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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  July 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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foster. after periods of heavy rain the weather appears to be well, drying out maybe less intense rain, sit going to be enough to save tonight's capitol fourth concert and fireworks on the national mall. howard with us tonight keeping a close eye on live first alert doppler what does it tell you. >> a couple showers damp but doable right now i would if you go down there bring some rain gear this is what we have this morning into the afternoon that is not pulling away a lot more activity out to the west most of that doesn't come until later tonight and even during the overnight that doesn't mean we are going to dry out completely we will have a lot more breaks than what we have had. right now we have a pretty good break going on a couple light showers here. this one in boi headed toward anne arundel county, poolsville they have cancelled their fireworks tonight. you can see a full list
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wusa 9 app north of warrenton crossing route 17 heavier showers towards prince william county, southern louden and south of quantico a couple showers. temperature wise upper 60s low 70s you are not going to move much keep in mind we have a lot more heat building, which will start tomorrow be back in a few minute s with that full seven- day forecast. >> thank you. despite the gloomy wait tore capitol fourth concert and -- weather, capitol fourth concert and 4th of july fireworks are a go. >> the latest on all the independence day festivities i see you have lost the umbrella for a little bit. >> reporter: that's right and the music is going right now, just last half hour it stopped raining so certainly that is the good news and people are here and they are starting to pick out their spots on the lawn, to watch the fireworks earlier today, people started celebrating the holiday with a parade, no
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♪ [ music ] >> reporter: a parade to celebrate america's birthday. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: red, white and blue on everything and everyone. even dogs. >> what does this holiday mean to you? >> um, very special >> i like to see the military when they are dressed up. >> reporter: this parade is just the beginning of the celebration 200,000 people are expected to attend tonight's capitol fourth concert on the west lawn. performers like mow town legendsmoky robinson and gavin degraw will perform. u.s. park police set up eight check points this morning and canines went to work >> i came all the way from houston texas to be here and part of the parade in
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our country doesn't often recognize how much it's contributed to the world because of liberty, and freedom. >> reporter: it is that patriotic pride that will be highlighted during a fantastic fireworks display. >> here today to celebrate fourth of july independence we are from maine and want to see everything happen. >> reporter: if weather co- operateis expected to co- operate at this point the free concert on the west lawn starts in 2 hours at 8:00 p.m., and then the fireworks are scheduled to go off not far from where i am standing here at 9:09 p.m. reporting live on the national mall, stephanie gailhart wusa 9. >> fingers and toes crossed the show will go on. the white house cancelled the 4th of july picnic and fireworks watching party on the south lawn partly due to
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first lady michelle obama will instead host military families staffers and supporters inside the east room they will be treated to performances by kendrick lamar. fireworks displays cancelled or postponed in other parts others going off as scheduled stay up-to-date download our free wusa 9 app. while most americans were tending to their barbecuefireworks and friending off the rain, the campaign for president took yet another bizarre turn courtesy of donald trump. and his tweets. today the campaigns are publicly battling over a possibly anti semitic image, wusa 9s garrett has been following this. >> reporter: this weekend should have been good
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donald trump campaign hillary clinton finally sitting down with fbi investigators, but trump managed to undermine his own good morning saturday morning with a single tweet. >> bright and early saturday morning donald trump or someone who works for him clicked tweet on this internet meme observers noticed the possibly anti semitic imagery floating against a background of money. it was traced to a white supremacist message board where it was posted nearly two weeks ago. is that where trump found it? the campaign isn't saying. trump deleted the tweet and replaced the star but the damage was done today the clinton campaign's director of jewish outreach called it play tently anti -- play tently anti semitic. on twitter trump pushed back dishonest media is
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best to depict the star in a tweet as the star of david rather than a sheriff's star or plain star then he mentioned an upcoming meeting and a get together saturday with indiana governor both possible vice presidential selections. back in indiana last night, he plays everred down the vp chatter. >> we talked about our country the progress we have made in indiana, we were just honored by the envisionation. >> reporter: trump's short list includes chris christy and newt gingrich. the only people not interested in being the vp pick are the people who have not been asked. guys just few minutes ago the trump campaign released a statement about this star controversy doubling down and essentially guaranteeing it will be a story for another day. saying it was like that used by sheriffe
