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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 5, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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priority: you ♪ good morning. it is tuesday, july 5th, 2016, welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama hits the campaign trail for the first time today with hillary clinton. donald trump demands to know who's paying for their flight on air force one. >> i suicide bomber targets one of the islam's holiest site. what's behind the attacks around the world? plus, nasa sends a spacecraft into jupiter's orbit. plus, we begin today with tosday' "eye opener." your world in 60 seconds.
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>> both prepare to hold dueling rallies there. >> the candidates square off in the south. >> clinton will actually hitch a ride down there with president obama on air force one. >> it makes people mad to think of the president flying around on air force one campaigning for hillary clinton. >> in saudi arabia, in less than 24 hours, one of those blasts killed four people. >> i think we do have to be very concerned with the ability of isis to get foreign fighters into the unistted .ates >> this morning, italian police say that they've arrested a homeless man in connection with the death of an american college student. it hits hard in kentucky on independence day. wind blew down trees. >> i thought it was a rrhuicane. after a five-year journey, juno spacecraft is in orbit around pijuter. video from massachusetts where a fireworks barge caught fire.
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there were no injures. a>>ll that -- >> and mall leah obama turning 18 today and because being dad, president obama got to embarrass his daughters. >> and the golden state warriors -- >> good-bye kevin durant. >> on "cbs this morning" -- >> the macy's shared the nation's 240th birthday party. ♪ god bless america shed its grace on thee ♪ >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota, let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this
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and gayle king is off. i'm jeff glor, kristine johnson and jamie yuccas. the national poll shows clinton leading trump by five points that same poll had trump leading by double digits two months ago. >> in the battleground state of north carolina today, and for the first time in this race, clinton will have president obama by her side. he will bring the former secretary of state to charlotte on air force one. and her republican opponent is not happy about that. chip reid is at the independence center the site of this afternoon's rally. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, when hillary clinton arrives here in the afternoon, she'll be returning to a state that she lost to president obama in 2008. it is time to rally and your
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candidate. hillary clinton and president obama last traveled aboard air force one on a 2012 trip to burma. they will fly again today as her campaign seeks a lift from voters from president obama. >> they'll stow away to private time on air force one together. >> it it makes people mad to think of the president flying around on air force one campaigning for hillary clinton. >> reporter: donald trump aired his grievances about the flight on twitter monday asking who's paying. the cost to taxpayers to operate air force one is more than $200,000 an hour. to comply with federal election law the clinton campaign according to the "the new york times" will share the cost of the trip with the white house. clinton is slightly more popular than her opponent, with 42% of those polled calling donald trump highly unfavorable, according to
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>> was an outstanding secretary of of state. she is my friend. >> reporter: from charlotte, the president will praise clinton's performance as his secretary of state and he may well unload on trump, credit sidesing his recent attacks claiming the president is unable to fight terror effectively. back in may, obama took aim from japan. >> a lot of these names display eight months of foreign affairs or a cavalry attitude. >> reporter: hillary clinton will make her own way to atlantic city, new jersey where she'll be campaigning tomorrow. on friday, she'll be campaigning with vice president joe biden in the town where he was born, scranton, pennsylvania. jamie. donald trump holds his own rally in raleigh, north carolina after the president leaves charlotte.
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rejecting charges from hillary clinton and others who say he tweeted an anti-semitic image. major garrett is covering the campaign for us. major, good morning. >> good morning, with all of the talk of the less effective and error-prone campaign donald trump can't seem to go three or four days without an unforced error. a tweet calling hillary clinton corrupt. with the star of david. saying the star was emblemed after a sheriff badge. it did not stop the campaign manager from saying he would, quote, never offend anyone. clinton said the tweet smacked of anti-semitism. now the question, two weeks before the convention, trump meant with senator
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complimented tom cotton on twitter and will be meeting with bob corker this evening. all mentioned as potential running mates and trump will not announce his choice until next week. trying to reassure its citizens after a wave of deadly terror attacks. suicide bombers through themselves up in three locations across the kingdom. one attack was at a diplomatic post near jetta. the other at a mosque. charlie d'agata is following that for us. >> saudi authorities say they've identified the bomber outside of the u.s. consulate. a 35-year-old pakistani national who has been living in saudi for 12 years. and they're investigating the support network
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attack in adina. >> reporter: the bomber only got
