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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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wusa 9 stephanie live for us with the latest. how is it there? >> reporter: hey, adam and leslie, yeah, i mean it is rainy out here and people are out here with umbrellas and ponchos but they are ready for it. a capitol fourth is still scheduled to go on as planned. meantime earlier today i caught up with a few people at a parade and they started their day off with that fourth of july parade. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: a patriotic parade. celebrating america's 240th birthday. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: for amy porter today is especially significant >> i just became an american last week we thought it would be fun to celebrate the 4th of july in washington dc. >> reporter: this parade is just the beginning of the celebration 200,000 people are
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expected to attend tonight's capitol fourth concert on the west lawn. smoky robinson and rock star gavin degraw will perform. >> pretty proud to be an american. >> reporter: to make sure this area is safe, u.s. park police officers set up eight check point this is morning and canines went to work >> i think our country doesn't often recognize how much it's contributed to the world, liberty and freedom. so that is what this means to me. >> reporter: the essence of the holiday culminates tonight with a fantastic fireworks display. >> exciting to me to be part of an american heritage with my children now. >> reporter: if the weather co- operates and it is expected to co-operate, the free concert starts at 8:00 p.m. then the fireworks are scheduled to go off at 9:09 p.m. just beyond from where i am standing, reporting live
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national mall, wusa 9. >> fingers crossed it will still go off stephanie thank you. >> today's weather forced the white house to cancel its barbecue on the south lawn with military heros celebrations in gathers burg, green burg, college park have been called off for tonight. if the weather holds up and you don't feel like heading into the mall there are other places to watch maryland annual celebration at takoma park middle school and independence day celebrations at montgomery college rockville campus. virginia at fairfax high school as well as vienna community center more detailother events up to the minute information on cancellationings as well on our wusa 9 news app. >> after several isis related terror attacks security forces are on high alert. david schneide
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hersay plans for dc and -- emergency plans for dc and says authorities are prepared >> it is a target with monuments, large numbers of people for things like the july 4th celebration. >> reporter: in new york city the nypd is showing its strength on the ground and in the air the u.s. coast guard is also boosting its patrols and crowds gathering for fireworks at chicago's navy pier had to go through an inspection. fairfax county teen seriously hurt in an explosion in new york city over the weekend. police are working to learn more about the device and where it came from. >> reporter: connor golden is still in the hospital he is in stable condition but he had to have the lower part of his left leg amputated after he stepped on to rocks in central park triggering the explosion >> we don't know what happened there was a small explosion and then dust. >> beyond the caliber of fireworks based on what we hear
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>> yes, our friend he is our friend we should probably get in the ambulance. >> we got to go. >> reporter: connor golden and his two friends all graduates of oakton high school were on vacation in new york city they were walking through central park when connor stepped on the device nearly blowing his leg off the sound of the blast captured on cameras covering earl lee covering elie wiesel's funeral. >> they believe it was an experiment placed on purpose back home in silver spring his grandparents can't understand why someone would do this. >> were they expecting someone to walk along and hit that could have been a kid could have been anybody. doesn't make any sense to me. >> one thing that connor told his father it didn't feel like fi
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on. >> reporter: connor has a long road to recovery and his grandfather says he may need even more surgeries but he is thankful he is alive. >> yeah, he will be okay, he has the amputation you know he has some recovery to do, and so that is going to take awhile. >> reporter: connor and his friends have been cleared of any suspicious activity in the newsroom, wusa 9. >> all of this from just a day at the park. canines are sweeping the area to look for other explosive material. >> to the race for president, donald trump says an image of hillary clinton containing the star of david and pile of money was not anti semitic he claimed it was either a sheriff's star or just a regular star. trump tweeted the picture on saturday before removing it, it actually originated on a white supremacist website we have learned the fbi st
