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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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thunderstorm warning. and that will go until 6:45. that includes howard county, montgomery county, and of course, anne arundel county. and this is the storm that will track a lot of lightning, too. this is headed toward ashton. and severn at about 6:24. and frequent lightning and strong, gusty winds. and heavy downpours. now, to the south and west we go. there is still a warning on this. and this has been probably the strongest we've seen in terms of shear and hail. reportings of two-inch-sized hail. again, not far from middle burg and the plains. you were under a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:15. that includes fairfax and prince williams county. this is i a storm we scanned. possible prorotations between middleburg and the plains. in the course of the last 20 minutes. game is going to be tough. showers and storms on the doorstep through 8:00. temperatures in the 70s. we will come back and talk about
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course what's ahead for the weekend. and now, to our breaking news. terror in turkey. two suicide bombers attack these busy airports. >> at least 20 are dead and the church remains in chaos tonight, with dozens more injured. garrett haake has more. >> i want to give you an idea of the layout. where this all happened of this is the airport. and where the attack took place just outside of the terminal. it appears that here, at the first mini security checkpoint, is where the first suicide bomber attacked. >> reporter: one of two suicide bombs ripped through. an apparent security video shows survivors, scattering. outside the airport, passengers fled. and described hearing gunfire and guho
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another suicide bomber also detonated himself somewhere inside the terminal. tonight, the death toll continues to climb. istanbul's governor says the bomb hit 28 people. here in washington, security advisers have breached the president. cbs national security analyst juan veratte says american intelligence agencies will now swing into action too. >> the first thing would be the flow and intel jepgz possible into the environment to understand what is happening. both to understand who the perpetrators were here. but also to understand whether or not there are other threats that may be percolating or unfolding in the region. >> reporter: and so far tonight, no terrorist organization has yet claimed credit for this attack, which bears some obvious similarities similarities to march's bombing attackou
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brussels airport. and it's a sign of how quickly this is developing tonight. the turkish government is now saying they believe it is three, not two suicide bombers. we'll have an update in the next hour. >> garrett, thank you. and the faa did say a ground stop on all flights heading from the u.s. to istanbul. that would include a turkish airlines flight. it left before the attack. still scheduled to land later this evening. to get breaking news over to the istanbul attacks, you can download our wusa 9 app. an attack in ben ghazi that killed four americans, including ambassador chris stevens. no operation was under way to rescue the people in ben ghazi. the administration
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politically motivated. internal video caused the attack. it was left vulnerable. and members of the obama administration stone-walled the congressional investigation. >> i believe the government failed its people and lied to the public in the aftermath. >> we owe it to those great americans to make sure we learn the right lessons from this tragedy. >> about that bipartisan report. the white house says the conclusion from this report is no different from the previous congressional investigations. hashtag ben ghazi has been one of the biggest training topics on twitter. >> dan adams tweeted all of these hillary clinton supporters and 13 hours. not one american military aspect was sent to ben ghazi. and pat tweeted, a much higher death toll from u.s. embassy and consulate, packed under
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republican presidents than under president obama. hillary clinton's presidential rival, donald trump has yet to address the ben ghazi report. delivered an economic policy speech in the battleground state of pennsylvania today. they equated trump as the kind who pushed manufacturing jobs overseas. >> hillary clinton and her friend in global finance want to scare america into thinking small. >> reporter: trump said if he is elected, he will withdraw from a proposed specific trade rim pack. he also vowed to renegotiate the terms of the north american free trade agreement. trying to map out a future without britain. this is the first meeting. they are urging british leaders to move quickly to separate from the e. ruvment. but outgoing british prime
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civil rights activists walter carte roy is a free man tonight. the 83-year-old is back in his northwest washington home. after being released from the loudoun county detention center this afternoon. he was arrested at dulles international airport yesterday. andrea mccarren is live tonight outside the detention center where the latest. andrea? >> reporter: well, bruce. walter controy's release came after a prince george's county judge recalled that arrest warrant and ordered him free. that as long as he promised to return to court to face fraud charges. >> reporter: walter controy was beaming as he left jail and into the arms of his one of dorothy. the latest in his chapter in an extraordinary career. >> he's glad to be home.