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deadliest terror attack in years. it came only a week after the iraqi military announced its victory in fallujah. even as the militants suffer losses on the battlefield, it's intensifying its global campaign of terror. launching a triple suicide bombing and shooting spree at turkey's main airport that left more than 40 dead. and the ice igs attack on a cafe over the weekend in bangladesh that killed 20 hostages. and the list just goes on. just this morning there's a suicide bombing in indonesia linked to isis. attacks like iraq are launched by the militants themselves. others have been directed. in bangladesh, locals inspired by the group, but all operating under the banner of isis. jeff. >> thank you very much. we're going to bring in cbs news senior analyst juan zarate. good to see yo
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saudi arabia, no official claims of responsibility but as charlie mentioned isis is mentioned. does this spur the kingdom, juan? >> both seen with isis attacking in the kingdom you'll remember in may 2003 after al qaeda attacked in reahead, it was a harsh crack down by saudi authorities. isis is trying to demonstrate its presence and deepen its reach in the kingdom. and these three coordinated attacks establish that they've developed an infrastructure. certainly, the iraqi government is going to try to rest that out. >> isis seems to be shrinking and yet their reach seems to be increasing what are we seeing here? >> there's two effects. one inside of iraq seems to be adapting they're moving more towards a terrorist model. we've seen that in baghdad and
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of iraq and syria, they've developed an infrastructure, the ability to launch into ploy operatives this is after years of having foreign fighters flow in and out of the area. and certainly the ability to inspire people in europe, southeast asia, southeast asia and the middle east to attack in place. so, we're seeing the years of fruits of planning by the group and certainly the inspiration to attack in this holy month of rama dad. >> that's what i was going to ask you, juan. we knew there would be increased attacks during the holy month of ramadan. can you talk about that and the attacks across the world? >> the holy month of ramadan is a month of prayer. but for violent extremists, it's a time for plundering and attacking. the spokesperson in may called for increased attacks in ramadan. and al qaeda and isis certainly over the past few years have constantly called for more attacks during the month of ra
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the effects of those attacks. >> juan, what about potential stepped-up u.s. involvement here? we're talking about iraq specifically here. we saw the horror that unfolded in baghdad over the weekend. the u.s. pulled out in 2011. re-engaged, at least, from the air in recent years. what's next? >> well, the u.s. has been trying to empower local forces and proxies to go after the isis safe havens. i think one of the sad realities here is this is a group that's established a foothold not just in iraq and syria but in places like libya, west africa and even afghanistan. so the united states has had to disable and work with partners to diminish that safe haven. the problem, jeff, they've used these safe havens in places like raqqah and mosul to strategize. that has to go away. >> what a mess. thanks so much. n
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civilians killed by counterterror strikes is being called into question. an unpresa dentsed report released friday revealed how many sole enemy combatants were killed outside of war zones but credit sicks say it undercounts the number of noncombatant deaths. jan crawford is at the white house. >> reporter: good morning. the president signing an executive order that was aimed at creating more transparency for that drone program. but it's just that transparency th has critics asking whether the administration is revealing enough. >> i think it's an operation of however they've come. >> reporter: the obama administration says it has killed more than 2,had 300 enemy combatants by terror strikes. it's acknowledged the once harsh reality of the drone program may have been involved in anywhere from 64 to 116 civilian deaths since 2009, in areas outside of active war zones.
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>> the president believes that our counterterrorism strategy is more effective and we're as transparent as possible. >> reporter: but critics say they aren't transparent enough. now, it's a lack of precision in those numbers that's getting scrutiny. >> we're going to be asking really hard questions about these numbers. they're eye incredibly low for the number of people killed who are civilians. >> reporter: even the highest are significantly lower than those by watchdog groups. the report also says it doesn't designate the region where the deaths occurred or explain how officially determined who is an enemy and who is not. in taking office president obama has significantly expanded the drone program and acknowledged there are unintendeded consequences. >> there's no doubt civilians were killed that shouldn't have been. >> reporter: in the latest order, to make aub
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drones were routine. >> a clear statement by the u.s. government that the perfection of civilians is at the core of national interests of legal obligations and ethical concerns. >> now, administration officials say they're open to revising those number of civilians if thy get new information. but the government simply has access to more information than the watchdog groups and also because terrorist groups may be spreading misinformation of propaganda. kristine. severe weather washed out several fourth of july celebration information the east. kentucky one of the hardest hit areas. more than a third of the state was under a severe thunderstorm warning for most of the day. the national weather service will likely inspect construction of this funnel cloud east of kentucky to determine whether it's a