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is almost over the presumptive democratic nominee broke her silence over the weekend after spending hours talking with federal investigators here in washington. there were concerns about her using a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. in a series of tweets trump blasted her. >> she understands she has to earn people's trust she will work very very hard to do that. >> clinton will appear to rally in charlotte alongside president obama there are the first time tomorrow while trump hold as rally the same day in raleigh. >> huge news in the world of sports for a young man who hails from maryland, kevin durant announced he will leave the oklahoma city thunder. >> he is suiting up with the golden state warriors this year and they will pay him $54.5 million for two year deal. today scott broom visited with durant's very influential high school coach to get insight
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to jump ship. >> reporter: wow, 54 plus million dollars well, first of all for wizards fans this does put the final spike in any lingering dreams kevin durant might play in his hometown and his high school coach the great stu vedder told me going to golden state for kevin durant was not about the money. kevin durant in 20 of a high school senior from suit land playing for the montrose christian school in rockville. >> one of the greatest players that ever played. >> reporter: his coach was stu vedder. >> he was so talented in high school he could have played for us friday night and played for the wizards sunday afternoon that was the year that they put the rule in that says he couldn't go from high school directly to the nba because he would have been in that category. >> reporter: instead he went to university of texas and turned pro with the super sonics which moved to oklahoma city where durant became
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his heart has always been here in dc, where he grew up in modest circumstancestill has family and lots of friends. but vedder says he knows why he chose golden state. >> one of his slogans is hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. he knew right from the beginning he was talented but he wasn't going to get out of work he was the hardest working guy we had, he and vazquez every morning at 6:00 a.m. would be at montrose working out before school would start that is what he is looking nor now that type of program i can envision him and seth curry and clay thompson meeting in the morning and working out that is the environment he wantgreat players want i think that had a lot of his decision to go to golden state. >> reporter: former high school coach so again kevin durant leaves oak la hoopla city thunder goes
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warriors and coach vedder here says durant, curry, and thompson all together have the work ethic and the chemistry to potentially become one of the greatest teams in nba history that is what coach vedder said he put a lot of kids in the nba i am believing what he is saying. live in vienna, scott broom wusa 9. >> we wish he was coming here but wish him well at golden state. durant's former high school has scaled back its basketball program since its glory days the coach now runs development camps in the region. one person is dead three others injured after overnight shootings in northeast dc police responding first to the scene on v street near ledront park where they found 42-year- old lyndsey suffering from a gunshot wound to the head he was pronounced dead at the scene, and a woman is fighting for her life
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on division avenue near blaine street one person expected to recover after a stabbing at a dc night club this happened on i street in northwest 9:30 last night investigators say the man stabbed is expected to recover. it took five days, 335 miles for a pack of bikers to make a trek from pittsburgh to dc. >> 21 of them military veterans and supporters traveled to raise money for homeless veterans each rider had to race $1 per mile they surpassed that goal and raised more than 25,000 dollars. >> fantastic. take a bunch of strangers that don't really know each other come together for a cause and you know it is not easy to ride 335 miles in 5 days we stuck it out and worked together as a team, we got it done. so really proud of everybody's effort to finish today. >> veterans leadership
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helps more than -- pennsylvania help more than 2,000 vets find jobs. hundreds lined the streets for the palisades 4th of july parade and picnic when it was over hundredsover people met at the rec center for hot dogs watermelon and family fun. a lot of people are posting their dc 4th of july memories on our facebook page. >> plenty of time to make those memories instead walking around 16th street washington dc yeah, this house really pops out at you. how about zachary who says only one way to celebrate the 4th of july baseball from phi own that happy 4th of july post your pictures and we will share them with you as we go through the evening news. we are just getting started here on wusa 9 ne
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>> next phase of metro's maintenance plan could can cause more disruptions for commuters what virginia rail riders need to know. >> massive algae bloom is turning 4th of july into a stinky nightmare. >> we could be in for a heat wave more on the and tonight's yellow weather alert. >> after the break the american consulate targeted in a suicide bombing in the middle east we are looking at an increase in isis attacks after more than 150 people were killed in baghdad
