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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 16, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> taylor's whiplash romance with tom hiddleston. 103 photos of this new couple. did she dump calivn for the t star. >> how do you feel about taylor and tom dating? >> mila and ashton's baby news. >> the wait is over. uj(r brother house with julie. >> each room is a destination. >> then. >> melissa rivers takes us inside her mom's estate auction. >> everybody remembers this dress. >> what melissa refuses to sell. >> now for june 16th, 2016, this iser
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hiddleston are hollywood's hot couple at the moment. what is going o taylor was caught getting cozy with him and now everybody is losing their mind. did she cheat on calvin? is this romance new or fa why can't taylor be single for more than one hot second. >> any comment on taylor and tom, calvin? >> that is calvin this morning. the day after these pictu taylor and tom surfaced. taken tuesday afternoon tom is kissing tay from behind. she leans her head on his shoulder. the 35-year-old gave taylor his jacket nd then a sweet kiss before she puts her hands arou his waste and they walk away holding hands. two weeks after break up a makeç out with a new equally sexy man. seriously? well, they connected more than a month ago. this instagram showed they had some serious chemistry going on.
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>> sat next to her at dinner that night and she was very charming and she is -- she is amazing. i have seen a couple of her videos. >> and then this shot from the night before. tom leaving the dinner and who do we spot in the doorway leaving seconds after hill? taylor. so did taylor cheat? well, if you recall she and calvin still hasn't announced their split at this point but what we have been told is they were already brokeen up. 5it)uáerness. calvin deleted all trace of their relationship from his instagram and deleted his, what remains his love and respect weet and replaced it with oh boy it's about to go down. and that tweet was quickly >> you write a love about your love life. if this doesn't wut
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going to write about it? >> they never say i want to ask you out. could you not write songs about us i say i wonl and then i do. >> so that will be coming and we cannot wait but, you know, there is also a lot of talk today that these photos of taylor and tom are staged. there's a lot of roll your eye gifs and people saying it looks like an awkward photo shoot. we cannot confirm or deny but we can tell you what we know about tom, loki. he is rumored to be the next james bond. a really intense sex scene from his latest mini series the night manager and the internet is filled with his spontaneou breaking into awesome dances. kind of like taylor does at award shows. that one looks as if taylor may have finally met her >> and more couple's news, ashton and mila expecting baby number cameron talked to mila and founç out she was cin
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>> absolutely i do want to have more kids. more than one. >> and soon it will be two. that was mila on the set of bad moms in february and now the 32-year-old rep confirms o e.t. she is pregnant which means 20 month old wyatt is going to be a big sister. >> makes you realize how selfless i want it changes the way you look at life. >> in april mila had motherhood on the brain. >> you learn how to be a great partner and great wife and great woman and be yourself and still be responsible for aachild. >> the pregnancy shouldn't come as that big of a surprise. last month mila rerevealed t >> are you trying? >> lim
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>> yeah. are you having sex? >> yes, you know. >> you're >> oh my. >> what a way to get into somebody's sex life? >> well they got pregnant. >> >> julianne hough postponed her big day. >> we were going to get a this summer but you wanted to postpone it to en engagement phase. are you happy with your decisio >> absolutely. >> runaway bride in the making. julianne is a pro at procrastination. we have seen her slacking all year. >> are you going to go into wedding mode? >> i haven't thought about it. >> will it be chic bride or super ntromaic pretty princess? >> that is exactly what i was trying to decide. >> last night the star of grease live and her crew were courting nominations. >> in ten years, who knows. >> nick jonas reveals why he had a new york vigil for orlando. >> love is love and we are all equal. >> there's a real need for
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change in the country as a whole and it starts with all of us banning together and do what we can to see that change. >> last night speaking at a ç collaboration event nick time-out from promoting is album, "last year was complicated." to talk to us about demi lovato healing after her break up. >> i'm here for her. >> and finally kim versus taylor. mrs. west won't let it go. >> kanye called taylor to talk to her about the song. his interpretation is that taylor gave her blessing. >> team taylor disagrees say quote kanye did not call for approval but to ask taylor to release his single on her twitter account and she declined. tim calls that a lie saying