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mark barber is with our affiliate. >> reporter: good morning, people have cleaned up trees and daped homes. the powerful storm has left its mark all across the state of kentucky. this storm spotted in louisa, kentucky, near the border of west virginia, was part of the weather system that ripped through the state. a possible twister tore through the local walmart. parts of the roof were sheared off, and the damage inside was widespread. >> things were thrown about inside the entire store. >> reporter: outside, the violent winds flipped a truck. this doesn't stand a chance. >> it little literally looks like a funnel in the sky there. >> reporter: 100 miles west to lexington, high winds brought down trees and damaged homes. >> i thought it was coming through the house. it sounded likewa
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through the house. ♪ >> reporter: for a local fourth of july celebration in lexington started out fine but was interrupted by heavy rain and powerful winds by early afternoon. >> it blew all the gear down. everything was sopping wet. people running for their lives it looked like. >> reporter: about 50 miles south, this man watched through the windows of his home as the storm threw his car around like a toy. >> just picked it straight up and set it down over here. >> reporter: for many in the region the fourth of july did not end with a blumber of towns kentucky cancelled fireworks shows because of the weather putting a damper on independence day celebrations around the state. jeff. >> mark, thank you very much. police believe a hobbyiest is likely responsible for an explosion in new york's central park that badly injured a teenager. a bomb squad is using forensics to asken the material that
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police are searching for the person who probably left the explosive in the park trying to test it. the experimental device was likely not intended to harm anyone. the 18 was with two friends when he stepped on the explosive which police compare to homemade fireworks. as americans watched prior would not all displays were a hit. two barges caught fire in summit, massachusetts. witnesses say it appeared all the fire would 20 oworks went o. and cbs is feeling backlash of showing past displays. many on social media voiced outrage over the decision. one of my favorites was only in d.c. could a pbs show become a scandal. >> was it marked that
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prerecorded? >> i don't think they did, they started showing it, as the reaction came in, they said, oh, yeah, there's rain, so we showed other highlights. suspect is in custody in the death of an american student in rome. ahead why italian police believe
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a space cat is orbiting the one called the biggest and baddest planet for the second time ever. >> ahead what nasa wants to learn about jupiter, derrick pitts is in studio 57. >> big and bad. >> go big or go home. >> the news is here this morning on "cbs this morning." make your home happy with great july 4th deals still happening right now at lowe's. like 4 bags of soil
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all that "all that mattered" -- >> all that and "all that mattered" on "cbs this morning." florida go on a massive fishing trip but not for sports. ahead the battle to stop the invasive lionfish. plus, the company
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♪ ♪ >> yeah! ov i le it! it's chills, tens of thousands in iceland, viking chances and the hands to welcome home iceland after a stunning performance
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he had a remarkable run including that huge release against england. i must have watched this video 75 tiles. >> you're tough. >> cool. >> just the way it's shot. >> you really like that. >> sorry, i'm just telling you i watched it. >> i love it. i'd hate to be the one going off on everyone. >> just a beat ahead. welcome back to "cbs this morning," everyone. coming up this half hour -- italian police make an arrest in connection with the disappearance of an american college student. the body of 19-year-old beau solomon has been found and new evidence is shaping this investigation. plus, an american spacecraft named juno has completed his nearly 2 billion-mile journey to jupiter and entered orbits. head astronomer derrick pitts looks at the extraordinary achievement. thetl
7:32 am
will resume in the house. the issue prompted a sit-had in by democrats last month before the recess. republicans say a bill they're proposing would keep guns away from suspected terrorists. democrats say it's unworkable and they say they won't support it. "the new york times" reports french lawmakers want to overhaul the country's intelligence system. a parliamentary report released this morning looks at what went wrong before terror attacks last year that killed 147 people. a report cited confusion among police last november at a concert hall where 90 people were killed. the san francisco chronicle analyzes new video showing the extreme destruction by isis in the middle east. rare footage taken by droughns was released by the red cross. it shows how badly the iraqi city of ramadi was damaged after retain from isis. in
7:33 am
starve. the daily news is investigating an off-duty shooting by a police officer. unarmed was shot. small got out of the car and reportedly confronted by the officer who shot him three times. the officer said his life was in danger. and "washington post" says schools around the country are struggling with lead in water and there's no easy solution. approximately 90% of u.s. schools have no mandatory testing requirements for lead. the old age is a sign of contamination. italian police this morning made an arrest in the death of an american college student. beau solomon's body was found yesterday in the rome river.
