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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  July 7, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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first tonight, 2 police shootings in 2 days leave 2 men dead and spark outrage across the country and president obama is speaking out. thanks for joining us. the president wrapped up the speech from poland, moments ago he said while millions of americans feel they are not treated fairly "everyone should be bothered by the police shootings in minnesota and louisiana." >> when insdens like-- when incidents like this occur, there is a big chunk of our fellow citizenry that feels as if, because of the color of their skin, they are not being treated the same. and that hurts. and that s
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us. >> the latest shooting was last night in st. paul, minnesota. it started as a traffic stop for a broken tail light but ended with an officer shooting and killing castile. his girlfriend live streamed the aftermath on facebook. and this video graphic. >> told him not to reach for it. told him to get his hand up. >> you told him to get his id, his liefshs license-- drivers license. >> his girlfriend told this crowd that police killed him for no reason. minnesota's governor promised a full investigation. >> nobody should be shot and killed in minnesota for a traffic, a tail light being out of function. >> he did not do nothing but what the police officer asked of us. which was to put your hands in the air and get your license and registration. >> he was a cafeteria supervisor in the st. paul public school system. the officer is on paid adminiti
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statements on the shooting yet. in baton rouge, a mural of alton sterling marks the spot he was killed thursday, he was selling cds when police responded to reports of a man with a gun. video shows officers holding him on the ground. the camera turns seconds before police shot sterling. the baton rouge police chief said sterling was armed at the time he was killed and witnesses say an officer found a gun in sterling's pocket. his family spoke to protesters today. >> if you don't care that there is mng wrong with you, we-- something wrong with you, we can't run from this anymore. we have a problem all over this country. >> investigators are looking at other surveillance video and interviewing multiple witnesses in both cases. it was the cell phone videos that were released, the cell phone videos, that sparked some protests across the country. >> stop killing! >> on social media, dozens gathered du pont circle to honor
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moving outside the white house. that is where we find molla with the latest there. >> reporter: the protest is called the march on the white house to end police brutality. it is scheduled to begin in an hour. protesters everyone started showing up yet, right now it is typical tourists out here on pennsylvania avenue which was closed for several hours, was just reopened about an hour before the protest is scheduled to begin. organizers say the point of the protest, obviously, first and foremost it is in light of the recent shootings in the district as well as more reeseen shootings-- recent shootings across the country, police-involved shootings. it is to show solidarity, they say, and hold elected officials accountable as well as to push for better police training for police screening, as well as testing of police officers. organizers stress that this is supposed to be a peaceful protest, they have stressed that and they don't condone
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they are not pushing for any violence or anything. they said this is supposed to be a peaceful protest. now, this protest was organized, really short notice, within the last 24-48 hours or so. so they have been trying to get the word out via social media. if facebook is any indication as to how many might show up on the event page for this particular protest, could be upwards of 2,000 people who have committed to show up. that is via facebook, so a lot fewer could show but we will find out in less than an hour and we will be out here to cover the entire protest. live at the white house. >> thank you. a dc firefighter is under investigation for his comments on the killing of alton sterling in baton rouge. norman brooks said he was not condoning violence, he was just expressing himself but the fire department said he went too far. delia goncalves has reaction from foggy bottom. >> norman brooks is on duty at en
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the fire department got a hold of his facebook post and one post he writes "the racist expletive cops who murder our
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duty until the fire department's ininternal investigation is complete. delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> the firefighters facebook posts have been removed and the fire department said they had nothing to do with that. -- nothing to do with that. deadly confrontation with police, posted thon youtube page because of the mayor's push to be more transparent showing the encounter with 63-year-old sherman evans near catholic university, for several minutes officers ordered him to drop his weapon. he did not. that is when officers shot him. in the video, you can hear one officer saying sherman raised a gun at him. they can't tell what gun it is and later it turned out to be a bb gun. sherman later did die. an investigation is still under way. in northeast dc, a bizarre case of alleged first degree child sex abuse. 42-year-old steel accused of luring 3 young boys into her apartment with promises o
