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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  July 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> right now at 7 a live look at nations capitol. the latest on the forecast and the impacts it could have on your plans to celebrate. >> live coverage continues we are down on the national mall where crowds from around the world are gathered to celebrate. but will the patriotic party get rained out. tracking metro once the holiday is over safe track surge 3 gets under way what you need to know about tomorrow's next wave of shut downs. a yellow weather alert on right now. we have wusa 9s alison barber on the national mall. at this point people are wet but the show will go on. first howard berns
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in rain all day long. >> we expected it and had heavier rains this afternoon i don't think it will be rained out but rained on. alison holding an umbrella the rain from this afternoon is all out toward the ocean but still quite a bit of activity with severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings. we have generally light showers zipping quickly, 50 miles an hour moving off towards the east we have occasionally moderate rain showers, mostly light rain showers, just want to zoom in dc prince georges much of the county seeing light rain showers there, this goes back to montgomery and frederick as well. out to the west we have seen heavier showers moving toward quantico, warrenton up 28/29 toward manassas and hay market. south side of dulles approaching chantilly, route 8, toward fairfax county temps 60s and low 70s not going
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much if you are going out toward it is fireworks grab a poncho or rain gear i think they will go off just after 9. weather has lead to rescheduled fireworks shows so far in frederick, green belt, college park, gaithersburg but so far not the big one. over the alison barber, people down there are they worried about tonight's fireworks at all? >> reporter: it depends it ebbs and flows rain comes through and picks up then slows back down like it is right now the national park service says right now they are expecting the fireworks to go on as scheduled we are expecting another update from them between thousand and 7:30 the good thing is fireworks are water proof as long as weather stays like this they should be able to happen. pyre row tech nicks say the big concerns are things like wind and lightning we are seeing lots of raincoats and umbrellas but everyone still seems to think the show will go on. >> we are
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son tonight they are still on right? >> reporter: they are. >> fireworks are fun and some times you actually get an explosion and watch how beautiful they are. >> reporter: so no matter what rain or shine it's worth staying outside? >> yes. >> so we will let you know when we hear the official latest update from the national park service. you can hear the concert music is going on so far it looks like things are going well and we should see fireworks at 9:00 p.m. they have been doing them since the 1920s never once have they cancelled them reporting on the national mall, wusa 9. >> not looking to break that streak now. >> before you head out don't forget to download the free app you will get the latest on event cancellationstay informed hour by hour throughout the evening, you will know just how the weather will impact your holiday plans tonight and you can follow the traffic to get home. tracking metro tonight, a lot of people headed back to work after the 4th
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holiday night have to find another way to get there. safe track surge three starts tomorrow. your commute could have to change this week. pete will lay out the options. >> safe track part three is a big deal in essence it cuts off the morning commute from alexandria from dc it starts 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. this is something of a farewell for matt smith it is the last time he is taking the metro for two weeks. >> we will leave late. >> thanks to his fiance she will start driving matt to work downtown >> i just hope no body else has the same idea so we don't have like a big delay in traffic either. >> reporter: here is what is happening part of the blue and yellow lines are closing, there is braddock road there is regan national for a week metro is cutting off the tracks in between.
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shut down metro is sending extra but there won't be enough >> they promise it will be very crowded so of course it is hard. >> reporter: shutting down tracks is the only way says metro, much of this 3-mile stretch is elevated. tough work making for tougher commutes. >> in the long run this is probably for the best but these two weeks will be not very fun. >> reporter: safe track surge three ends monday but after that a new shut down north of regan national airport in all virginians will feel the pain until the 18th. the metro has advice for folks coming from springfield, franconia, points south of braddock come from virginia and take virginia railway express. police in new york city are trying to figure out who put a home made explosive in central park that badly injured a young man from fairfax county 18-year- old connor golden and two other graduates of oakton high school were climbing
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central park when golden stepped on the device and striggerred an explosion his injury was so severe doctors amity pated part of his left -- amputated part of his left leg. in the district police are investigating a stabbing they were called out to the club 2:30 a.m. the victim's identity and condition have not been released. fourth baltimore police officer set to go on trial this week in connection with the death of freddie grey. grey his neck was broke none the back of a police transport -- broken in the back of a police transport regan. lieutenant rice is charged with manslaughter, assault, wreckless endangerment and misconduct in office. >> interesting news out of virginia 13-year-olds can no longer get married. 13-year-olds. can no longer get married as of the first of july a new
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16 if the child is emancipated by court record they are is aimed at reducing forced marriages, human trafficking and statutory rape nearly 4500 children under age 18 were married in virginia from 2004 to 2013. kevin durant had an explosive announcement this 4th of july. social media messages to the young star. hillary clinton headed to dc but first she has a message for donald trump her response to a tweet ripped right from a white supremacist website. >> more history for the musical hamilton what is happening now that can make people who can't get tickets more upset for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked.