7:34 am
jericka duncan with more. good morning. police have identified the murder suspect as a 40-year-old homeless man. an autopsy is expected to take place today. solomon was reported missing the day after he arrived in rome. >> reporter: beau solomon's body was discovered near the marconi bridge southwest of rome. italian police told cbs news his remains had likely been in the water for four days. the bridge is about 2 1/2 miles from g bar where solomon had gone with a group of students thursday night. the italian agency citing unnamed sources two witnesses saw solomon dumped in the river. beau's grandfather. >> i did hear that the credit cards were used in milan, not in rome. and they were used not by him. >> reporter: his brother cole told the
7:35 am
that solomon was found with a head wound and blood on his shirt. cbs news has learned that police are studying surveillance video. solomon arrived thursday for a six-week study abroad program. that night, he and a group of students went out to a district popular for american visitors. his roommate lost contact with him around 1:00 a.m. and solomon didn't show up for orientation friday morning. >> he was an amazing kid. >> reporter: an avid sports fan, solomon was the qb of his high school football team. >> beau's overcome a laulot. as a child, he suffered from rare bouts of
7:36 am
he had chemotherapy. solomon's friday arrived to help with the search. they never got that chance. they had to identify the body. the juno spacecraft orbit, the fastest ever built, it took almost five years to travel almost 2 billion miles to jupiter. the mission is scheduled to last 20 months. joining us now is derrick pitts chief ataastronomer at philadelphia institute. >> jupiter say place for us to understand how our solar system is formed. it has so much material left over from the early history of the solar system that we can use it like a
7:37 am
history. so, when we study jupiter it helps us learn about that, but it also helps us learn about how gigantic gas planets like this one form and also helps us understand how planets form also. >> it's a challenge itself because of what jupiter is made of? >> yes, this is the nastiest place to be. the radiation field is 20 million times the radiation field here on earth. just imagine what that would do to electronics. the electronics have to be very well protected to make sure they survive the waves that they do to get the science they need. >> one of jupiter's moons can support life, right. will juno look at this? >> as you say, one of the moons can support life. what is underneath, an icy
7:38 am
that. they're going to crash it into it to protect europa to detect any hitchhikers that may come along on the craft. >> by the way, on a clear night, you can see jupiter with the naked eye. >> sure. >> when you look outside of your city where there's a lot of light pollution, not new york city -- >> no, you can see it from new york city, also. >> from a telescope? >> that's right. >> i get it. >> but after it crashes, after this happens, there will be no nasa spacecraft orbiting in outer planets for 20 years? >> that's right. what this points to, nasa and all of the researchers who have supported these missions over the last 30 to 40 years they've all really done a fantastic job of taking us to every planet in the solar system. that's the realization here. not that there's nothing coming after this. but that so much great work has been done to examine all of the
7:39 am
planets of the solar system. we have it here. one planet with a spacecraft. >> i love the fact that there are three lego figures. jupiter, his wife juno and galileo. just the engineers, i want to give a shoutout, we're all looking at the satellite. >> i love the science that's coming back to us we're going to learn so much about jupiter and solar formation. but the thing that gets me, humans, people designed all of this equipment to work in these incredibly nasty environments like jupiter, like all the conditions are the worst possible ones. i always think, gosh, i can't get my car to start in the winter, yet these people -- these engineers can create miraculous -- >> thanks so much. this is a great pleasure to talk to you about this. >> it is really exciting. keep a close watch on what's happening. it will be great stuff coming out of there. the hunt is on for a
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♪ florida is overrun with lionfish in the sunshine state might eat its way out of the invasion. the fish are native to the south pacific and indian ocean. but now, they threaten florida's underwater ecosystem, sarasota holds its annual lionfish derby this week. david, good morning. >> reporter: the first live fish was spotted in the 1980s off dana beach, the idea is got out of someone's personal aquarium and
7:45 am
rapidly since. spotted as far as rhode island. thanks to divers who are turning hunting for lionfish into a real sport. >> reporter: when christine raininger goes to diving she takes a spear. >> i'm an undersea lionfish hunter. >> reporter: the target, line phish. >> i hoped i would have gotten more but that's okay. >> reporter: lionfish are invading the waters off the florida. they are decimating once lively coral reefs. now floridians are fighting back. >> i see the lionfish, i'll spear them. if they're too small to eat, i still know i'm taking them off the reef. >> reporter: in florida, it's open season on lionfish. >> 14 1/2 feet, thege
7:46 am
>> reporter: to encourage amateur and professional fishermen to get the fish out of the water. >> the more the public can get involved and the more fish we can take out the better the threatened species have a better chance. >> reporter: the spines are venom us, potentially dangerous if handled incorrectly. but the meat is safe to eat. >> really good. >> reporter: and rich in flavor. >> nice, white, tender meat. delicious. >> reporter: now supermarket pchains are making it available to customer who are willing to give it a try. >> what is the lionfish? >> our core value is to be the source of the environment. and the lionfish definitely don't play by the rules. >> reporter: david ventura is sea fish coordinator for whole foods in florida. customers say they like more than just the taste. so the people who are buying it here, the majority of people who buy in your stores are
7:47 am
environment? >> correct. >> reporter: not necessarily because they want to eat it. >> that's their initial thought. the environment. >> reporter: it's now sold in all 26 florida stores and starting next week, nationwide in select cities. >> to see there's a market for them, hopefully, that will create an awareness of the product and create more incentive to take them. >> reporter: at that lionfish rodeo we attended they netted about 839 fish. some people got an award. in pensacola, they netted another 8,000 lionfish. every four days a female lionfish can spawn nearly 30,000 eggs if she's in warm water. >> that's multiplying. all right, david, thank you. a fourth of july fail in the sky. up next -- the bald eagle tha
7:48 am
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♪ even america's soaring symbol of liberty wanted some freedom on the fourth of july. this bald eagle from the l.a. zoo was supposed to fly through dodger stadium for a pregame ceremony last night. instead, it blew right past its handler and headed for the exit. see ya. the eagle was later recaptured and taken back to the zoo. jill fletcher on troubling new hurtles in housing. we'll be right back. do you often consume fruit, fruit juices, coffee or soda?
