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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  June 17, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now, two fatal accidents, two arrests, and police are looking into whether or not it's part of the same crime. and police make one of the biggest heroin busts in history and which is harder to get in virginia, a license to sell guns or a license to sell coffee? hello and thank you for joining us. i'm bruce johnson for your only local news at search: 7:00. two high-speed crashes just minutes apart leave one person dead, 71-year-old victoria hitchins. and police are looking into the possibility that the two wrecks are related in our top story at 7:00. >> reporter: at this point in the investigation, police believe that the driver of the deadly crash was likely speeding. the posted speed limit
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45 miles per hour. >> words can't explain. you know, they gotta slow down on the road here. >> reporter: crews clean up the carnage from this morning's crash. pieces of car placed on a flatbed, what's last of a toyota camry collected and carried away. police said that the driver lost control and landed in the tree in a front yard and took six hours to remove the victim. >> my husband was here and saw a car speeding quickly back and down the road. >> reporter: one minute later and one mile down the road, a black suv slams into a utility pole. the 20-year-old driver stays on the scene but his three passengers bailed. k-9 is called in and a 22-year- old man caught. police find drugs in the suv. the wreck brings neighbors out of their home. >> once in
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cars speeding along. >> the police are cracking down on everybody. >> what else can we do? >> reporter: we are told that the two men from the suv will likely face drug charges and police are looking for two other young men who bailed. in silver spring, wusa mine. and this evening, investigators are still working the case and asking anybody with information to please give them a call. 510 grams of heroin and fentanyl are off the streets of frederick tonight after a bust involving local, state, and for the officers. frederick county state's attorney announced the bust where police also confiscated 18 guns, four vehicles, and $4500 in cash. >> we have taken a major ring off the streets, and as quick as we have taken this one down, another one will set up shop. >> police say that the drug ring's leaders are from new
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that frederick county is now a hotbed for drug trafficking. a quick update on tonight's headlines in the orlando nightclub shooting. there is growing evidence that the shooter's wife might have helped him plan the attack. law enforcement sources confirm that cbs news that omar mateen and noor were exchanging text messages as he carried out the hours long attack that killed 49 people. >> put our footprint out there and shrunk the crime scene. it's getting a little smaller. we're opening up more roads and more businesses. hopefully, we'll clear out and get life back to normal. >> the city has collected $7 million in donations it's offering to victimacy families for funerals and plane tickets and
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we see checked out facebook and twitter, a lot of you were mentioning a memorial in the nation's capitol for the victims. so we headed to check it out. it's the human rights campaign on rhode island avenue in northwest near logan circle. the lgbt advocacy has turned  eight stories of their building into a memorial for the american and women gunned down in the florida nightclub. in charleston, south carolina, words of comfort and prayer as thousands gathered at a sports arena a year to the day when a shooter opened at the ame church and killed 9 people. the man accused, dylann roof, facing the death penalty. and many nem our area have taken the time to remember victims of that shooting on the anniversary. john henry has more on how a local seminary will honor one
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pinckney. >> reporter: one year later, and the memory of clementa pinckney continues to touch people including right here in the area. classmates like travis kern remember him fondly. >> clem was probably the most well-loved person. >> reporter: here is a picture of them next to each other. both were sworn born in south carolina and had young kids. he was thrilled when his seminary planned to honor his friend, announcing he would establish a new doctor of ministry tremendous in his hongor. >> to bring together his passion for public life and well being of people and his heart for
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something that can only help us to move forward as a country. >> reporter: the program focuss on public engagement,ing that some pinckney used every day to try and make the world better but a year after his death, there is still work that needs to be done. >> it's sad that someone died because of the color of their skin and a part of me that continues to grieve that. >> reporter: and the seminary has set up a scholarship in his honor. >> and pinckney was awarded a doctorate degree posthumously. and hail pounded the area not far from middle burg, virginia, and the damage left
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car windshields and rear windows smashed. folks in middleburg are cleaning up and calling insurance companies but it's not just that part of loudoun county that was hit and hit hard. chief meteorologist topper shutt has a look at storm reports. topper? look at the storm reports behind me, over 50 reports of wind damage and 30 reports of hail. we'll zoom from a bit, and we had hail at 1.5" which was standard yesterday. and check this out. howard tweeted this and i retreated him. this is from erica stewart property bluemont, virginia. here this is in
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reference. look at the dwarfed quarter. quarter-sized hail is the criteria for a severe thunderstorm warning. look at the size of this. this is simply unbelievable. great pictures, and that's on twitter. . okay. let's look ahead. it's behind us. fantastic at the beaches, and when you go and buy groceries inland, it will be in the low 80s and at the shore, 70s and water temperatures mid to upper 60s. when we come back, a look at your weekend and plans for dad if you have a cookout outdoors. looking forward to it, and we are looking at the biggest impact felt by riders throughout prince george's county as crews are moving in on the orange, blue, and silver lines, the tracks between minnesota avenue and eastern market which will be closed. that cuts off the
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into the nation's capitol. >> it will be so crowded. it will be difficult for people to get around and get to their work locations. >> this is a big deal. it means no service at the two stations in the 16-day shut down. it doesn't end until july 3. and makes life easier when you find a parking spot but some users of the proper app say they are ending up with parking tickets they are not supposed to have. we'll have the story for you, and we'll take you to an establishment in loudoun county where you will be able to pick up a cup of coffee and a firearm at the same time. you will hear what folks are saying about that. you're watching the only local news at 7:00, live from the nation's capitol. we're back live after this.