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taylor totally gave the okay and that she quote completely dissed my husband just to play the victim again. >> kim told me that the phone call was filmed by a video grapher that kanye hired. >> that the question. now another big revelation, kanye loves kim's breasts. ç >> i didn't need to know that. i'm going to move on now. last night i joined oprah at the premiere of greenleaf. her first tv series in 26 years. now that is worth hearing. she looks fabulous. it's working wonders and now she is breaking the news that she is putting the secret weight loss recipes in a cook >> i have had a long, journey resolved. p> you don't need to go more. you look perfect. >> you don't say that. see that's what happens. people say i don't think you
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need to go -- well i'm going to decide what that >> well, it's no secret oprah's weight watchers diet is behind her slim down but she is breaking news to me about her new weight loss project. >> you have a cook book coming out. >> weight watchers isn't a diet. it's about eating things that you love and making them healthier so i decided to take a lot of those ideas. some come from me. i'm not saying that i cook every day but i do cook @íd it's all of those ideas and my ideas. >> oprah got to show off her slimmer figure at her own network series green leaf. another project she is executive producing and acting in and i was with oprah on the set from the beginning. it is about a scandalous preacher that runs a mega chur >> finally the premiere. >> finally. there's been so many hours of looking at tapes and making sure
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should be and it's happen >> and something else that is happening right now has certainly got oprah's attention. >> what do you think about us possibly having the first female president? >> i don't think, i really ç believe that that is going to happen. regardless of your politics, it's a moment for women.
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what this says is that there is no ceiling. that ceiling is gone. it says anything is possible. when you can be leader of the free world. >> i'm with her. >> i'm with her. what everybody is using when supporting hilary and news organizations were all over this >> it's a big scoop. his. >> we posted at e.t. online. this is the first time that oprah has gone on the record about who she supports for president and huge. it's oprah. when she endorses something. >> it's ev
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one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> yeah. >> it is everything. >> more big news on the way because up next is my big brother house exclusive. there's no place to hide in this house. >> a microphone here in the shower. >> plus an ugly betty reboot in the works? >> interested in an ugly betty continuation of any form. >> and -- >> i live very, very well. at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise continuation of any form. >> and -- >> i live very, very well. healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet that we feed our chickens and helps support their immune system. and we don't need to add antibiotics to their diet.
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use thyme. okay, rosemary. thyme, just one more way we bring you chicken raised with no antibiotics ever. it's not the easy way. it's the perdue way. >> look at brad pitt handling the paparazzi like a pro. he is right there to pick it up. that's just brad being brad.
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we are six days away from the premiere and only we can take you inside a whirlwind tour. >> welcome to the big brother season 18 house. >> oh i feel like i'm in the airport. >> you should. -p>> each room is a destination after you have departed from this. >> this is tokyo. >> this is tokyo. >> it's london already and -- >> we are in hawaii now becaus that's going to be america's favorite vacation spot. this is the king bed. >> a microphone here in the ç shower. >> we can't have any spot where
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any two house guests will have a conversation. >> they'll keep tabs on their every move as they try to last 99 days for the grand prize. >> you can be heard every single place. >> right down the ce we have them everywhere. >> the backyard got a makeover too with a new pool and a spot to get swim suit r >> you do cross fit? i'll tell you do. >> i don't. >> i can't believe it's lasted 18 seasons and i have been there since the begi who would have thunk it. >> it's like bob barker. >> big brother 72. >> it's so cool. you can watch all of those cameras 24/7. it's bananas. >> still ah t
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>> i could totally do what you do. >> amy schumer swaps spots with anna wintour. >> then the ugly betty reun >> the models are really mean. >> plus joan rivers treasures on the market and how her grandson said good-bye. >> he said please make sure this stays with her. >> closed captioning provided by.