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♪ it is tuesday, july 5th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we have more real news ahead. including president obama, hillary clinton and donald trump all campaigning in north carolina. we have a look ahead with us, mark leibovich of the "new york times manegazi." but first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> when hillary clinton arrives here in charlotte, the president's message will be it is time to rally around the candidate. >> trump can't seem to go two or three days without an unforced error. >> the territory seemso
8:01 am
shrinking yet the reach and frequency of their attack seems to be increasing. >> this is a group that's adapting agency they lose territories, they're moving more towards a terrorist model. >> here in washington, people have been spending the last few days clearing toppled trees and cleaning up damaged homes. police have identified the murder suspect as a 40-year-old homeless man. solomon was found missing after he arrived. >> we have all of these great engineerses. and i can't get my car to start. >> kevin durant is not going to be with the thunder anymore. >> i'll punch him in the face. ♪ >> i'm jeff glor with kristine johnson and
8:02 am
cbs newscast. charlie rose and gayle are off. three suicide bombings in the kingdom yesterday has killed three people. >> some adina, a bomber blew himself up outside of the mosque where the prophet muhammad is bu buried. another bomb went off near the u.s. consulate in jeddah. the attacks coincide with isis attacks in the middle east and south asia that killed hundreds of people. in a shopping district killed more than 170 people. it is the deadliest single attack in iraq in years. the two presumptive nominees will campaign in north carolina today. they have work to do. in a new "usa today" poll said 61% of voters say they feel
8:03 am
the presidential election. hillary clinton and donald trump get both low marks. 60% see trump unfavorably. 53% see clinton unfavor about. >> president obama and hillary clinton will campaign together for the first time. president and secretary of allies. >> donald trump kept up attacks on hillary clinton asking who pays for the travel on air force one and pointing to her own fbi investigation. trump is also defending a controversial tweet that shows a star over a pile of money. he tweeted, quote, dishonest media is trying their absolute best to depict a star of david rather than a sheriff's star or plain star. the tweet was deleted after it was posted on saturday. chief correspondent for new york times magazine and
8:04 am
contributor. he joins us from washington. mark, the president is anxious to get out on the campaign trail. where has he helped hillary clinton and where has he hurt her? >> he helped her as president. president obama's approval ratings are in the 50s. when you compare that to where he was when donald trump starting beings the republican front-runner almost a year ago, it was 20 points lower. obviously, it's a matter of barack obama the sitting president is very, very valuable to hillary clinton. donald trump would say that's more of the same. these are the same politicians we've seen on the scene for many, many years, i represent change. >> when it comes to president obama is this more of his legacy right now or how much he dislikes trump? >> probably both. look, he's clearly endorsing hillary clinton. he's made no bones about that. i think there's an added personal element given how divisive donald trump has been in t
8:05 am
also going back a few years, his birther campaign against president obama, you know, where he was actually born and whether he's actually a legitimate president which is how he burst on to the scene a few years ago. so i think it's a combination of all of those things. but i think president obama is hungry to make the record. >> from an optics per inspect, is that a bad idea? >> it's certainly a more fraught idea than a week ago when president bill clinton had that, you know, somewhat criticized -- actually widely criticized meeting with loretta lynch on the tarmac in phoenix. there's that. i think there's also a message from the clinton camp and certainly from the white house that they don't really care. there's precedent for this that the clinton campaign has said they're going to pay for this and reimburse. i don't think they're taking it that seriously.
8:06 am
noted than a few weeks ago. >> as major pointed out, not a day goes by that the trump campaign seems to commit unforced errors and yet we saw the poll showing him just five points behind. a couple months ago, he was behind double digits. so, does the trump campaign, while having these difficulties, also thrive on that? >> well, i don't know if they thrive. but they've certainly created a permission structure, if you will, where donald trump can sort of get away with a lot more than a lot of traditional candidates have over the years. the question is what is the cumulative effect of this. how many minds can you change. having said that, he's certainly within striking distance, the polls are pretty close and 2 will be veryis
8:07 am
>> how quickly do you think we'll see vice presidential picks on either side? >> it wouldn't shock me if it happens this week on either side. certainly before the convention. we're certainly getting into that period. you're seeing a lot of names mentioned. you're seeing donald trump appearing with joni ernst and bob corker today in north carolina. so there's, you know, a ramping up and we'll see. >> speaking of names for convention. we're hearing the lineup for trump. he may reveal that very soon, we're hearing names like indiana basketball coach, bobby knight, don king and tom brady. >> yeah, i'd be surprised if brady agreed to do this. i don't think he said he would. certainly, donald trump has been very unshy of dropping bob knight's name and tom brady's name on the campaign trail. brady's just a
8:08 am
figure, he would say. although he was also very, very warm in his sharing, he's played many rounds of golf with donald trump over the years. they've been friends with donald trump for years. it's certainly the next step to say i'll go to cleveland and speak on your behalf. i'd be surprised by that but we'll see. it's been an unpredictable campaign. >> thanks very much. dangerous weather disrupted fourth of july celebrations across the east. severe storms hit kentucky damaging several homes and businesses. snapped tries and light poles at their bases. a possible tornado tortured a walmart shearing the roof and causing damage. an nba powerhouse is about to get stronger. 2014 mvp kevin durant announced had he will leave the oklahoma thunder to join the golden state warriors. his two-year contract is worth $54
8:09 am
the 27-year-old sis a four-time scoring champion. his move means durant will join forces with reigning mvp steph curry. >> and klay thompson. fans did not take the news well. several people burned his number 55 jersey calling him a traitor. durant wrote this is morning a professional decision, he said, quote, i'm also at a point in my life where it is of equal importance to find an opportunity that encourages my evolution as a man. >> well, maybe, and he is allowed to do that. >> for sure. president obama said it's a father's job to embarrass his daughters. he certainly fulfilled that duty yesterday. >> it just so happens we celebrate our country's birthday on the same day that we celebrate my oldest daughter's birthday.
