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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  June 20, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, a capitol hill church worker is dead despite a judge's order that was supposed to keep her ex-boyfriend away. >> police say the man got into her home on kentucky avenue. he was in court today on a charge of 1st degree murder while armed. wusa 9's bruce reports on neighbors who say this could have been stopped. >> definitely didn't deserve -- sorry. >> reporter: outside stephanie's townhouse, two blocks from the potomac avenue metro. >> she didn't deserve to die. >> reporter: grieving friends left flowers, balloons and a
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poster. we love you so much. we will forever remember your smile. she lived here since she was achillead and worked at two different churches in dc. >> i couldn't sleep. i couldn't sleep. >> reporter: in her application for a restraining order, stephanie writes at 3:00 in will morns, her former boyfriend came here june 4th banging on the door, yelling her name, rang the door bell. he came back two or three more times. when she came out of the house at about noon -- she says she came out here and found three of the tires on her car slashed. she had been due back in court today to ask for a permanent restraining order against donald hairston. instead, he
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alone. why was the system unable to protect her? wusa 9. >> her paster describes her as private, quiet, and incredibly smart, the kind of person children love to confide in. right now metro's major safety make over is facing its next task. some of the biggest tracks in the saint george's county are shut down. the orange line is shut down between eastern market and minnesota avenue. the silver line shut down from eastern market to being road. >> what other choices do we have? they cannot provide the shuttle buses -- right now, just bite the bullet. >> there's also no service at two stations. on the virginia side, the
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arlington cemetery and rosal ind. this part of the overhaul ends july 3rd. that means commuters have two full weeks of deal withing these interruptions. >> reporter: commuters got creative because they didn't want to deal with this: long lines waiting to board the free shuttle buses here and then getting into a packed bus. you can see nearly empty bike racks. that's because many people chose to ride bikes to work instead of using metro. >> i'm not going to drive, i'm not going to take the metro. i'm not going to walk. it's cheap, it's fast. >> reporter: by bike, it takes tyler about 20 minutes to get to work. >> shuttle buses. >> reporter: now that metro's state track phase
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to get creative. >> i think it's crazy. it's a lot going on with the stations being closed and everything. >> reporter: that frustration translates into dollars for businesses like lyft and uber. >> i'm getting more calls today. >> reporter: calls from people who don't want to sit on crowded free shuttles. >> they should go back to minimizing the cost of the smart trips because i work out and really resting and it takes me two hours to get to work on top of my wake up time. >> it started two weeks ago and i will do this until the metro stuff is done or i get fired and i don't have to go to work. >> reporter: for folks who aren't on a tight budget, car shares are able to rent at many of those closed metro stations. wusa 9.
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wusa app for a list of all the metro closings and where the metro is running. the commute tomorrow could a yellow weather alert. the first alert doppler -- >> we're looking at showers in the morning and in the afternoon, that's going to be the best chance. wet commute. it's going to be generally low. what about an umbrella? if you're going to take lunch outside, i'd grab an umbrella. it's a little different than last thursday. future cast, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. there will be a few showers early on west of town. temperatures low 70s. again, nothing crazy heavy but you'll have a wet commute between haguers town and wist
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80s. showers and storms off to the low north. don't get too hung up on the location. by lunchtime, a little more yellow, little more orange there. temperatures, despite the clouds, we're 86 downtown. by 4:00, we have bigger thunderstorms south of town. down toward king george and the northern neck, i'd keep it tuned into the situation. download our app for free. you can watch our broadcast, watch breaking weather. last week, we were on the air. let you know where the severe weather is. right now, fairfax county police are on the look out for a man who groped a little girl at a target store. it happened saturday in mary field. investigators say the man cornered the 11 year old when she was in a separate aisle from her dad. police are working with target
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this evening to release video of the suspect. the most serious charges in connection with the death of freddie gray. officer caesar goodson opted to have a jury decide whether he is guilty or innocent. he is charged with 2nd degree murder and manslaughter in connection with the death of the 23 year old black man who died when he was in police custody. >> they described you as a hot head and you just didn't treat people right. what do you say to that? >> i'm a very intense person. and my expectation is perfection. because i think it's what mr. trump deserves. >> campaign sources are telling us his fire handwriting to do with disagreements involving trump's children as well as
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trump's chief strategist. a family of 13 after a fire damaged their home in springfield virginia. friends, neighbors and even strangers have been dropping off donations since a fire ripped through their home on flint lane friday afternoon. two older kids got everybody out minutes before the fire blew out windows and gutted the residence. >> we know there are people out there who care and they're going to be taken care of. we're going to be taken care of. it's that time where you guys go and deal with the business part of this tragedy and we have your family. we have your children. bring then over here. you know, it's overwhelming. >> one of the most generous donations came from a friend of a friend who just bought this house but have not yet ve
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stay there through .j. the orlando governor's own words unsensorred tonight. >> also a senate showdown over gun rights. . >> up next, new turns in an actor's tragic death. there was a big problem with the