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back now on your only local news at 7:00, this is the view from sky9 earlier, a beautiful friday afternoon in the nation's capitol. back with a look at the 7-day forecast with topper in a few minutes. but first, frustration on dc's roads, drivers complaining that an app that is supposed to make parking in the city easier leads to more hassles, receiving five parking tickets issued, 4 issued in u street. and 3 is not the only one. >> either, there is a problem systemically with, you know, these park mobile payments registering or therefore may be parking enforcement officers
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correctly. >> a spokesperson with ddot said that they monitor the program to make sure it matches, and there are few errors and in regards to gupta's ticket, they said it was on his part. he said that's not true. and you may be able to buy coffee and a bun -- gun at bullets and beans. >> reporter: this is where bullets expected beans will be in this old building from the 1800s. some people don't want to see a gun store in this tiny town but the owners are not having any problems. it's the coffee shop that is giving them trouble. >> it's inviting and family friendly. >> reporter: tammy and kevin joan, parents of a 6-year-old, said that this old bank building is perfect for their family-friendly gun store with a vault to store the guns
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another place to gather. >> we have areas for just sitting and relaxing with kids and enjoying a cup of coffee. >> reporter: firearms instructions and safety courses are upstairs. the training is what kevin does for a living. >> feel a burden for self protection or they are a novice, so where do you go for that? a place that is warm. >> reporter: not 7 okay with the jones' idea. >> i think it's weird. they don't go together. >> i think it's the worst idea. training. >> reporter: hamilton's mayor are david simpson said he understands both sides. >> it's retail and we can't discern against them just because they sell firearms. >> reporter: since a coffee shop is considered a restaurant they haven't gotten zoned for a restaurant because
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parking here. they would have to share parking at the baptist church two doors down except on sunday. peggy fox, wusa 9. >> and peggy said that at a recent town meeting e only one resident spoke out against the gun store. and if you have noticed the unique sight in the gai sky, -- sky, you were not alone. the story behind the fly over next. topper? bruce, we're looking at near-perfect weather, about average, 84 downtown and 85 in upper marlboro and 84 in fairfax with low humidity. we'll come back and
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back at 7:00 with the air show. the coast guard marks 100 years of flight for flying 9 aircraft over the city this afternoon over nats park and the pentagon and arlington national cemetery. all right. this time yesterday we were on the air covering severe weather. well, here is a picture of the severe weather.
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jacobs, sends us stuff all the time, very, very good and this is at bluemont, virginia. they didn't have as much hail there as you did east of you but still strong winds and the good news, it's clean-up time and you'll have all weekend to do it with temperatures about average and low humidity, about perfect. a live look outside, a beautiful shot and a live look at the michael and son weather cam, 80 and dew points in the 50s and winds east southeast at 9. any time the dew point is in the 50s and 60s, it's comfortable. it will turn cool late, not super late, clear, cool nights and you can probably rest the ac. hotter next week and monday, the temperature at 90 and the humidity in check. 10:00 tonight, temps, great, upper 60s,
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dale city and in the morning, i think these are a little high. generally upper 50s in fredericks and gaithersburg, and 52 in fredericks - - fredericksburg is about right. the 1:00 hour, now we're at 80 downtown and 79 in la plata and 80 in upper marlboro, and tomorrow night, i think we'll be 82, 83 at this time downtown tomorrow and 80 in fredericks purring and 82 in frederick. it will be a spectacular, spectacular day. by tomorrow night, 8:00, temps back in the 70s. and if you have plans for tomorrow night, a cookout, perfect as well, and actually, cool again tomorrow night. tonight, clear skies and cooler and winds out of the east northeast at 10. on the day planner, 60s to start, downtown now, and
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7:00 and warming quickly, 76 at 11:00 and 80 by 1:00. we heat up quickly and cool off quickly. warm but not humid for dad, 86 and perfect, and hot but not humid on monday, and the next seven days, a lone storm, not a big system and pleasant on wednesday. thursday, a shower, not a huge deal and pleasant on friday, back in the low 80s. thank you, top. and you know, sports have played a big role in bringing communitys together after a tragedy, and this weekend, the spirit will look to provide just that when the orlando team comes to
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spirit and pride, two things that the city of orlando has shown over the past several days and this weekend, there will be plenty of both on the stands here. the washington spirit host the orlando pride on
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and there are several tributes planned throughout the game to honor the victims in the orlando attack including a moment of silence, and everyone will be asked to clap for the entire 49th minute of the game. this is the first meeting between the two expwawds cause orlando is in the inaugural season and the game is sold out. >> the whole league supports them. it's a cause close to our players, and has everyone off and feeling frightened. >> it's a really, really sad thing. and the biggest message that we want to get across is spread love and i'm excited to have orlando here and show that. it will be a great game. after the weather wrecked havoc on the u.s. open yesterday, mother nature decided to play nice today but 78 golfers got the day off as they decided to try and finish the first round. jordan spieth
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start birdies for 6 and finished the first round at 2 over. top, here is your boy, lefty. this is as good as it will get for phil for the approach shot at 11 and almost holes it out for an eagle, and he is 5 over, and then there is something here that should make us all feel better about ourselves, up and rolls. >> that was impossible. >> it happened to me four times last weekend. he is at 5 over par. so a rough day but they will get most of the second round in tomorrow. an interesting weekend once they get it figured out. >> how is he playing? >> driving at the u.s. open is premium. father's day looks good? perfect, warm but not humid and 50s and 60s for the low. >> happy father's day. >> and to you, o.
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thank you. that's the news at 7:00. remember that you can get your news any time on the wusa 9 app. have a great evening, everybody.
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meatloaf's collapse. new information behind celebrity stage scares. then taylor toand ewm ns. the jet set couple kointerring video r >> amber herd's weight los is it taking it's toll? plus secrets from the real housewives crash. >> and our fast and furious 15 year flash back. >> now for june 17th, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. taylor swift, tom hiddleston. >> we have to ask is it going to be forever or is it going to go down in flames. ♪


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