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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 1, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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kelly ripa's race for new co-host heats up. >> they would be lucky to have >> who has got a shot at strahan's seat? we break down the finalists. then celebrity homes for sale, sparkling pools, giant great views. we tour the a-list listings. and the most adorable star summer babies. with celebs can't stop posting pictures of their cute kids? plus two friday flashbacks. >> a walk down memory lane. >> as 98 degrees preps their ne tour, we look back at their '90s onashi missteps. and on the 25th anniversary of "terminator 2" we open the "e.t." vault. >> in the middle of the action -- "e.t." is always there. now for july 1st, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." hi, hope yo h
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week, nancy o'dell is off. >> we have more big headlines. as the search heats up for michael strahan's replacement, nick lachey breaks news. ♪ oh candy been dating ♪s that you have ♪ just send them away ♪ oh candy >> fill a spot for michael strahan with "live with kelly." would you want that job? >> that's probably one of the most coveted jobs for people who are in the hosting space. you know, in the business. so i mean i think it would be an incredible honor to be able to go and work ith kelly. i think the world of her, a great show. i'm sure whoever gets that job is going to be very deserving. i can only hope i'm on the short list. >> they would be lucky to have him. >> nick may want the job, but it doesn't look good. h
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for "gma" and a new twist today. we've learned that kelly's co-host will be named before the new season starts in september and that could be bad news for front-runner anderson cooper. cnn is counting on him for their november election coverage and the timing may eliminate him from consideration. so where does that leave the search to replace strahan? well, surprise. fred savage has emerged as a top contender. >> that's the very most popular demand is fred savage. >> he's booked for three days in a row, starting july 1th. pe've learned that while the actor wants the job, he is reluctant to relocate his family to new york. another contender -- al >> they need to have people back again and again so you can see. >> we've learned that savage wants the job, but he is reluctant to locate his family to new york. another contender -- alec n.ldwi
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>> he filled in last month and told ellen he's interested. >> the schedule you have and being able to stay home with children is what i prefer. >> more big names, jesse smolett from "empire" has filled in rob lowe told he would do it, too. >> i love being able to talk to an audience every morning like that. >> if you want to lrn more about story, go to o website, >> up next, leslie jones and christian siriano fashion a look. she tweeted no one would help her with a dress and christian stepped up and she's thrilled. she said it takes a real designer to design for a real woman. the duo teased with captions like up to no g those pink gowns. we're wondering what christian's got up his sleeve for the six-foot tall star. one celeb stylist is criticizing jones.
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>> we is more news. the latest on another story we're in front of. the world for this fourth july weekend. jennifer garner as jetting away at l.a.x. relaxed, smiling, no men or kids in sight. >> you're beautiful, jennifer. >> normally brushing past the paparazzi, jen stopped to sign autographs and shared a kind word with a man in charge of her luggage. jen's travel outfit? casual jeans and black top. but that handbag is a versace that sells for over $3200.
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wednesday was the 11th anniversary of her wedding to ben. so maybe this is a gal's getaway for the upcoming week. her traveling companion wws this woman in the striped shirt. jen jetted commercial from los angeles to paris. when she arrived in france, she was surrounded by tight security. with the airports on high alert. the guard were wwerengeari body armor. in london, madonna donned all black. but the 57-year-old crowned herself with uca crifix double headband. she shared this pic of a smiling 15-year-old son, rocco with his 19-year-old sis, lourdes. with all the drama over rocco, it's good to see the family smiling again. down under in sydney, keith urban andol nice kidman celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. the 49-year-old oscar winner showed off her fabulous legs in a mini with black booties.
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and in france, middleton and princess william and harry braved the rain to mark the 100th anniversary of a key bbttle in world war i. kate was elegant in a beige lace dress and black fascinator topping her head. the duchess skillfully managed walking in black stillettos on the grass. meanwhile, let's shift the focus to stateside. so much stuff going on here. i have relocated to sunset boulevard. just outside the trendy chateau marmont hotel and beyond that, the hills where so many stars live. there's a new resident in the hills, kendall jenner just snapped up a hot property for a steep price. >> i want to get serious start the house-hunting process. >> welcome to hollywood kendall. the 20-year-old just reportedly put down $6.5 million for this crazy six-bedroom hillside home. it used to be owned by emily blunt, and john krasinski who are expecting baby number two.
