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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 29, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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♪and one day.... captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, june 29th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." terror in turkey. three suicide bombers unleash an attack at a packed airport, killing dozens and wounding many more. the deadly details and a look at why this is becoming too common in turkey. after two years and $7 million, the benghazi committee finds no new bomb shells against hillary clinton but plenty of criticism for the u.s. military for its handling of the deadly attack. a tourist delivers a monumental performance at the
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crowd to a standstill. ♪ o'er the land of the free good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. the turkish prime minister says it appears isis was behind the deadly coordinated attack at istanbul's main airport. at least 36 people were killed and more than 140 wounded when three suicide bombers started shooting and then blew themselves up. the victims including some foreigners, but most are turkish. this morning, the airport reopened, following the attacks, security was increased at u.s. airports. istanbul and a turk airport is one of the world with's busiest. the suicide bombers opened fire near check poise at the terminal entrance. tina kraus is
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>> reporter: istanbul's ataturk airport is the busiest. it was the world's 11th busiest last year and attacked at the time of these attacks. this video on social media appears to show the moment that the attack apirpt. turkish officials say assailants opened fire at the international terminal. this footage appears to show an officer taking one of them down moments before the suspect blew himself up. outside the airport, frantic passengers ran to safety as emergency crews rushed in to help the wounded. >> one guy had a hole in his sack from shap nerapnel, from g >> reporter: others rushed to a hospital. this turkish man was desperate looking for his
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behind him. while there is no claim of responsibility cbs news has been told it has the hallmarks of an isis attack. john kerry said this is a sign that the militant group is getting weaker. >> we have to get it right 365. they have to get it right ten minutes. >> reporter: officials in turkey are assessing the damage at the airport as the investigate continues to unfold. just this week, the u.s. state department issued a public warning that terrorist groups, both foreign and domestic, were actively speaking to attack americans. as of now, no u.s. citizens are confirmed to be casualties in these attacks. >> tina, in london, thanks a lot. we are joined on the phone by holly williams who is in istanb istanbul. this is the latest in the string of a terrorist attacks in
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and talking about a country that at one point was stable. what has happened the last year or so? >> reporter: what has happened is the security situation in turkey has deteriorated rapidly. with that deadly sued bombing that you just mentioned, many of them in istanbul, which is turkey's biggest cities, other in ankara, turkey's capital. it seemed to target foreign tourists earlier in the year were blamed on isis by the turkish authorities. however, unlike other bombings carried out by the group, isis had never claimed responsibility. other attacks have been carried out by kurdish separatists, many of another minority who are locked in a long running conflict with the turkish state. now one kurdish militant group came out and
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targeting tourists but can no longer guarantee safety here in turkey. >> certainly turkey has been battling with them for decade now. at this point, which group is a bigger threat to turkish security isis or these kurdish fighters? >> reporter: i think the problem for turkey is that there is conflict all around it, as well as inside it. a cease-fire with those kurdish militants fell apart in the middle of last year, which has unleashed a blood letting on both sides. then also remember that turkey shares a 500 mile long border with syria and we have seen that country deadly civil war fill across that border time and time again. so this bombing is, obviously, very upsetting to everyone here in turkey. but it's most certainly wasn't surprising for many people.