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>> amy schumer swapped jobs for the day with the iconic editor and chief for vogue anna wintour. >> i could do what you do. >> she is on the cover wearing a red off the shoulder dress and inside the pages amy dishes about topics like her only one night stand. but first she trades in her jokes for high fashion. >> are those not the same. ç >> while she struggles to fill anna's stilettos, she killed on
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the stage. >> amy you might not want to quit your day j >> you know, life at a prestigious fashion magazine would show what ugly betty is all about. it was a really cool thing. the entire cast got back together ten years after the show's debut to relive the good times and the bad, bad passion with leann. >> we shot the scene where betty comes out in the hot pants in the pilot and that was our first scene. >> remember the models were really mean it was hosted by entertainment weekly. >> i diin't think it was going to get picked up. there was nothing else like it. >> what was it like? >> the hillarity of it is the day we were going to shoot it i ran into a maniquin and chipped my tooth. >> what about a reboot? >> would you be interested in an ugly betty continuation in any form. >> they get a first look on our two hour movie special.
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>> one of america's favorite episodes was getting hitched to adam rodriguez. >> what was it about tha wedding that was emotional to you? >> it was us and it was our family. >> e.t. was on the set 15 times and even captured these epic cat fights.
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>> and i don't know why. >> could you please get here? >> oh. because we know each other we knew we were goinn to be safe with each other so nothing was going to happen. we had such a good time. >> today some of the most treasured piices of jewelry and home decor that joan rivers collected throughout her lifetime went up for auction. well she gave our senior news editor a private look at the items that meant well to her >> i live very, very well. >> my mother was a maximalist. >> a horder? >> rich people hoarding. >> my house is very my house. >> joan invited us home times over the years. the closet. the jewelry bo
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she was kind of a secret hoarder. from the pink and black lace gown so this ruffled dress she wore to the 1990 tonys, 220 pieces of her designer clothing jewels and furniture up for auction and on display at in new yorkç >> everybody remembers this dress, 2003 emmys. she was beautiful that night. a lot of feathers. different jewelry here. >> it's so special. i said i love your earrings. >> give them to your grandmother. >> thank you, >> give them to your mother. >> and 10,000 can get you them rald and amethyst necklace. and dogs modelled after her own
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beloved poochs but there are a few things melissa couldn't let go of. >> i kept everything on her night table. >> my favorite room is my bedroom. >> your surn did he keep anything? >> anything he wanted to keep. >> i learned the gift she gave jones if she was about foosz. >> he went in the other r it in her hcnm9ñ and he said please make sure this stays with her. and i made sure that it never left her. >> it's been almost two years since joan passed away and seeing all of her treasures w have a take away from her life. dress up, use the good china. you're worth it. >> suddenly now i'm setting the table every night. i'm using her dishes. >> i lovevi
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the good dishes. >> she loved living a gracious and beautiful type o >> thank you all for being here and i thank god for every one of you. thank you. >> here, here. >> she also told us what she did with her mom's as portions are all over the world at joan's favorite places and with her beloved friend and melissa kept some in her closet near her shoes which she said her mother would love. we'll be right back.
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it'las hirious bloopers at e.t. >> travel considerations provided by. >> underway with helen mir charlize theron. >> great cast but tomorrow we're
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blockbuster that started it all. >> it's our fast and fur flash back friday.
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. ♪ ♪
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previously on the big bang theory... oh, look at all that chest hair. and overbite. of course you're a wolowitz. son of a bitch, he bit me. okay, i guess i'll just go to the emergency room to be safe. howie, this is just your hypochondria. when i sat on the mute button and thought i'd gone deaf, that was my hypochondria. we'll find another time to tell him i'm pregnant. morning. morning. "we"? what is this? i don't know. maybe it says something on the back. "continued on milk." if you're tricking me into making my own breakfast, it didn't work for my mom, and it won't work for you.


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