8:10 am
malia. ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you ♪ >> it didn't stop president obama from serenading his daughter at the white house. she turned 18 on the same day that america turned ed 240. are some homeowners facing aggressive foreclosure tactics like the one wes saw in the housing crisis? ahead business analyst jill schlesinger will look
8:11 am
cheetahs and dogs are offering quite the tale. >> i'm don dahler, crowds gather to watch an ununusual friendship.
8:12 am
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"a," zero, "b," zero, "b," zero, bbb, zero. when that happens what? >> what's that? >> that's america's housing market. >> that is hollywood's portrayal of america's housing crisis nearly ten years ago in "the big short." well, this morning there's new concern for some homeowners a recent "the new york times" investigation found a private equities firm that bought out houses after the crisis are making the same mistake before the bubble burst. the "times" reports the government sold off 100,000 of mortgages. the equity firms that bought the loans are quickly foreclosing on homeowners and losing paperwork. others are choosing not to invest in low-income neighborhoods. jill schlesinger
8:17 am
good morning. >> good morning. this is different than the housing crisis stated at the top. but it's the same the reason why some of this is happening is that the same rules don't apply to private equity firms? >> right. because when you are a bank you enjoy very special privileges you can borrow from the lending windows at zero. you have insurance up to $250,000 but in return, the government says, hey, you've got to keep a certain amount of money on hand in case of bad things happening in the world. you can't borrow too much with leverage requirements. and there are rules around how you conduct yourself in housing. private equity, not subject to those rules. >> based on what they're doing here, they're foreclosing too quickly. instead of giving someone three or five months, whatever, they're saying right away, if you miss a payment, we're going to foreclose right away? >> right. the bank is more likely after the crisis to look at principal
8:18 am
reduction. lowering the amount of money you own in the house. in many cases, in this article, companies say aring okay, we'll cut your interest rates for a while and then it will pop right back up. and that's pushing people into foreclosure more quickly. not good news for the homeowner. and the private equity firm is saying we don't have a responsibility to homeowners. >> the local communities are not vested, right? >> exactly. >> they're not a part of it, in other words. >> right. they have a point which is we are not subject to the rules. they are not doing anything illegal. but what has happened now, last week, we have new rules coming out from the golf that are specifically dealing with these issues. and i think this is important because the government sold these mortgages off at a discount. private industry coming in helping to clean up the housing market, which it did, it stabilized the market. unintended consequences are unclear. look, we don't have enough rules in place to protect the
8:19 am
homeowners. these private equity firms that buy mortgaging buying mortgages in september will be subject to new rules but remember, it does not apply to the 105,000 mortgages sold previously. >> if i'm a homeowner, how do i know who owns it? >> you barely know who owns your mortgage. >> right. >> that said, this is only going to affect you if you're late or delinquent on your mortgage. you may find out very quickly if you do have a problem. if you feel you're mistreated one thing you can do is put a complaint into the fpb. >> the financial protection bureau? >> yes, right. >> it is scary. >> it's not that it's scary, it's unintended consequences. the private secretary ctor can certain things.
