorm warning, winds of 58 miles per hour or higher. essentially right along i-81. kind of straddling the i-81 corridor. new warnings in
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the warning around manassas continues. the storms from pittsburgh and southeast and the lightning strikes. just in that area right there, 155 strikes of lightning around winchester. these have more electricity. the severe thunderstorm warning until 8:00 and expanded and crosses over i-95 and that means it has hail and also some damaging winds but the storm has weakened a little bit and not as high and the atmosphere but it is still a heavy storm. it will produce some gusty winds and rainfall over an inch per hour. includes fairfax and manassas and a new warning for culpepper and fauquier in orange and that goes until 7:45. and so this could have hail in it 15 south of culpepper and move to the east south of frederickburg. i know you have
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once in fredericksburg and ducking south in the next 30 minutes and a new warning and this is an extended warning. so this one goes until 7:45. for culpepper and fauquier and madison and orange and then this one is extended and includes dale city and manassas and that goes until 8:00. don't see much actually weakening in terms as it moves southeast across the water into eventually southern maryland., st. marry's county. and warning in there in the next hour-and-a-half. i don't think we are done with everything until 11:00. tracking the storms and feel that we are looking at another three-and-a-half hours. here is a cross section, a slice if you will of that storm and this was the storm at one time, it was 60,000 feet from the atmosphere producing ping- pong ball sized hail
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middle burg and upperville. now just un50,000 feet essentially and in this that there is not as much hail and the magenta we showed you, a core magenta in the atmosphere and all hail and not as full as hail. heavy rain and still a serious storm, no doubt. hammering manassas and about to grow into dale city with heavy rain. rainfall amounts around two inches if you see blue and this one here around aldi. either side about 1. 9 inches and that is what the big storm hitting manassas and weakening. darker brown, northwest leesburg about an inch and you can see predominantly blue around cross junction and west of i-81. storm reports grow in terms of damage and hail reports. hail reports and this is wind damage and charlestown and you see up to the west of hagerstown and
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grouped south of leesburg and also south of 15. so this one right here, golf ball sized hail in middleburg and 1.8-inches in diameter. hefty for us and about 1.5- inches in middleburg as well. that was the video we showed you earlier when howard was driving through live on route 7, that is the storm and look at this, this is what started it all. up around martinsburg and trees down and berkeley trees and golf ball sized hail. hb is headed south on route 50 50 -- and i think you will see damage. >> yes, we have seen a little bit of tree damage here and there. thankfully where we were in some of that bigger hail you
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other than minor damage, we haven't seen some reports but martinsburg. a bad accident and a fatality and whether or not it is weathered related a possibility. light rain with the heart of the cell and the storm tracker 9. howard bernstein, topper, back to you. going further south on 15 and going south on 15 because that is where the high winds were on aldi and upperville and middleburg. we say this over and over. go to the bases as we talk about the tornado
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>> we weren't the only ones dealing with severe weather. the first round of the u.s. open in pittsburgh and the weather caused
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suspended three times before being called off but we did get highlights. the 9th time that oakmont country club hosting it. lee westward's second shot on the green and takes a couple bounces in the cup. for eagle, topper, for eagle. u.s. open is known for tough frustrating greens and jordan spieth landed on the green and rolled close to the pin. just keeps going. that's enough, topper. you know, that will frustrate you. let alone jordan spieth. first round suspended due to weather. the leader is through 17. >> some folks have to play 36 tomorrow. the last thing you want to do. >> one more line of showers and storms g
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straight line winds and less hail and less chance of a tornado but damaging and hammering i-81 corridor and big storms for 8:30 and 9:30 in the
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>> taylor's whiplash romance with tom hiddleston. 103 photos of this new couple. did she dump calivn for the t star. >> how do you feel about taylor and tom dating? >> mila and ashton's baby news. >> the wait is over. uj(r brother house with julie. >> each room is a destination. >> then. >> melissa rivers takes us inside her mom's estate auction. >> everybody remembers this dress. >> what melissa refuses to sell. >> now for june 16th, 2016, this iser


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