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a suicide bomber struck the u.s. consulate in saudi arabia,
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the attack come as day after isis killed more than 160 people in baghdad. charlie is in london with more on a growing number of isis attacks. >> reporter: iraqis lit candles at the site of sunday's devastating truck bombing that turned a busy shopping district in an up market neighbourhood into an inferno. this man says most of the people in the building were in their 20s the government does nothing when it comes to security. the holy month of ramadan ends this week and children looking forward to the eve celebrations never lived to see them. major general khadim said isis targeted innocent people after suffering heavy losses on the battlefield. the bombing came barely a week after the iraq military finally cleared nearby fa lieu gentleman of remaining fighters we joined iraqi special forces during part of that fight they faced
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militantings as they inch -- militants as they inched closer to the city backed up by u.s. air strikes. isis has unleashed its brutal brand of terror around the globe. police in bangladesh made arrests over the siege at a cafe that left many dead. and a bombing at an airport in turkey that claimed the lives of more than 40 people. >> sunday's baghdad bombing comes days before the results of a british investigation are released it will examine the reasons britain and america decided to take down hussein. protestors demand answers and action because of that toxic algae bloom in florida. >> it is ruining holiday pl
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down at least one beach. many are blaming state politicians for allowing polluted water from lake okeechobee going into the estuary. >> we are losing our way of life here. >> the four counties effected are under a state emergency it could be weeks before that algae gets washed away. you can see why people don't want to go in the water there. >> clearly impacting tourism and everything. >> yeah, real shame down there as well and a lot of those areas close to the coast, you get the manateestuff they go over there, so hopefully they are not impacted either. precious animals. >> rain rain, go awe here. >> we are trying but we are not out of the woods yet if you are going out for the fireworks shows, i know rockville is still going on along with the national mall, pack rain gear the shower threat is a real one. here is a look at first alert doppler, gentle rains compared to severe weather going
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and kentucky, even north carolina that is a severe thunderstorm warning. east of washington pushing toward the bay on the eastern shore we still have spotty showers and quite a few out to the west, these isolated showers out to the west, culpepper, skyline, headed towards showers, locally lots of clouds around only a couple sprinkles before you head from boi east towards annapolis. west, east, passing showers for the evening hours fireworks forecast, cloudy, humid, muggy, 73, temperatures barely going to budge from where they are now. hopefully they will avoid downtown for that 9-9:30 period. no guarantees. unseasonably cool this may be one of the coolest days at national airport on july 4th since they have been doing records one of
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coolest days on july 4th in washington upper 60s to low 70s at this hour with a real grey looking sky no surprise there. 73 and very muggy that dew point is 70 and on the hour we had light rain showers reported when they took the observation what we are watching is all this activity here moving east, between this and what we had, somewhat of a lull but it is not a pure dry lull that is the concern for the evening as high pressure yeah, not really helping us out much we will say goodbye to that look at the future cast at 9:00 p.m. still trying to produce light to moderate showers across the metro, overnight heavier showers but it will take aim north of town. tomorrow morning potentially toward philly. there could be activity here even though the future cast isn't showing it we will keep the yellow weather alert up and then things do look like they will get bet inner the afternoon that will allow temperatures to take off into
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will get hotter than that, as we get through the rest of the week get ready for the first bonafied heat wave of the season we have three days with 90 but this will be the real stuff 69 lees burg, frederiksburg 71 and we may drop a degree or so here before the night is out. in detail, viewer forecast on this 4th of july, 66 to 72 periods of showers and storms i hope the periods are off when you need them off southwest 5 to 10 sunset 8:37. tomorrow morning, it will be a few showers and storms around mainly early 66, 70s to low 80s by lunchtime isolated stuff in the afternoon 85 to 90 much warmer, still humid, wednesday 93 hot and humid that will be the case just a little hotter, thursday, friday saturday, mid- 90s one of these shot up to 98 then sunday and monday more
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all right. where you can legally set off fireworks in our area and jet blue makes it easier for some passengers to get through security in tonight's consumer alert. >>fter the break a nasa spacecraft on a five year mission will go where no vessel has gone before.