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>> prince georges county native and nba star kevin durant is moving, but he is not coming here in fact he is going to go as far away from dc as is possible to be on an nba team he is leaving the thunder going to golden state joining the warriors in california. durant will reportedly sign a two year deal worth more than $54 million. durant's announcement got a lot of you fired up sharing those feelings on social media. that is the fire pitt outside and that is his jersey going up in flames. a lot of people like that guy posting stuff like that then this one from the home alone remember this? kevin. what have you done. ashley says okay we will miss you and this one, all right eastern conference. he was trending on twitter for a good
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♪ [ music ] >> fans of hamilton may have a broken heart this week how the hip hop musical is about to change forever. howard. >> yeah, i am still tracking showers light to moderate ones coming through and we will have some lulls optimistic about the fireworks even if they are a little damp and i am tracking very warm temperatures headed our way later in the week.
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to campaign 2016 news hillary clinton's campaign tweet from donald trump that appeared to feature the star of david is disturbing. and part of a pattern that quote should give voters major cause for concern the campaign's comments come after trump blamed the media for the controversy that involved an anti clinton tweet that included that six point star atop a pile of cash. reporters at the website mike traced it to a white supremacist message board where it was posted two weeks ago the tweet was sent from trump's official account saturday and deleted a new version was later posted with a circle in place of the star. donald trump is sending his 4th of july spent on finding a vice president candidate he is et
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iowa, a combat veteran and first woman elected there in the state. governor pence and first lady karen say they enjoyed their time with the trumps and feel it was a great privilege. >> really an honor something i think we will remember the rest of our lives to have that much time with someone that we are hoping will be the next president of the united states. >> donald trump will provide the kind of leadership that will strengthen our nation, restore our prosperity and provide the kind of appointments to the supreme court that will support. >> all the scepticcritics. >> chris christy and newt gingrich are also said to be on his short list for vp. democrat hillary clinton will be in dc speaking to 7500 representatives of the na
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with nearly 3 million members nea is the country's largest labor union. writer and star of hamilton steps down this saturday. ♪ [ music ] >> the tony winning musical chronicled the life of alexandre hamilton, he calls hamilton one of the most influential figures in history a top aid to george washington major force behind the constitution and creator of the country's financial system. >> hamilton had a vision of the country not only traditional agriculture but large cities, factories, stock exchanges, banks, corporations central bank the world that we know today. >> hamilton died at age 49 in a dual with vice president burr his grave in lower manhattan hase
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thanks to the broadway musical. you have to think some think some of the rhetoric in this campaign, may continue down that path. >> if you are headed out over the next hour there will be showers maybe heavier ones we are working on is getting that lull mother nature is getting on that lull over downtown right in time for the fireworks. folks at park service say they don't need a 20 minute window as long as we don't have any thunderstorms, to jeopardize spectators it should be a go. we have to watch what is happening we are watching shower activity stuff from earlier this afternoon over toward it is atlantic coast but we have seen quite a bit of shower activity that continues to push through and it is pushing through quickly 50 miles an hour most of it light but we have heavier showers, and watching showers pushing through prince georges county, moving mainly east to 301
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anne arundel, along the coast moving out toward the bay st. mary's is dry out to the west new activity coming from the i- 95 corridor crossing to western charles county but the heaviest stuff toward fairfax see this stuff east of quantico, approaching fairfax and chantilly this is getting heavier, this is a pretty heavy shower moving right towards tyson's corner and 50 miles an hour this is only going to take 10 or 15 minutes really to be over here so this will pass quickly downtown and then behind it, we do have more breaks. so fireworks forecast, temperatures not moving really any where from where they are now 73 a threat for a few showers between that 9:00 p.m. hour and 10:00 p.m. hour even more overnight. temperatures barely moved low 68, high was 73, and 75 year record at regan national, coolest day at regan nation
