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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 5, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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tonight, fireworks over hollywood. >> i got next to her at dinner that night and she was very charming. >> hot hook-ups. nasty break-ups. >> it's got to be hard for her. >> claims of johnny depp's abuse, aytlor's explosive love life and beyonce's lemonade controversy. the biggest scandals of the
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>> once again. fool yourself. >> stars in tears and a star in hiding. what happened to richard simmons? plus, fireworks on the big screen. a matt damon flash back born on the fourth of july. >> i wasn't trying to make any claims being the next action hero. >> for july 4th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> thank you for joining us everyone. samantha harris here for nancy o'dell. hope you're having a great fourth of july. >> indeed and it would not be fourth of july without fireworks, right? so we're bringing you the fireworks hollywood style. >> like taylor swift explosive love life. johnny depp's ugly divorce. beyonce seemingly, seemingly putting jay z on blast. tabou the midway point of the year. here are the biggest scandals so far. ♪ i knew you were trouble when you walked in ♪ >> we started calling him hiddleswift after hiddleston and
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last month. >> calling on taylor. >> and that was calvin the day after. two weeks after his split with taylor, he soon deleted all traces of their relationship from his instagram. but you can't blame taye. she and tom had serious chemistry at the met gala in may. >> i had dinner with her, she was very charming. >> for the record, taylor and tom have been after her break-up with calvin, so no cheating there. >> are you cheating? >> are you cheating on me? >> are you cheating on me is the question beyonce seemed to be asking jay z repeatedly in her new album "lemonade". ♪ you better call becky with the good hair ♪ >> rachel denied it. but we eventually see
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forgiveness called "sand c castle." >> sharon osbourne seemed to be saluting it with "lemonade" since her split was announced in may. sharon just kicked oz sy out of the house. >> she still out of the house? >> he's back and i'm out of the house. >> it's temporary. days later, they were on stage making nice as they announced upcoming music festival for oz sy. not so nice is the johnny depp/amber heard split. nastiest of the year so far. there's amber arriving to court in l.a. in may. her face still black and blue. she took out a restraining order on johnny painting a pretty nasty picture claiming he had a short fuse, often paranoid and made humiliating and threatening assaults, claims that johnny denies. a contrast to this last saturday. >>
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up with me. it was hard for me. it's got to be hard for her, you know? >> a couple of them have gotten back together. austin green. she's been showing a baby bump and the couple spotted together this july. >> are you surprised? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> there's been a lot of courtroom drama so far this year. most notably from erin andrews. >> everybody split up tonight. publicity ripped me apart. >> that's erin in february testifying in her lawsuit against the hotel and also the stalker who filmed her naked through a peephole and up loaded the vehicle. in the end, erin could find some solace in this verdict. >> damages you the plaintiff erin andrews $55 million, correct? >> hulk hogan won a sizable award against gawker after that web site published a portion of his sex tape featuring the pro wrestler despite the money, hogan was still mighty
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embarrassed. >> i'm a human being that did the worst and made the most horrible mistake of my life. it's been insane. >> losing in court with pop star kesha whose claim against dr. luke was tossed out by a judge. kesha claims dr. luke drugged her and demeaned her at one point calling her a fat expletive refrigerator and called her claim extortion. finally a story that hasn't yet been fully resolved. >> where did richard zim monls go? >> after a two year public absence, he broke his silence talking to "e.t." about rumors of depression and weight gain. >> going on rides and on walks. still weigh 150. i work out every day and i'm very healthy. >> fitness guru has no public appearances scheduled for the time being. >> it's time right now for richard simmons to take care of richard simmons. >> there will be plenty of fireworks on the big screen when the new
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theaters on the 29th of this month. jason bourne and by the way, i love this poster, you know his name, of course we do. and it will be the fifth in the franchise. matt damon has been playing the character for more than a decade. we're flashing back on this special holiday. it's bourne on the fourth of july. >> this movie finds him in a dark place and he's basically pounding other human beings into oblivion to try to cope with the thoughts in his head. the world's changing and moving really quickly. >> my name is jason bourne. i need to talk. >> except there's little room for talk in jason bourne's world. >> every airport i'm in or every time i'm walking down a street and somebody stops me, that's the first question. are you going to do another one of those bourne movies? >> waited long enough. matt is returning to the role after the bourne