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her clothes and had sex with a 12, 13, and 15-year-old boy, the 13-year-old video taped some of it and police say steel offered 2 of the boys $20 to come back and have sex with her again later. >> it was always kids playing around in front of her building, kids across the street. typically as i walked past i would always see children out. >> now in hinds sight that must freak you out. >> police suspect steel may have victimized more neighborhood children. a lot of parents in the area right now having difficult talks with their children. raised the alarm to track down 2 alleged ms-13 gang members, jose ventura and 27-year-old oscar delgado puraise accused of helping to kill a 18-year-old man in a gaithersburg park june 16th. police called
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senseless assassination. the victim, 18-year-old christian morales was a new jersey landscape worker who came to the area recently looking for a job. >> this young man was a hard-working young man, came down for a job, and really, did nothing wrong. >> 2 other suspects have been arrested. they include a 19-year-old woman accused of luring the victim to the park by promising sex, and it is the 10th gang related murder in the county in 10 months, 6 killing s have been linkd to ms-13. lets talk weather right now, the weather won't be just hot sp humid, we are under a yellow weather alert for storms. topper is tracking the latest. it is a hot, steamy one out there, top. >> it is still hot. try not to exercise in the evening, why? because it is still 89 downtown, 84 in gaithersburg and 88 in sterling andale city, factor in-- and dale city, factor in humidity, feels like 99 at wal dofr and 98 f
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you can see 10:00, at night, heat island around the beltway and inside will feel like it is 90, 80s outside the belt way. by 6:00 a.m., 70s, 67 la plata but 82 downtown. by 8:00, we have 80s east side of 95, prince george's county and by 10:00, everybody is feeling like low 90s. 92 in leesburg, 88 in martinsburg, 88 as far as north and west as romney. by noon it feels like mid to upper 90s. you can track the heat index with us and also the storms that will come together on our app. go to the app store and search for wusa 9 and let us push you severe weather alerts because some storms tomorrow could be on the hefty side. >> thank you. metro riders did not expect to see this in prince george's county station today. metro transit police tweeted photos of an adorable dog who wandered into the west hyattsville stati t
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ordered the men into their car. >> he had it loaded, he climed it, i heard him click it. that was the scariest part of the entire thing is when i heard him click it. >> this is a crime. >> [ bleep ] >> if i hadn't stepped in and done something about it, he could have killed somebody and gotten away with it. >> fairfax county police say it is under investigation and we left a message for karnig ohannessian and asked for his side of the story but we have not heard back. a legal set back for bill cosby, a judge ruled there is enough evidence to try him on sex assault charges even though defense attorneys were not able to cross examine his accuser at a preliminary hearing. the case does move forward. cosby faces trial on charges of drugging and molesting andrea constan at his home in philadelphia, 2004. trial is under way for baltimore police lieutenant brian rice, charged in the death of freddie gray. prosecutors dropped 1
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charge. rice is accused of manslaughter, assault, reckless endangerment. the state's first witness was the medical examiner who said gray died from a neck injury and ruled the death a homicide. careful where you leave your picnic baskets. bearerize getting more a-- bears are getting more aggressive. one said all the usual ways to scare them off didn't work, the animal got so close they had to poke the bear with his hiking pole. officials say the aggressive behavior is unusual and that is why they are shutting down 2 areas of the park to investigate. the big run loop trail is closed and a section of the big run portal trail is off limits. just ahead, another tesla car crash has the feds investigating the safety of the auto pilot technology. top? high temperatures tomorrow, close to what they were today. 94 downtown, maybe 93 in gaithersburg and frederick, 93 an fairfax, we will come back
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temperature feels, and when both
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tesla doesn't believe it has anything to do with the most recent crash but 2 months ago a driver was killed in a crash in florida. walmart said smart phone payment app is running in all stores, it works with any major debt or credit card. a shopper opens the app and scans each item with the phone's camera. at the check out line, customer scans the code that is displayed at the register and sends a receipt. it will also let customers build shopping lists based on previous purchases. i like that. future of our shopping. all right, few would argue produce prices can run up your grocery bill but $11,000 for grapes? really? that is how much a fruit dealer in japan spent for a bunch of ruby romans, each grape slightly smaller than a ping-pong ball and there are 30 of them. that comes out to $360 per grape, topper. fruit has been really expensive in japan, but come on,