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thank you very much, holly. cbs news senior national security analyst juan zarate says u.s. officials will play close to the istanbul attacks. >> are american citizens cared and harmed and caring for those individuals and look for information tied to this attack that may be demonstrated on other attacks likely to be happening. are there copyrigcats who want simulate a similar attack so you might see increased security around key airports around the country. the presidential nominees reacted to the istanbul attack. donald trump said it's time for america to get tough and fight fire with fire. >> folks, there is something going on that's really, really bad. all right? it's bad. and we better get smart
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better get tough or we are not going to have much of a country left, okay? >> hillary clinton said the u.s. must work with its allies. in a statement, she said the attack, quote, reminds us that the united states cannot retreat, we must deepen our cooperation with our allies and partners in the middle east and europe to take on this threat. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will talk with fran townsend, a former homeland security adviser to on former president george w. bush about the istanbul attacks. on the u.s. diplomatic outpost in benghazi criticize the u.s. military and the white house. the report found no new evidence of wrongdoing by then secretary of state hillary clinton. >> i understand that
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than two years and $7 million spent by the benghazi committee out of taxpayer funds, it had to, today, report it had found nothing. >> four americans, including ambassador chris stevens, died in the attacks on september 11th, 2012. republican senate leaders say there won't be another opportunity to pass a bill to fund the battle against the zika virus, at least for a while. senate democrats guzzled the bill yesterday because it denied new funding for planned parenthood clinics in puerto rico and eased rules on pesticide spraying. democrats want to resume the negotiations. republican leaders say the deal negotiated by house and senate republicans is the best the democrats are going to get. in brussels, european leaders are pressing britain to act quickly to leave the eu. prime minister david cameron met with the european union leaders yesterday for the last time as prime minist
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favorable trade conditions once britain leaves the eu but cameron insists he will leave the exit proceedings to his successor. later today, the scottish first minute ser will meet with the eu president to see if a way scotland can remain in the eu. a brief, but fierce, storm in denver yesterday delayed flights, flooded streets, and sent ground crews skarvcrambles coors field. rain and hail delayed the start of the colorado rockies game against toronto for more than two and a half hours. three crew members are missing now after a head-on train edition in texas. a bystander recorded the moments after the crash yesterday near amaril amarillo. flames are blocking efforts to find the missing workers. another crewman was hurt after jumping from the wreckage. rail officials haven't explained why the freight trains were on the same track. coming up on the "morning news."
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side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. turkish officials believe isis is behind yesterday's attack at istanbul's airport. at least 36 people were killed when three suicide bombers opened fire near a security checkpoint and blue themselves up when police started shooting at them. more than 140 others were injured and some seriously. the victims include some foreigners. the istanbul airport is the 11th busiest in the world and it reopened this morning. a look at the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the new york times" reports that visitors may be asked to reveal their social media accounts. the federal plan would affect
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program and government says it would help attract ties to terrorism. the administrativedismissal lawsuit in roll stone. a judge ruled that they weren't specifically mentioned. the dallas morning news reports widening claims of sexual assault by women who attend baylor. three more women said the university did nothing when they reported being raped. they are joining a federal lawsuit against the school. a baylor spokeswoman didn't respond to a request for comment. the charlotte observer reports proposed changes in north carolina's bathroom law. some lawmakers want to restore legal safeguards against lgbt residents and not change the requirement for bathroom use according to birth gender.
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forecast in some cities around the country. >> i know. >> don't you do that. >> it took some convincing from her friends but a florida woman delivered a powerful impromptu perform answer at t performance at the lincoln memorial, belting out the national anthem. onlookers were delighted with the reluctant show stopper and an assistant high school principal showering her with hugs and high fives after the monumental performance. doesn't that give you chills? e
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on the cbs "moneywatch" now. a new diamond in the rough is for sale? jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning. global stock markets are bouncing back from the two-day rout following the brexit vote. wall street follows gains in europe. the dow jumped 269 points. s&p rose 35 points. the nasdaq finished 97 points higher. toyota is recalling 1.4 million hybrid cars because of a possible airbag defect. this time, though, it is not related to faulty airbags made by takata. it covers 240,000 cars in the united states. the airbag inflaters may have a small crack. for more information, go to the toyota website, starwood hotels and resorts is managing a hotel in havana,