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he's here. and all of us are glad he's here, too. >> reporter: the legendary civil rights activist, who helped martin luther king jr. organize the march on washington was arrested at dulles international airport, shortly after his flight landed from the united arab emirates. >> he was so happy to get some american food. he wanted a hamburger, french fries and a coke when he got to the airport. >> reporter: he had been wanted by authorities since 2012, when a warrant was issued for his arrest. he had allegedly written a bad check for $55,000 to host a private party at national harbor, after president obama's first inauguration. >> he was charged a criminal warrant for being a fugitive. that warrant was released by the courts in maryland. therefore the courts ceased to exist in maryland. >> we're told most of the money
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but his absence leaving his wife and children behind, is still shrouded in mystery. >> he looked happy to be home. happy to be here. >> reporter: fontroy will be back in court july 20th, in prince george's county, to face those charges, stemming from that bounced check. reporting live from lees leesburg, andrea mccarren. wusa 9. reverend fontroy also served as a pastor at the new baptist church in the district in 2009. coming up. three rail workers missing after a head-on freight train collision. the u.s. senate can't agree on a bill to fund the zika
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senate democrats drag proposals to provide more than $1 million to fight zika virus. packing the measure with restrictions on planned parenthood money. and changes the policy on pesticide spray. congress now has just two weeks to try to reach a new deal for lawmakers plea for seven weeks summer recess. minnesota judge will require those seeking a piece of prince's fortune to submit to dna testing. and instead of a july 8th deadline. a sister and five
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are laying claim to the estate. you might recall, prince died in april of an accidental drugover dose. no will has been found. colliding in the texas panhandle. sending heavy smoke into the air. the immediate area there has been evacuated. each train carried two crewmembers. tractor-trailer in a minivan, negotiate of los angeles. killing a further mother and two children. it was rear-ended. the van burst into flames. coming up tonight on wusa 9. it takes an out-of-control car to interrupt the lunch hour. up next, virginia commuters prepare to fuel the impact of metro's major safety makeover.
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tracking metro. the agency is alerting riders to the next phase of its major makeover. >> that's right.
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virginians will feel the pain. >> metro is handing out these warnings now. blue and yellow lines. both will be cut off between two big stations. >> ashley twadle is following metro's latest advice. her normal commute won't work next week. alexandria and fairfax county will be cut off by metro. >> it's not going to impact me too much. only because i'm a remote employee. so i can work from home and do a lot of our stuff via the internet. if i have to go into the office, it will be a bit of a pain. >> the blue and yellow lines will shut down between braddock road and reagan national for a week. >> i've heard of friends who have cars. but they're going to try to drive to work every day. >> some riders are still unaware of the shutdown that is coming. wayne smith just found out. >> very big problems.
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probably would have to do uber. >> metro's general manager is trying to get the word out. some buses will be provided. but not enough to handle all the commuters from virginia. >> what we have found is the first day -- you know, some people. but then after that. they're fine. >> i think everybody is going to kind of roll their eyes a little bit. but i'd rather have more traffic for a couple of weeks than have another fire on our hands. >> the virginia railway express is another option metro is pushing. other bus services are being ramped up now. metro says if you can work from home, do it. pete monteen, wusa 9. >> they will still be open to trains from the north. the airport is pushing passengers to try to make parking reservations through its website. we invite you to join wusa 9, thursday night, for a mission metro special. metro gm paul weder feld will be here.