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>> it's a defining role in my life. incredibly grateful for the part given to me 16 years ago. >> here's matt damon now dodging explosions. here's matt in 2002 as bourne fighting bad guys. >> i actually didn't get hurt at all. no stunt gone bad. >> amazingly, wasn't even sure if he'd do another bourne movie. >> i wasn't trying to make any plays being the next action hero. if i get another script good as this one, i'd do it. >> he is doing after the first earned almost a billion dollars. >> i don't mind being followed around by jason bourne. >> it's jason bourne. >> it is a big jason bourne movie. bigger than we've ever done. >> new to the franchise. alicia the kan dor, cia operative to help him make it through alive. >> the world, we need the perfect weapon. >> you have to stop
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because you are jason bourne. >> this time, he gets all the answers to that original question of identity. so that's really, really exciting. never going to find any piece, not until you admit to yourself who you really are. >> i am so excited. who doesn't love jason bourne and hard to believe, but matt has an even bigger project hitting theaters next year called "the great wall" shooting entirely in china and it has a monster budget. reportedly $150 million. the most expensive film ever shot there. >> you know, the success of the bourne franchises are amazing but no way can it compare to the phenomenon that the musical "hamilton" is becoming. the story of founding fathers who won 11 tony awards and this is the last week that you can see the man who created it all, the
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manuel miranda. saturday, july 9th is the last night and talk about lynn-sanity. some tickets are over $10,000 each. >> the response is overwhelming. >> his wife, elysa, headlines "amalise" based on the movie and aaron bur also the part. ♪ >> odom released an album while partnering up with disney. >> wrote some of the music for the movie out thanksgiving and co-star with emily blunt in the upcoming "mary poppins" return. >> you start after she has a baby? >> the beginning of
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so we'll be in london next year. >> javier munoz will take over full-time when miranda departs but in the future, just might be in return. >> the part i can't age out of. even if i take a break, i come back. this is not tend of anything. i built a house i can come back to anytime i want. i'm excited about that. ♪ alexander hamilton >> it is a good time to be lynn manuel miranda because he's a hot property in hollywood, a busy guy. still ahead here -- our "top gun" 30th anniversary flashbacks and stories from the set you never heard. >> it's a walk in the park. >> it's a walk in the park. >> even though we celebrate independence from england today, why we can't help but give love to the royals. >> oh, really? please.
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welcome back to our fourth of july special show. you know, 240 years ago, we declared our independence from england, and that has given us more than enough time to get over that little spat we call the revolutionary war. as a matter of fact, these days, we can't get enough of britney's royal family. so why are the windsors more popular than ever? many believe it's because of william, kate, and their two adorable kids. >> the fairytale wedding at westminster abbey, the birth of prince george and the little princess, it's everything we could have possibly hoped
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>> the future king and queen and access billty around the world and although they're very royal, they try to be a lot like us. >> they like to do things themselves so kate will cook meals. occasionally, she'll send the bodyguards out to the grocers to pick something she'd forgot but still pushes the supermarket and the trolley around, cooks the meals for the children. >> katie nicholl, the author of "kate the future queen" is another reason we're obsessed, just wild about harry, william's younger brother, now 31, shed his playboy image and now a philanthropist. >> he's still having huge amounts of fun. just more careful about where he has that fun, and who it's with and most importantly, for him, that he stays off the front pages. >> harry fourth in line for the throne created the invictus games to c
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soldiers all over the world. >> watched the challenge from the obamas, let's just call it the royals drop the mike moment. >> remember when you tell us to bring it at the invictus games? >> be careful what you wish for. boom. >> no, really. please. >> let's not forget, the queen has never, ever given and here she is with your grandson. i think it makes it more endearing so it's right on track. for a woman who reigned for over 60 years and just celebrated her 90th birthday, i thinu k yohave to say, hats off to her majesty. i think she's doing a fantastic job. >> the hottest summer bikini body. plus 30th anniversary. we flash back onset with the stars and producer jerry boruk hiem boruk hiemer, why he was afraid. closed captioning sponsored by --
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they are the way to whiten. the fourth of july is all abou