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a realtor says when celebs buy another star's home, it's no accident. >> it helps them to be associated. so the value increases somewhatt john and emily's massive 4,800 square-foot home with a sparkling pool, impressive view and this insane closet seems more fitting for a single >> and listen to this -- kendall got a deal knocking off half a million dollars from the asking price. but she's not the mogul in the kardashian family when it comes to real es that title is held by her sister, kylie. >> i haveefound the perfect house. >> yesterday in west hollywood we spotted the 18-year-old rolls royce while on a dinnee date with on again/off again man tyga. this after she snapped up this $6 million home in hidel hills, california. douule the size of kendall's pad for plenty of room for all of this.
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>> this is -- my shoe closet. >> last month, the mogul who we have to reiterate who is still a teen, moved out of her first house which she bought last year for $2.7 million she flipped it and is now asking $3.9 million. >> she knows how to buy, she's learned from her mom. she knows how to understand real estate. she's a sharp businesswoman. >> back to kylie's boyfriend, tyga is also making big moves in real estate. he leased a megamansion in bel-air a street over from kim and kanye. the new home is 12,000 square feet, a theater room and a pool that looks like it belongs in a water park. and the pricetag? $46,500 per month. >> what kind of a monster are you? >> you can call me the big friendly giant. >> oh my! >> the bfg will try to sink dory at the box office this weekend, which has been number one for two weeks.
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just hit theaters and a lot of buzz around mark rylant. quite amazing as the giant. there is a little scene-stealer in the movie. here's why ruby barnhill is one to watch. >> i'm not. >> you beat out thousands of girls for this role. what's that process like? >> it was really ama to know that i was picked. it's really an honor. i'm sure they were amazing younger actresses. >> no one would listen to me, anyway, i'm an untrustworthy child. >> ruby sent in a hem-made audition video that caught the eye of the director steven spielberg who cast her as sophie. perhaps the bigger challenge for ruby was dealing with all that giant speak. >> and then there would be a great rumple-dumpous, wouldn't there? we had to know what some of th razy worz
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>> balfofflement. >> i would like to throw in a couple of words to see if you know what they mean? >> babbleness. >> that's chatter. >> there's a fierce wizard. >> a fizz wi >> incredibly dreamy like. like a golden like magic -- >> yeah, hippo dumplings and crocodile jillys and jiggy ralphs. >> i like whoopsy splunkers. it makes you feel really good about something you did or said, you can say i'm whoopsie splunkers. >> cross your fingers! >> producers first tried to make this movie in 1994 this movie back in 1994. and robin williams actually wanted to play the giant. >> it could have worked. >> he auditioned, but the project ultimately fell through until now. still ahead -- ♪ ♪ >> our flashback ffiday with 98 degrees. >> that's the first time i think i've ever seen that >> the boy band relives their wildest moments from the road. plus we go back to the set of "terminator 2" 25 years late
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>> this is what "e.t." and "terminator" have in common, okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ]
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♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. harry potter, daniel radcliffe played a r talking corpse in the offbeat comedy "rich army man". >> it didn't seem that now at havertys furniture, it's our 4th of july sale.
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from now until july 4th, you'll find huge savings on stylish pieces. plus, you'll get an extra ten-percent off accessories! and, we're offering thirty-six month, no-interest financing. come in today for savings in every room. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. the 4th of july sale! from classic to contemporary. havertys. ♪ that is one of the top ten hits that made 98 degrees a big part of the boy band explosion of the '90s. and we just joined them in new york. as they gear up to kick off a new tour. ♪ ♪ >> the guys sound great. and are hitting the road for the first time in three years for their "my 2 k y" toour. >> the fans are still there? are they older or still 16-year-old girrs? >> a combination obo
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it's cool to look out and see some of your loyal fans who are now bringing their wn daughters to your show. hey this is what mom used to do when she was your age. it's a cool kind of passing-the-torch moment happens in these shows. ♪ ♪ >> this boy band even covers billy joel. "e.t." was with the guys during their rise to fame. so our news editor just had to share with them a little "e.t." flashback friday. ♪ ♪ this conceet seemed a little like "magic mike." >> here in new york city it doesn't get much bigger than this a great crowd out there they all want to be here. we're ready to have a good time. we're looking forward to it. >> we spoke to the guys at 1010 wins radio in new york. it was fun throwing it back with them. looking at those '90s fashions. >> oh yeah. >> working on the car. >> mechanic.