8:20 am
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♪ sam querrey for the first time in his career is thr t
8:24 am
slam! oh, say can you see, sam querrey through to the last eight on independence day in the united states. >> oh, say can you see. that's very exciting. american sam querrey advanced to wimbledon's quarterfinals with a win over nicolas mahut. querrey is the first american man to reach the quarterfinals since 2011. that's why it's so exciting. blanking novak djokovic. >> i'm playing well, i'm confident, i have the belief i can win the next match and possibly within the semifinals. >> both of the williams sisters play today for spots in the semifinals. dogs and cats and some
8:25 am
america's zoos.% ahead, we'll
8:26 am
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of lipton iced tea. ♪ ♪ americans celebrated the nation's 240th birthday with an array of fireworks displays from coast to coast, rocks it out with a little prince music. hundreds, thousands, lined the banks of the charles river in boston to get their fireworks fix. it was the finale to the boston pops concert. and in los angeles, the fireworks display outside of the
8:31 am
memorial coliseum paid tribute to the late singer prince. >> if you didn't catch any of that, you can see it all on facebook this morning. fireworks. yes, i do love the guitar. welcome back to "cbs this morning" coming up in this half hour -- animals formering special relationships,don dahler will show us why dogs and big cats namely cheetahs are finding harmo harmony. and the author of the children's book charlie d'agata how he find aspiration. the montgomery advertiser remembers tuskegee airman roscoe brown. he died monday. brown was one of the first pilots in the u.s. military. he earned the distinguished cross during service in world war ii. following the war he earned his doctorate in edu
8:32 am
a professor and college president. roscoe brown was 94. "the new york times" says bats are being welcomed to eat up the zika virus. approved the construction of boxes that can be used as bat houses in several parks to attract the creatures. the town starting encouraging the bats ten years ago to help curb the use of pesticides. the u.s. senate is ditching black berry devices. blackberry is discontinuing its classics. staffers can transition to android phones or iphones. kids can't be happy about this one. "wall street journal" says older users are starting to discover snapchat. the vanishing message app has been dominated by student but among smartphone users 35 and
8:33 am
chap gnat. that's up 72% from two years ago. 72% use facebook. i think it's the facial thing where you can become a lion and swap faces. "the washington post" reports that britain could lose techs. the startups are focused on moderning the industry. brexit, according to the article is making them think twice. >> the brexit vote is also facing problems for them. peter greenberg is here to show us how to get the best deals. peter. i took a look this morning you can go from new york to
8:34 am
but in november, you can go to paris for 260 bucks. into when the vote. whatted, the shares of airline stocks took a tumble. the holding cities with shares, it dropped 30%. it's still down 30% even this morning. it's a double whammy when you add the exchange. >> let's go. >> okay. >> it's a very fluid situation but you need to do it in the next two weeks. that doesn't mean it's going to expire in the next two weeks. the deals are coming out almost daily so book it now. >> if you already booked how do you take advantage of these rates? >> it's not just that, but across it, if you go back to 8 2008, you had airfare,
8:35 am
2008, $434. today, $293. a substantial difference. >> how do you want to pay over there? cash, credit? >> cash is always king. watch out for the transition fee. and they ask, do you want to play dollars or pounds? pay in dollars. tsa, they will fly you from new york to lisbon. they'll give you a free stopover. you pay for the hotel but a free stopover. then you go back to the airport they'll fly you up to 45 european destinations for free. they're not the only ones doing it. is this a great deal. >> do i want to exchange that money before i leave? >> absolutely not. >> no? do it when i get there? >> do it when you get there. if you don't have an atm that exchanges it -- you're getting
8:36 am
you're not page a commission. >> we talked about flight. how about cruises? >> remember, the cruise lines have access, too, not because of us but all of the europeans who can't afford it based on the exchanges. but remember, don't just go online. make the phone call. because if it's changing too rapidly to always be displayed on the web. >> make the phone call. >> that's a great point. picking up the phone sometimes and talking to somebody. >> research on the web and then make the phone call. trust it. that's what you got to do. >> will there be any discounts here in the united states? >> yes, remember. coming here, all of the foreign sites are being discounted now because what would have been their return flights are emptier. now, it's even better time to use your frequent flier miles. at a time of year when it would have been nearly impossible to redeem your miles now they're starting to open up because of empty se
8:37 am
>> thank you for your cold war lessons here. appreciate it. a dog is said to be man's best friend now canines are making friends with the most endangered of the african big cats, the cheetah, to save them from extinction. don dahler shows us. good morning. >> the cheetah is the most endangered wild cat but conservationists are having great success in africa and right here in american zoos. ♪ >> reporter: deep in the heart of africa exhibit, at the columbus zoo, visitors gather every day to catch a glimpse of one of america's most popular animals. the labrador retriever. >> the number one question up here, there's $40 million exhibit, are the dogs coming out. is the number one
8:38 am