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>> americans celebrate the i wanted pen dense holiday with -- independence holiday with fireworks filling the sky, jupiter will have a visitor after travelling nearly five year2 billion miles the juno spacecraft will attempt to enter an or bit around jupiter to explore it's poles, clouds, atmosphere and core. >> juno is searching for hints about our beginnings, how everything started, how did the solar system get started, these secrets are pretty well guarded by jupiter and it is pretty formidable. >> you know scientists are
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about 10:30 p.m. tonight juno will enter a dangerous part of jupiter's radiation environment. >> he said excited but i think there is a little more energy. >> rain is putting a damper on local fireworks celebration ifs you plan to do your own snap crackle and pop of your own make sure it is legal. some fireworks are allowed but that does not include ones that are loud, exploit or move once you place them and light them. in virginia they are banned in fairfax, but certain ones are legal in louden county. auto sales revved up in june, car buying sites, true says ford, honda nissan reported gains, but sales of gm and volkswagen were down. overall sales for the month are expected to be $8.6
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that is up about 2% from just a year ago. jet blue is making it easier for most of its frequent travelers to skip long security lines at airports for a limited time airline will foot the bill to register mosaic true blue members in tsa precheck allowing you to keep on your shoes, jackets, belts and laptop while you go through faster lines. >> there is a good chance you will see some meh pictures from fireworks tonight. >> yeah, on your facebook feed. we have tips how to take great pictures using your phone. use the burst mode this allows you to take a whole bunch of pictures in a short period of time one of them has got to be good most new phone haves this feature. a tripod or selfie stick. panorama sweeping view wider image don't zoom in also take vi
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throw another option on there put the camera in your pocket and watch the show and enjoy. everybody know what is firewolorks oks like we don't need pictures of them tomorrow. >> rvs are almost as american as fireworkthe 4th of july. a look at some of the greatest recreational vehicles of all time. sad ending for an american college student reported missing in rome. >> surge three of metro's safe track plan kicks off tomorrow evening what you need to know before you venture out. >> right now, howard is back with the latest on tonight's fireworks forecast. will the show go on? differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mrs. wagner's car to arrive for the airport, she can use fios to download the movie "up in the air" to watch while she's...up in the air. that's the power of fiber optics.
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and download speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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a lot of people are really hoping to see some fireworks tonight whichever >> i think what it will come down to is the wind how do you thing things are shaking out. not as much as concern as other showers from the west. we had heavier rains this afternoon if you zoom in here you see how most of that now is well east of us crossing the bay however right in town there is one little shower here, scattered showers, lights up la plata culpepper watching a heavier one a couple light sprinkles coming through dc but a lot of breaks this is what i am keeping my fingers
5:31 pm
we get breaks there is still showers in west virginia and west central virginia that are going to try to move toward us from time to time as opposed to a steady rain passing showers headed out to any fireworks show pack some rain gear and keep your fingers crossed. >> thank you. tracking metro now, this is the first day in a month, without any sort of track shut down but, the break if metro's big safety make over is short. virginia commuters will be impacted starting tomorrow, transportation reporter pete is here >> the third safe track shut down is a big deal starts tomorrow 8:00 p.m. it will cut off the morning rush from alexandria into dc. >> this is something of a farewell for matt smith it is the last time he is taking the metro for two weeks. >> leave early leave late that is what i will try to do. >> reporter: thanks to his fiance she will start driving matt to work downtown. >> i just hope no body else has
5:32 pm
like a big delay in the traffic either. >> reporter: here is what is happening part of the blue and yellow lines are closing, there is braddock road there is national airport for a week metro is cutting off the tracks in between shuttle buses will bypass the shut downs, metro is sending extra but says there won't be enough. >> they promised it will be very crowded, so of course. >> reporter: shutting down tracks is the only way says metro much of this 3-mile stretch is elevated, tough work making for tougher commutes. >> in the long run this is probably for the best but yeah, these two weeks will be not very fun. >> safe track phase 3 ends next monday but the very next day there will be a new shut down north of the airport, in all virginia commuters will feel the pain until the 18th. wusa 9. >> we will all be feeling it through next march. metro is urging those coming in from