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washington for july 4th so murky looking i don't know michael and son weather camera, 73, dew point 71 gives us a steamy relative humidity at 93%. tomorrow upper 80s near t 90 and 90s after that we have to get this out of here, this warm front comes through tonight out ahead of it the list, showers rumble of thunder that we will have to watch out for tonight in some spots, up toward philly by tomorrow morning and tomorrow looks better with some sunshine spotty shower storm in the afternoon we will keep the yellow weather alert up until i am convinced that threat of showers and storms is gone. could effect the morning commute 60s to low 70s isolated shower or storm after that in the afternoon we start 60s and 70s for the most part tomorrow, 85 to 90 and get ready for some serious heat wednesday 93, thursday 95, threat for
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such heat like that heat index could get 100 to 105 then cool it off a little back to normal levels by sunday and monday. >> revenge for having such a fine weekend. >> haven't had a lot of 90s. >> not so fine of a day at nats park just grey drizzly. >> game of baseball is funny you score 12 yesterday come out and you can only muster well, not that much as nationals took on the brewers details coming up next in sports. oh, yeah, by the way okc they are not happy tonight that story as well
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him maybe because early start time. jonathan was supposed to bat. brawn got to hit over second inning very strange. >> here is the only run of the game this isn't strange this year for scherzer allow as solo shot, launch shot to left, in the fifth that is a 21st homer scherzer allowed this season. down 1 in the 9th man on 1st. brewers get the out, and victory final count 1-0,. folks are watching 4th of july parades when news broke kevin durant is leaving oklahoma city and joining golden state. warriors fans all but ready for their own parade in a year from now with now a super team that leaves oklahoma city fans burning jerseys. very upsetting to the fan base he
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especially this young guy. >> this is a big thank you letter to you kevin durant you hypocrite and liar. oh, now everybody want to play for the heat and lakers let's go back to playing competitive oh, yeah, 2010 kevin durant where were you. oh, let's be competitive you literally just lost to the warriors. where are you going you lost to them and now you are leaving to join them? i hope you become a bench player and never win anything in your entire life in the nba. >> that will be -- >> i love the energy. >> that will be in the folder with his college submission stuff. >> yeah. >> going viral from his mom's basement. yeah. >> think he will look back on that and not be so happy. >> less than two hours away from the fireworks on the mallet's take a moment to
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mall, let's take a moment to remember what we are celebrating, the founding fathers put it down in 1776 here is abigail adams. >> we hold these truths to be self evidence all men are created equal, that liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >> and we hope your pursuit of happiness is going well this 4th of july and as a news anchorren acontractually supposed to say this, i hope we can declare independence from the rain. >> we do have heavier showers about to push through dc but by 8:00 p.m. this will be passed then we get into that lull and hopefully nothing new comes in before 9:30
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>> just to be clear the key thing to keep the fireworks show on is lack of wind and lightning. >> right and right now that looks doable. >> fantastic after you catch the fireworks tonight be back with us for tonight fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner's to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds.
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tonight, fireworks over hollywood. >> i got next to her at dinner that night and she was very charming. >> hot hook-ups. nasty break-ups. >> it's got to be hard for her. >> claims of johnny depp's abuse, aytlor's explosive love life and beyonce's lemonade controversy. the biggest scandals of the year so far. >> once again. fool yourself. >> stars in tears and a star in hiding. what happened to richard simmons? plus, fireworks on the big screen. a matt damon flash back born on the fourth of july. >> i wasn't trying to make any claims being the next action hero. >> for july 4th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> thank you for joining us everyone. samantha harris here for nancy


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