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metro safe and reliable for everybody. that's thursday night. right here. and now, check out this surveillance video. in a split second. employees at a jersey mike's. ducking for cover. just before 1:00. a car plowed through the front of the store, sending customers scrambling. and glass flying. thankfully, everyone is safe. paramedics did take one woman
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$10 billion to buy hundreds of thousands of cars from volkswagen owners who thought they were buying environmentally friendly cars. the company will also pay billions in fines. last week, they admitted to installing software. ikea is recalling 3 million chests and dressers. they say it should be attached to a wall, to prevent them from toppling over. six children died when the furniture fell on them. ikea is offering free anchor kits. as customers, if you have one of those, you can ask for a refound refound. the u.s. hotel is opening for the first time. they are accepting in the upscale suburbs of miramar. they will operate tree -- three chains on the island. this is opening another. turning to weather right now. >> a lot going on. >> a
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>> a the love trees are down. and hope well road. which is south of middleburg, and north of the plain. and upper faulkier county. we know there's been trees down. and supports of hail. let's start with a live look outside. michael is and sons weather cam. a little dark here in the downtown area. 84. dew point 73. just a miserable day. with the humidity way out of line. compared to where we were earlier. humidity now, almost 70%. so here's the radar over the last hour. this line is rolling through. but notice, to the west. line of showers trying to develop north and west of frederick. so we're not done when this first line rolled through. the yellow there. that is a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00. we'll zoom in. if you have a lot of watches in effect right now. this goes until 6:45. includes anne arundel, howard, montgomery county. and prince george's county. a lot of lightning with this. and heavy rain. and this is going to roll south and east, across mont montgomery county.
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going. trying to go up 95. toward baltimore. up toward baltimore, washington parkway. down to the south we go. the warning is expired. but this is still a very, very dangerous storm. through tyson, fairfax. across 66. manassas. frequent lightning this. is headed for waldorf. it's going to stay together. no doubt about that. 7:07. arrival in waldorf. about 7:18. in terms of rotation. see a little rotation. 41 miles away from the radar site. and 21-mile-per-hour winds toward the radar site. but nothing really jumps out at you. just a tiny rotation with that storm. but that said, this is about where this is halfway through middle burg and the plains. possible funnel cloud was cited. and there were a lot of trees down. multiple reports of trees down in that area, south of middleburg. in fact, they are lining up right there. that's the hail report. we'll zoom in though and talk about the ee
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trees down in the 5200 block. we have trees in the intersection. halfway. the good news is there was not a warning on that storm any longer. but still has dangers. and eventually across the river. the watch goes until 10:00. we'll go until about midnight. yellow weather alert. storms. and by midnight. just isolated storms on thursday. not enough to worry about at this point. day planner. 70s to start. 81 with sunshine. about 1:00, much lower humidity. we're okay on thursday. isolated storms. a few more storms on friday. still not bad. isolated storms saturday and sunday. kind of hot. had to put storms back on the fourth. and we'll try again. with temperatures in the upper 80s. we have an update on breaking news in turkey. officials now say nearly 50 people were killed in a terror
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in istanbul. initial reports show isis is behind the suicide bombings. cbs news will have the latest coming up at
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we are live at nats park. it's a big night. big anticipation for this big right-hander. we're talking about lucas gialito. he is making his first start. he's the number 1 prospect in all of baseball being call up
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really doesn't matter if he's the number 1 prospect. >> he's a prospect. you know, he prospects our scene. yeah. so some work. some don't. but we're trying to ward off the mets. and you don't know if he's ready or not until he actually getting here and performs. >> we shall see. hopefully they get this in at the regular start time of 7:05. sad news to pass on to you. sat patd summit, in one word -- pat summitt was a winner. has passed away at the age of 64. redskins fans certainly remember the name of buddy ryan. eagles head coach passing away at the age of 92. he was head coach when the infamous body bag, where every
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>> they hurt our receivers. they killed us. and that was buddy ryan football. buddy ryan was a take no prisoners type of guy. and again, i'm saying all of these things. it's an endearing thing. i'm not saying it in a negative sense. people were very endeared to him as a person and his personality. even though it was tough, i don't think it was conning. but it rhymed. missed. god bless him. >> well said, darrell. and i got some bad news. the tarp is being pulled out here. so maybe not a 7:05 start. the debut of lucas gialito. looks like that is the case. >> thunderstorms on the way. get ready. moving right through the metro. >> see
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>> rose: under attack. suicide bombers hit turkey's largest airport, dozens of deaths and many injured. also tonight, volkswagen cheated on emissions tests. now, it is paying one of the biggest settlements in u.s. history. >> it marks aig scanifint first step toward holding volkswagen accountable. >> rose: it is a race against time as rescuers try to save a blue whale tangled in fishing line. >> here he comes again! disploaz and we'll remember pat summitt, a pioneer in women's basketball. >> three seconds! somebody count! >> rose: whose icy stare willed her players to


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