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on vre. right now, a full list of the entire metro safe track maintenance project wusa 9 app it's free for your apple or android devices. we are waiting on new information about the death in sterling louden county sheriff's office is calling sus pi should go deputies found -- suspicious, deputies finding a woman inside her home on card knell glen circle, -- cardinal glen circle. police have yet to release her name. one person is dead after a fire in brooklyn park maryland these are pictures of some of the aftermath firefighters did respond to this home on brook wood road at 4:30 a.m. they busted into the doors and found a man in cardiac arrest on the second floor paramedics were not able to save him it took 60 firefighters from anne arundel county and other departments to get that under control. university officials in rome he
5:34 pm
missing american college student. he disappeared on his first night of a study abroad program. >> reporter: italian search and rescue teams found body of 19- year-old beau solomon monday morning not far from where he was last seen the university of wisconsin madison sophomore disappeared late thursday after a visit to a pub in rome his roommate alerted officials when the teen didn't show up for orientation at a study abroad program at john cabott university >> he is a social butterfly, loved by everyone, he is the glue that keeps our family together. >> reporter: family members arrived in rome monday they say he was captain of his high school football team and that he beat a rare form of cancer as a child. >> over 15 to 20 procedures growing up here and was able to overcome all that. >> reporter: in
5:35 pm
are deeply saddened that the body of the missing american missing student has been found in the tigre river. families told cbs wisconsin affiliate that they believe he was mugged and thrown into the river they also say his credit cards were used in days after his disappearence. cbs news london. crews recovered remains of some of the passengercrew members aboard that doomed egypt air flight that crashed into the mediterranean sea back in may. a search vessel recovered the bodies last week we learned the data recorder indicated there was smoke in the lavatory and plane's equipment. >> the father of the 2-year-old boy killed by an alligator at disney, said a second alligator was involved little lane was playing near the edge of the lake when th
5:36 pm
his father matt said he fought to save his son when the second gator attacked him. in all five alligators were killed during the search for the child's body the toddler was found near the site of the attack 6 feet under water. trending now ems crews responding to dozens of emergency calls at a country music concert. a comedian pranks visitors in los angeles and this might be one of the mushiest love declarations ever
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how about country chaos in tonight's trending segment. kenny chesney, 37 people taken to the hospital during his performance in pittsburgh on saturday night. that is a rowdy bunch up there. ems treated nearly 100 people in all in one way or another most calls were results of too much drinking or injuries related to intoxication. >> look at that mess. >> a handful of others were arrested for trespassing, assault and ticket robbery on
5:40 pm
everybody gets to clean up. >> got to be better than that. >> pittsburgh. shame, shame. a comedian said he made l.a. zoo more interesting leaving fake facts at the attraction. >> they are so fake you would figure this out he goes by the name obvious plant, if you give a tiny trombone to 76 ducklings they will lead the most adorable parade you have ever seen. >> america's first president george washington was nine koala's stacked up on top of each other. >> all barn owls think that one line in friend's theme song i'll be there for you and owl be there for you the fact that is trending says something about us people. >> the signs look legit until you read them and realize you are dumber for having read
5:41 pm
the box office the animated sequel bought in nearly $42 million in its third weekend. legend of tarzan earned $38 million purge election year came in third, with just over $30 million. >> finding dory makes us feel good we need to feel good these days. >> for sure. >> it is either adorable or enough to make you gag. posted on instagram, tom kiddleston professes his love for taylor swift with an i love pink tank top and a ps on his arm. let's talk about this kevin durant headed to golden state literally the furthest nba market from dc possible we will check out the fans reaction. >> oh, no. >> and clearly it is not good. >> oh, no. >> all right. calm down. pack up the family get
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a trip inside the rv hall of fame.