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with criminal behaviour. he accused the clinton campaign of drumming up false controversy but he did not explain how he ended up with that image from the white supremacist board in the first place. >> tomorrow candidates back on the trail and center of the political world shifts to the swing state of north carolina. trump is campaigning in raleigh, president obama will join hillary clinton in charlotte the political version of a duke unc show down. breaking news, in saudi arabia that nation has been hit with a series of bombings suicide bomber struck near the u.s. consulate in the city of jiddha another blast went off at a mosque in medina two more went off in another city. iraqis lit candles at the site of a truck bombing in a baghdad sh
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attack climbed to 157 people it is the deadliest bombing in iraq in over a decade and it comes barrelly a week after the iraqi military drove isis out of falujah. >> in bangladesh authorities are questioning survivors one being questioned is a bangladesh trapped inside the restaurant with his wife and two kids video show the man talking to the attackers before being allowed to leave before the rescue operation was launched. police say the man is a teacher at a private university that one of the attackers attended. body of a missing university of wisconsin student found in rome. 19-year-old beau solomon went missing thursday he was last seen with friends at a pub. his roommate reported him missing when he didn't show up for orientation the next morning according to fami
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mugged and thrown in the water. more fall out in britain from the vote to leave the european union the head of the country's independence party resigns today as party leader. the latest british political leader to resign. chief among them is the uk prime minister david cameron he plans to step aside by october to let his successor deal with the brexit negotiations. kevin durant announced his long awaited decision today the former mvp will leave oklahoma city to join seth curry and the golden state warriors. >> we know you are bummed everybody in dc wanted him home. fans are sounding off. brendan say where is has my team gone. the last person i expect to leave for gs he betrayed the fans. >> eric say ifs you can't leave them join them. >> betrayal is harsh. >> nicolys
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i am a warriors fan hashtag no shame. band wagon betty there. >> trevor says there is so much hate on kevin durant you would think he was running for president. detail tons deal and more reaction coming up in sports. >> we do not play when it comes to our sports. >> after a brief break for holiday next phase of
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tracking metro this is the first day in a month there is no track shut down. now this break is short virginia commuters will start feeling the pain tomorrow, at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night, it will have a big impact on blue and yellow lines they will be closed between braddock and regan national that cuts off the morning rush from alexandria, into dc a lot of people telling us they will hit the road instead of the rails. >> i just hope no body else has the same idea so we don't have like a big delay in traffic. >> yeah, 395, u.s. 1, dw parkway going to be bad news shuttle buses will be ferrying people between national airport and braddock road stops. metro is sending buses but they say there won't be enough of them for more information on the safe tracks plan and scheduled closings download
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free wusa 9 news app. a pilot died when his small plane crashed outside corral springs florida the family called the faa last night when they couldn't reach him the plane's wreckage was found this morning he was the only person onboard and an investigation is under way into the cause. an officer shot and killed a man who tried to run them over at a crowded festival downtown reno. police say they shot the man after he drove his minivan past a barricade, and toward that officer the van crashed into a vendor tent but no one was hurt in that area. on the way after a five year journey a nasa spacecraft is set to enter jupiter's or bit later tonight. >> truly mess up my little world his smile was so warm. >> up next a local woman reveals her
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friendship with elie wies
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tonight the world continues to rememb
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life of elie wiesel who died saturday at the age of 87. >> he had an amazing life and impact. a bethesda woman had a personal connection. she shares her story with our andrea. >> his eyes expressed a tortured soul that could never ever convey the horror and agonies he lived through. >> reporter: elie wiesel's eyes reflected one of history's darkest chapter, he made it his life's work to ensure the world knew of the 6 million jews murdered in nazi germany. he endured the horror of being a holocaust survivor. >> this man is a giant among men. >> reporter: 72 years ago she was a volunteer social worker in france. >> that is me. >> reporter: helping traumatized children who had survived the concentration camp. she worked with a relief organization osay