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we spot the best beach bodies. britney in the best shape of her life and loves showing her off, whether it's catching rays, under a water fall or a hot tub. the 34-year-old mom of two is a summer stunner. if anyone looks good doing a cart wheel in bikini, it's leley shell. after making instagram official with robert buckley, pool side fun and games. kevin hart and his sculpted arms took in the view on his hawaiian v vaca. and added surfing to his fitness routine. ashlee graham makes her living looking sexy in swim suits. no surprise she's flawless even off. no need for exotic locals. posted this pick at jason park in new york city. the beach kind of follows her
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bump. 31-year-old israeli model and mom to be looking glowing and gorgeous showing off her pregnant bikini look and adam levine's wife is all about sharing shots of her growing belly looking beautiful in her bathroom bikini selfies. let's turn back the clock to 1986 when i had a beach body. the shoulder pads, bad hairdos but "top gun." audiences went bananas for the pilots with maverick, ice man, goose, and on the set when they got together to make movie magic. ♪ >> the essence of the fighter pilot is a love of flight. when you're a great fighter pilot, you don't think about it. it's like a walk in the park. >> just a walk in the park. >> "top gun" driven by a soundtrack that
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sky. >>highway to the danger zone le whi putting us inside for the most intimate of moments. although the song that scored tom and kelly's love making won an oscar in 1987, amazingly, jerry bruckheimer after shooting the scene didn't know what he had. >> when they're being shot, you don't say, oh, wow. >> it becomes wow in the editing room. the actor does it 20 times but never know if it's a hit. you really don't. >> the lead of an all male cast, what's that like? >> great. i'm getting used to it. i feel like counselor. >> we were on the 1985 set of the film which helped launch the careers of meg ryan, val kilmer, and anthony edwards. >> it's like being to
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fantasy and this time, it's an intense fantasy. flying in the back of an f-14. >> tom, whosee lov of flying now well known, first went airborne as a pilot researching "top gun." >> now actually a fighter pilot now. >> whoo hue. >> no time to think up there. if you think, you're dead. >> a line from the pilots. if you think, you're dead. >> two lines from the movie probably my favorite movie lines of all time and that's, i've got the need, the need for speed. >> i feel the need, the need for speed. >> and take me to bed or lose me forever. >> take me to bed and lose me forever. >> show me the way home. >> how you get tom cruise to karaoke? ♪ you never close your eyes anymore when i kiss your lips ♪ >> was it hard to convince him? >> not at all. he's a c
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a consummate actor. >> and this may surprise you. jerry had quite a run-in with late director tony scott about this emotional scene following the crash. >> oh no. >> we didn't have much money to make the movie. it was $14 million. something like that. a lot of money. and tony wanted all kinds of floating debris and wings and all kinds of stuff. we just couldn't afford to do it so tony was having a fit and this was about the two guys. >> you've got a lot, sir. >> from that $14 million budget, "top gun" made over 25 times that. amazing when you hear that the film's first preview was a flop. >> the preview in houston, the audience was dead. not a peep. staring at each other, oh my god, this is a disaster. >> figured it out yet? >> but by the time the film premiered in new york, cast and crew were feeling much more confident. >> i think
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gorgeous, beautiful movie and very inspiring. >> they made all the actors in that movie look so tough, at least for the '80s, by '80s standards but anthony edwards reportedly the only one who held down his lunch when he trained on a fighter jet. >> i don't imagine how that would have been. in "entertainment tonight" birthday star got his nickname when a female admirer commented on his physique. is it puff daddy, the situation, or dwayne the rock johnson? >> good question. answer coming up next.
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welcome back to the show in tonight's "e.t." birthdays. which star got a nickname when a female admirer commented on his physique? mike "the situation." commented on it. >> that's all the time we have for tonight and have a safe fourth of july. >> we fly out of here with a little more "top gun." here's kenny in "danger zone." ♪ highway to the danger zone ♪ going to take you right into the danger zone ♪ ♪ highway to the danger zone ♪ right into the danger zone
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♪ [female narrator] even if you're not planning on getting pregnant now, you should know that foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant.
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northern kentucky today. a funnel cloud was spotted in the west virginia border. cars were overturned. trees knocked down. a wal-mart took a major hit. shelves were knocked over. at least five people suffered minor injuries. >> new york city police think a hobbyist experimenting with explosives is responsible for a blast in central park yesterday. a virginia teenager, lost his foot, when he stepped on material police compared to home made fireworks. investigators think it was left there by someone testing the explosives. they don't believe it was connected to terrorism, or that there was any intention to hurt someone. the cbs overnight news will be right back.


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