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new questions tonight about whether car problems led to the accidental death of a popular actor. star trek actor anton elch in was found dead sunday. l.a.p.d. officers say he may not have properly put the vehicle into park. that's a
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fiat chrysler to recall vehicles in april. fiat chrysler tells us they have not received information on yelchin's accident. take a live look at the senate floor where tonight senators have voted down all 4 gun control measures they had been considering. two sponsored by republicans, two more by democrat. they would have expanded background checks. senators still trying to forge a compromise on yet another bill to keep people on terrorism watch lists from legally buying guns. we now have a full uncensored look -- he told the hostage negotiator there was a car with a
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pulse night club and, quote, you guys are going to get it. >> while we're not releasing the audio, what i can tell you is that while the killer made these murder statements, he did so in a chilling, calm and deliberate matter. >> at first the transcripts were censored. but attorney general loretta lynch plans to meet with survivors in orlando. orlando health hospital has treated most of the victims involved in the massacre. today, 4 of them are still listed in critical condition. one of the patients got a special visit in his hospital room: the man who helped save his life. >> i need a big hug from you, man. i
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>> i'm glad you're doing good. >> i just 79 to hold him and hug him and say thank you, i love you. he's a part of my life for the rest of my life now. >> orlando health hospital documented the emotional reunion and post today on youtube today. pulse shooting victim [ indiscernible ] omar delgado came and dragged him out of the club. a once in a generation reason to head outside tonight. details on the rare coincidence involving the moon. >> we got a little bit of a break on today. weeds are still in the low. you can get that on the website and also by downloading the app. possibly another day la
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check your freezer before making dinner tonight. recalled frozen green peas and frozen mixed vegetables. the veggies possibly have listeria contamination, but thus far, no repo
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you can find the full list on the free wusa 9 app. finding dory, the sequel to finding nemo -- makes this pixar film the highest grossing animated debut of all time. in the top west tonight, highs in some areas were expected to hit 120 degrees. the extreme heat is slowing down fire crews battling 6 separate wildfires all burning in california, new mexico and arizona. the real treat today is when the sun goes down. we're in for a strawberry moon. topper can elaborate on this name for the full moon in june. it hasn't happened
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summer solstice since 1967. this is one of our most popular stories on the wusa facebook page. it's strawberry season. if you have a strawberry festival, it's in june. >> summer officially started at what time. >> 6:34. itoi's gng to be feel like the first full day of summer tomorrow. we were pretty bold today, going 94. winds kind of kept out of the
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afternoon. we've updated the time frame. most storms now between noon and 6:00 p.m. there will be a few storms inside the beltway around lunchtime. 9:30 tonight on future cast, upper 80s. it will advance it again, if you look carefully, between 7:30, 8:00, a storm tries to develop north of town and move into st. george's county. i did add a thunderstorm to the morning forecast as well. and then by lunchtime, we have showers down to fairfax and almost down to fredericks burg. lunchtime, might want to take an umbrella. they start to
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5:00 area. st. mary's county -- that's going to be the best chance for severe weather in the late afternoon, early evening hours. after that, temperatures hold in the 70s until 11:00, 11:30 tomorrow night. so on the day planner, couple showers possible early. we're 79 at 9:00. back to 83 at 11:00. and perhaps a thunderstorm as well. more showers and storms on thursday. that could be our next yellow weather alert day. friday we're in great shape. saturday, sunday, great shape. quicken loans in town. the only possible would be around 1:00. nats back in town and monday a slight chance for a storm. the handling of the dustin johnson controversy
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with kristin. brought to you by xfinity. dustin johnson's convincing victory -- the governorring body was ridiculed yesterday by professional and amateur golfers all for their handling of dj's moving golf ball controversy. they gave him a one-stroke penalty at the end of the round. they say they stand by their findings, but regret the distraction it caused. dj is using his first major victory as a step to the next level. >> this week, i felt like i played really good. i don't feel like i played great. but i edplay really good. it's definitely a start to becoming a great player. of course the attention shifts to our area. we'll begin our live coverage of
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the cleveland cavaliers arrived home in morning after a night of partying in las vegas. they did just win the franchise's first nba title and a championship of any kind for the city of cleveland in 52 years. it was also special because it was father's day. emotions were running high all night long. jr smith broke down in tears during his post-game press conference when asked about his father's influence on his career. >> my dad is one of my biggest inspirations to play this game. to hear people talk bad about me, it hurts me because i know it hurts him. he raised me better and i want to do better. everything i do is for my parents and my
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the car's nice, the house is nice, but none of this parties without them. if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't be here. >> what's great is earl got to finally see
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the bizarre and tragic death of "star trek" anton yelchin. >> i seriously it's like being a little kid. then the star power of lebron james. as hollywood celebrates his victory. plus scorching summer couples. >> happy birthday. o cf1 o inside gwen satefnis birthday bash for blake. how mrs. swift got hollywood's new it guy. now for june 20, this is entertainment tonight . 27-year-old actor anton yelchin and best known for playing star trek wa killed in a


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