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the first time they have managed a hotel in media since 1959. starwood says it will take several months to refurbish the proper. the world's largest uncut diamond is going up for auction today in london at 1,109 carats. it is the second largest diamond ever found. it's actually the size of a tennis ball that was discovered last november. the diamond is owned by a mining firm and it's expected to sell for about $70 million. amazon is expanding a dash program which is where people order detergent or foot by pushing a button. the buttons cost $4.99 but it's actually credited back to customers after their first order. >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a public memorial will be held next month in tennessee for pat summitt, the legendary college coach is being remembered for bringing women's basketball into the forefront of american sports. manuel bojorquez has the report. >> reporter: at the foot of pat summitt's statue at the university of tennessee, dozens of visitors left flowers, balloons, and notes. one reading simply the best, we love you. >> stand here and pass over. >> reporter: here in the volunteer state, no one left a bigger
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court. racial roberts said she grew up idolizing coach summitt who taught little girls valuable life lessons. >> never give up your on your dreams and whatever you set out to do, do it. >> reporter: in 1987, she helped the lady volunteers win their first national championship. >> we weren't the best team or the most talented team in the country that year, but we were on a mission and we were on on a mission to win that championship for pat. >> reporter: collier now coaches girl's high school basketball and is also a mom of four girls who play basketball. >> when she was talking, she had your attention. she wanted to instill in us that, you know, one of these days, we have to go for a job interview and you have to be able to look people in the eye and you have to have confidence in yourself. >> reporter: she gave her players confidence and gave inspiration to those who never met her. >> some people's heros wear a cape. mine wa
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z212mz zi0z y212my yi0y security is on high alert at turkey's largest airport on the heels of the attack that killed at least 30 people. the impact it is having on u.s. airports today. >> whale rescue. efforts continue to try to save a
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lines. >> shaping up to be a beautiful day. how about the holiday weekend. we got questions and allyson rae has answers. >> good morning. it's hump day. the weather will be perfect. nothing like yesterday. we will knock the humidity down a bit. 69 degrees out there. the dew point is in the 60s. already on its way down. winds are out of the north today, northwest. it will usher in the nice comfortable air. nice day to have lunch or dinner outside. 66 hagerstown. 64 manassas. there is patchy fog out there. the fog that is developing is quite dense. not too widespread p. keep that in mind. lots of sunshine today. no rain chances. you can leave the umbrellas at home. highs in the mid-80s. a couple of degrees below average. >> good morning. we are off to
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a lot of earlier issues we had primarily on i-66 resolved at this point. you are looking at a smooth ride inner and outer loop of the beltway, 395 and 295. for our friends in prince george county a warm good morning to you. no issues on branch avenue or pennsylvania avenue. 301 as well as maryland 210. quiet, a little volume picking up on the northbound side of route 5. but it won't slow you down. watch out for the additional cars on the road. meantime, traveling northbound on 95 working your way up out of quantico, triangle, to the springfield interchange, a smooth ride. traffic light in frederickburg and stafford. the breakup begins in brussels, belgium. >> that's where european union leaders are in the second day of meetings in sessions without p.m. came manager -- prim
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cameron that was not invited. back in washington there appears to be political paralysis over funding to fight the psycho virus -- zika virus. the proposal did not pass the senate yesterday. former d.c. delegate and legendary civil rights activist walter fauntroy is waking up in his own bed. he was released from the loudoun detention center. he was arrested when he landed at dulles on an outstanding warrant for writing a bad check for $55,000. found troy was wanted by -- fauntroy was wanted by authorities since 2012. he was living in
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synopsis of what is going on this morning. >> the news at 4:30 starts right now. right now preparing for safe track surge 3. why the man at the top of metro says plan ahead before the next phase gets underway next week. >> good morning, i'm andrea roane. >> i'm nick giovanni in for mike hydeck. weather and traffic back on the 9s. >> larry miller is covering the commute. and it's a beautiful day in allyson rae's neighborhood. >> picture perfect out there. lots of sunshine. a little patchy fog but the morning commute will be okay. when you step outside i think you will notice a temperature change. take a look. i want to show you this from last night. the storms that came through, they were a little strong. you may discover storm
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this morning with trees down near silver springs. the owners weren't home. no one was injured around the corner. a massive tree uprooted and landed on the roof of a station wagon. it took out power lines but did not damage any homes. we will be looking at a calmer pattern today. 66 for gaithersburg. 63 23red direct and 70 -- frederick and 70 for leesburg. sunshine. all of the rain and thunderstorms are on the way out. we will not look at any big rain chances until maybe next week. we do have changes in your 4th of july forecast which we will detail. highs in the low to mid-80s. 87 frederickburg. warm farther south. comfortable for most of the area. we will go through the


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