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dollar for high-end fruit, especially for the prestige of owner the very first of the season. >> do you eat it? put it on display? >> you put it on display, your time is limited. >> that is right. >> what do you do? >> can you rush deliver that? >> i hope they do. >> special plane to get that there? >> pretty huge grapes, ping-pong balls. >> a lot. they must taste good. >> lets hope so. eat them slowly. we have heat tomorrow, and humidity once again tomorrow. and storms tomorrow. >> another great hair day. >> confine everything tomorrow. >> the weather alert tomorrow afternoon. here are the impacts, morning commute will be-- umbrella, moderate, wet commute coming home, heavy rain at the low end. timeframe generally in the afternoon and evening. that is why we d
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3-day week guarantee, 95 today. we will let you know how we did tonight. we will go 94 tomorrow. live look outside, down to 89, dew point still 70. just not comfortable, winds north' northwest at 12, only good thing we have going now. radar the last hour, kind of tracking storms to the south of us, in fact, this has just crossed over to charl's county headed to st. mary's county. one storm developd to the back of it, northwest stratling 95 in between l co and-- quant co and stafford. this lightning will move south and east toward lener town, then solomon, st. mary's city 8:16. i treated that a minute ago. heat index at 10:00, 86 to 90. 90s will last, straight temperatures lasting through saturday, giving us a total of 5 consecutive days of 90-degree weather and
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yellow weather alert tomorrow evening for storms, critical time, 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. you might need your umbrella walking to lunch and some might have to deal with showers on your way home for the commute. 10:00 tonight, these are heat indices, 92 downtown. 88 in silver springs. by 6:00 a.m., 70s. by noon, back in the 90s, forecast. 5:00, 101 culpeper, maybe 102 toward orange and 99 downtown. we get into the forecast-- into the forecast, futurecast, showers and storms begining to rumble by noon. work across the metro during the afternoon and early evening hours. a few could be heavy, couple severe. 83 at 9:00, 91 with sunshine at 1:00 p.m. next 7 days, less humid saturday, 95, upper 80s sunday and monday, quite pleasant for july and 90 on tuesday and
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department is reopening an internal investigation into whether she and top aids mishandled classified information. a spokesman said the probe is restarting now that the justice department is not pursuing a criminal prosecution. venus williams is a 5-time wimbledon champion but in recent years hasn't found much success at the all-england club unlike her sister. this year was setting up for all-williams sister final. today semi finals at wimbledon, sarina looking for her 3rd straight slam final. no problem. she defeated alaina 6-2-6-love. less than 60 minutes, hoping to face her sister in the final but it is not going to
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anglean dispatched williams, curber will face sarina in a rematch at australian open final. curber beat sarina. will be a fun one. up to the fans to vote the final member of each squad for next week's all star games. teams and players are going to great lengths to really get the fan's attention, from an actual lamb to a parody of one of the most famous commercials. onariza's jake lamb is trying to get your attention. >> leading league in slugging, second in ops, first in triples and second in extra base hits. yeah. i would vote for you. >> who are you talking to? >> it is jake, from the d-backs. and you have 11 game-tying or go ahead home-runs. >> jake from the d' backs this early in the morning? who is this? >> it is jake from the d-backs. >> what are you wearing, jake from the d' backs? >> baseball pants. h
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so... >> love it. >> great. >> they have having fun with that. good one. >> he sounds amazing. that is all for our news
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♪ ♪ the sex scandal rocking fox news, was gretchen carlson fire ed for blowing the whistle, bad ratings? what her attorney just told me that he said she said battle getting even nastier. and the new taylor and tom conspiracy theory. >> is ite trurethe lationship is public? >> rumors their romance is a fraud. and is ex calvin turnine g th tables? s hinew song that seems to shade her. plus, ciaomedn sarah silverman on the medical scare that nearly killed her. her condition today, we're with her doctors. and celine dion behind-the-scenes exclusive. backstage, on stage in the dressing room. "e.t." is everywhere as celine takes paris. >> good for you. get ready. ♪ now for july 7th, 2016 is "entertainment tonight. hi and thanks for joining us,, am


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