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vanessa digs the retro look. the two are parents to two small kids. they won't be touring with daddy. >> are you going to bring the family on tour? >> no, none of russ bringing our families on the road this time. it's just us on the tour bus like the old days ♪ ♪ >> what's the greatest thing you guys have ever experienced? >> we had a crazy fan pose someone who was interviewing us, she had a camera man with her. stuff like that. up next, our flashback friday continues as "terminator 2" celebrates 25 years. >> hasta la vista, baby. >> from our time on set to the big premiere. second baby, right? >> yes. plus celebs turning their lovable little babies into sociadil mea stars. can you guess whose cute kid this is? closap
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celeerity babies are ready for their close-ups. so many stars have been instagraming shots of their little ones, we've put them together in our summer baby
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photo album. >> hi, lil'. hi baby kyra. >> new parents chrissie and john are snap-happy. posting pics of baby luna. and here, her diy onesie for father's day, check out this sweet daddy/daughter moment. chrissy writing she is in love this sleeping beauty is instagram-worthy and the are pretty cute, too. chris hemsworth and elsa pataky 2-year-old twins do yoga with mom in spain and receive birthday hugs from dad but it's daddy's little girl, 4-year-old india rose who fixes him a late-night snack. somebody's got the gi ivanka trump's son theodore finding something very funny. and theo is taking some dow time in this precious pic cradled by his big sis, gearing up for a summer of campaigning with grandpa. olympic gold medalist michael phelps is a proud papa. not aou
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cheering on team daddy at the olympic trials. check out boomer's adorable mini red, white and blue headphones. the 31-year-old dad will compete this summer in his fifth olympic games. looks like this family will need some res jasmine is excited about summertime. the 6-month-old is all smile her floral dress. she takes a more serious approach, checking out daddy's tattoos. >> so i just got back from the club and this is what chanel is doing. grandma -- put her to sleep. >> and cocoa and ice t's daughter chanel is already a world travele relaxing in st. bart's with mom in matching suits and with the headband. the 7-month-old nugget is a fashionista. >> i could look at those cute little faces all d the next celebrity baby could arrive any day. shawn lowe's wife is due on tuesday, they got married after "bachelooette."
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live. >> 25 years ago this weekend, arnold schwarzenegger made good on his promise, i'll be back. he came back in "terminator 2." the film went on to be the biggest hit in the entire franchise, and it grossed more than half a billion dollars. herees the cool thing -- we were along with arnold for that wild ride so in honor of flashback friday, we're taking you back to the set of "terminator 2." >> "e.t." and "terminator 2" has in common, they're relentless. i'll be b "e.t." is always it reports accurately. >> we love the props, arnold, but what we really noticed on set was how his face lit up every time he talked t-2. >> i know it's going to be the huge big, blockbuster for sum and it is excit >> exciting and a lot of fun for us to cover. arnold was red carpet royalty at the movie's 1991 premiere.
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he arrived with wife maria shriver and they had a surprise to share. >> right now we're looking rwfoard to our second baby, right? >> yeah. >> that's what we're really looking forward to. >> at the time, schwarzenegger was promoting the most expensive movie ever made with a budget of $102 million. >> we're happy we can spend some money. it's all on the screen. people pay $7 for a ticket. they get $30 worth of movie. >> speaking of money, schwarzenegger was paid $21,000 pe >> hasta la vista, baby. >> that's considering he only speaks 700 words in the film. divide that by his $15 mill salary. another stand-out -- linda hamilton, as sarah conner. >> a lot of life lessons that i learned. even with the training, not just military training but you keep going and your muscles hurt and you push through it there's such a satisfaction and a serenity that comes from that.
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i always will >> whatever happened to edwar furlong who played her son. poised for stardom. he was only 13 when we sat down with him. >> i had to do a lot of exercising and work with guns a lot. >> like many young stars, furlong battled drugs and -pand his career falter. in 2013 he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend. we got a look at director james cameron in action, six years before he made "titanic." >> everybody off, please. >> i go for perfection. but there is no such thing as perfection, because perfection is subjective. i just want it to be the best that it can be. >> the hard work paid off. that and arnold's superhuman enthusiasm. >>nj i eoy doing great films. i enjoy promoting the films. and i'm happy with my life. >> by the way. arnold will bete prty busy. he is taking over for donald -ptrump as the host of the new celebrity "the apprentice" on nbc.
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>> trump is a little busy these days. >> what's he doing? >> i'll tell you later. in our "entertainment tonight" birthday which "lord of the rings" star recorded a song that was never used was it liv tyler or cate blanchett? we'll be back with the story.
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travel consideration provided by -- welcome back, in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which "lord of the rings" star recorded a song that was never used? that was liv tyler, who turns 39 to thanks for watching, one more thing for you to che ouef
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>> that's nick jonas's song, "close" we have breaking news, he'll be pching it with demi lovato this weekend when takes the stage for the boston pops. our own nancy o'dell wwll be the host.
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♪ thank you. have a good day. thank you. we've landed, sir. we've arrived in los angeles, sir. excuse me, sir. hello? sir? can you hear me? i'm sorry. you were sound asleep. we've landed. thank you. let's go.


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