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village on the out skirts of paris >> how they could sing and laugh and play after those experiences. >> reporter: for years, shalom carried with her a question for him >> i had to know i had to ask. >> reporter: she finally had the chance at an event in florida 30 years ago >> i said you were a lonely child the last time i worked in france please where were you. his eyes filled up he looked at me and said caverny. >> reporter: from that day forward they kept in touch. >> he truly lit up my little world. >> reporter: at 91 she finds comfort in her friendship with him a man with a gentle voice and a loud impassioned message for tolerance and understanding. >> it is not who we are, it is what we are. you can be a doctor you can be an attorney, you can be
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street sweeper, but if you stand up or remain silent perhaps you can say to yourself my life has had meaning and purpose. >> reporter: wusa 9. >> private funeral service was held in new york city yesterday attended by family and close friends. a date for a public memorial service has not yet been announced. nasa's juno spacecraft is baring down on the planet jupiter, juno was scheduled to initiate an engine burn at 11:18 p.m. slow down and ease into proper orbit around the giant planet 2700 miles above jupiter's cloud cover by studying the the gas giant they are excited to learn more. >> it depends on that spacecraft able to
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radiation around the planet. >> i am glad, its gravity sucks asteroids towards it. >> thank goodness it doesn't have to come near us tonight. >> really one of the things we never thing about how jupiter helps us. >> yes, it does believe it or not just grateful it is there. weather wise let's tell you what is happening on first alert doppler. steady, some times heavy rain in the afternoon it is not totally clear that is a problem for this evening i think the fireworks has been damp but doable if you are going down to the national mall consider what you are going to wear something you don't care about too much it will get wet maybe muddy. all this rain earlier that has moved east but now we have other generally light showers coming through areas here in the metro, frederick burg south and west, quiet but in town,
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35 miles an hour this shower will be out shortly. we are seeing other activity coming now in towards fairfax county passing through prince william, about the heaviest thing we are seeing here from chantilly down to manassas and even up to the west, west of hagueers town, claire spring, hancock this is moving east charles town get ready a couple showers headed your way these are fairly light showers. temps low 70s, a few showers fireworks in fact right now most temperatures upper 60s low 70s they are not going to move much periods of showerstorms heavier ones i am thinking late tonight overnight keep the yellow alert up until the morning but in the morning 60s 70s much warmer, sunshine, isolated shower storm 85 to 90 get ready for
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stray storm, thursday, friday, and saturday i think highs will be mid-90s shoot to upper 90s and then drying out and cooling off more seasonable levels for sunday and monday. >> kevin durant he is going elsewhere not oklahoma city, not to dc he was the biggest free agent out there and all comes down to this morning he made his decision. basketball fans like
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game on sports with frank brought to you by x finty. >> one of the most anticipated decisions in free agent history. build up in the making for years even dc was in the running or we thought we were. kevin durant make as surprise decision and chooses golden state of all teams to join as a free agent. okc thunder just lost to the warriors and now one to have best scorers has decided to si 2gn a year $54 million deal and form another super team. >> all the irony, look at this 6 years ago durant tweeted out about the idea of super teamat that time was much against it saying everybody wants to play for the heat and the lakers let's go back to being competitive and going at these people's if you can't beat them he is
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cotton candy, cold beer, hot dogs, and baseball. the team that already reached 50 wins first place nl east, matt scherzer facing the brewers, this is an interesting here ryan brawn he will single up the middle guess what? brawn batted out of order in the 1st inning, supposed to bat 4th. milwaukees, maybe he had a late night, jonathan was supposed to be batting so brawn would lead off the 2nd inning the only run of the game scherzer allowing another homer in the 5th as the nationals lose 1-0. 1 run. >> yeah. >> sure does. >> that is all. >> hope the rain holds
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been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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>> quijano: a day of violence. (sirens) suicide bombings across saudi arabia, after isis claimed responsibility for the worst attack in baghdad in more than a decade. also tonight: heavily armed police and bomb-sniffing dogs are on patrol from coast to coast this fourth of july. >> we are worried. that's what does keep us up at night. >> quijano: the search for an american college student who went missing in rome takes a tragic turn. and dealers are selling used cars with defects that haven't been fixed. >> did you know that this car has an open airbag recall? captioning sponsored by cbs


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