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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>> checking out tweets for the campaign t o
5:45 pm
july with donald trump, terrorist attacks will only get worse. politically correct folks won't even call it what it is radical islam. from hillary clinton middle class americans thought trump institute would help them in reality it was yet another giant scam clinton included a link to a new york time's article further explaining her opinion. >> america is home to nor man 11 million rvs. >> more here than in all the other countries combined. tonight our ongoing series open road, reporter scott takes us to the rv capitol of the world. >> reporter: it was almost 90 years ago when charles lindberg made that historic flight from new york to paris, in a single engine plane today the spirit of st. louis, at th
5:46 pm
in washington dc. but 600 miles west there is another place celebrating lindberg's past >> it is the rv capitol of the world. >> reporter: recreational vehicles are to elk hart indiana as to politicians to washington more than 50% are built right here. >> this is a wow facility. >> reporter: it is home to the rv hall of fame. daryl is its president. it's true >> i have been in the rv industry all my life. >> reporter: the hall of fame has a 1913 travel trailer to the rv that was once owned by lindberg. >> charles lindberg approximately 60 rvs are on site what it telly's is the lifestyle and the passion for people to see the country side over a hundred years ago, is pretty much the same as it is today upstairs we have a library with over 20
5:47 pm
with more than 400 inductees you are looking at the pioneers of the industry. >> no one is ever asked for their money back. >> reporter: perhaps the most valuable rv belonged to legendary actress may west. >> when i am good i am very good. >> reporter: 1931 hollywood gave her this travelling home as a gift. >> this became her dressing room on site. >> reporter: back in washington, if you want to touch a part of lindberg's past at the smithsonian you would need a 50-foot ladder, and someone to bail you out of jail. >> do i look like an airplane. >> reporter: here in indiana, you can touch everything in fact, you can take a nap. >> it is one of kind. >> reporter: wusa 9 news. >> >> i wouldn't be too comfortable though. >> hall of fame it doesn't buy rvs it only takes donations here is what
5:48 pm
for an air stream torpedo built in the 30s. if you have one lying around in your backyard elk hart would love to hear from you great news, capitol fourth still on. >> other celebrations cancelled we just learned about them and we have the rest on our wusa 9 news app some may go tomorrow some this weekend some may not be rescheduled. >> first alert doppler a lot going on earlier. heavy state ones moved over but still a lot of activity out to the west, i am thinking the bulk of it, doesn't fall until after midnight and overnight which is good. we have a lull it is not a pure lull in activities. they are weakens a little bit in town we
5:49 pm
sprinkle come through, everything moving west to east, here now, towards central prince george county, approaching boi route 50 maybe odenton in federal springs area. moving west to east most of it is light i am tracking a little bit of yellow north of warrenton headed off toward it is plains and marshall, hay market as it approaches southern louden and fairfax fredericks berg, stafford, you have lighter showers there tonight, i think the fireworks will happen. damp but doable cloudy and muggy i don't think they will move much 73 maybe 72 a lot of humidity in the air. temps haven't moved much all day morning low 68, high today so far 73, that is it. and if it doesn't get warmer than 75 this will be
5:50 pm
coolest july 4th in the 75 year record at regan national. you live through that weather wise, lots of clouds, light sprinkles on top of the hour, 73 but humidity way up, 93%. looking at all this activity severe thunderstorm watch. 5:15 p.m. moving off toward the east it will head off towards us later this evening, that doesn't mean we still can't have a few showers around fireworks time i am hoping the future cast is over doing it, it does look like heavier showers passing as we get into the overnight, improvement tomorrow we have a shower storm right in the morning for the most part and then a better afternoon with partly sunny skies and that will allow temperatures to shoot up, we are talking temps 15 degrees warmer, tonight, we may drop off a coup
5:51 pm
low 70s. evening showers, and storms overnight 66 to 72, tomorrow we will keep the weather alert going until i feel comfortable shower and storms have left. isolated shower threat, 85 to 90, wednesday 93, lows 70s. thursday 5 stray afternoon storm friday and saturday, 96 if not hotter then sunday and monday, back to where we should be upper 80s to around 90. there is nothing more american than some morning baseball to get the 4th of july going first place nationals with our guy matt scherzer pitching, dc starting a new series
5:52 pm