>> reporter: suzie rapp runs the animal programs. >> the world's most expensive labrador retriever exhibit. >> reporter: but dogs like koby around alone in the exhibit. they share it with pretty big cats. cheetahs. the animals get along like sibelings. >> you place a puppy with a cub, they think it's a brother or sister. >> reporter: what have you learned? >> ma i learned, we want our cheetahs to have all the confidence in the world. we know we can't give it to them but we know the dogs can. >> reporter: in addition to confidence, the dogs can offer comfort. when a cheetah named ed kiara needed leg surgery, koby helped her recuperate. >> without him, i don't know that we could have pulled this
8:39 am
she will be great. i cannot say that if we didn't have the relationship with the dogs. >> reporter: this affectionate bond between cat and dog, on display at zoos across the country is a way to promote the life-saving role dogs play for cheetahs in the wild. >> now it's saving cheetah is not being its buddy. there's a specific dog in africa saving cheat as it it's called the antolian shepherd. >> you may see history that this dog is responsible for retention. that's one heck of a story right there. >> reporter: because of the antolian shepherd is a big dog, farmers used them on their land as opposedo
8:40 am
shooting them. the simple solution started by the cheetah conservation fund in 1994 helped grow the cheetah population in namibia. >> if you think the dogs are going to save the cheetahs by discouraging them from eating the farmers' cattle? >> that's the poaching now. it's like poaching in the world to say i believe the dog will help, not if, will help, the cheetah to come back. >> reporter: so if you happen to see dogs and cheetahs palling around at your local zoo this summer, you'll be able to appreciate the significance of their friendship. >> i never get tired of seeing that. in addition to the columbus zoo you can find cheetahs and
8:41 am
cohabitating at the san diego zoo, the richmond zoo. >> but you couldn't do this with all cats, right? >> no, cheetahs are not as aggressive as other wildcats. they grow up to be dogs and have dog friends. they don't have retractable claws as other cats do. >> man's best friend now cheetah's best friend. ahead, charlie d'agata in london shows us how a popular literary legacy continues to inspire. this year marks the century roald d
8:42 am
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♪ it's a very big year for roald dahl fans, it's the 100th anniversary of the british author burk. one of the most famous "bfg" a steven spielberg that opened on friday. carl
8:46 am
lucy dahl. >> reporter: roald dahl's fantastical story has captivated imaginations of children across the globe for decades. the latest big screen reimagining fwrounreimagine ing brings to life one of dahl's most cherished. imagine what it must have been like growing up in that world. >> good dreams and bad dreams. >> reporter: a world of make believe. and here we are. lucy dahl doesn't to. as daughter to the famous author, she had a front row seat. >> and now the peach. >> reporter: he speak to lucy at a roald dahl tour in london celebrating 100 years of his birth. you were one of the original audiences of bfg? >> the bfg is us. the bfg
8:47 am
which is our garden and he got his dreams. >> reporter: she grew up in an idyllic cottage in a little village outside the capital. where nearby woodland was home to the fantastic mr. fox and the james and the giant peach. he said the author would tell she her and her sister bedtime stories. >> he would say at the end of a 20-minute story, it wasn't a very good idea. if we said, no, no, please, please, tell us more. then he would say, uh-huh, i'm on to something that is what happened with the "bfg." >> reporter: like everything else in little lucy's little world the big fairy giant is not
8:48 am
>> well, it is. this is willie saunders and he was our great family friend. it's like the bfg. my dad said, not quite right. hold on one second, he called him. my dad came in and said quinton, look at this man, look at his fantastic features. look at his ears, look at his nose. >> reporter: the dahl subject matter is definitely not all sweetness and lighting. there's a piece of darkness? because there has to be? >> children like to be scared a little bit. not much. not nightmares. they don't like everything to be lovely all of the time. so there's a very fine imaginary line to the dark side. is there a dark pl
8:49 am
>> reporter: which in roald dahl's world even giants lurking in the shadows can be friendly. for "cbs this morning," charlie d'agata. >> most of the stories have those very unexpected endings. kind of unsentimental. >> the darkness. >> how would you feel if you were wally? >> you're immemorialized in this great story. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ♪
8:50 am
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we talk to actor ricky schroeder. we will talk to him about real life soldiers through war. >> we have a refreshing tuna tsarnaev from scar -- tartare. >> this is great day washington.
8:59 am
leary. >> i'm markete sheppard. we are your host of great day washington along with daryl green. >> hi, daryl green. >> how are you? >> fine, thanks for asking. did you have a good 4th of july. >> i did. went to a few movies. saw tarzan. >> how way that. >> my brother-in-law had it up so high it was a little -- he oversold me but i still enjoyed it. >> did you take the grandkids. >> no, just me and the wife. we get to do stuff sometimes. >> a date. you went out on a date. i got to sometime. my every i spent the weekend with my family. my husband is 2. we have 20 years before we get to go on date night. we got temperature tore area tattoos. sorr
9:00 am
it's removable. >> i have a temporary one on my middle back. >> that's not morning tv friendly. >> whatever. hey, this advertise. some say the fastest man in nfl history is this man to my left, darrell green. i'm sorry, darrell, it's joey chestnut. he broke a record july 4th at that than. he gobbled 32 hot dogs -- no 70 hot dogs in ten minutes beating the previous champion by 17 weaners. that is enormous amount of hot dogs. >> he was on the show when we first started. he was phenomenal. >> he won like nine times. >> last year he did not win. >> that's ridiculous that i follow stuff like this. something is not right. >> competitive spirit. >> cheers and applause


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