scherzer and the special 4th of july hat. facing brawn here is something you rarely see you see it in little league not in majors, baker caught on to, brawn batting out of order in the 1st inning maybe because of the early start time or walking a little disoriented late night our regardless, jonathan was supposed to be up and brawn lit off the second inning. scherzer show low shot, 25th, 21st homer this season 1-0 in the 5th, man on first ryan zimmerman good defense by the brew crew. nats fall 1-0. local hoops fans resigned to the fact that kevin durant was not coming here where would the dc native land the golden ticket for one team durant
5:53 pm
he left oklahoma city and is joining golden state. yes. free agent had talks with six teams chooses the warriors. that was a tight one in seven games durant gets 2 year $54 million deal with golden state many thought he would return to okc if you can't beat them join them right. durant in the past criticized nba super teams with tweets like this in 2010 now everybody wants to play nor the meat lakers. let's go back to being -- heat and the lakers let's go back to being competitive. apparently his tune has changed as he forms a super team of course it didn't take long for fans to vent their frustration. >> death on the 4th of july burning of durant's jersey, okc the overwhelming favorite to win the title with durant bo
5:54 pm
>> you didn't think that was happening remember last week. >> i didn't think it was going to happen i am surprised >> they are not going to lose a game. >> over under for wins is 68. >> yikes. >> okay. >> coming up at 6 we will go live to the national mall where folks are hoping the rain won't wash out the 4th of july fireworks. >> also trump and clinton reacting to a controversial anti clinton tweet that appears to depict a jewish star of david atop a pile of cash. >> coming up how a canine became a social media star keeping an eye on one of the nations airports
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes
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if you are flying this summer keep an eye out for one airport, piper but in this case piper is not a plane but a dog. >> pipe certificate protecting the cherry capitol airport far beyond its security check point. >> i don't think there is any denying it he has the cool factor down to a tee. >> reporter: it is easy to spot moments of social media gold earning piper the airport canine a global following. the 8-year-old border collie sits tight with the coast guard hovering only feet away or as the blue angels taxi by but those goggleear guards are not just a photo open
5:58 pm
the job. he protects aircraft from birds and other wildlife in traverse city michigan here he hones in on geese near the main runway and they take off. coast guard pilot, is one of pipers biggest fans. >> he has been on the job two years have you guys noticed a difference. >> absolutely decreased number of birds loitering >> i have been in a number of airports they usually you know shotgun blanks, birds get used to that and know it is just a sound. deploy a dog that chases them and they have that fight or flight instinct they go running and remember it. >> reporter: brian edwards is his partner. what is the best part of having piper with you. >> get to work with my best friend. >> reporter: he has only had piper three years despite not being previously trained it only took this old dog about a year to get comfortable on the tarmac. >> the airport is home i have tora
5:59 pm
whenever we leave. >> reporter: it was edwards idea to post pictures on instagram now he has over 20,000 more followers than traverse city has residents. >> i mean he has become the mascot for the airport. >> absolutely. i think he has become the mascot for the whole town. >> reporter: that is nothing to shake a stick at and honestly piper would rather you throw it. traverse city michigan. right now at 6 it appears the show will go on. there is still time to make it downtown to the national mall for tonight's 4th of july fireworks but you will want to bring something dry to sit on. >> social media exploding over an anti clinton tweet by the trump campaign a lot of people are calling anti semitic. >> kevin durant sets off fireworks of his own he is leaving oklahoma city for golden state. good
6:00 pm
foster. after periods of heavy rain the weather appears to be well, drying out maybe less intense rain, sit going to be enough to save tonight's capitol fourth concert and fireworks on the national mall. howard with us tonight keeping a close eye on live first alert doppler what does it tell you. >> a couple showers damp but doable right now i would if you go down there bring some rain gear this is what we have this morning into the afternoon that is not pulling away a lot more activity out to the west most of that doesn't come until later tonight and even during the overnight that doesn't mean we are going to dry out completely we will have a lot more breaks than what we have had. right now we have a pretty good break going on a couple light showers here. this one in boi headed toward anne arundel county, poolsville they have cancelled their fireworks tonight. you can see a full list


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